Face depilatory cream - choose the most delicate depilator

Is it possible to remove the antennae from the face with a depilatory cream?

Now pharmacies sell a lot of facial depilation creams, namely, it is safer to buy at pharmacies than in a store, you need to choose the cream correctly, knowing everything about its manufacturer and about the composition of the cream itself, any cream for depilating the face has instructions, and there’s indicates how to use it, what to do and what not, therefore, to choose the right face cream, you need to study the composition, because many face depilatory creams contain chemical elements that can cause allergies, irritation, redness.

You can remove facial hair at home using a proven national method.:

  1. Sift the ashes through a sieve, pour boiling water and add soap (household or childish), rubbed on a grater, stir well, you should get a paste and apply on hair for 10-15 minutes, this method can get rid of facial hair forever.
  2. Twenty tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of water and juice of whole lemon, in an enameled bowl, mix everything and put on a slow fire, stirring constantly, cook until the mixture becomes golden brown and apply not much hot hair to the face. Cover with a layer of 1 mm, after the sugar syrup has cooled, hook the nail over the edge and pull against the hair growth.

How do depilatory creams

Many customers are concerned about the following question: how does the depilatory cream work on the face, will it not do more harm than good?

The effect of any depilatory cream is based on the occurrence of a chemical reaction between potassium thioglycolate and keratin in the hair shaft. There is a softening and thinning of the hair, while the hair bulb is not exposed to any effects. The depilator for the face softens and dissolves the hairs, after which it is removed with a spatula or washed off with water.

Depilatory cream for facial hair is a less traumatic way than wax or laser; you can use it yourself at home. Prices for such funds are usually low, and one package is enough for several applications.

Beauticians are cautious about this method of depilation, as in the process of exposure such a cream can cause severe skin irritation. If used carelessly, it can cause damage to the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, as well as cause eye irritation. During the dissolution of hair, volatile hydrogen sulfide vapors are formed, which can cause allergic reactions from the eyes and respiratory tract. It should be noted that such negative reactions occur rarely, but nevertheless it is better to know about them in advance.


Despite the fact that women's facial hair removal cream is suitable even for very sensitive skin and contains caring components, its use is not always possible. There is a list of contraindications when it is better to refuse to use it:

  • the presence of dermatological diseases
  • skin damage at the depilation site,
  • pregnancy,
  • the presence of a large number of moles in the depilation zone,
  • individual intolerance to the components of the depilation tool,
  • It should be remembered that the depilatory cream can not be used to shape the eyebrows, as well as to remove hair in the ears and nose.

Important! Beforeapply depilatory cream, you need to test for allergies. To do this, the tool is applied to the inner side of the arm in the area of ​​the elbow for the time specified by the manufacturer in the instructions for use. In the presence of the first signs of an allergic reaction (itching, redness, rash, burning sensation), the remedy should be immediately washed off with plenty of water and should not be used on the face.

How to choose and how to use

Facial hair depilation cream is specially designed for very sensitive skin around the mouth. Body hair removal cream for sensitive skin is not suitable for the face, as it has a more rigid composition.

When choosing a tool you need to carefully read the instructions for use. It should be clearly stated that the use of depilatory cream is allowed in the area of ​​the face. It is also necessary to check the expiration date of the product, the exposure time in the depilation zone (it should not exceed a couple of minutes), as well as the presence of vitamins and care components in creams.

The use of depilation cream is as follows:

  1. A day before the use of funds conduct an allergy test. If no unpleasant consequences are found, then the cream can be used.
  2. Before depilation, the skin of the face is thoroughly cleaned of makeup, residues of care products with the help of special cleansers. After that, wipe the face dry.
  3. The cream is applied to the treated area with a thin layer, evenly distributing it through the hairs.
  4. After that, mark the desired period of time. In no case can not exceed the time of exposure of the cream, it can lead to irritation and burns.
  5. When the exposure time has come to an end, the cream and hair residues are carefully removed with a special spatula or cotton pad, after which they are thoroughly washed with warm water, washing away the remnants of the product.
  6. After depilation, a soothing cream or serum can be applied to the face, but the use of alcohol lotions or tonics should be abandoned.

Repeated hair removal procedure can be carried out not earlier than in 3 days.

List of the best depilatory creams

Depilatory face cream should be chosen with particular care, giving preference to brands that specialize in the manufacture of products for the removal of unwanted hair. Below is a list of 10 depilation products on the face, which from year to year receive rave reviews from customers:

Brand Veetwhich is famous for its depilation means, has in its assortment wax strips for the face. They are designed specifically for use in the mouth, contain vitamins and essential oils. Allow to capture even the shortest hairs. After their use, the skin remains smooth for up to 2 weeks, hair growth slows down, their number gradually decreases, they become much thinner.

Many positive reviews receive funds for the depilation of the brand. Byly. The following tools are especially popular: Byly Depil and Byly Gold. Depilation cream with aloe extract Byly Depil is a set of 5 sachets of 2 ml each, with special wipes attached to them, which help restore the skin after hair removal. Caring supplements nourish and moisturize the skin of the face, after depilation it remains smooth and gentle.

Byly gold contains particles of gold, gently and gently removes hairs, the skin after use remains moisturized and smooth. The tool is applied with a thin layer on the face, and after the time of exposure is removed with a special spatula.

For removing hard hair is great tool brand Sharywhich not only quickly removes unwanted facial hair, but also slows the growth of new hairs. The cream cares for the skin, restores and cools it, and also gives a feeling of perfect smoothness.

Impact on depilatory face cream Velvet like a large number of women. The brand produces a wide range of depilatories with caring properties. At low cost, the product has a pleasant aroma, effectively removes hair and slows its growth. After its use, there are no unpleasant consequences in the form of irritations and black dots. The skin after its use will be smooth long enough.

Facial depilation kit Creme Hair Remover Kit for face, Upper Lipand Chin by Sally Hansen It contains an effective hair removal cream and a special lotion that helps eliminate irritation after the procedure. The only disadvantage of many is the strong smell of the product, but at the same time it performs its functions perfectly, removing hair and leaving the skin smooth and velvety. The lotion has a neutral flavor and soothes the skin well:

Avon Skin so Soft also has a lot of good grades. The tool is easy to apply, has an unobtrusive aroma, gently removes unwanted vegetation from the face. Does not cause irritation, the skin after use remains soft and moisturized.

According to a large number of consumers, the best depilatory products are produced by the brand. Eveline. Eveline ultra-smooth cream 9 in 1 enjoys special love. It quickly and carefully removes hair, slows their growth, and the skin remains nourished and velvety after depilation. Prevents allergic reactions and inflammation due to the content of aloe vera and silk extracts. The tool is inexpensive and available in many cosmetic stores.

Depilatory cream Cliven love by many women for a mild and effective impact. Contains emollient ingredients, has a mild smell and a pleasant texture. The skin remains velvety and tender, and the growth of hairs noticeably stops.

Hair removal kit Surgi Cream Extra Gentle Formulaconsists of the actual depilatory cream, which quickly and painlessly removes hair, and a balm after depilation, which softens the skin and prevents hair ingrowth. The tool is ideal for removing dark and tough hair.

Floresan deep depil Specially designed for sensitive skin. It has a pleasant aroma, contains peach oil and delicately removes hair on the face. Excellent combination of price and quality.

Face depilatory creams will be an excellent and budgetary replacement for more painful procedures such as shugaring, waxing or laser hair removal. You just need to choose the right depilator to get a good result and carefully follow the instructions. And then unwanted hairs will no longer be a problem.

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