Epilation bikini area: reviews of different methods

Not every girl will decide to herself to carry out such a procedure as a classic bikini, not to mention the Brazilian hair removal or "building" on intimate places elements of bikini design. Most women prefer to turn to professionals for this. The rest are in search of the best means of intimate hair removal at home.

When talking about hair removal zone bikini, have in mind one of three possible options for hair removal:

  • along the line of the linen, that is, the hair on the thighs and knocked out of the bikini-panties,
  • deep hair removal with the capture of the pubic hair,
  • full hair removal with hair removal directly on the genitals and next to them.

The first two types of intimate epilation are perfectly produced by any familiar means, the third - differs radically from the treatment of any other areas on the body.

Features of the deep bikini area impose serious limitations in the choice of methods for hair removal.

  1. In the intimate area there are a large number of nerve endings, so its epilation is usually very painful. In most cases, surface anesthesia is required.
  2. The skin in the genital area is very tender and sensitive, easily damaged, prone to irritation and inflammation. When bikini hair removal requires compliance with sanitation, as well as experience with exactly used means of hair removal.
  3. Bikini hair is distinguished by the thickness, rigidity and density of the hair, the deep occurrence of the root, so its removal is not only painful, but also traumatic and physically tedious.
  4. The proximity of the mucous membranes does not allow the use of some means of hair removal, which are successfully applied to other parts of the body.
  5. And, most importantly, the intimate zone is not the most accessible place for manipulation. The convenience and quality of self-treatment of this area leaves much to be desired.

Thus, it is impossible to make a deep bikini from popular home hair removal products using chemical depilation, namely, depilatory creams, gels and sprays. In contact with mucous membranes such a tool can cause burns, irritation and even such trouble as vulvovaginitis. Other methods of intimate hair removal, intended for home use, are quite acceptable, and their choice should be made on the basis of their advantages and disadvantages for each specific person.

Epilation zone deep bikini at home

Let us consider in more detail possible solutions to the problem. Of course, carrying out an intimate epilation in the cosmetology cabinet by the hands of a professional master is ideal for this procedure. However, if you do not want to spend money for the services of a beautician, just feel free to shy or prefer to do everything yourself - there are at least four ways of epilating a bikini zone at your service:

  1. shaving,
  2. pulling hair with tweezers or an epilator,
  3. waxing (waxing)
  4. sugar hair removal (shugaring).

Shaving intimate places is a reliable method, proven by millions of women of different generations. Shaving is available, cheap, safe, has no contraindications. Modern shaving razors with several rows of blades and scallops raising hair make shaving a procedure quick and comfortable, virtually eliminating cuts.

Gels, creams and shaving foams facilitate gliding, soften hair and skin, and after shave lotions with caring ingredients soothe, moisturize and relieve irritation in the treatment area.

With a certain skill, every woman can quickly and painlessly, while it is sufficiently “clean” to shave the bikini area, including the most hard-to-reach places. All the troubles come after, when the hair begins to grow.

The growth of shaved hair can be accompanied by burning and itching, and often causes small, pinpoint inflammation of the skin. The second disadvantage of the method is the fragility of its result. In order to have a smooth skin in the bikini area, you need to shave it daily or every other day.

To prevent possible irritation at the site of hair regrowth and infection of micro-cuttings, before the procedure it is necessary to thoroughly wash the treatment area with an acidic peeling agent in order to degrease the skin and cleanse it from dead skin particles of the epidermis.

To facilitate shaving the skin can be pre-steam. Shaving foam should be applied abundantly, avoiding contact with mucous genital organs, and wait until it softens the hair.

To make hair removal better, shave better in front of a mirror. After the procedure - apply a sedative to the skin.

In order to prolong the effect of smooth skin, many women resort to such a simple, but very painful way, as pulling hair with tweezers. It is easy to imagine how much time and patience requires the processing of the entire bikini area with tweezers, because the removal takes place in one hair.

As a rule, such a procedure is done in several “visits”, as the pain has to endure for several hours. But the effect of such depilation lasts up to two weeks, and this is not bad.

Hair after the procedure does not grow as intensively as after shaving, their tips are thinner and softer and do not cause discomfort. The disadvantages of the method, in addition to the painfulness and duration of treatment, are the development of inflammation, hair ingrowth under the skin, trauma: after removing the hair, wounds and bruises remain in its place.

To prevent irritation, the skin must be steamed, degreased and sanitized before the procedure, then wiped with an antiseptic. To prevent ingrowth of hair, it is recommended to scrub the intimate area with non-aggressive means.

More quickly and conveniently, an intimate epilation, based on mechanical removal of the hair with the root, allows an electric epilator. This device has a rotating head with several tweezers, which capture and pull out several hairs at once, and therefore can process fairly large areas with high speed.

Modern epilators are supplied with additional heads for epilation of the bikini area, cooling or vibrating attachments to reduce pain during the procedure, but this does not greatly save from discomfort. This method is much more traumatic and sensitive compared to the treatment with tweezers, and not everyone is able to endure such epilation.

Also, the danger of this method for intimate epilation is the likelihood of a thin skin of the genitals being caught with tweezers, which can lead to serious injury. To avoid this side effect, the skin must be stretched during the treatment. Preparation for the procedure is carried out similarly to the case of processing with tweezers.

Waxing the deep bikini area

Intimate hair removal with wax - the most popular procedure in the offices of cosmetologists. Everyone knows how demanded this service is due to its efficiency and other advantages. But the fact is that in the conditions of the salon waxing is carried out in a hot way: with the help of refractory waxes, which are applied to the bikini area in hot form, preparing the skin for hair removal.

The high temperature of the mixture warms up and vaporizes the surface of the skin, opens its pores on it, which makes it easier and less painful to remove hair from the delicate sensitive area.

At home, the use of hot wax is not recommended because of the risk of burns. Therefore, at the disposal of a home beauty salon only ready wax-containing strips for epilation or warm waxes.

The advantage of the waxing method for hair removal of intimate places is that the skin after it remains smooth and silky for 3-4 weeks. With regular procedures, the hair grows smaller, and the pain of the method decreases markedly. The negative points of waxing: a high level of trauma and pain, irritation, allergic reactions, hair ingrowth. Another unpleasant side of wax - it is badly rubbed off the skin.

Warm wax is applied to clean (disinfected) and dry skin, on a small area, literally 1-2 cm, in the direction of hair growth. From above it is necessary to impose a special paper strip or a piece of cotton fabric, press it and smooth it. Wait a few minutes until the wax starts to harden, pull the skin with one hand, and the other - with a sharp movement to pull off the strip against hair growth. Then you can move to the next section until the complete destruction of the vegetation of the entire bikini zone.

The optimal hair length for waxing is 5 - 7 mm. Longer hair should be cut with scissors before the procedure, shorter ones cannot be removed, it is necessary to postpone hair removal for a couple of days until the hairs reach the desired size. After hair removal, wax residues are thoroughly washed off with the help of oil or a special agent after epilation, the skin is treated with an antiseptic. Then you can apply a soothing oil or hair growth inhibitor.

If you are a newcomer to waxing, do not even think about doing hair removal intimate places with the help of waxing yourself. According to reviews of girls who decided to experiment with this method at home, many of them did not find the strength to tear off a strip with hair. Not everyone is psychologically ready to hurt themselves with their own hands.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of fans of this method, most recognize that this method is not well suited for home use, also citing the disadvantage of using soft wax, dirt and stickiness that it leaves behind as its shortcomings.

If you want to master a deep bikini waxing, first tamp your hand on other parts of your body. If the salon procedure is too expensive for you or you feel uncomfortable in the office of a beautician, perhaps the best way out for you is to invite a professional to the house. The cost of such services on average does not exceed 800 - 1000 rubles, but you will be sure of high-quality and safe hair removal.

Shugaring - how to do it right

Unlike wax epilation, sugar - as if created for epilation of a deep bikini at home. This is exactly the way, which, with the same waxing efficiency and similar technology of carrying out, has practically no drawbacks. Shugaring does not cause irritation, there is no skin allergy on sugar, and hair removal in the direction of growth prevents their ingrowth.

Sugar epilation of the deep bikini zone is ideal for use at home: ingredients for caramel mass are in any kitchen, boil syrup - science is not great, probably everybody tried to burn sugar in childhood to get a tasty caramel of their own making.

  • For sugar paste, you will need 10 tablespoons of granulated sugar, juice of half a lemon and five tablespoons of water.
  • All components need to be mixed, preferably in a pot with thick walls, and put on a slow fire.
  • After the sugar has melted and the syrup begins to heat up, it must be continuously stirred until it boils.
  • At that moment, when the mass begins to caramelize, that is, to acquire a golden hue and exude a sweet aroma of burnt sugar, the dishes should be removed from the heat, the syrup should be poured into a convenient container and left to cool.
  • The consistency of the sweet mass should be such that when taken into the hands, it easily rolls into a ball, not spreading and not turning into hard caramel.

Before the procedure, the bikini area should be washed and dried, you can lightly treat the skin with talcum powder or baby powder. Hair length for shugaring is not important.

The technology of deep bikini epilation using sugar paste is as follows:

  1. Roll the ball out of the sugar mass, knead it in your hands, like clay, until you get a thin cake.
  2. Attach a strip of paste to a small area of ​​skin and "smear" it along against the hair growth.
  3. Press a piece of cloth on top, smooth it down so that the mixture adheres well, and tear off the strip in the opposite direction. It will hurt, but the discomfort will quickly pass. To reduce pain, you can cool the skin with a piece of ice before applying the paste, but be careful not to get inflammation of the reproductive organs.
  4. After the entire bikini area is treated, wash off the remnants of caramel with ordinary warm water under the shower, then you can apply a little moisturizing lotion.

Also for skin care during the procedure, you can make your own changes to the syrup recipe: add your favorite essential oils and other caring ingredients. For example, tincture of walnut septum contains substances that gradually destroy the hair follicles with regular use.

Add this tincture to your caramel and supplement the effect of shugaring with the action of the well-known folk method of long-term hair removal.

If you have problems with cooking the “right” syrup or simply do not want to mess with it, you can buy professional shugaring paste at any store with products for cosmetologists. Another successful way out of the situation is not to do intimate hair removal itself, but to confide in the experienced hands of a professional.

Today, the market for the services of beauticians who work at home in or out of the client, allows you to do a shugaring bikini zone and not only at a convenient time for you and without leaving your home. The cost of this procedure is available to everyone, as well as Brazilian hair removal wax, especially since you need to do it only once a month.

Contraindications for epilation

Unfortunately, this procedure, despite its effectiveness, has a number of contraindications. It is impossible to carry out hair removal in the following cases:

  • if the client is carrying a child,
  • people suffering from diabetes
  • infectious diseases
  • during the period of use of potent drugs, in particular - antibiotics,
  • herpes,
  • lactation,
  • diseases associated with oncological processes in the body,
  • somatic ailments of the skin.

Cannot be removed hairy hair, too light hair. Also, experts do not carry out hair removal of gray hair.

Who needs laser hair removal first?

The procedure is shown to persons who want to get rid of unwanted hair. Also the service is provided:

  • with hair ingrowth,
  • if a woman has a strong irritation after shaving,
  • the procedure of shugaring and waxing is impossible due to the low pain threshold,
  • black dots remain on the skin after shaving.


Despite the simplicity of the procedure, before the procedure is carried out, the client must prepare.

  • two weeks before the epilation laser can not sunbathe (sunlight and tanning beds),
  • patients are not recommended to pull out the hair two weeks before the procedure,
  • do not use alcohol-based lotions for three days before epilation,
  • antibiotic use is unacceptable,
  • Before epilating, it is necessary to shave the depilated areas (4-8 hours).

After the procedure ...

After the procedure, the client must also follow some rules. For two weeks after the hair removal laser tanning is prohibited. Also for three days it is not recommended:

  • take too hot baths
  • swimming pools (if the water is chlorinated),
  • visiting saunas and baths,
  • the use of lotions and other means of hygiene, which contain alcohol.

What else you need to know before going to the procedure?

After the first session, all unwanted hair does not disappear. For maximum effect, 4 to 8 specialist visits are required. Of great importance is the type of skin and the structure of the hair (each one is individual).

It is impossible to carry out hair removal procedures in a row - with each subsequent hair removal period should be increased by 14 days. So the skin will not be injured, and the specialist will remove unwanted hairs with maximum efficiency and without harm to health.

The procedure can be performed for both women and men who wish to get rid of unwanted hair in the bikini area, pubic zone.

Reviews on hair removal zone deep bikini at home and salon

Review №1

I read on the Internet about sugar depilation - it can be done at home. It is necessary to melt the sugar, mix with lemon - and spread the warm solution on the skin, as if rolling into a ball.

Very painful! Ineffective! My hair in the bikini zone grows very quickly, I can’t shave every day - severe irritation. Probably, laser hair removal is the only way out.

Anastasia, 24 years old - Rostov-On-Don

Review number 2

I have also been thinking about laser hair removal for a long time. Now in the salon I do wax - but my hair is still growing. And then he went through several sessions - and forgot. In my opinion, for a woman is real happiness!

Wax depilation is very simple, you can even at home - buy special strips of wax, warm the wax to a certain temperature, apply to your hair. Above - a strip, after which it is torn off with a sharp movement. I personally can’t get rid of the stripes myself, I used to do it with my girlfriend, but now I go to the salon - the age is too solid to ask girlfriends.

Marina, 32 years old - Moscow

Review number 3

Girls, I recommend laser hair removal to everyone! This is a completely painless procedure, after the first time 50 percent of my hair disappeared. Now I’m waiting for you to go on a repetition, I really want to see smooth skin. Expensive, of course, but worth it.

Alina, 20 years old - Samara

In conclusion, watch the video plot of the “Live Healthy” program about how to do hair removal, including deep bikini at home:

Wax Strips for Bikini Area

Much speed up and simplify the process of hair removal possible using wax strips. The difference from waxing is that the strips are ready for use and the fabric base is not used to remove the wax.

There are special small strips for those who decided to get rid of hair using a method such as epilating a deep bikini zone, reviews suggest that you can buy regular ones (they are cheaper) and cut them into smaller pieces.

  • “The best way to epilate a bikini area is the reviews and my personal experience convinced me of this, this use wax strips. The first time I did hair removal in the clinic. Then, when I understood all the technology, I began to make at home on my own. Believe me, nothing complicated! I like Oriflame wax strips. Ksyusha
  • “I make the deep bikini zone myself at home in front of the mirror using Delia wax strips. I do not glue the entire strip, but cut it into pieces 2 cm wide. The corner, when the strip is torn off, should be 45 degrees. It should be done abruptly. The pain of a second, the result is perfect! For the bikini area - a great way! Christa

Epilation bikini zone - reviews how to remove irritation

Remove irritation after hair removal in several ways.

Let's find out about most popular and effective from reviews that were left on various forms by ordinary users.

  • "Can be used moisturizer or gel (lotion) after shaving. They say it saves calendula ointment from points well. I personally, after hair removal in the deep bikini zone, treat all places with alcohol. This helps prevent infection and soothes irritation. Bake tolerant, I will answer. Natalie"
  • "I am satisfied with the usual baby powder. Alla.
  • "I do this: I cut it off scarlet leaf, I cut it and smear all the places for the night. No points and redness. Zhenya"
  • "I wipe strong chamomile tea. More precisely do compresses. Brewed, dunded marlechka and put on a bikini zone. Angel
  • “When I removed my hair using a method such as hair removal from a bikini zone, I began to look for reviews on how to get rid of irritation. Finding nothing worthwhile, I took torem for face with aloe and put on a bikini area. Irritation disappeared very quickly. Now I do just that. Helen "
  • "So this: good baby cream Bubchen or Desitin perfectly removes all reddening, and even better is OINTMENT Bepanten, the one that buys to diapers from irritations on diapers. No points! I will say this about alcohol if you made a deep bikini zone, you can only wipe it with a diluted one. Otherwise, you will get a burn. This is the advice of my cosmetologist. Irina"
  • “After I had tortured myself by getting rid of hair using a barbaric method such as waxing a bikini area, the reviews somehow convinced me that this is exactly what will work for me, I got a terrible skin condition: sores, pustules and redness. Irritations were terrible. What I just did not do! Creams, compresses, powders, iodine ... and then I came across this method of salvation - blue clay. I spread it to sour cream thickness, put everything on the bikini area for 20 minutes, then washed it off. The next morning I noticed that the skin had stiffened and the wounds began to disappear. Repeat again. After 3 days of all the effects of a trace left. Fuh! Now, no wax epilation - this time. Only the razor is two, with blue clay in the company! Nadia

Modern methods

This procedure, such as hair removal zone bikini, reviews say that hair removal in this area is very important, you can trust the experts in the salons. Besides the fact that they professionally perform waxing, make shugaring, you can offer more radical modern methods of hair removal in the intimate area - using laser, flash, current discharge and elos epilation.

You can learn more about how hair removal is carried out, reviews about it and other methods of getting rid of hair “forever” in the bikini area, including the deep one, in a series of articles on our website.

Next we briefly tell what is the difference between modern methods and introduce you to what reviews say about the epilation of the bikini zone using the latest technology.

Types of modern epilation bikini area

Depending from the method of influence on the hair follicle There are such types of hair removal:

  • photoepilation- on the hair follicles act bright light flash, which is then converted into thermal energy.
  • laser hair removal - a laser beam acts on the hair growth zone, which reacts to the pigment that is contained in the hair, and along the rod the laser reaches the follicle, destroys it.
  • electrolysis - the follicle is “killed” by impulse, the spark destroys the bulb.
  • Elos epilation - combines all the advantages of previous technologies and removes hair by acting on the bulb from three sides: laser, flash and electric current.

You can learn about the positive and negative aspects of each method by reading the articles describing each of the methods.

The general thing that can be noted in all technologies is quite modern methods of hair removal, therefore, what could be the health consequences while it is authentically unknown.

In addition, to remove hair by such methods, you will need quite a long time - it is not about days and months, but about years.

This is explained by the fact that hair follicles are destroyed only at a certain phase of their development - at the active stage. Such body hair from 30 to 70%. With each new session you will have to remove a certain part of the hair.

Which way is better?

It is impossible to determine which modern method is suitable for such a procedure as epilating a bikini zone — reviews also confirm this — a clear answer. It will help you choose what is right for you specialist advice in a good salon.

It is better to contact the one where they practice all removal methods and will be able to advise you and select what is beneficial to you.

The selection should take into account the answers to such questions:

  1. Whether contraindications for epilation of the bikini area: reviews say that in modern institutions they give to fill in a special form, sometimes they ask to bring a medical card or a certificate from a specialist.
  2. What is your skin phototype? Thus, laser hair removal (PE) is suitable only for light skin and dark hair, and the more pronounced the contrast (light skin, black hair), the better it will be. But Elos hair removal is suitable for all skin types, even for tanned.
  3. What is your color, type and structure of hair? For example, laser hair removal of a deep bikini zone for blond hair, reviews say, will be ineffective. But photoepilation (by the way, the most painless of all, but, judging by the reviews, not very effective) suitable for almost all hair.

All types of modern hair removal are carried out on the programmable equipment - after making the necessary parameters, the device itself selects the appropriate program. An important, one might say, decisive role is also played by the experience of a specialist, therefore advises again choose not a salon, namely the master.

  • “Laser hair removal of the bikini area, reviews of a friend inspired me to remove hair in this way, it is very painful. I wanted to say about LE deep bikini area: labia, crotch area and around the anus. A laser specialist puts on a small power, otherwise she would see Red Square in Moscow. Oh, and the prices! 1 session - 350 UAH. (about 40 dollars), but they need at least 5 - 6. Svetik "
  • “Electroepilation of the bikini zone, the reviews about which I read, I liked the most. I am sure that with a current, direct penetration of a needle under the skin, you can permanently get rid of hair in such an intimate place. If there are no contraindications - why not choose this method? Lidocaine relieves everything perfectly, I hear only discharge and that is tolerable. Payment per minute - in our cabin 20 rubles. Katya"
  • “The photoepilation of the bikini zone, the reviews about which I heard different, did not suit me, but my friend is very pleased. My hair did not disappear at all, and after 3 sessions it had almost no hair left. So - to each his own. Alina ”
  • “The most expensive and at the same time the most effective is the elos epilation of the bikini zone, the reviews I heard once again confirm this. It is not as painful as it is with electro. She is bMore effective than laser, if only because it is suitable for all skin and hair types. I have already passed 4 sessions per year. I make a deep bikini. This is the most effective method. Karinka.

Epilation of the bikini zone, reviews of which you found in the article, can be successfully carried out both at home and in salons. Choose what is right for you and you will have smooth skin even in the most intimate places.

Why deep hair removal should be done in the salon?

  • Shaving tender pubic skin causes irritation and redness,
  • The effect of self-shaving lasts only a couple of days,
  • Tweezing the hair with tweezers or an electro-epilator in this zone is comparable only with medieval torture, but does not relieve hair forever,
  • Self-waxing hair removal of this area is very painful.

Brazilian hair removal bikini area

4-5 sessions and no more hairs in the bikini area!

Most recently, hair removal in the bikini area was quite a painful procedure, and the effect of it was kept for a maximum of a month. But today there is an opportunity to get rid of unwanted hair quickly, forever and without any unpleasant sensations - this procedure is called “Brazilian epilation of the bikini zone”. Professional diode hair removal has become an excellent way out for those who want to have perfectly smooth skin in the bikini area and not waste their time on regular shaving with the machine.

You can make epilation of deep bikini today in many cosmetology centers in Moscow. Prices in them will be about the same, if you do not take into account all sorts of promotions and discounts.

How does deep bikini laser hair removal work?

A special device - a diode laser - adjusts to a light wavelength of 808 nm, is sent to the skin in the bikini area, and sends out rays of infrared light. This light is absorbed by the hair pigment (melanin), which is very hot. Subsequently, from the heat, not only the hair shaft is destroyed, but also its root. Since the follicle itself is destroyed, the hairline will not grow anymore.

Like all other lasers, the diode can affect only the hairs that are in the active growth stage, and this, as a rule, is only 30%. That is why to remove all unwanted vegetation will need to go through several sessions with an interval of about four weeks.

To better understand how the procedure is carried out, you can watch the video on the Internet. You will see that everything happens quickly, very simply and absolutely not scary.

Why deep bikini hair removal is safe

Due to the fact that the laser is tuned exactly at such a wavelength (808 nm), it only affects dark-colored hairs without affecting the skin. So this procedure is not only effective, but also absolutely safe for your health.

To ensure the effectiveness of diode epilation, simply look at the photos before and after. You will certainly be pleasantly surprised!

Alas, it is rather difficult to call inexpensive epilation of deep bikini, but consider how much money you can save on the purchase of machines or regular waxing if you get rid of the hairs in the bikini area once and for all.

Today, along with women, we also do a procedure for laser hair removal of deep bikini for men. Thanks to this procedure, many men get rid of both excess hair in the intimate area and complexes associated with them.

Laser hair removal of deep bikini for men, recently gaining popularity no less than women. Deep bikini epilation for men occurs in the same way, and is made with the same equipment. Due to this, the price of the procedure is no different.

What is laser hair removal

The most modern method of depilation today is hair removal using a laser beam. Directed cauterization destroys the hair follicles, slowing or completely stopping the growth of new ones. For any zone can be used laser hair removal - deep bikini is no exception.

However, this procedure has one significant disadvantage: the matter will not end with a visit to the salon. Laser radiation can carry potential harm to the body, so a limited area of ​​skin is processed in one session. In addition, the laser acts only on hairs that are in a particular phase of growth.

Laser hair removal bikini, reviews of girls say that this procedure can be painful. Although the unpleasant consequences can be reduced, every trip to the salon will have to be prepared both morally and physically. However, the result is worth it - the smooth skin of the most feminine zone will long delight you and your partner.

Session Stages

The procedure for laser hair removal bikini as follows:

  1. There is an interview with the master. It determines the client's phototype for correct laser tuning.The level of radiation depends on the sensitivity of the skin, because it affects different people in different ways.
  2. Pain sensitivity is determined. If the pain threshold is considered low, then anesthesia is prescribed.
  3. Begins laser processing. Impulses are given intermittently. Between pulses, the skin is cooled to reduce discomfort.
  4. Some of the hairs fall out immediately, others will leave the bulbs within the next 10 days. For those that remain, a second session is necessary.

Elos technology

The most progressive type of laser hair removal is called Elos. The difference lies in the fact that during the session the follicles are destroyed completely, without the possibility of regeneration. This is a modern laser hair removal zone bikini, reviews of girls say that the hair after it almost does not grow. Read more about what Elos epilation, you can read here.

How to prepare for the procedure

Laser bikini hair removal is carried out only in the salon, this is a job for an experienced master. If you previously maintained intimate hygiene only at home, you may feel embarrassed, embarrassed, and ashamed.

But you should not think as if there is something bad in your intimate organs, they are just as much a part of your body as legs or arms. This zone is very useful for women and, of course, needs love and care. A trip to the salon is no more shameful than a visit to a female doctor. Before the session, try to tune in a positive way, otherwise the discomfort will be expressed more strongly.

Proper care

If you notice redness or irritation - this is a normal reaction of the body to the laser. But if the unpleasant symptoms persist for several days and do not even think to go away, then there is a reason to consult a doctor.

Do not be afraid and "enhanced hair growth" after the session. Those “new” hairs that appeared immediately after the procedure actually came out of the laser-destroyed bulbs, and will soon leave your skin.

When the laser hair removal of the intimate area is completed, the bikini area will need special care. Necessary ointments and creams will advise you a beautician. Day after a visit to the salon is prohibited in any way to wet the bikini area. Banned bath, shower, sauna, bath and try not to fall under the rain.


Laser hair removal bikini - extra efficient procedure. If you have never resorted to this method before, the result is guaranteed to surprise you. Smooth skin in the bikini zone will delight you for a long time. You can forget about the existence of unwanted hair and feel the most feminine and attractive. Change and be beautiful!

Laser hair removal deep bikini with reviews and photos

The spicy topic of deep bikini epilation is actively discussed on forums and evening get-togethers with friends. High quality hair removal helps to fight not only with hairs, but also with complexes, and the opportunity to effectively appear on the beach or give pleasure to a beloved man cares for women much more than the prospects for a painful procedure. But as soon as there is a method of epilation of sensitive areas, capable of at least a little to reduce women's suffering, he instantly wins his fans.

The essence of the procedure of hair removal in the bikini area

Salon visit still involves professional work of a specialist and the application of the most progressive methods. Laser hair removal is one of the best and least painful ways to remove hair for quite a long time.

The laser light beam is drawn from the melanin of the hair, so dark hair can be removed. Light due to lack of pigment are poor conductors. Reaching the hair follicle, the light does not kill it completely, but damages the vessels that feed the bulb. An empty follicle ceases to produce hairs, and they do not grow at all or grow thin and brittle.

Only those hairs that are actively growing at the time of the procedure (up to 20% of the total number) are damaged. That is why For a quality result, a course of proceduresthat will affect all hair follicles. But over time, the vessels and cells are restored and resume their work. In such cases, prophylactic sessions should be carried out.

In any case, deep bikini hair removal affects the mucous and all the most sensitive areas, therefore performed by experienced masters with anesthesia.

Epilation of a bikini zone with an epilator

Household epilators work on the principle of multiple tweezers and allow you to clean fairly large areas. To perform a stripping of hairs in such a delicate area, you need to have a very high pain threshold or some amount of masochism, since the procedure is long and very painful. Girls who still decide on such work, as a rule, carry out it in several visits.


Hot wax is applied to the entire treated area. After hardening, the wax is removed with one vigorous movement, and the hair is removed with it. Procedure painful but very effective. Over time, a certain habit and tolerance for this method is developed, so it is extremely in demand.

Also called sugar hair removal and sugar paste is carried out. Pasta is prepared at home or bought ready-made. The recipe for homemade shugaring paste is quite simple and provides a result no worse than from the finished product. First, the paste is kneaded in the hands, under the action of heat, it becomes soft and plastic, is applied to the growth of hair and removed against growth, as if rolling. Such a way allows you to remove even the finest downy hair and prevents breaking the hairs. The skin becomes perfectly smooth, but this method does not affect hair growth, and the procedure should be repeated regularly.


A method in which an electrode is injected into each hair follicle and a current is passed. The hair is removed immediately and does not grow for a while. Masters very rarely take for deep hair removal by this method, because women rarely endure such severe pain, even when applying anesthetic. Emla cream, which is considered the most effective anesthetic for epilation of the bikini area, significantly softens the feedback on this procedure.

Where can I do in Moscow

  • Clinic "Lama": st. 26 Baku commissars, 6. Contact phone: +7 (495) 308 09 62.
  • Salon "Infinity": st. Tatarskaya, d. 5, p. 2. Contact phone: +7 (495) 500 87 90.
  • Air Beauty and Health Center: Maly Levshinsky lane, 10. Contact phone: +7 (968) 578 70 56.

Where can I do in St. Petersburg.

  • Beauty Institute "SPIKA": Pirogovskaya Embankment, 5/2. Contact phone: +7 (812) 403 02 01.
  • Salon "LaserMed": st. Furshtatskaya, 33. Contact phone: +7 (812) 679 60 60.
  • Salon "Medium": Ave. 17. Telephone number: +7 (812) 577 33 33.

Where can I do in Kiev

  • Beauty Salon "Zazerkalie": st. I. Kudri, d. 42. Contact phone: +38 (093) 100 1002.
  • Center cosmetology "Doctor Laser": st. Tereshchenkovskaya, d. 13. Contact phone: +38 (044) 568 0201.
  • Beauty salon "El.En.": st. Pavlovskaya, 26/41. Contact phone: +38 (044) 384 0616.

During the week:

  • apply a soothing cream with panthenol on the treated area,
  • do not visit the sauna, solarium or gym,
  • Do not wipe the skin with any alcohol-based liquids.

During three months use sunscreen at every exit to the street.

You can not remove growing hair with wax, shugaring or depilation cream.

Possible consequences

Even in the case of the correct procedure can still:

  • aggravate allergic reactions
  • redness or minor burns at the site of exposure,
  • swelling and a keen sense of pain appear.

But it is all individually.

Strict contraindications:

  • client age up to 18 years
  • diabetes,
  • herpes infections or allergic reactions
  • oncological diseases,
  • the presence of moles on the treated area or any skin diseases in the acute stage.

Valentina, 28 years old

For several years in a cabin, I spent shugaring legs in the salon and I know how painful this procedure is for me. So, it was not immediately decided to carry out the epilation of delicate zones. My attempts to do the hair removal myself failed, and from all the salon procedures I chose the most effective one in my opinion. The master greeted me affably, calm music played in the cabin, and all this helped me to relax for the duration of the session. For 3 months of hiking to the master, the vegetation has decreased significantly, and I even managed to throw myself on the sea in between the procedures. But I will continue the sessions, as they say, to the bitter end.

Lyudmila, 34 years old

Wax and shugaring in the deep bikini zone left unpleasant memories and strong painful irritation on the skin. I live in a small town, and we do not have stationary salons for laser hair removal. But as soon as she learned that the master comes to the salon once a month with her equipment, she immediately signed up. I will say right away - it was painful, but after the previous procedures I was ready for it. I eliminated the irritation in the place of the laser action with a foam with panthenol.

Olga, 24 years old

After three sessions of laser hair removal of the total bikini, hair growth slowed down, but I didn’t see any significant effect, so I went back to the usual technique of shugaring. I am already accustomed to irritations, but the effect of the removal is instantaneous, and my ingrown hair is practically not observed. I got used to it so much that I spend not only hair removal of the intimate zones, but also shugaring the armpits.

Video on how to make hair removal deep bikini women

In the video, the girl shares her personal experience in delicate hair removal with a laser. A story without too much emotion, however, very informative and detailed. The description of pain is somewhat annoying, but the end result outweighs all doubts in favor of a beautiful Brazilian bikini area.

Another story on the personal experience of the epilation of a Brazilian bikini laser. Pre The author of the video tells about all tried and tested epilation methods.ranging from mechanical removal to the actual procedure using a laser.

Professional the story of the master of laser hair removal precautions before carrying out the procedure and compliance with sanitary standards. After the procedure, the master gives a list of recommendations for skin care at the site of exposure.

Secrets of laser hair removal zone bikini

Removal of unwanted body hair has long been an integral part of intimate hygiene. In modern cosmetology to refer to this procedure, two consonant concepts are used that are diametrically opposed in meaning - depilation and epilation. Depilation is the removal of hair above the surface of the skin and is a short-term method, while epilation affects the root of the hair, destroying it and preventing further growth.

What is the method of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal bikini is among the most effective and safe ways to deal with unwanted vegetation in the intimate area. This method is more preferable than shugaring or waxing, because here the skin is very delicate and extremely susceptible to irritation.

The essence of this epilation is the effect of laser pulses on the hair follicle, with the result that hair growth slows down at first, and then stops forever. Complete hair removal will require several treatments. Laser hair removal is associated with certain pain, but they are insignificant.

This procedure can be performed in two versions - classic and deep (or total) bikini. With a classic bikini epilation, all hairs are removed along the panty line. The deep bikini area includes the pubis, labia and the space between the buttocks.

Pros and cons of laser hair removal

Clear advantages of laser hair removal include a long-term effect and no damage to the skin after the procedure. However, a prerequisite for the effectiveness of this method is the contrast of hair and skin tone in the intimate area. If the hair is dark and the skin is light, the laser beam will be absorbed by the hairs, as a result of which they will collapse. Dark hair with dark skin or reddish with light skin is very difficult to use a laser and the desired effect can not be achieved.

The disadvantage of laser hair removal is its high cost. But if you have patience and carry out all the necessary number of sessions to completely destroy the hair, the result obtained in the form of perfectly smooth skin will be worth the investment.

Who is contraindicated laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is absolutely contraindicated for people with the following diseases:

  • Oncology,
  • Dermatological infections,
  • Diabetes,
  • Phlebeurysm,
  • Allergy in the acute stage.

It is not recommended to carry out this procedure for women during pregnancy and lactation, as well as adolescents under 18 years. And, of course, for elementary hygienic reasons, this procedure in the intimate zone is not carried out during the period of critical days.

Preparatory stage

Preliminary preparation for laser hair removal procedure requires compliance with the following recommendations:

  • Before a visit to a cosmetologist, you need to consult a dermatologist and an endocrinologist for possible contraindications,
  • You should stop tanning and avoid exposure to direct sunlight for at least two weeks before the procedure.
  • It is advisable to conduct a test session of laser exposure in a small area of ​​skin to determine the degree of its sensitivity and possible individual intolerance,
  • Hair length at the time of treatment should be 2-3 mm.

Laser hair removal process

Laser hair removal of a bikini area begins with a small test, which will result in setting the most suitable laser parameters and preparing the device for use. The specialist will also be able to determine whether the client will need pain relief during the procedure. For hypersensitivity in the intimate area, a special anesthetic gel is used.

The client must be given protective glasses. Despite the fact that the procedure is carried out in the zone of deep bikini, the risk of laser radiation in the eyes should be completely eliminated.

During the session, the beautician acts with a laser on the hairs in the intimate area. The total bikini can be processed in 5-10 minutes, since the impact does not occur on each hair individually, but on a small area at once.

During the procedure a slight discomfort may be felt (from heating to tingling), caused by the combustion of hairs under the influence of a laser.

Skin care after the procedure

After going through the laser hair removal procedure, the rehabilitation period is followed, during which you should strictly follow the recommendations of a specialist:

  • Apply to the treated areas a special cream,
  • Do not pull out the hair roots that remain on the skin surface - they will fall out on the 7-10 day,
  • Do not use alcohol-containing cosmetics, especially since they are not recommended for the deep bikini zone in any case,
  • During the day after the procedure, do not wet the treated surface,
  • For three days, do not go to the bath or sauna and do not use the washcloth during the wash,
  • Do not go to a tanning bed and do not expose your skin to sunlight for two weeks.

I prefer extremely open swimsuits during a beach holiday, so I decided to go through a series of laser hair removal procedures. Start with the legs and armpits, then decided on a deep bikini. The result suits, but it takes a lot of time.

Alexandra, 34 years old:

I made laser hair removal of several zones at once about a month ago. The procedure is quite painful, especially in the armpits and bikini area. After the first sessions of a striking effect, do not wait - the hair will not disappear, just growth will slow down. It took me 10 procedures for a result close to the ideal, but now I have forgotten what shaving is. Recommend!

Skin care after diode epilation of a bikini area:

  • After removing the hair with a diode laser, you should wait two weeks before starting to sunbathe. But if sun exposure can not be avoided, be sure to use sunscreen to avoid burns.
  • Growing hairs can be removed only with a razor. The use of wax strips, sugar mixture or electrolysis will significantly slow down the effect of the procedure.
  • Do not forget that the hairs will fall out within two to three weeks after undergoing diode epilation, to speed up the process, you can use a scrub, a hard washcloth or visit the spa. But you should not rush with this: in order not to injure the skin, wait a week.

If you want to learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of diode epilation first hand, you can read reviews on the Internet. This will also help you decide which wizard to contact and which clinic or studio to choose.

What it is?

Before talking about the features of this action, it is necessary to mention the difference between hair removal and hair removal. Both of these processes help get rid of unwanted vegetation. However, when performing hair removal, the hairs are removed along with the hair follicles, and during the hair removal process, the hairs are simply cut off and the roots are not affected.

Laser hair removal - This is a cosmetic procedure carried out with the help of a special device, namely a laser. This is a very popular process, as a high-precision device helps to remove excess hair for a sufficiently long period of time, while not injuring the skin. This is especially important when it comes to places with very sensitive skin.

The laser has a damaging effect directly on the hair itself, without affecting the skin. After a short time, the skin becomes smooth and smooth. The effect persists for several months, and in some cases during the year.

Contraindications and effects

Laser hair removal - a fairly simple and safe process, which is carried out only by experienced professionals. But it is not for everyone. You should not hold it if there are the following restrictions:

  • Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • People who have any infectious diseases, somatic disorders or diseases of the immune system.
  • People with oncology, cardiovascular insufficiency or diabetes.
  • People undergoing treatment with potent antibiotics.
  • In the presence of a fresh strong tan,
  • If the hair is light or gray.
  • With fungal, venereal or inflammatory diseases.
  • When the skin is hypersensitive to the sun or laser radiation.

But even if there are no contraindications, you should entrust the conduct of the process to qualified craftsmen. Otherwise, a poorly executed procedure can have negative consequences in the form of burns. A burn may occur if:

  • The area from which vegetation is removed is not sufficiently cooled.
  • If applied to the skin cosmetic oil or a product based on it.
  • The laser is operating at too high a power.
  • The skin is too susceptible to laser radiation.
  • If the hairs have a length of more than 3 mm, as in this case, the hair will fall on the skin and injure it.

After the procedure, you must follow certain rules, otherwise there may be unpleasant consequences, such as pain, discomfort, rash or irritation of the skin.

Many women are afraid of laser hair removal, as they consider this process very painful. However, experienced doctors deny this rumor. About how comfortable the process will be, we can conclude by analyzing such features of your body as the level of pain threshold, the phase of the menstrual cycle.

Slight discomfort that occurs during the hardware depilation may depend on the laser power, hair thickness, skin sensitivity. To avoid this, all the parameters of the device are selected strictly individually for each client.

How many sessions are needed?

This is the second most popular question asked by the fair sex. How many procedures are needed for the complete removal of unwanted vegetation in the intimate zone, one cannot say for sure, since each woman has her own individual characteristics. How quickly the desired result will be obtained depends on the thickness of the hairs, the type and sensitivity of the skin, as well as the laser used.

Experts say that the minimum number of sessions to obtain the desired effect should be at least 5. At the same time, you should not do hardware hair removal all the time, you need to take breaks of 1.5-2 months.

The maximum number of procedures can reach 12 sessions.

Comparison before and after

As already mentioned, do not wait for instant results. But the positive effect will be visible after the first procedure: the hair will become thinner and lighter. Immediately the hairs will not disappear, but partly they will fall out within a week. The skin will retain its normal state.

How is it going?

Since this is a completely cosmetic procedure, it does not require anesthesia. But the skin is still treated with a special anesthetic cream.

Laser hair removal is carried out only by a competent specialist who knows all the nuances of the process. If you describe this process very briefly, then you can say this: the client is placed on a special chair, the beautician performs a procedure that does not last very long, then the epilated zone is treated with a special cream.

However, the procedure has some nuances:

  1. The procedure is not performed on an unprepared skin area. Before epilation, the dermis is cleaned of dirt.
  2. During laser hair removal, the specialist and the client wear dark glasses so as not to damage their eyesight.
  3. Laser radiation is not constant, epilation is carried out with the help of short flashes of light, which affect an area of ​​two square centimeters.
  4. The procedure for removing vegetation in the bikini area is done for a certain amount of time. The exact duration of the procedure depends on the condition of the skin and the thickness of the hairs.
  5. After completion of the laser, the master applies a special compound to the treated skin to prevent irritation.
  6. At the end of the session, the beautician can set the date for the next session.

It should be noted that many girls do not even stop the onset of menstruation, as modern hygiene products help to avoid discomfort on such days. Many experts also do not see any contraindications in this, in order to refuse epilation. All that is needed for the procedure is the consent of the master and the client.

How much is enough?

Many women are interested in the question of how often laser epilation should be done to keep skin smooth. As you might guess, removing unwanted vegetation once and for all is simply unrealistic. After the procedure, the hairs may not disturb for several months, but then they will begin to grow again.

Depending on the initial conditions, the hairline may not grow for 2 - 3 months after the first epilation. With constant monitoring and timely implementation of preventive procedures, you can forget about unwanted hairs for several years. Perhaps that is why laser hair removal is one of the most popular procedures for removing unwanted vegetation.

What can not be done after?

In addition to preliminary preparation for the procedure, care should be taken after epilation. Experts recommend to adhere to the following rules:

  1. After epilation, you must immediately apply a soothing composition.
  2. On the first day after the procedure, avoid contact with moisture and cosmetics on the treated skin.
  3. Do not forget to apply a remedy for inflammation.
  4. For 2 weeks, refrain from visiting the tanning bed and exposure to direct sunlight on the skin. After this time, you should use a protective cream when you are in the sun.
  5. You can not mechanically remove the remaining hairs, they can only be cut.
  6. After several sessions, the hair can grow back quickly. It is associated with the awakening of dormant hair follicles. After the next procedure, they will disappear.

Perhaps the appearance of a temporary side effect - a slight redness of the skin. But it happens in very rare cases. You can also immediately return to your usual way of life, with the exception of visiting saunas, baths and solarium.

Many women have already tried the procedure of laser hair removal of the intimate zone. Absolutely everyone was satisfied with the result.

Many girls were confused by questions about the safety and painlessness of the procedure. They believed that the laser could burn tender skin, and that is why they could not decide on the procedure. However, after consulting with dermatologists and cosmetologists, they nevertheless decided on one session of laser hair removal. As a result, they were convinced that the procedure does not cause any discomfort.

Beautiful ladies noted that the result is not visible immediately, but only after some time. But even after one session of laser hair removal, the hairs became noticeably smaller and lighter. After a full course of therapy, women for a long time forgot about unwanted vegetation in the zone of deep bikini.

Some women admitted that it was the hardest thing at the preparation stage before the procedure. Someone had to abandon frequent visits to the solarium for this.

Other ladies noted that the rehabilitation period required more attention than they had anticipated. The most difficult was the care on the first day, as it was necessary to avoid moisture, but it was necessary to constantly apply sedatives on the skin.

Almost none of the girls had any side effects after laser hair removal.

Those women who are not the first time conducting a similar procedure, shared their impressions. They said that after a full session of laser hair removal, unwanted vegetation did not bother them for almost a year! They advised not to forget about preventive visits to beauty salons in order to maintain the effect at the proper level.

Laser hair removal deep bikini gives girls a feeling of confidence in themselves and their abilities. Feeling well-groomed is always pleasant, and not only during the summer holidays. Unnecessary vegetation can upset any girl, so it is important to permanently get rid of her and, preferably, forget for good. Laser hair removal procedure can help in this. Try and enjoy the feeling of lightness and comfort!

See the next video for more information on hair removal of a deep bikini.

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