Facial hair removal: effective remedies and procedures

Many women are familiar with the problem of facial hair, but regular shaving causes hair to grow even faster. Tweezing with tweezers also does not give good results - it is painstaking and painful. Permanent facial hair removal is the dream of every woman who faces this scourge. There are many options to get rid of vegetation, but women first resort to the help of folk remedies.

Folk remedies to remove unwanted hair

Folk remedies are used at home. What only modern women do not invent for the sake of beauty! They make epilation on the face with potassium permanganate and salicylic acid, make up different formulations based on walnut or formic oil, but effective and proven methods are:

Hair loss occurs only with regular use of hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to mix the 6% solution with liquid ammonia and liquid soap. First, the hairs become white, and then completely permanent removal of facial hair can occur.

Some helps to get rid of the vegetation of ordinary baking soda. One tablespoon of soda should be poured with a glass of boiling water, and after cooling with a cotton swab moistened with a solution in a solution, or left as a compress on problem areas.

You should prepare a solution of 2 g of iodine, 35 g of alcohol, 2 g of ammonia and 5 g of castor oil. These components should be infused for several hours, and then they are applied to the problem areas of the face 2 times a day during the week.

Hydroperitol tablets, if they do not help to permanently get rid of facial hair, they will discolor them. Experts recommend using a 15% solution. To do this, in 10 ml of water you need to dilute 3 tablets, and also add 10 drops of sal ammoniac to the solution. It is necessary to use the solution every other day until permanently removing excess hair.

It is a disinfectant and wound healing agent that is used in medicine. For the hair removal procedure, a 1% solution of rivanol is suitable, in which a cotton swab is dipped and the problem areas of the face are rubbed once a day.

Mechanical methods of hair removal at home

Mechanical methods of hair removal is an excellent result, but of short duration. With the help of a mechanical method to achieve a long-lasting effect from facial hair removal will not work. Mechanical methods of facial hair removal include:

  • trimming
  • shaving
  • pulling tweezers,
  • depilatory removal,
  • bleaching,
  • removal with a special patch.

All of the above methods are painful and are applied as hair regrowth. Many women resort to using a razor, but you should know that removing permanent facial hair with a razor is impossible. You need to be especially careful with it, because after such a procedure, hairs become thicker, darker, and grow much faster than after similar mechanical procedures.

Plucking with tweezers or thread

Plucking hair with a thread or tweezers is usually used for small areas of the face: chin, eyebrows or above the upper lip. In the process of plucking, the root is removed, but no impact on the follicle is made, therefore, unlike shaving, after removal, the hair does not become stiff, but grows thinner and softer. This method is very sensitive, especially tweezing brings pain. To reduce pain before the procedure, it is desirable to lubricate the skin with an ice cube.

Depilation wax or sugar

Depilation of hair at home with sugar or wax is a popular natural method and effective, because the bulb is removed, which slows down its growth. A cheap way to get rid of hair forever is sugar epilation, which is done according to the following recipe: pour 10 tablespoons of sugar into a thick-bottomed pot, squeeze half a lemon (dilute citric acid) and one tablespoon of water.

This mixture should be melted, and then wait until it cools. Using a spatula, the obtained gruel treats problem areas of the face, and after drying it is removed by hand. Waxing is identical to sugar, but instead of sugar used wax plates purchased in a pharmacy or in cosmetic departments. The plate is heated in a microwave or a double boiler, then superimposed on the desired area of ​​the face and cool. After that, a strip of wax should be dramatically pulled along with the hairs stuck to it, and then apply a nourishing cream to avoid irritation.

Salon facial hair removal procedures forever

Facial hair removal procedures in the cabin are not as painful as homework, but more expensive. After all, in order to epilation of the face was effective, you need to visit the beauty salon several times, which is not affordable for everyone. But many women and men prefer to trust their own face cosmetology and refuse to popular methods in order to avoid negative consequences on the body. By salon procedures for hair removal persons include:

  1. Laser method
  2. Photoepilation
  3. Electrolysis

Laser removal

Permanently removing facial hair with a laser is a quick way. Bundles of laser light destroy the roots, so for the first session a woman gets rid of several thousand roots. For a complete result, it usually takes up to 3 sessions of visiting a cosmetologist. This is a painless procedure, but expensive, moreover, using a laser hardware technique, only dark hair is permanently removed, and the blond antennae on the face cannot be removed with a laser.


Photoepilation method is effective. The hair follicle is destroyed by a special lamp with a broadband light. He forever destroys melanin, located in the hair. After the first procedure, the amount of hair in a problem area is reduced by almost 30%, while those that remain become thinner and brightened, becoming imperceptible. The method of photoepilation is almost painless and patients do not experience discomfort, because the beautician uses a cooling gel before the procedure.


Electrolysis permanently removes hair from the face. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the thinnest needle is inserted by a specialist into the hair follicle and acts on it with an eclectic current, destroying the root. There are several types of electrolysis:

  • Thermolysis, during which the needle heats up instantaneously and acts on the follicle with the help of alternating current. This method has the ability to process a large area of ​​hair due to the rapid impact on the segment.
  • Electrolysis. It uses galvanic current, and due to the interaction of two electrodes (negative and positive), the hair follicle is destroyed forever. This method allows you to destroy even the curved root canals, but this will require several procedures.
  • Bland This method includes both types of electric hair removal: thermolysis and electrolysis. With it, professionals achieve the best results, thanks to using only the positive qualities of both procedures.

How much is this procedure in the salons of Moscow

Permanent facial hair removal in Moscow salons depends on many factors: method, location, amount of hair and others. For example, the usual plucking of hair with tweezers can cost you about 400 rubles in the salon, waxing the hair over your upper lip at 200 rubles, and face electrolysis from 30 to 100 rubles per flash. The exact cost of the procedure is voiced by the master individually during a free consultation.

Alina after applying facial hair removal cream: “I was tired of fighting the hair over my upper lip with tweezers and bought a special cream for this. He quickly and effectively removed the hair, but there was a burning sensation and prolonged irritation on the face, which I can not attribute to a positive effect. I liked the price, economical consumption and ease of procedure. "

Valeria after using a special thread to remove excess hair: “The procedure for epilating with a thread is called triding. The master takes one end of the thread in the mouth, and the other end brings it to the face of the client and pulls up every single hair root, leaving a perfectly smooth skin. This is very painful! But beauty requires sacrifice, so I endured and will continue to suffer. After all, the result is amazing, but there are no contraindications! ”

Irina after electrolysis: “The appearance of a male hormone was marked in my hairiness on my face. I decided to fight this disease radically and turned to the salon. Electrolysis was painless, but the skin was swollen and red at first. Only after 6 procedures I stopped going to electrolysis, when the face was left even without a gun. A year has passed and I am pleased with my face. ”

Tatiana after laser depilation: “For three years I have experienced laser hair removal on my face, which lasts a long time. After each procedure, the hair is not permanently removed, but becomes less hard and dark. It is important to repeat the procedure in time when the hairs have just appeared and then each subsequent one will be less and less needed. The effect is there, but don't expect a miracle. ”

How to make a hair removal at home, without resorting to expensive salon procedures, let's see:

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