Home and professional hair removal in the ears

Everything is not so difficult!

As people age, their hair in their ears can become disobedient and unsightly. Sometimes they appear even before old age, and they can be found in both men and women. If you want your ear hair to disappear, we have natural and easy means to get rid of it!

This method may seem obvious, but it is one of the simplest strategies that will give you instant results without hair. They are usually called nose-only trimmers, but they can, of course, be used for other sensitive and small areas of the body. Nose hair trimmers are usually very precise and gentle. Although the trimmer does not stop hair growth, it will quickly get rid of hair that has already grown. This method requires some care every few weeks so that the hair does not become uncontrollable again.

  1. Use lemon juice!

Sometimes people use lemon juice or lemon itself, applying it to a necessary area with unwanted hair, and then use a hair dryer to make the hair lighter. You can use it for hair in your ears for the same effect! After continuous use of lemon juice, it will eventually destroy the small hair - preventing their further growth! This is a very simple method that requires only one ingredient - lemon. Just squeeze the juice and apply it in your ear. This method will take some time, but it may be worth it to prevent the growth of unwanted hair.

  1. Use homemade pasta, which consists of only 2 ingredients.

This method is a bit more active than the previous two, but it is still a natural and even nourishing way to remove hair. Papaya contains special enzymes that, like lemon juice, stop hair growth. To make a paste, you'll need a few tablespoons of ground papaya and a pinch of turmeric powder. Simply mix these two ingredients together and apply on hair. You can leave this mixture for about 15 minutes and rinse. For best results, do this mask several times a week. As with lemon juice, you will not see results right away.

If you have hair in your ears and you are looking for ways to get rid of them, definitely try these simple and natural remedies. They are cost effective - especially when compared to special creams and laser hair removal - and these are healthy ways to get rid of tinnitus and prevent their further growth.

Simple homemade methods for removing hair in the ears

Over the years, hair in the ears may not cause inconvenience; many men simply do not notice them or perceive them as "inevitable evil." But purely from the aesthetic side, the vegetation in the ears looks extremely ugly, unpleasant. And given that periodically accumulated sulfur comes out of the ear canal, it is not difficult to imagine “beauty” on fine hairs.

In general, there is a problem and it needs to be solved. Moreover, there are several different ways to remove hair in the ears of the house - which one to choose, you need to decide individually.

Trimmer machine

This device is specially made to solve the problem and is a handle with a round, slightly extended into the cylinder tip. When you turn on the network (it can also work on batteries), small cutting elements start to move quickly inside the nozzle - hair is removed according to the principle of regular shaving.

The trimmer can be used both inside the ear and on the outside of the auricle. It does not cause irritation, does not injure the skin, is easy to operate. Among the shortcomings, we can only mention that the procedure will have to be done regularly - for example, once every 7–15 days, since the cutting elements of the device simply cut the hairs, but do not remove them along with the roots.

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The easiest way to remove hair from ears with scissors is small, manicure. The only condition is that their ends should be rounded or with round balls (“for children”), which will help avoid cuts, piercing the ear canal and the shell. In this way, it is very inconvenient to perform the manipulation, only the auricle can be cleaned of vegetation - it can be seen in the mirror and control the process.

But to process the ear canal you will need an assistant.

Manicure Scissors Lady Victory SE-SN-06

Nail scissors cut only a small part of the hair, so it is not surprising that they grow quickly - experts recommend repeating the procedure at least 1 time in 5 days. By the way, with regular cutting the hairs become more rough - it may be worthwhile to choose another method for solving the problem.

Ear waxing

It is performed the same way as with standard wax epilation - a small amount of the product after warming up is superimposed on the surface of the entrance to the ear canal (no deeper than 2-3 cm). After hardening and complete cooling, the application is removed - all the hairs are on it. But this method has several features:

  • wax can provoke irritation on the skin of the ear canal, as in this place it is thin and has increased sensitivity,
  • in case of incorrect manipulation it is possible that warm wax may get deep into the ear canal - only a otolaryngologist can take it out with a special tool,
  • It is highly desirable to impose and remove wax applications with an assistant who will help monitor the process and ensure the proper level of security.

Despite the apparent inconvenience, such hair removal in the ears is considered the most reliable - they are pulled out from the roots and the result is stored for a long time, for at least 1 month.

Some people use tweezers and an epilation cream to remove ear hair. In the first case, the tools work according to the classical scheme - visible hairs are tritely pulled out, but this represents a danger. It is possible to damage the skin, which is not only painful, but also fraught with infection and inflammation.

Epilation with cosmetics can cause severe allergies. and this is regardless of whether an inadequate response has been observed when using the cream in other parts of the body. Experts do not recommend to take risks and resort to extreme methods of removing unwanted vegetation from the ears.

Look at the video about hair removal in the ears:

Is it possible to get rid of the hair in the ears of men forever and how

If regular procedures confuse or seem to be time consuming and dangerous, then you can seek the help of professionals. Permanently get rid of the hair in the ears will laser or electrolysis. The advantages of the procedure:

  • rays and currents penetrate to a depth of 2 - 4 mm, therefore they are capable of destroying every hair follicle,
  • painless manipulation, does not require anesthesia and recovery period,
  • the risk of injury to the skin and the development of an allergic reaction is minimized.

But experts warn that such methods may not give a qualitative result after the first session. Usually it is necessary to carry out 4 - 6 procedures with a frequency of 1 time a month and a half, but then the question of the growth of unwanted vegetation in the ears will not be raised.

Folk methods

You can remove hair in the ears of men with the help of popular methods:

  • Iodine mixture. It is prepared from 5 ml of castor oil, 1.5 ml of an alcoholic solution of iodine, 2 ml of ammonia - everything is mixed in a glass container and left for 2-3 hours. Readiness means checked by the appearance of the mixture - it should be transparent. The product is applied to problem areas with a cotton swab 2 times a day for 15 days.

This method allows you to get rid of unwanted hair in the ears for a long time - at least 3 months. But such a tool can not be used to those people who have hypersensitive skin, there is a predisposition to allergies.

  • Shelled Walnuts. It is necessary to take it from 10 nuts and burn, and the resulting ash to enter in 1 tablespoon of boiling water. After mixing, the mixture is applied as a lotion to the problem area - the outer side of the auricle is treated with a cotton pad or gauze cloth, but a turundum (gauze / bandage cord) is placed inside the ear canal.
  • The time of the procedure - 10 minutes, the duration of the course - until the complete disappearance of vegetation.

It is worth considering that such a tool is able to paint the skin in a dark color, so the procedure is best done in the evening, and in the morning wash your ears thoroughly with soap and water.

  • Baking soda solution. It is necessary to dissolve 1 tablespoon of dry raw material in 200 ml of hot water, then moisten a cotton pad or gauze napkin (tur- cord for the ear canal) in the resulting liquid and attach it to the problem area at night; It is believed that after 3 treatments the hair will become very thin and weak and will fall out.

The result will not be long-term, after 3 weeks you will have to repeat the procedure. But the solution of baking soda is considered the safest folk remedy for removing hair from the ears - does not cause allergies, does not provoke burns.

How to make a turunda in your ear

Contraindications for the manipulation

Regardless of which solution is chosen, it is necessary to exclude contraindications:

  • inflammatory diseases of the ears, occurring in the acute form or in the acute stage of the chronic type,
  • fungal infections of the skin of the ears - can be manifested by severe itching and peeling,
  • anatomical disorders in the structure of the ear canal - for example, if it is too narrow,
  • the presence of sulfuric plug, hearing loss for unexplained reasons.

All contraindications are conditional, you will need a preliminary consultation of the doctor - if the disease is cured, you can proceed to the described manipulations.

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It is completely possible to remove hair from the ears forever, but it will be necessary to correctly choose a specific method. The best option is to appeal to professionals, but at home the problem is solved.

When children's problems become adults

Hair grows in the ears of all men and women, regardless of their age, these small and transparent hairs perform a barrier function, namely preventing dust, moisture and pathogens from penetrating deep into the ear canal.

Problems with increased vegetation in auricles appear with age. Due to changes in hormonal levels, short and thin hair in the ears of men turn into thick and stiff bristles, which untidy sticks out of the ears or covers the ears outside.

Interesting! The results of some studies show that the hormone involved in baldness of the head - dihydrotestosterone - is responsible for the abundant vegetation in the ears, as well as the hair on the nose in men.

The causes of hair growth inside the nose can be many

The second reason for the appearance of unwanted hairs applies not only to men, but also to women. With age, longer and thicker hair in the ears grows because the body changes its growth cycles.

Operation “Liquidation”: proper cutting of hair in the ears, under them and in the nose in women and men

Hair in the ears does not cause serious harm to the body. Due to non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, particles of dirt, earwax and pathogens may accumulate in them. There are often cases when the ears appear:

The main problem that men face is aesthetic. Bristles untidy sticks out of the ears, provokes excessive attention of others, and even ridicule.

For this reason, the vegetation in the auditory canal and outside the ears must be removed. Now there are many ways to get rid of excess vegetation. Some of them are applicable at home, some can only be done in the cabin.

Homemade methods for short hair removal with a typewriter or trimmer

At home, the hairs in the ears can be trimmed, shaved, plucked or used one of the depilation chemicals. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, but, most importantly, none of them solves the problem with the hair in the ears drastically. That is, after a certain time after removal, the hair begins to grow. Consider each of the ways to remove unwanted vegetation separately.

  • The hairs that grow outside the auricle can be shaved. The process itself is not much different from shaving any other part of the body, but there is one caveat: very few people are able to perform this procedure on their own. It is better to ask someone from close to perform this procedure, because, otherwise, you will have to flaunt with cut, carelessly shaved ears.
  • Nose and ears hair can be trimmed with special scissors with rounded edges. It is necessary to cut out carefully, without getting deep into the ear canal, so as not to damage the eardrum.

Tip! A good alternative to scissors is a trimmer. This device will help quickly, painlessly, efficiently and, most importantly, independently remove unwanted hairs in hard to reach places, which, in fact, are the auricles.

Use the technique carefully

Trimmer is indispensable for excess vegetation in hard to reach places.

  • For tweezers use tweezers with beveled blunt tips. This procedure is painful, in addition, it is difficult to perform on their own.

The beveled ends of the tweezers better capture the hair

  • Special depilatory creams allow for a long time to get rid of unwanted vegetation. Such products contain a substance that destroys keratin. During the procedure it is necessary to ensure that the depilatory does not fall into the inner ear. You can not use chemicals with sensitive or allergic-prone skin, as in this case the auricles will be covered with itchy blisters.

Does hair grow and close earlobes? Professional salon techniques

Professional methods used in salons, allow you to remove hair from the ears for a long time.

One of the most popular procedures is wax depilation. Its implementation will take no more than 10 minutes: the ear canal is smeared with olive oil to protect the skin from damage, apply warm wax to a depth of no more than 3-4 mm, after curing, the wax is removed along with the hairs.

For a fundamental solution to the problem, so that the hair in the ears stops growing, they use laser hair removal and electrolysis. Laser hair removal is one of the expensive procedures. Shortwave radiation locally affects the hair follicle and destroys it. To consolidate the results in some cases it may take several courses.

Photos of ears before and after laser depilation

Hair removal by electrolysis is used for excess vegetation outside the auricle. A thin needle is introduced into the hair follicle, through which an electric current of weak power is passed, which leads to the destruction of the root and the cessation of hair growth.

Causes of growth

Some people believe that the abundantly growing hair on the body as well as in the ears is a genetic predisposition. But research has proven the opposite: all people have microfibers that are in the area of ​​the hearing organs and serve as a protective mechanism against particles of dirt and dust getting into the ears.Most of the vegetation on the body is observed in men, this contributes to a hormone that is associated with baldness, because of it increases the growth of hair on the ears and in other parts of the face.

There are also unpowered unwanted facial hair in women, which are considered quite normal, but if over time they start to grow and change shape, then it is necessary to get rid of them.

There are many methods of getting rid of unwanted hair not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body.

However, hair removal from the ears and from the body is not recommended if such factors are observed:

  • ear infection,
  • high body temperature,
  • viral infections
  • purulent rashes in the ear,
  • skin damage
  • manifestation of allergies.

Removal methods

If a person has no contraindications to removal, then the hair in the ears can be safely eliminated.

There are many ways in which unwanted vegetation is eliminated:

  1. The problem with unwanted hair concerns not only men, but also most women. The electric shaver will help well in this case, it is equipped with special functions and nozzles that easily remove hair on fingers, from ears and nose.
  2. Eliminate the fluff from the ears at home will help a special trimmer. This device copes with the task of removing hairs in the ears and on other parts of the body effectively and painlessly.
  3. Thanks to the scissors with a rounded end, you can safely cut the fluff too.
  4. One of the most popular procedures is wax removal. For this, it is necessary to fluff the auricle with olive oil, then wax is applied. The procedure lasts 10 minutes. After the wax hardens well, unnecessary hairs are removed.
  5. It is forbidden to use tweezers, hair removal cream for removing hair from the ears. A person can get allergies and damage the ear itself.
  6. The methods listed above allow you to get rid of hair for a short period. To get rid of them forever, you need to use hair removal. Laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair is considered reliable and comfortable. When electrolysis a person feels weak pain, but this procedure is also effective.

Basic disposal methods

Consider the most common ways to remove tinnitus in men and women.

Often used at home. However, using scissors to easily damage the thin and sensitive skin of the ear. If you still decide on this method, it is better to ask someone to help and do it for you.

You should also know that scissors should be used with small, with wide, rounded ends of the blades to minimize the risk of injury.

  • allows you to cope with the problem with available tools
  • instant result.

  • short duration: hairs grow back quickly,
  • impossible to achieve perfect smoothness
  • traumatic.

Quick and easy method. But using a normal razor is not recommended at all: its shape is not adapted to the anatomical structure of the ear, and application usually leads to cuts and other injuries.

Today, special trimmers with thin nozzles for the internal cavities of the ears and nose have gained wide popularity.

  • ease and safety of use,
  • quick result.

  • hairs continue to grow.

The above methods are only suitable when vegetation covers the inside of the ear. If the hairs grow on the auricle, then shaving is fraught with growing bristles, and with the help of a haircut it is completely impossible to achieve the perfect result.

In order to remove shoots from the ears, different types of epilation are used.

Mechanical Hair Removal

Hair removal epilator is easy to implement at home. However, due to the sensitivity of the skin, the soreness of the procedure will be much higher than on other parts of the body.

  • hair removal for a longer period (1-2 months),
  • due to the thin skin of the ears, the risk of hair ingrowth is minimal,
  • guaranteed no bristles.

  • soreness of the procedure
  • the epilator even with the smallest nozzles is hard to clean the inside of the ear,


This variety includes wax and shugaring. The principle of operation is the same: an epilating mass is applied to the skin and removed along with the hairs.

  • hair removal for a period of 1-2 months,
  • hair practically does not grow in,
  • hair growing thin and weak.

  • soreness of the procedure
  • when it comes to hair, it is hard to wash it off.

If you opted for bio-epilation, it is better to use shugaring as a more benign and less painful method.

Sooner or later, those suffering from this disease think about how to get rid of the hair in their ears forever and forget about regular repetitions of painful procedures. There is no way that lime would help the vegetation at all, but there are methods that can make the skin smooth for a period of up to 5 years.


Hair on the ears is removed with the help of light waves that react to the melanin contained in the hairs. In order for the procedure to succeed, the following requirements must be met:

This method is especially suitable for those who have hair on the auricle: when shaving does not give a smooth skin, and mechanical epilation and bioepilation are too painful.

However, photoepilation has its pros and cons.

  • hair removed for a long time
  • less soreness

  • risk of burn
  • only dark hairs are suitable for removal,
  • painful sensations are still present.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal of the ears is also based on the contrast of dark hair with light skin with the only difference that the light waves are replaced by a laser. It is less traumatic than photo-epilation: it has practically no pain effect, and the risk of burn is minimal.

  • safety of use
  • lasting effect.

  • high cost of the procedure
  • the need to repeat it several times to achieve the desired effect.

Despite the high cost of laser hair removal (as well as Elos hair removal, which will be described below), carrying it out will not hit the wallet a lot because of the small area of ​​use.

Elos epilation

Elos-hair removal is suitable for removing not only dark, but also light (including gray), as well as vellus hair. However, the method is completely new and its effect on the skin is not well understood.

  • works on blond hair
  • lasting effect.

  • security is conditional
  • high cost of the procedure
  • the need to repeat 8-10 times to get a result.

Methods of traditional medicine

Popular practice is also a productive way to eliminate excess hair. Folk remedies have an excellent result, take little time, and they can be performed at home.

Traditional medicine has a wide range of useful tools:

  • sugar and soda,
  • iodine,
  • turmeric oil dope:
  • manganese solution,
  • citrus,
  • nuts, it is better to use walnuts.

Most often get rid of unwanted hair from the ears and the rest of the skin of the body using potassium permanganate, iodine. This procedure is carried out at bedtime. To do this, it is necessary to dissolve the particles of potassium permanganate in hot water, it is recommended to make the solution translucent - this will help not to get burned skin. When the solution is ready, you should wipe the parts of the body where the hair will be removed. Getting rid of unwanted hair from the ears with a solution of potassium permanganate is quite an effective way. However, it has its disadvantages:

  • skin areas may stain,
  • a person can get burned.

Iodine solution is a good and effective means of traditional medicine. The method of its preparation includes the use of:

  • iodine in the amount of 1.5 g,
  • castor oil - 5 g,
  • liquid and medical alcohol in proportions of 2 g and 35 g, respectively.

These ingredients should be mixed well, then leave the mixture until it receives a clear color for a couple of hours. The finished solution should be applied 2 times a day on the skin with unwanted hair. This procedure should last no more than 2 weeks. This popular way to remove unwanted hair is very effective, and with its help you can get rid of them for a long time.

One of the most effective means of getting rid of unwanted hair is considered to be pine nuts with which you can get good results. For cooking, it is necessary to burn the whole shell of 10 nuts, and the ash formed after it should be diluted with 1 tbsp. l boiling water. The resulting mixture should be applied to areas of the body where the hairs should be removed for 10 minutes. To completely eliminate hair, it is recommended to hold several such sessions.

To remove unnecessary hairs will help ammonia or medical alcohol. To do this, it is recommended to prepare a mass of 10 drops of the selected alcohol, then pour into it a 5-6% solution of hydrogen peroxide in the amount of 50 ml, then add 10 g of wheat flour. Stir the mixture thoroughly and place on the skin, where you need to remove hair, for 10 minutes. This procedure is intended only for those areas of the skin that are not hypersensitive.

The oldest method of traditional medicine is to get rid of unnecessary vegetation with sugar. It is necessary to take a few pieces of refined sugar, it is recommended that 10 pcs., A pinch of citric acid. In the resulting mass add 3 tbsp. l water. Next, keep all this on low heat until a plasticine mass of golden hue is formed. To put the prepared mix on unnecessary hair and at once sharply to remove.

One of the most modern compositions of traditional medicine is the following: 1 tsp. baking soda diluted with a glass of hot water and mix thoroughly. When this solution has cooled, it is recommended to moisten a cotton pad with it, slightly squeeze and treat the problematic hair growth zone.

It is recommended that this disc, moistened with a solution, be glued to the skin with a medical plaster and held overnight. This procedure should be carried out 3 times, after which unwanted hair will weaken and disappear.

Final caution

Must be aware of the risk of harming the skin. Before using the funds required to consult a doctor.

Smooth skin is the dream of every modern woman. Unwanted hairs on the body always give the beauties a lot of trouble. Razor, sugar, wax, epilator - the primary tools in the fight for beauty. However, after suffering the bitter experience of endless epilation, women are in the eternal search for a magical way that will help eliminate excess vegetation on the body forever.

Today, we are ready to help modern technologies that allow us to remove hair permanently and without pain in just a few sessions. Beauty salons offer laser hair removal, electrolysis, photoepilation, quantum hair removal, etc.

You can permanently remove hair at home using old folk remedies. It is not safe to use them, some of the herbs are poisonous and can leave a burn on the skin and cause allergies. Not scared? Then experiment.

Folk remedies for permanent hair removal

Iodine + ammonia - a popular and effective tool. Mix 35 g of alcohol, 5 g of ammonia, 1.5 g of iodine, 5 g of castor oil. The resulting solution lubricate the skin with unwanted hairs 2 times a day. After a couple of days, the hair falls out by itself forever.

Precautionary measures: Before using the product, make sure that you are not allergic to iodine, so as not to provoke skin swelling. Iodine also tends to be absorbed through the skin, which can lead to an overabundance of the drug in the body. Excess daily iodine (iodism) can lead to problems with the thyroid gland.

Hydrogen peroxide will relieve unwanted hair. To discolor hairs, make them thinner and weaker, use Blondex.

You can make a bleaching mixture yourself. Mix a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide (6%) with the same amount of shaving foam or liquid soap. Add 10 drops of ammonia to the mixture. Spread the annoying hairs with the mixture and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water or decoction of chamomile. Repeat the process once a week. Hair growth will slow down, they will become thin and inconspicuous.

Ant oil has a good effect against unwanted hairs. It penetrates the hair follicle, makes it weaker, as a result, growth slows down, hair becomes weak, soft and lighter. With regular use, formic acid destroys the bulb, hair falls out forever. In addition, it is an excellent antiseptic after epilation, prevents hair from growing into the skin. The oil is applied for 15 minutes on the skin, then washed off with warm water. To enhance the effect, formic oil is mixed in equal parts with lemon juice or turmeric.

Solution "Rivanol" This is a fairly safe remedy that does not cause burns on the skin. Try the following recipe: lubricate the area of ​​unwanted facial hair with a solution of "rivanol" (0.1%) for 5-7 days. Soon the hair will disappear.

Walnut shells - one of the most popular and effective means to remove hair forever. Here are some shell-based recipes:

- Take a green, immature walnut, cut it in half and rub it with the juice that has come out. Repeat the procedure several times a day. Soon, unnecessary hairs will fall out on their own and no longer grow.

- chop the walnut shells, mix with water until a slurry forms and rub the skin 3-4 times a day. Repeat the procedure until the complete disappearance of unwanted hair.

- a glass of young walnuts crushed, add a tablespoon of tar. Close the mixture with a lid and put in a dark place for 2-3 weeks. Rub the finished tincture into the skin daily, until the hair stops growing completely.

Pine nuts often used in the fight against unwanted hair. Throw cedar shells into flour. Add some hot water and rub the mass into the problem areas of the skin for several days. Hair should disappear forever.

Similar results can also be achieved if you prepare a concentrated decoction of husks from pine nuts and regularly lubricate your skin.

Nettle Seeds dioecious destructive effect on the hair follicle. Nettle seed oil, when used regularly, will remove body hair. Spread 40 grams of seeds. Fill them with 100 ml. vegetable oil. We put the mixture in a dark place for 2 months. Strain the finished tincture and lubricate the skin where you need to remove hairs.

Dope. The root and seeds of this plant are poisonous. Be careful when cooking the following recipes. Before applying to the skin, check if you are allergic to this plant.

Option 1. Grind the seeds of a dope in a coffee grinder. Fill them with a small amount of vodka (to get a thick mass), let it brew in a dark place for 2-3 weeks. Apply the mixture to places with increased hairiness several times a day to achieve the desired result.

Option 2. Boil the root of the dope (150 grams) in a liter of water to get a strong decoction. The resulting broth grease places with excess hairs every day until you notice the effect. The tool is suitable for hair removal in the bikini area.

Green grapes can save you from unnecessary hair. Squeeze the juice from the wild unripe grapes and lubricate the skin in problem areas. Repeat the procedure every day. The product is suitable for removing hair on sensitive areas of the skin, even on the face.

Lemon. Citric acid acts aggressively on hair bulbs, thinning hair and gradually destroys it. If after epilating to lubricate the skin with lemon juice, hair growth slows down, the hairs will become thinner.However, pure lemon juice is very aggressive to the skin, it is desirable to mix it in equal proportions with honey. Honey-lemon mask should be kept on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. The procedure is carried out 2 times a week.

Vinegar. Using apple or wine vinegar can significantly slow down the growth of unwanted hair. It is recommended to use after epilation as wound healing, antibacterial agent. Vinegar prevents hair from growing into the skin after epilation. How to use: a tablespoon of vinegar vinegar is mixed with grape seed oil (oil can be replaced with honey, slightly diluted with water) and applied to the skin for 15 minutes 1-2 times a week.

Soda helps many slow down hair growth, and with long-term use to get rid of them forever. Dissolve a teaspoon of soda in a glass of hot water, cool. Moisten a gauze cloth with the product and attach it to the problem area for 10 hours, securing the compress with a patch or bandage. Repeat the procedure for 3-5 days. The hair will weaken and start falling out. However, remember that soda dries the skin and can cause discomfort.

Quicklime stop the growth of unwanted body hair. Mix 10 g of quicklime with a calcium sulfite chemist's. It should make a thick gruel. Lubricate the skin with unwanted hairs, after half an hour, rinse with warm water.

Potassium permanganate. Prepare a strong solution and treat the skin. Repeat the procedure daily until the hair falls out by yourself. Be careful, you can get burned. It is not recommended to apply potassium permanganate in the summer season, as the product paints the skin and is difficult to wash off.

Poppy - folk remedy for hair removal. People have noticed that the Mac Cay helps in the fight against excess hairiness. Burn the whole plant completely and rub it with the resulting ash.

How to get rid of facial hair

Getting rid of facial hair is much more difficult than on the body. This is a particularly sensitive area where conventional hair removal products can cause permanent blemishes, burns and scars. Most often for the face use the following tools listed above: "Rivanol", hydrogen peroxide, a solution of vinegar or lemon juice, soda, ant oil in the composition of the masks.

  • How to get rid of facial hair with home remedies

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