How much hair does not grow after shugaring

Before looking for the answer to the question of how often to do shugaring, you need to understand what kind of procedure it is and what are its advantages over other types of epilation.

Shugaring is the removal of unwanted vegetation on various parts of the body with sugar paste. This method is more advantageous than waxing and shaving.

Advantages and disadvantages of shugaring

Among the indisputable advantages of the procedure, note the following:

  • use only natural ingredients that do not cause allergies. Shugaring can even be used for sensitive skin (including a deep bikini area as well),
  • hair length may be significantly less than with other types of hair removal. Removal can be done already at 4 mm, which makes it possible to avoid discomfort,
  • hairs are pulled out with hair follicles, they grow thinner and lighter,
  • ingrown and broken hairs after such a procedure are extremely rare, since the removal process is on growth, and not against it,
  • You can do your own hair removal at home,
  • simplicity and cheapness of the procedure, as simple components are used that are always on hand (granulated sugar and citric acid).

  • The first time the procedure is quite painful, especially in the bikini area. But over time, the hair structure becomes thinner, and pain passes,
  • After shaving, hair is tight, so shugaring may not be of sufficient quality. You may need to repeat the hair removal or use several procedures with wax.

Recently, shugaring has received particular popularity because of its simplicity, safety, and the relative lack of pain from the procedure. But each person has his own threshold of pain sensitivity, so this statement is subjective.

How often need a correction

Before starting a shugaring procedure, especially at home, they often ask about the frequency of the correction. So, how often do you need to do hair removal with sugar paste?

It all depends on the individual characteristics of each person, on the structure of the hair, the growth rate and some other factors. It is considered, the epilation in this way was done for the first time or it is already a correction procedure. And one more important factor is the area to be depilated.

  1. On the hands and feet, it will be necessary to re-conduct shugaring in three weeks. If the procedure was carried out for the first time, the period may be reduced to two weeks. However, with each subsequent hair removal, their structure will become thinner, the hairs themselves are lighter, which will increase the time frame.
  2. Having made the epilation with sugar paste under the arms, it will be necessary to repeat it in 14-21 days. Everything here also depends on whether the procedure was carried out for the first time or is it a repeated impact.
  3. Facial shugaring is the safest method of removing unwanted vegetation for women. Correction is usually carried out in three weeks.
  4. In the bikini zone (including the deep one), epilating with caramel paste for the first time is quite painful. The representatives of the fair sex need to consider this circumstance. Focusing on the structure and time of hair growth in this zone, the procedure will need to be repeated no earlier than two weeks later (if this is the first time). But the usual timeframe for correction is from one to one and a half.

Useful information

Accurately answer the question of how often you need to do shugaring, no one can. Only average time indicators are determined, but all are very individual. However, there are some aspects to consider.

Professional cosmetologists do not recommend to carry out hair removal more often than once every three weeks, in order not to injure the skin. If all the metabolic processes in the body are normal, then it will take a hair to grow to the required size.

For shugaring, the optimal hair length is 3-4 mm. At a lower rate, the procedure will be ineffective, as the paste does not capture the hair. With a greater length of pain will be stronger.

Properly performed procedure will not only increase the time until the next manipulation, but also eliminate the risk of irritation. You need to follow simple rules:

  • 3-4 days prior to the proposed epilation, do not sunbathe, do not go to a tanning bed - ultraviolet injures the skin,
  • for the day, do not apply to the skin cosmetics with oils in the composition - this will worsen the coupling of sugar paste with hairs,
  • to scrub the skin purchased or independently prepared means. In this way, the epidermis is removed, the skin is prepared and the exit process of the hair bulb is improved,
  • immediately before shugaring skin steam. You can take a hot bath or shower. This will make the upper layer of the epidermis more malleable and reduce pain.

Shugaring, as a method of hair removal, can be applied to all parts of the body that have unwanted vegetation. Compliance with the rules of the procedure will make it possible to make your skin flawless for a long time.

Duration of action

Cosmetologists claim that during the first procedure of sugar hair removal hair grows slowly, so the skin will be smooth for 14-30 days. After this period, hair grows quickly, but their structure changes. Hair becomes light shade, becoming thinner. This position allows you to "lengthen" the visual effect of shugaring for another 1-2 weeks.

With regular sessions, the hairs lighten so much that they are almost impossible to notice on the skin for up to 35-40 days. But for this, you will first have to carry out at least 2 shugaring procedures per month.

Some women complain that after the procedure the hairs of the industry are an uneven layer, and this made them noticeable already 12–14 days after visiting the cosmetology office. As you can see, the spread by days is quite noticeable, but the exact timing, how much hair does not grow after shugaring, is difficult to call - this is too individual.

To do this, we must consider the very principle of this method: a viscous, sticky mass of sugar envelops the hairs on the skin, sticks to them, and with a sharp tear, removes hair, pulling them out of the follicles. Since the paste has a water base, its application softens the skin, and this greatly facilitates the procedure. Remove the paste on the growth of hairs, so they do not break off, and crawl out along with the bulbs.

One session does not give the necessary lightening and thinning of the hair, therefore, to obtain the effect, it is necessary to conduct 3-4 sessions. After that, the hair will start to grow more slowly. The duration of the lightening effect is maintained by the ingredients in the paste. For example, when cooking pasta at home, this task is performed by citric acid.

The term effect in different zones of depilation

The duration of the paste depends not only on its composition, but also on the location of the treated area. There are the following zones:

  1. Armpit cavities. In these places, after shugaring, hair begins to grow faster than in other zones. They can grow on the seventh day after the procedure. After 2 weeks on the armpits there are already so many noticeable hairs that the woman has to re-do the depilation. If you do this regularly, the process of growing hair will go slower each time.
  2. The duration of the procedure on the legs - not less than 20-25 days. When taking appropriate measures (which we describe below), you can make the effect last for another 2-3 weeks. Therefore, depilation on the lower limbs is popular with the female population.
  3. In the bikini zone, hair growth is more pronounced - after 12–15 days.
  4. The deep bikini area after shugaring is covered with hairs 14–16 days after depilation, but most often this process lasts for 20–30 days. In some women in this zone, the desired effect lasts longer: the first hairs appear in 40–45 days.

Why do some women grow their hair fast, while others stretch this process for several weeks? The indicated terms are approximate. Much depends on the individual properties of the skin of the woman herself, her national and genetic characteristics.

How much effect holds, you can find out empirically. To begin with, a small area is treated in each zone, and then it is fixed how many days the hair does not grow. One time is not enough to get the right result to determine how much hair grows. Therefore, less than 2 sessions is not recommended.

How to increase the effect time of the procedure

Consider the rules, the neglect of which reduces the effectiveness of depilation to 10 days instead of 30 days. It is necessary to understand that it is better to carry out shugaring 2-3 times a month, then there will be a desired effect. To enhance the desired effect is recommended to use a cream to delay hair growth.

For the same purpose, you can use special masks:

When conducting shugaring, the effectiveness of the method can be increased by about 2 weeks. To do this, follow the recommendations of skin care specialists after each procedure. Women after visiting beauty salons often notice that new hairs begin to grow in a week. This happens despite the assurances of a specialist that after the procedure the skin will be smooth for 1 month.

It is recommended to measure the length of the hairs before depilation (approximately). It should not exceed 4-6 mm, but it is impossible that the hairs were less than 2 mm. If they are greater than 0.6 cm, the sugar paste will break the hair near the surface of the skin. With a length of less than 0.2 cm paste just does not capture the hair. This will lead to a deterioration in the quality of depilation, will create problems with ingrown hair, irritation of the skin may develop.

How long the shugaring effect lasts depends on the patient. In order for the hairs not to grow back relatively quickly, it is necessary to peel or gently polish the skin in the treated area 2 days before the procedure. This will remove dead skin cells. After this treatment, the hairs are weaker and easier to remove, because the sugar mass clings deeper to the hairs and removes them completely.

How long unwanted vegetation does not appear depends on the quality of the polished skin. It is better to conduct peeling in the beauty salon, then the quality will be guaranteed. If a woman knows how to do this procedure herself, then it can be done at home.

Before depilation, beauticians recommend steaming the skin. This can be done by taking a bath or applying a warm compress. Best for compress use decoctions of Hypericum or chamomile. When the skin is steamed out, the pores open, into which the sugar paste freely falls. Steaming helps the sugar mass to penetrate almost to the root of the hairs. How much the result of shugaring holds depends on the depth of sugar paste flowing, so steaming must be done.

After shugaring, until new hairs have grown, it is necessary to treat the depilation zone with a scrub at least 2 times in 6–7 days. This will eliminate the problem of hair ingrowth, preserve the desired smoothness of the skin.

Shugaring principle

Sugar hair removal involves the removal of excess hair on selected areas with a special caramel. Mass for hair removal can be bought in specialized stores or cook it yourself.

The main components are usually sugar, citric acid and water. In contact with the skin, the composition envelops the hair and penetrates to its follicle. During the jerk movement, the paste is removed along with adhering hairs, which are removed along with the bulb. At its core, the method is no different from waxing, the only difference is in the formulations used.

Since the procedure of shugaring a deep bikini and legs is not particularly difficult, and all the necessary tools for it can be bought or prepared independently, today more and more girls refuse to visit beauty salons and spend processing at home. The main condition for achieving optimal results is to carefully study the sequence of actions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the fact that cosmetology offers many ways to combat unwanted vegetation, the leading position is occupied by shugaring. Such popularity and demand of the method due to the following advantages:

  • sugar paste contains only natural ingredients, so that it can be used even for the treatment of the most sensitive areas. The lack of chemical components also reduces the risk of allergies and irritation,
  • since the paste does not need to be heated, the skin is guaranteed that there will be no burns,
  • Since shugaring hairs are removed along with the bulb, the skin will remain smooth for up to 3-4 weeks,
  • if the treatment is carried out properly and the rods are removed in the direction of growth, the risk of ingrown hair will be minimized,
  • epilation of the bikini area in this way can be carried out at home, absolutely at any time,
  • sugar destroys bacteria and prevents infection,
  • availability. If you carry out the procedure at home and prepare the paste yourself, the cost of the procedure will be minimal.

Despite its many advantages, this procedure is also not without drawbacks. The main disadvantages of the methodology include:

  • soreness Although shugaring delivers less discomfort than waxing, girls with a lower pain threshold also do not tolerate it. If the treatment of the intimate zone is planned, some young ladies pre-drink the painkiller pill, as this helps to make the procedure less uncomfortable. But since after several treatments the hairs become thinner and more rare, over time the session will become less painful,
  • from the first time, a beginner may not be able to prepare a paste of suitable consistency, therefore at the initial stage it is recommended to use professional tools.

When choosing a paste for the procedure required to pay special attention to its composition. It is very important that the caramel contains no components that can cause an allergic reaction. Otherwise, there is a risk that after epilation in the zone of a deep bikini, severe irritation and redness will occur.

Frequency of

How often you have to shugaring bikini and lower limbs is impossible to say for sure. If the treatment is performed properly, taking into account all the recommendations and requirements, the smoothness of the skin will continue for at least 3 weeks. After this time, the hairs will make themselves felt again: at first a light down will appear on the skin, and only after that the rods will begin to pierce the surface.

With a standard hair growth rate (6 mm. Per month), deep bikini shugaring is performed once every 4-6 weeks. Many girls mistakenly believe that if they are processed more often, the hairs will thin out faster and become less noticeable. Cosmetologists claim that the frequency of hair removal along with the root directly affects the thickness and thickness of the hair. But it is necessary to understand that if the hairs do not grow to the required length (4-5 mm.), The sugar paste simply will not “catch” them, as a result of which the procedure will not have an effect.

Underlying factors

How often it is necessary to carry out shugaring on the legs and in the intimate zone depends on the following points:

  • hair growth rate of a particular person
  • how correct was the procedure
  • the quality of the composition used
  • carrying out preparation of skin for processing and the subsequent leaving.

To make the maximum interval between treatments, a few days after shugaring, you can begin to use special creams that slow down hair growth.

Preparatory measures for better results

To achieve the best result and soon reduce the thickness and growth of hair, be sure to carry out preparations for shugaring deep bikini. If you ignore this stage, the final result will not be 100%, in addition, the pain may be more pronounced.

To make the procedure as comfortable and efficient as possible, you need to remember the following:

  • scrubbing is required one day prior to treatment. A light peeling will help clean off the horny skin particles, thereby improving the adhesion between the hairs and caramel,
  • the length of the rods must be at least 4 mm., otherwise there will be no sense from shugaring,
  • Before proceeding to the procedure, you need to take a warm bath. Hot water will help open the pores and provide access to the follicles,
  • the day before the treatment, various moisturizing and nourishing creams should not be applied to the skin, and the epidermis should not be treated with alcohol-based products.

Also, before shugaring, you should not sunbathe (at least for 3 days), because the skin may not have enough time to recover.

Carrying out the procedure

If the procedure is carried out independently, you must follow these instructions:

  • To begin with, the skin of the intimate zone needs to be treated with an antiseptic. Best used for this is Miramistin,
  • then the skin is powdered with talcum powder for a better grip,
  • after that, a small amount of caramel (previously heated in the hand) is applied against the hair growth, then abruptly removed in the direction of growth,
  • such processing is required on the entire site.

Finally, the paste remains washed off with warm water, and a sedative is applied to the skin. To reduce the risk of complications, it is recommended that you wear cotton underwear for the first 2 days and refuse to take a hot bath.


According to observations of cosmetologists, hair growth after shugaring slows down noticeably after a 7-8 session. Clients themselves also assure that with a regular procedure, the hairs become thinner and lighter, more like a feather. As for the bikini zone, the hairs in this area are more rigid and thick, so a little more sessions may be required to achieve a tangible result.

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