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Recipes homemade masks against bruises and bags under the eyes

“The eyes don't lie, they will say everything,” says a famous expression. And indeed, the person’s character, temperament, emotions and mood of a person, his mental mood are reflected in his eyes. Unfortunately, dark circles under the eyes are considered a common problem today and make the face tired and haggard. Many women try to fight them with foundation, powder or concealer. However, such measures are the struggle with the symptoms, and not the elimination of the causes. Home masks from dark circles and bags under the eyes are able to solve the problem and guarantee you a long-term effect.

The effect of the panda: from where under the eyes of dark circles

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than on the face as a whole. It is sensitive to external influences and changes in the state of the body. The blood, which does not receive enough oxygen, stagnates in small blood vessels and due to the small thickness of the skin, it shows through in the form of dark circles. High mimic activity of this zone causes stretching of collagen fibers in the skin and the formation of puffiness and bags. In addition, we can not exclude the genetic factor: the predisposition to dark circles in some people is caused by heredity.

Causes of bruises and bags under the eyes

Bruises under the eyes are a change in skin tone to a darker in the area under the lower eyelids. Bags are often characterized by a lighter shade and swelling in the zone of origin. These formations may appear due to the following reasons:

  • Genetic features of the anatomy of the face. In some people, the skin in the area under the eyes is very subtle and sensitive. You can recognize this feature even in early childhood: capillaries will be clearly visible on the face. Most often, these differences are observed in people with deep-set eyes and a light skin tone. It should be understood that it is impossible to fight with genetics. The only salvation in this case is the use of cosmetics (concealers, creams, etc.).
  • Changes related to age. The older the person, the thinner his skin. With age, the surface of the face becomes more dry and sensitive. In this regard, the risk of swelling, allergic reactions and other phenomena that cause the formation of bruises and bags under the eyes increases.
  • Dehydration. The lack of moisture in the body - one of the main causes of deterioration in the quality of the skin. When cells experience a lack of fluid, they stop functioning normally. It is possible to determine that the problem lies in dehydration by the following signs: dry mouth, constant thirst and lethargy.
  • Diseases of the internal organs. If the use of cosmetics, drinking plenty of fluids and maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not help in the fight against circles under the eyes, then perhaps the problem is serious. Most often, darkening under the lower eyelids is accompanied by such diseases as renal failure, hypertension, anorexia, thrombophlebitis, helminthiasis and others.
  • Constantly being in the open sun. Fans of sunbathing more often than others suffer from dry skin, and as a result - bruises under the eyes.
  • Neglect skin care. Improperly selected cosmetics or the lack of daily water procedures for the surface of the face lead to a thinning of the cover and a change in its color.
  • Allergic reactions. The skin under the eyes is particularly sensitive. In this regard, individual intolerance to products, cosmetics and other external stimuli can affect this area with a bluish tinge or swelling.
  • Smoking. Cigarette lovers often have dark circles under their eyes. The fact is that the constant supply of nicotine in the body adversely affects the intracellular metabolism and the appearance of the skin.
  • Drinking alcohol. Alcohol adversely affects the elasticity and thickness of the skin. In addition, alcohol helps to slow down blood flow. That is why the drinkers often see bluish formations under the eyes.
  • Improper nutrition. The lack of the necessary amount of vitamins in the diet contributes to a change in skin tone for the worse. The surface of the face becomes dull and becomes bluish in color.

When dealing with bruises under the eyes, try to eat more wholesome and less junk food.

Rules for the use and preparation of home masks

In order for masks made at home to be as effective and safe as possible, the following rules should be followed when preparing and applying formulations:

  • Choose only fresh ingredients. Do not use expired products to make masks. This is especially true of dairy and dairy products. The fact is that the damaged components will not benefit the skin. In addition, expired products may adversely affect the surface of the face. The consequences of neglecting the rule described can be: rashes, dry skin, the appearance of acne and black spots.
  • Every time to prepare a fresh composition. Some masks can be stored for 1 to 3 days. However, without the need for this resort is not recommended. Fresh composition will maximize the health of the skin and will be safe to use.
  • Mix the composition in a clean container. Hygiene is very important when working with the skin. The fact is that even a small number of microbes on the surface of dishes can be reflected by the appearance of black spots and acne on the face.
  • Do not use components that are too low or too hot. This means that the latter should be pleasant to the skin. If you apply discomfort when applying the compound, it is better to redo the product. For example, dairy products should be held for 5 minutes at room temperature, and the warmed honey should be slightly cooled to avoid hypothermia or burns of sensitive skin.
  • Check the compositions for an allergic reaction. Be sure to test each new recipe. To do this, apply a little ready means to the wrist area and wait 10-15 minutes. After the allotted time, wash off the mask. If after a day of irritation, rash or other negative reaction did not occur, feel free to use the recipe in the area under the eyes.
  • Do not neglect the preparation of the skin for the application of the mask. Before using the composition perform a few simple steps to clean the surface of the face:
    1. Remove the remnants of decorative cosmetics in your usual way.
    2. Wash using milk, foam or gel.
    3. If possible, steam your face with a steam bath or a hot herbal compress.

A steam bath helps to open the pores so that the mask acts as effectively as possible.

Apply a mask to the area under the eyes is recommended for massage lines

Mask Recipes

There are many recipes for masks to fight bruises and bags under the eyes. Try several compositions and choose the most suitable.

Grate the fresh cucumber on a fine grater and brush the resulting mass under the eyes. If the skin is dry, add a teaspoon of sour cream to the product. Twenty minutes is enough for a mask to work. Use the recipe is recommended as needed.

Cucumber effectively refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

With parsley

Chop 2–3 parsley sprigs with a knife or other convenient method. Combine the resulting mass with a teaspoon of butter. The latter should be softened before use at room temperature. The tool shows a good effect after a third of the hour. It is interesting that parsley whitens the skin, so that the mask is effective in pigmentation. Use of the product is recommended course. The latter consists of 10 procedures carried out every other day. You can repeat the course in 3-4 weeks after the final session.

Parsley is known for its whitening properties.

With potatoes

Grate the potatoes on a fine grater. If possible, use a young, not stale root. Add a pinch of freshly chopped parsley and a teaspoon of any base oil (almond, olive or other) to two tablespoons of the obtained gruel. The tool works 20 minutes. Use of the recipe is recommended course: 12-15 procedures carried out 2-3 times a week. Repeat can be a half to two months after the end.

It is recommended to use new potatoes for masks.

With walnuts

Grind a handful of fresh nuts in a coffee grinder or in any other way. Mix the resulting composition with a tablespoon of butter, which is previously softened at room temperature. Pour 2-3 drops of fresh lemon juice into the mush. The tool works for a third of an hour. Use the mask should be the course. The latter includes 10 sessions held once every two days.

For the mask, use raw, unroasted nuts.

Grind the curd with a fork if it has a granular structure. Apply the product on the area under the eyes and hold for 20 minutes. For dry skin, use a dairy product with a high percentage of fat, and for normal, oily and combination - with a low. Apply the recipe should be as needed.

To prepare the composition should look for cheese with a minimum shelf life and good composition

With white bread

Place a small piece of white bread in 100–150 ml of warm milk. Wait until the composition will find the consistency of gruel. If the product is too thick or liquid, add milk or bread to it, respectively. The mask works 15 minutes. It is recommended to use the recipe as needed.

It is recommended to use white or gray bread for making masks.

Finely chop the sprig of parsley and the same amount of dill. Mix greens with a tablespoon of sour cream of any fat content. Leave the agent for exposure in the area below the lower eyelid for half an hour. Use a mask as necessary.

Sour cream intensively nourishes the skin

With turmeric and honey

Combine a teaspoon of liquid bee product with the same amount of milk. Pour into the composition of turmeric in such a way that the tool has a thick and uniform consistency. The mask works a third of the hour. Use the recipe is recommended course. The latter includes 10 procedures, carried out at intervals of 1 every 3 days.

While using the mask, watch your skin carefully. The fact is that turmeric has the ability to paint the treated surface in yellow. If it gives you discomfort, do not use the tool.

With strawberry

Turn several ripe strawberries into mashed potatoes using a blender or fork. Melt a teaspoon of honey in a water bath and combine it with the resulting gruel. The mask works 15 minutes. You can use the composition as needed.

To prepare the mask will need 2-3 strawberries

Grate a fresh cucumber on a fine grater. Combine the vegetable gruel with the pulp of half a ripe banana and add a teaspoon of olive oil to the mass. Leave the product on the skin for 5 minutes. Apply the mask course, which lasts two weeks. The tool is recommended to be applied every other day. You can repeat the course after a month.

To prepare the mask, it is recommended to use a ripe and soft banana

With lemon juice

Combine a teaspoon of lemon juice with the same amount of sea buckthorn oil. The resulting composition lubricate the area around the eyes and leave for a quarter of an hour. Mask apply course. The latter includes 12-15 sessions, which should be carried out 1 time in 2 days. It is recommended to repeat the course in 2 months if there is such a need.

Lemon juice for making masks is recommended to squeeze yourself

With shea butter

Melt a small amount of shea butter in your palms and apply it to the area below the lower eyelids. After 30–40 minutes wash the product. The tool can be used on an ongoing basis. The mask works especially well if the cause of bruises / bags under the eyes is dry skin.

Shea butter has a solid consistency, so before using it must be melted in the palms

Combine half a teaspoon of natural ground coffee with the same amount of ground black pepper. To a dry composition, mix a tablespoon of almond oil. The tool works 10 minutes. It is recommended to use structure as required.

Coffee perfectly tones the skin and makes its color more healthy

Brew a bag of chamomile in 200 ml of boiling water. After 5-7 minutes, combine this liquid with a teaspoon of soda. In the resulting composition moisten cotton pads and attach them to the area under the lower eyelids. The mask works for a quarter of an hour. After the expiry of the allotted time, remove the discs from the surface of the face, and leave the rest of the remedy for exposure for another 10 minutes. The recipe can be used as needed. Interestingly, the mask with soda is especially effective in dealing with bags under the eyes.

Soda promotes intensive renewal and toning of the skin.

With potato starch

Combine a few tablespoons of potato starch with 10 ml of heavy cream and 1–2 drops of liquid vitamin E. Leave the composition to work for a quarter of an hour. Means is used by courses: 15 procedures with a frequency of 1 time in 3 days. Repeat sessions can be a month after their end.

Potato starch is sold at any grocery store

With egg yolk

One raw egg yolk mixed with half a teaspoon of olive oil or almond. The composition should be washed off when there is a clear feeling of tightness of the surface of the face. It is recommended to use the recipe as needed.

Raw egg yolk intensively nourishes the skin

With oatmeal

Soak a few teaspoons of plain oatmeal in 30–40 ml of hot milk. Apply the slurry to the area under the eyes and leave for a quarter of an hour. Mask is recommended to do the course: 15-17 daily procedures. At the end of the sessions, you should take a break from active exposure for a month.

Oatmeal in combination with milk effectively fights with bruises under the eyes.

Combine a tablespoon of white clay with warm milk so that the composition has the consistency of thick yogurt. Apply the product to the area under the eyes. When the clay is completely dry, wash it off. Apply the tool as needed.

Clay has the property of slightly drying the skin. In this regard, the mask is not used for the surface of the face, prone to flaking.


Combine 50 ml of fatty warm milk with a tablespoon of gelatin. Wait for the agent to swell. Then add a teaspoon of olive oil to the composition. Mask leave under the eyes for a third of an hour. Use the recipe as needed.

It is recommended to use unrefined olive oil to prepare the mask.

With algae

Crush dry kelp (sold at the pharmacy) to a powdery consistency. Take a teaspoon of the resulting product and mix it with the same amount of freshly brewed green tea. To the composition add a few drops of almond ether. The tool works a quarter of an hour. Use the mask should be the course. The latter includes 10 procedures with a frequency of 1 every 2-3 days.You can repeat the course in a month and a half.

Green tea soothes the skin effectively

Video: how to make a mask against bruises under the eyes

Another very helpful honey mask on the face. From bags and bruises at all super !!


Mask against bruises under the eyes: wet the crumb of white bread in milk, apply around the eyes for 15 minutes, every other day, a course of 1 month. + wrinkles smooths.


Fighting bruises under the eyes can be at home. However, in this case one important point should be taken into account - the cause of the formations. If the latter is associated with serious diseases or heredity, then self-made masks will not help. In other cases, the use of natural remedies is welcome, because it is this method of skin care that will bring the maximum benefit and minimum harm to the surface of the face.

The root of the problem

The causes of the dark circles should be sought in our daily habits and the specifics of lifestyle. Overwork when working at a computer, stress and a chronic lack of sleep (less than 7–8 hours a day) are, unfortunately, constant companions of the inhabitants of the metropolis. Remember that due to stress and lack of sleep the complexion acquires unhealthy pallor and capillaries against the background of such contrast become more noticeable. This is especially true for people of the winter color type with light, sensitive and reddened skin, whose shadows under the eyes may appear as early as adolescence.

Normalize your daily routine, set aside enough time for sleep and rest, try to put your thoughts in order and relax. These primary measures will be the first step in dealing with the cause of the problem.

Cheap cosmetics, allergic reactions caused by its use, excessive enthusiasm for tanning and visiting a tanning salon not only lead to the appearance of circles under the eyes, but also contribute to the early appearance of fine wrinkles and pigmentation. Alcohol abuse removes water from the body, thereby provoking dehydration, and, therefore, bruises under the eyes. Consider, if the skin under the eyes is not sufficiently moist, it will become more permeable and transparent, and the eyes will seem hollow. Try to limit the use of alcohol, drink enough water throughout the day.


Cosmetic products that affect lymph circulation and cell metabolism will help protect yourself from fine wrinkles. Such tools perfectly tone up and restore the structure of the skin around the eyes. Choose water-based gels with herbal extracts and vitamins, including the ball. They are less fatty than regular cream and are absorbed within minutes.

Women over 40 years of age with mature skin, in which wrinkles are visible not only with lively facial expressions, moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, antioxidant complexes and natural oils are required.


Mature skin can not do without additional makeup, which compensates for the lack of natural lipids and stimulates the formation of collagen. These tools have a rejuvenating effect, which is also called lifting. The composition of the age of cosmetics, as a rule, include:

  • macadamia oil
  • Shea Butter,
  • avocado oil
  • biostimulants
  • phytoestrogens.

In the fight against dark circles at home, cold compresses come out on top. For them, perfectly suited cooled herbal infusions: for example, an infusion of chamomile, cornflower, sage, rosemary.

Homemade masks

It's no secret that not all cosmetics can boast a natural composition. Often creams and masks contain many artificially synthesized chemical components: silicones, parabens, preservatives, fragrances. While the cream with a completely natural composition of the ingredients are expensive and not everyone can afford. If you are not ready to spend money on expensive cosmetics, you can always resort to popular recipes. In our case - to the recipes for homemade masks.

Cucumber Mask

Perhaps the most popular is the mask of cucumber. Prepare it simply: squeeze the juice from the vegetable, blot cotton pads put on the eyes. If possible, add whipped protein, a teaspoon of almond oil and a few drops of vitamins A and E to the cucumber juice. If the consistency of the mask is not thick enough, add a little flour.

Parsley mask

Clarity can give a mask of parsley. To do this, prepare an infusion of 2 tablespoons of parsley and wait until the mixture has cooled slightly. Dampen cotton swabs in a warm infusion, put under the eyes and lie down - in this position the disc is better fixed to the skin. Compress time is 20 minutes.

Potato mask

A proven home remedy that removes dark circles is potatoes. To prepare the mask is taken:

  • 1 medium potato, grated on a fine grater,
  • 1 teaspoon olive, flaxseed, coconut or other vegetable oil.

Instead of vegetable oil, you can use oatmeal, mixed 1 to 1 with grated potatoes and diluted with milk to the consistency of thick cream.

You can also try a mask of boiled potatoes: all you need is to make regular mashed potatoes with milk. The exposure time of such a mask is 20 minutes.

Soda mask

Few people know, but baking soda is a universal weapon in the fight against signs of fatigue, therefore, perhaps, all the care products contain it as a part. To get rid of swollen eyelids, you will need:

  • 1 teaspoon soda,
  • 1 cup fresh chamomile tea.

Dampen cotton wool in the resulting mixture and apply patches to the swelling. After 15 minutes you will notice a positive effect.

Elena Malysheva about bruises under her eyes - video

Since childhood, I have dark circles under my eyes because of deep-set eyes) But over the years they became darker and darker. Tried a bunch of different creams, and did not achieve a good result. If there was a result, not for long. And then I accidentally read one very interesting homemade recipe. I decided to try and was amazed! The RECIPE itself: Sage Grass, Chamomile Flowers (I buy at the pharmacy), Parsley (it has been growing in my pot for the whole winter). Herb is in the pharmacy 20-30 rubles. Parsley can be dried. I take all this by 1-2 teaspoons per cup of hot water. I insist about 2 hours. Pour into the ice mold and freezer! In the morning and in the evening I rub the skin around my eyes with a piece of ice. The result on the face! The truth immediately after the application do not worry that the bruises will appear even darker, this is due to the fact that the skin turns red from the cold. In a couple of minutes everything will return to normal! I use this tool for about a month. Already completely forgot about concealers and correctors)


Chamomile compresses help me much better than tea. From creams, even if they are soaked in 15 minutes, personally, I still have big bags. Bruises are definitely from lack of oxygen. I noticed that after the walk is always less. I liked the mask under the eyes: whipped protein and 1/2 tsp. honey Excellent skin tightens. I also bought darsonval, I see quite good results. And again: after 18–00, no liquid. Just before bedtime a glass of purified water from 1 tsp. honey


I know of an effective remedy: Rub raw potatoes on a fine grater, wrap in cheesecloth and apply on closed eyes for 10–15 minutes!


Remember, if home remedies do not help you for a long time, think about medical diagnosis of the causes, because dark circles that do not disappear even after enough sleep and rest can signal the presence of serious diseases of internal organs: kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system . Take care of yourself and your health and be beautiful!

Causes of bags under the eyes

Often dark circles and eyelid swelling become signals of serious diseases of internal organs. Why there are bags under the eyes of healthy people:

  • inflammation, often accompanied by reddening of the tissues, temperature, increased tearing,
  • violation of lymph and blood flow - this may be due to natural age-related processes or the result of cosmetic anti-aging operations, hardware procedures,
  • stress, lack of sleep, insomnia - lead to overwork of the eye muscles and improper distribution of fluid in the tissues,
  • the reason for the appearance in healthy people leading an active lifestyle is age wilting, exhaustion, loss of elasticity of thin skin, deterioration of the excretory system,
  • the lack of a balanced diet leads to the accumulation of salts, toxins and imbalance of fluid in the epidermis, alcohol is the main enemy of fresh, young skin,
  • substandard or improper use of cosmetics - allergenic, aggressive components, the application of large quantities,
  • the lack of regular complex face care leads to rapid aging, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, adverse environmental factors.

Methods for getting rid of bags under the eyes

Cope and get rid of bags under the eyes, as well as improve the quality of life can be guided by simple rules:

  1. Sleep at least eight hours, go to bed no later than 23 hours, such a simple habit preserves the beauty of Hollywood divas,
  2. Regular massage of the skin in the evening, you can use oils with a light structure (wheat, rice, grape, pomegranate) or concentrated gel with extracts of kelp / snails / leeches,
  3. Cryo procedures are no less effective - massage with ice cubes or cold herbal compresses (linden, chamomile, calendula, lingonberry, plantain, dandelion) quickly refresh and relieve swelling,
  4. After the morning, evening cleansing and before applying makeup, be sure to use creams, ointments, emulsions for nourishing and moisturizing,
  5. Before going out into the open sun, wear goggles and treat with a protective agent with an SPF factor above 30,
  6. Gymnastics for the eyelids - an alternative to plastic surgery, just five / seven exercises will relieve wrinkles, swelling, also improve eyesight,
  7. Natural masks do not cause allergies, habituation and irritation, contribute to the activation of lymph flow, normalize water balance, improve oxygen respiration, a special effect is observed if the composition is pre-cooled,
  8. Proper nutrition, the basis of the diet - vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, a variety of seafood, nuts, dairy products (kefir, milk, sour cream).

Video: 5 ways to get rid of circles and bags under the eyes at home

Important editorial advice

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How to quickly get rid of bags

There are ways to remove bags under the eyes if there is absolutely no time:

  1. Take a hot shower, bath, the ideal tool - a bath or sauna,
  2. Make a compress from cooled bags of black / green tea (without flavors and additives),
  3. Such vegetables - potatoes, parsley root, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber, eggplant,
  4. In the freezer it is desirable to always have cubes of decoctions of mint, lemon balm, thyme with oils and vitamins, rubbing with ice gives an instant result,
  5. Applying cold spoons for a few minutes helps to tone up the epidermis, reduce swelling.

The use of modern cosmetology

Modern methods of disposal are presented in beauty salons, as well as in clinics of aesthetic medicine:

  • lymphatic drainage apparatus massage, due to electrical discharges, contributes to the normalization of blood circulation, and lymph outflow, is conducted in courses of ten / fifteen sessions,
  • exposure to vacuum - dermatony is aimed at massage of the deep layers of delicate skin, it will be possible to completely get rid of the bags only after ten procedures,
  • mesotherapy - youth cocktails are injected into tissues with the help of injections - vitamins, acids, plant extracts, the procedure tones up, improves blood flow,
  • biorevitalization is a type of mesotherapy, the main component is hyaluronic acid,
  • peels - allow you to remove dark circles, enhance the effect of anti-aging serums and creams,
  • fillers - special gels, are inserted under the skin, allow, without surgery, to perform contour plasty of the eyelids,
  • Botulinum therapy - the active components of Botox and Dysport prevent the formation of bags and age folds,
  • Blepharoplasty is an operation that allows, thanks to surgical intervention, to get rid of hated swelling and wrinkles.

Indications - age-related changes, wrinkles, flabbiness, darkening of the lower eyelid, reduced elasticity, elasticity.


  • apricot oil,
  • 10 gr. pumpkin.

Preparation and method of application: bake a vegetable, turn into a homogeneous mass. After removing makeup with micellar liquid, spread on the eyelids in a dense layer. After ten minutes, you can remove, point the apricot oil.

Mask from the dark bags under the eyes

Result: to quickly remove bags under the eyes, to refresh, to make the look more expressive will help a proven mask under the eyes.


  • Coconut oil,
  • 30 ml of sauerkraut juice.

Preparation and method of application: squeezing a liquid rich in vitamins and minerals through gauze, impregnate cotton discs with it. After washing, put on the eyelids, relax for half an hour. Then remove, moisten with coconut oil.

Skin problems around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very thin and dry, because there are only 2 sebaceous glands there. Over time, it becomes drier, thinner, since the overall level of production of substances necessary to maintain the elasticity of the fibers decreases.

The thinness of the cover under the eyes makes the blood vessels located close to the surface, so when there is blood stagnation, dark circles are observed. Free radicals from the air, ultraviolet radiation, insufficient water consumption quickly deplete moisture reserves of the most vulnerable area, which is why mimic fine wrinkles begin to become noticeable from 20 years.

In 30-40 years, the production of collagen and elastin is reduced several times, the fibers are destroyed faster, and the recovery of cells takes more days. The eyelids begin to sag, swelling appears.

After 40-45 years, the processes of cell renewal, metabolism slows down even more, wrinkles become deep.In addition to age-related changes, the condition of the problem area is affected by: water consumption, the functioning of internal organs (for example, kidneys), the level of environmental pollution, the body's pollution (by smoking, alcohol, unbalanced nutrition), the number of hours of sleep, and makeup cosmetics used. The amount and variety of vitamins and microelements received by the body, hormone levels, and regular climatic phenomena (wind, frost, heat, dryness) also influence.

Are home masks effective?

It all depends on the desired mask effect. Yes, homemade masks are effective, but not omnipotent. They can refresh the look, moisturize, smooth fine wrinkles. Even the masks are able to slightly tighten, lighten, help to recover from the end of stress (moving, traveling, night party and others). However, home (and even purchased) masks will not smooth out deep wrinkles, will not return clarity to sagging circuits, for such serious problems only cosmetic and surgical procedures will help, sometimes hormonal preparations prescribed by a specialist are required.

It is also necessary to realize that masks will be powerless if you continue to lead the wrong way of life. That is, if you use the nervous system stimulants, sleep less than 7-8 hours a day, sit at the computer every day for more than an hour continuously. At the same time, it is wrong to eat, to neglect fresh air, taking vitamin and mineral complexes. At any time of year it is impossible to prevent dehydration, misuse of tan without protective equipment.

Also, the mask does not work in the presence of certain diseases of internal organs, eye, skin, fungal diseases (you must always make sure of the cleanliness of the tools used for makeup, the cosmetics itself), allergies (cosmetics, food, pollen, etc.). It is logical to seek to eliminate the root cause of the unsatisfactory appearance before using external means.

Mask patch for the eye area

Relatively inexpensive store masks patches sometimes just help out. This is an express care option. For example, you can find such a tool as a mask patch for the skin around the eyes, containing hyaluronic acid, a vitamin-mineral complex, collagen (it costs about 130 r). This mask will smooth, moisturize, make dark circles imperceptible.

There are even masks-patches that promise action as after Botox - they relax small muscles, due to which wrinkles are smoothed.

The mask patch is glued with a thin part closer to the temples, thick - to the nose. From the edge of the lower eyelid should retreat at least 5 mm. Mask patches are usually designed for 20-30 minutes.

Eye masks after 30

The care features offered by masks for skin around the eyes after 30 are based on the need to protect against free radicals, ultraviolet radiation in order to prolong natural youth.

  1. Sea buckthorn: Sea buckthorn oil (pharmacy) 50g + aevit (oil vitamin A + E).
    You can apply several times during the day, before going to bed, removing excess napkin. Sea buckthorn and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants.
  2. Flaxseed: 5 g flaxseeds + 0.5 stack. water + parsley.
    In a coffee grinder grind flax seed, boil in water until thick. In the cooled gruel add finely chopped parsley. Do not rinse 20 min.
    Parsley helps protect against unwanted sunburn, is a natural UF filter, flax has many different beneficial properties for the skin.

Eye masks after 40

For mature women, masks for skin around the eyes after 40 are suitable, which will deeply nourish, strengthen, and protect the skin from an aggressive external environment.

  1. Oil mask: 15 ml of any base oil (for example, olive, apricot, grape, etc.) + 1-2 drops of natural 100% essential oil (lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, rose, etc.). First you need to make a test for allergic skin reaction for each oil (apply on the inside of the crook of the elbow, wait and see if there is any redness).
    Make a mixture of any favorite oils: base and essential oils, here you can experiment with the components, because the tastes for different flavors and skin reactions in people are too individual.
  2. Green mask: 2 leaves of spinach + oil vitamin A, 10 g + any cream suitable for the eyes.
    It is necessary to mix the ingredients, hold for 15 minutes. The excess is erased from the skin with a cotton swab, or a disc soaked in cool milk.
  3. Golden mask. Such a golden mask for the skin around the eyes will be useful at any age, as it fights with all the skin problems listed above. It will take 1 tbsp. l turmeric, 5 g of baking soda, 2-3 drops of lemon juice, 15 ml of any base oil.
    Dissolve turmeric in oil, mix with lemon juice and soda, sit with the mixture applied to the problem area for about 15 minutes.

These recipes can and should be combined, supplemented, modified by themselves. In addition to the components used in them, products such as rye bread, cream, Jerusalem artichoke, oatmeal, packaged black and green tea are used for the skin around the eyes. Masks can also be prepared using powdered milk, plum, herbal ice and other available products. The most important thing that should not be forgotten if there is a goal is to be young and beautiful for many years: get enough sleep, quit bad habits, love a delicate facial massage, go for a walk more often and not neglect sunglasses and sunblock creams.

How can I get rid of bags under the eyes

Getting rid of bags and bruises under the eyes is a workable task. It all depends on the causes and level of neglect of the problem. But you need to start with the following measures:

  1. Sleep regularly
  2. Allocate more time to rest,
  3. Avoid stressful situations
  4. Eat well
  5. Take vitamins if necessary.

If after a few weeks of a healthy lifestyle, the bruises under the eyes did not diminish less - you must turn to a therapist. He will order an examination to identify health problems, and prescribe treatment. If health is normal, it's time to go to a beautician.

Beauty treatments for bruises under the eyes

Depending on the diagnosis made by the beautician, you may be given the following procedures:

  • Masks against bags and bruises under the eyes in order to strengthen blood vessels, improve blood flow, relieve puffiness and reduce intoxication.
  • Electrostimulation or lymphatic drainage to improve the functioning of the lymphatic vessels and reduce swelling.
  • Phototherapy, it will discolor the dark pigment, improve collagen production in the skin.
  • Mesotherapy, it improve the condition of the walls of blood vessels.

Cosmetic procedures can quickly and for a long period eliminate bruises under the eyes. To improve the salon effect, you can combine it with home cosmetology.

Bruise Transdermal patches under the eyes

Manufacturers of skin care products today produce a lot of products for the removal and treatment of bruises under the eyes: creams, tonics, masks. One of the popular tools is transdermal patches. They perfectly remove puffiness and eliminate dark circles.

This patch is a base covered with a cooling gel, which contains active substances that eliminate swelling and bruising under the eyes. The cooling effect improves blood flow.

The advantage of the patch is that the active substances contained in the gel penetrate the skin more than 80% due to the greenhouse effect created during the procedure. This tool is recommended for use in eliminating signs of poor sleep and preventing the appearance of bruises and bags under the eyes.

Causes of Edema

Before you get rid of bags under the eyes, you need to find out why they appeared. The most common cause is swelling around the eyes from water that has been drunk too much before bedtime. However, swollen eyelids and bruises may appear on another occasion. In addition to the excessive use of water, bags under the eyes can appear from its lack. This happens in violation of the drinking regime, when the body begins to accumulate the necessary supply of water.

The excessive use of salty foods, especially at night, contributes to water retention in the body, which results in ill-fated bags under the eyes.

Alcoholic libations, smoking adversely affect the condition of the skin around the eyes provoking the development of edema and bruises. Insomnia, stress, lack of sleep - constant "companions" of tired skin and morning bags under the eyes.

With age, the growth of fatty layer surrounding the eyeball can occur. The elasticity of the protective septum, which separates this layer from the eyelid, is gradually lost and the fatty tissue "falls out" under the skin, forming bags. This defect is not temporary and can be removed only with the help of plastic surgery.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes

Swollen eyelids and bruises under the eyes can be caused by an allergic reaction, a cold, or chronic kidney disease. In any case, to identify the causes of this problem, it is best to first consult with your doctor. If bags under the eyes appeared not because of illness, but because of a wrong lifestyle, you can fight them with the help of cosmetic procedures or masks with good reviews, many recipes that can be found in magazines, on the Internet.

Before you find an effective remedy for bags and bruises, you need to fix the problem, which resulted in swelling. For example, to limit the amount of water before bedtime, to observe the drinking regime during the day.

In chronic sleep deprivation, try to change your regimen for the better in order to preserve youthful skin around the eyes. Monitor the state of immunity to protect themselves from colds and chronic diseases. A cosmetic mask for the face, prepared according to popular recipes will help get rid of bags and bruises.

Some more tips

In fact, there are a lot of such folk recipes, among them there will be a miraculous mask for every woman to combat the hated swelling and bruises. Before that, it is recommended to still think about the true cause of this problem and start fixing it from the inside. After all, cosmetic masks will be effective only in combination with a healthy lifestyle:

  • proper nutrition
  • full sleep,
  • sports activities
  • high-quality cosmetics.

But when the swelling is constant and is the result of the disease, you should resort to the help of medical specialists and not do it yourself.

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Reviews - how to remove bags under the eyes

The son is only six months old and bags under his eyes in the morning appear regularly after nightly duty at the bed. I thought I would put a advertised cream - and everything would pass. Helped only time-tested chamomile compress.

I lead an active club life, I absolutely do not accept the regime. Although I visit salons, but the morning circles under my eyes had to constantly make up. Best of all, while sour cream copes with this problem, I apply it before bedtime.

After forty, swelling and bags under the eyes became noticeable. On cosmetic procedures did not dare, was frightened of possible hematomas. Has achieved good results thanks to gymnastics and folk remedies - ice with vitamins and oils.

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