Rules for waxing deep bikini

Each woman wants to look spectacular. This is especially remembered when summer comes. Processing the bikini area is also included in the complex of personal care activities. For those who want to look perfect, it is important that the result is kept as long as possible. Let's talk about how to properly held epilation of bikini area waxing at homeso that the result pleased and was long.

Features of the procedure

Modern realities require a woman to always look one hundred percent. The condition of the skin under the beautiful linen should be appropriate, so today epilation bikini wax at home is a must. She is able to get rid of worries about excess vegetation for an average of two weeks.

Since the skin in this area of ​​the body is highly sensitive, the method of hair removal should be delicate. Therefore, the waxing procedure is different from that applied to the legs. For intimate zones, the cold, warm and hot method is applied.

If waxing at a bikini zone at home is something new for you, it’s better not to experiment, but to turn to professionals, and then, having some idea about it, you can start trying to do it yourself. Also, "theory" and watching videos on the Internet will not hurt.

Before applying the wax, the skin should be treated with special preparative agents, which will significantly improve the effect and minimize the effect of unpleasant side effects. Under all conditions, the procedure will not cause redness or inflammation. The risk of hair ingrowth is reduced with the appropriate care after the procedure.

Advantages of the method

  • After waxing, the hairs in the bikini area will not appear for about three to four weeks, although it should be borne in mind that this is individual.
  • With regular use in the future, new hairs will be thinner, making them easier to remove.
  • The interval between hair removal procedures will be significantly longer than with a razor.
  • The treated skin will be softer, due to the fact that at the same time as the removal of excess vegetation is peeling. The advantage of waxing intimate areas of wax is the affordability of any wallet.
  • Accessibility in terms of simplicity is also a plus: anyone can do it, no special knowledge is required.
  • At least side effects are attractive both during and after the procedure.
  • Wax removal is suitable even for allergies, because wax is characterized as a hypoallergenic substance.
  • The procedure is safe because it does not involve the use of chemicals.
  • It contributes to savings, as there is no need to go to a beauty salon.
  • The method is perfect for those who are shy to handle such a delicate problem in a beauty salon.
  • Its use saves time, the maximum it can take half an hour, while the effect will be long.
  • Convenient and the fact that you can buy wax at any supermarket or pharmacy.
  • The disadvantages include the fact that a positive result will be only if everything was done correctly, otherwise the hair will be unevenly or not completely removed.

Important! It should be borne in mind that waxing is done with the length of the hairs at least five millimeters, because otherwise they are difficult to pull out.

How to make bikini waxing waxing on your own? Waxing at home is easy, especially if you already have experience. In this case, the time spent on beauty guidance in the intimate area will be significantly reduced. In the end, spending a few minutes on this, you will be pleased with the result for a long time.

The positive thing is that several procedures will lead to the fact that the hairs will not only be weak and soft, and therefore not so noticeable, but will also begin to grow more slowly and not so thickly.

The disadvantages of waxing is pain, but due to the different pain threshold, the degree of pain for each woman will be different. So some of this does not even bring discomfort.

Growing hair, as a result, also applies to the minuses. Some of them break down during removal, are injured, but are not completely removed, as a result, they subsequently begin to grow at the wrong angle and grow into the skin. You can remove such hair with tweezers, and then treat this place with alcohol or an antiseptic to prevent the inflammatory process.

In some cases, the inflammation begins on its own, since the hair cannot penetrate the thickness of the skin, but continues to grow. In this case, the use of the above means is also required. In particularly difficult cases, surgery may be required. To minimize the likelihood of such situations, you need to follow all the rules relating to this method of care for the intimate area.


In order for hair removal in the bikini zone to be successful, it is important not only to observe a specific algorithm for conducting and knowing the subtleties of the technique, but also something else. The technique has a number of contraindications, so, alas, not all of it will work. Fortunately, there are not so many of them, so you should not be upset.

It is contraindicated to do wax epilation in case of skin diseases in the bikini area, in areas close to the genitals, and directly on them. This can aggravate the situation. It is also better not to risk in the presence of pathologies of the urinary tract, such as cystitis. It is better to refuse the procedure, so as not to provoke a relapse.

It should be postponed with the procedure, if there are wounds on the skin, even if they are small, as this can result in inflammation. When they heal, you can safely begin.

It is contraindicated to do hair removal in intimate places with the help of wax in the presence of the following diseases.

These are diabetes, skin diseases, varicose veins and other vascular pathologies, moles and other formations on the skin.

Waxing Depilation Stages

Epilation process of the bikini zone can be divided into three stages (preliminary, epilation directly, finishing).

Preparation for the main stage is to ensure the optimal length of the hairs for the best effect. If they are long, then you need to shorten them to one to three centimeters, and if they are short, then wait until you reach the required length. Immediately before the procedure you need to prepare the skin. To do this, it is enough to take a shower or bath.

Epilating wax strips should be cut before use. So advised to do the experts, explaining that convenience. The strips need to be properly glued, and in order to effectively remove them, you need to press on the skin with one hand, and the second to remove the strip against hair growth.

If necessary, wax residues are removed with the included wipes. After the procedure, an antiseptic lotion is applied to the skin. In addition, it is subsequently recommended to carry out several skin treatments with soothing and regenerating agents (to eliminate the inflammatory process).

If several hairs remain after epilation, they are removed with tweezers or repeated use of wax strips.

What else should be considered

Some are interested in, is it possible to do hair removal during menstruation? Experts do not prohibit this, but do not recommend it. Epilation should be carried out on the fifth day after the end of menstruation. In addition, at this time the skin is less susceptible to pain.

Regarding the procedure on the eve of important events should also take into account some of the nuances. Before the upcoming trip or a date it is better not to do it. It is necessary to carry out the procedure a few days before an important event. During this time, a slight irritation will pass, and the skin will be smooth.

What does wax depilation mean deep bikini

Wax depilation performed in the deep bikini area, implies a complete disposal of hair, not only in the crotch area, but also between the buttock folds. Using this method in one session you can get rid of all the vegetation in the intimate zone. Since the skin in this area is particularly sensitive, the procedure is quite painful, especially in the first times. As you get used to and gradually weaken the hair, depilation is transferred much easier. Depilation of a deep bikini completely removes hair in the pubic area, perineum and between the buttocks.

The method of wax depilation was used in ancient Egypt: the queen Nefertiti removed hair using a special mixture of wax, honey and sap plants.

In professional language, this method is also called waxing. Its principle of operation is as follows. For the procedure in the deep bikini zone, hot wax or pre-prepared wax strips are used. After applying wax on the skin, it absorbs and penetrates to the subcutaneous hair follicles, enveloping them and freezing. When the strip is removed, the hair is pulled out along with the roots.

With regular procedures, the growth rate of hair in the depilated area is significantly reduced, and in structure they become thinner and softer. The effect lasts an average of about 3-5 weeks and is determined by individual characteristics. You can perform the next depilation after about 4 weeks. In each depilation procedure, the hair structure is becoming more and more thin and rare.

Hot depilation

During hot depilation, the skin is treated with melted wax of high temperature, which contributes to the opening of the pores and the steaming of the skin. During the procedure, it is important to monitor the temperature of the wax to avoid burns.

The method of depilation with hot wax is more preferable for the bikini area, since it is less painful and easier to perform.

The technique of the session in this case involves the use of solid canned wax, which must first be heated. Using a special heater, the wax is brought to a temperature of about 40 degrees. It is applied to the skin in parts with a spatula in the direction corresponding to the growth of the hair. Then wait for the substance to harden, after which the strip of wax is torn off in the opposite direction. After the wax hardens, it is removed by a sharp movement in the direction against the hair growth

Cold depilation

Cold depilation is carried out using wax strips that are absolutely safe to use. This procedure takes longer because the low temperature wax does not adhere to the skin as well as hot wax. As a result, hair removal is not fully implemented. In addition, this procedure is more painful.

During the session, the finished wax strip is applied to the bikini area in the direction of the hair. It is pressed tightly for a few seconds, and then quickly torn off along the line opposite to hair growth. The procedure is repeated in the same place until the result is achieved. Cold depilation uses ready-made wax strips.

How to make wax depilation deep bikini at home

Waxing hot wax can be done at home, if you carefully prepare for the procedure and follow the rules for its implementation.

It is better to choose the following sequence of getting rid of hair in the bikini area: first, the zone is processed along the upper line of the linen, then the pubis, then go to the zone of the labia, and then to the anus.

Stages of waxing:

  1. Cleanse the skin and treat it with an antiseptic and degreasing agent.
  2. Bring the wax to a hot temperature using a special heater. Instead of a heater, you can use a water bath. Bring the wax to a temperature of 40 degrees to avoid burns.
  3. Using a spatula, apply a layer of wax to the skin along the line according to hair growth. The thickness of the strip should be about 3 mm. The shorter the length of the strip, the less painful the procedure.
  4. Wait until the wax hardens completely. This will take about 3-4 seconds.
  5. Grab the hard layer by one edge, while holding the skin, and tear off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. Move sharply and quickly.
  6. Consistently carry out the depilation at all sites in the zone of deep bikini. The mixture can be applied simultaneously to several areas to speed up the procedure, leaving enough space between them to remove the strips.
  7. At the end of the session, remove excess wax with oil, and apply a soothing and regenerating cream to clean skin.

Depilation of such a complex area as a deep bikini may not work out perfectly the first time if you perform it yourself. This procedure requires a certain skill. However, over time with regular execution, you will be able to wax more efficiently and with better quality.

Preparation for depilation

To get rid of hair in the intimate area, it is better to choose a date for 3-4 days after the completion of menstruation. This will reduce pain sensitivity. About two days before the procedure, you can peel to better cleanse the skin. For some time before the session, take a shower without the use of cosmetics and carefully wipe the skin with a towel.

Hair length for waxing should be about 5 mm. If the hair is shorter, the wax will not be able to hook it. As a result, incomplete hair removal or breaking off and the appearance of ingrown hair is possible.

Excessively long hair in the bikini area will also make depilation difficult, so they should be trimmed before a session.

Depilation set for deep bikini with wax

For the procedure of hair disposal in the intimate area using the waxing method, the following elements will be required:

  1. Putty knife. It is better to use a wooden disposable spatula to prevent infection.
  2. The can wax containing pine gum, and also beeswax or honey.
  3. Heater for wax.
  4. Antiseptic products designed to cleanse the skin.
  5. Moisturizer that is applied after the procedure.

You can buy a ready-made set for depilation, or buy all the tools and accessories separately. Tools for the procedure should be laid out in front of you so that you can easily take any of them. You can buy a depilation kit or purchase tools and tools separately.

Precautions before and after depilation

Before performing the procedure should not be soared in the sauna or hot tub, as well as a long time in the sun. It is also necessary to avoid skin cooling, which contributes to muscle tension and narrowing of pores. In addition, any type of peeling on the day of the procedure is contraindicated.

After waxing with wax, try to adhere to the following rules to avoid undesirable consequences.

  1. Set aside a visit to the sauna and bath, as well as taking a shower and bath, for 24 hours after the session.
  2. Avoid being in direct sunlight or visiting a tanning salon for several days after the procedure to avoid pigmentation or inflammation.
  3. Exclude the treatment of the bikini area with perfume and deodorants during the day.
  4. Do not rub or massage the treated areas.
  5. Choose free underwear from natural materials, excluding the occurrence of microtraumas of the treated area.

For several days after the procedure, try to ensure maximum rest to the treated skin and avoid using a large amount of cosmetics.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing

The most significant advantages of waxing in the intimate area are the following features:

  • long-term preservation of the result - up to 6 weeks maximum,
  • thinning and reducing the amount of hair during regular sessions,
  • the minimum number of contraindications and negative effects,
  • peeling effect due to wax removal of the horny top layer of skin,
  • it is possible to conduct the procedure at home
  • the minimum number of tools for the procedure, its availability and simplicity,
  • safety, unlike mechanical epilation.
When waxing the result is saved up to a maximum of 6 weeks

Although wax depilation is a gentle and safe procedure, it has some drawbacks. They appear depending on the individual characteristics and are expressed in the form:

  • painful sensations that diminish with each procedure,
  • the risk of irritation and redness of the surface due to the significant sensitivity of the skin in the bikini area,
  • scratches and microtraumas when wearing tight underwear,
  • the need to acquire the skill of the procedure,
  • the presence of a minimum length of hair,
  • the need to maintain optimum wax temperature to avoid burns.

Compliance with the security measures and following the rules for performing waxing will minimize the appearance of flaws in the procedure.

Safety rules during the procedure

Due to the increased sensitivity of the skin in the intimate area, depilation should be carried out very carefully. To do this, follow the rules of security.

  1. Maximum sterility should be observed throughout the procedure: use disposable tools, pre-treated with a disinfectant, and use antiseptics to cleanse the skin and disposable gloves.
  2. You must first conduct a test to identify the risk of an allergic reaction in a small area of ​​skin.
  3. If there is a low pain threshold and increased sensitivity, it is better to perform pain relief - take medications.
  4. It is necessary to monitor the temperature of the wax in order to avoid burns.
  5. After the procedure, it is necessary to carefully treat the skin and monitor its further condition.

Drinking coffee as well as alcoholic beverages even a day before the procedure can increase the pain threshold.

At observance of the technique of depilation of the sensitive area and safety rules, there is a minimal risk of negative consequences in the form of burns, infection and excessive pain. Remember that the achievement of results is possible only with a careful and responsible approach to the procedure.

Means for anesthetizing the bikini area during depilation

Getting rid of hair in the area of ​​a deep bikini can be accompanied by fairly strong painful sensations, since this zone is characterized by thin skin and an abundance of nerve endings. If you have a low pain sensitivity threshold, then the sensations can become even more uncomfortable.

In order to reduce the pain of the procedure, you can use special tools.

Spray Lidocaine is the most popular anesthetic during depilation. It is applied directly to the treated skin area and can be used at home. It acts only on the surface layer, without affecting the deep subcutaneous areas.

Before using Lidocaine Spray, it is necessary to check whether its components cause allergies.

Inside, often resort to anesthesia Lidocaine in the form of injections. The drug is injected with a thin syringe into the area of ​​the pubis, the inside of the thighs and the region of the labia majora, which completely anesthetizes this area for about an hour. Injection anesthesia is indicated for women with excessive skin sensitivity. Self-injection at home is not recommended. Spray Lidocaine is a popular tool for pain relief on the surface layer of the skin in the bikini area for depilation.

Creams and gels

Often, various creams and gels are used to reduce sensitivity in the bikini area. Emla cream, containing the components of prilocaine and lidocaine, became widely known. They need to treat the surface before depilation about one hour before the procedure. It is advisable to put a food film on top for a better supply of ingredients to the skin. The effect persists for 2 hours. Emla cream for anesthesia contains prilocaine and lidocaine at the same time

In addition to this cream, Ksilovain, Golden Rose, Light Dep, Ane Stop creams are also used. So, Light Dep is used in case of allergy to Emla cream components. Its application also requires the application of an occlusive film-like dressing. Surface treatment with this cream and application of the film is recommended for an hour before the session.

Pills such as indomethacin, ibuprofen or tempalgin will also help reduce pain during waxing. These non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs provide anesthetic effect.

Anesthesia tablets should be taken approximately one hour before depilation.

Skin care after the procedure

After depilation in the deep bikini area, it is necessary to provide gentle care for sensitive skin. To avoid irritation, inflammation, scratches and ingrown hair, follow these guidelines.

  1. In the absence of significant irritation, the skin should be lubricated with a soothing cream. If there are spots or pronounced redness, then treat the surface with a decoction of chamomile or green tea.
  2. When bruises or a strong burning sensation, use a compress made from a decoction of chamomile or calendula. Talc after the procedure is better not to use, because it closes the pores.
  3. To slow the growth of hair on the treated surface and soften the skin, use special tools.
  4. The peeling procedure to soften the skin can be carried out a few days after depilation. This will help to cope with ingrown hairs, if they appeared.

Regardless of whether the procedure is carried out in the salon or at home, do not neglect the rules of care for the bikini area. After all, the skin in this part of the body needs a special relationship, especially after a session of hair removal. The skin in the bikini area needs careful care after waxing.

I tried different methods of hair removal: laser, photo, shaving, depilation with creams. and wax for some reason bypassed. But the employee turned out to be a master cosmetologist and without thinking twice decided before the wedding to do everything under a clean, so to speak: legs completely, deep bikini, armpits. The result was pleased. Master turned out to be good. The irritation a few days later passed, and the skin was soft and soft for about 5 days, then the hair began to grow, the truth is much thinner than they were. I go through the procedure once a month, if something grows, I pull out with tweezers. Most hair removal is not recommended. and most importantly, after waxing, it is not advisable to shave, otherwise the same hard hair will begin to grow again. The only thing that confuses in this procedure is pain. I have a very low pain threshold and I have to use anesthetic creams. True, not always. Bikini area without them can not - for me it is hellish pain. and the remaining zones can be suffered. There are very different waxes, with menthol, they are balancing, with tea tree, disinfected, with chocolate, the skin is very soft and silky ... the choice is large enough.


I do at home myself usual wax for hair removal. In terms of cleanliness, it’s impossible to remove all hair at a time with stripes. Intimate zone has to be washed, dried and repeated. When I get bored with a regular razor. It is more convenient when someone else strips the strip sharper and cleaner. Irritation strong lasts about 4 hours. The effect lasts a couple of weeks, then the hair grow back, but after one. Somewhere after the fifth such procedure, the hair becomes thinner, less often, lighter and easier to remove. A year after I started using this method, I shaved and it was here that I felt the difference! When the hairs on the second day began to grow, everything was terribly itchy and itchy, the wax irritation immediately, but not so much. Now, about such a big minus - ingrown hairs are sometimes accompanied by blue ulcers that are not opened for a very long time and you have to go with this for several weeks.


Brazilian hair removal process is still quite painful, and not at all shy. As the proverb says: beauty requires sacrifice. But here the victims are pretty big. You need to get naked, lie on the couch, and spread your legs, like a gynecologist at the reception. Terribly unpleasant. Then, everywhere, where hair can grow, smeared with hot wax, and then abruptly tear off in every place where wax was applied. It hurts like horror. But after this procedure, hair removal can not do more than a month. And the hairs eventually become thin, and easier to remove. The truth is this hair removal is not enough. Not everyone will do this. It hurts, embarrassing, but effective result.


Good day! For a long time I decided on this procedure, I prepared myself morally. And decided. Tired of using machines, hair grew very quickly and there was a terrible bristle. I immediately decided on my legs and on the deep Brazilian bikini, I did everything with wax. I want to say right away that my legs are much more painful for me than a bikini. Apparently the threshold of sensitivity on the legs is less. Indeed, in order to decide on epilation, you need to prepare yourself morally for the fact that you will have to lie with your legs apart as at a gynecologist's appointment. But I was lucky and the master was super! Since I have a lot of hair, and even from a razor, they are terribly tough, the first time was a terrible sight. After applying the wax and after peeling it, there were strong bruises, the skin was burning as if boiled water was poured over it. But I did not come to drop everything in half, thank God, the master did everything in 15–20 minutes. The most painful place is the clitoral zone. With priests, hair is removed much faster and easier, since there is usually fluff. After the procedure, the skin was treated with a special lotion, it cools a little, thrill! The result - the skin is perfectly clean, smooth and silky. After three weeks, hair began to appear, but it was much thinner and much less. Ingrown hair from wax, I have never had! Tried shugaring (sugar paste) feeling awful. In the bikini zone, everything was terribly sore and swollen, and a lot of ingrown hairs on her legs (she cleaned these bumps with a coffee scrub). Now I am doing hair epilation completely + deep bikini + armpits. Very pleased with the result. Threw all their machines out of harm's way. The cost of these procedures in our town from 2000 to 3000 rubles. I wish you all good health and easy epilation!

Brazilian epilation, or deep bikini, is a specific cosmetic procedure. But, having tried it once, it is already impossible to refuse it because of the magic of the effect produced and the use. It’s clear from Brazilian - they are there, in Brazil, walking around Copacabana back and forth in bikinis, and in a person everything should be fine, including in this very zone. But even a simple Russian woman, and even a girl from the Brazilian woman, does not lag behind and does everything to ensure that you can walk along Copacabana without blushing for the tops, and so it’s generally pleasant and comfortable in life. In terms of false shame, everything is fixable — you only become embarrassed for the first time, or not at all embarrassed. He is an epilation master, he is like a doctor: we are full of the false sense of our own exclusivity, and for the master our beauty is just one of many others and is not much different from an armpit. This procedure I do wax. Over the years, it becomes less and less painful: both the master's skill has grown and the hair gradually begins to lose ground. Now it takes up to half an hour, periodicity — races in a month and a half, the pain has not yet turned into pleasure, but I have already stopped shouting. The freshness of the procedure has an interesting effect - it is better not to walk under the bushes in the woods, as well as in a street outdoor toilet with a hole in the floor. And the rest is exceptionally pleasant.


I also started waxing all over my body in the salon. Then, for the beginning, I bought wax in cartridges and wax wax, which was appropriate, and carried out this procedure on my legs on my own, while continuing to make bikinis in the salon. When I had already filled my hand, I purchased a granulated wax-elastic (this was how the master did the epilation in the salon) and began to make a deep bikini herself. It is more convenient due to the fact that it does not require the use of paper or fabric strips. He warmed in the microwave, put a narrow spatula on a thin, long section against growth and tore off (so the skin stretches less than if it is cut off against growth, which is more typical of epilation on the legs). Now I still do myself and MCH elastic armpits. Everyone is happy and satisfied)))


I also think that the bikini area, not only during the beach season, should be smooth, but throughout the year. Previously, Velvet cream was used, and recently discovered Depileve film wax, bought wax wax for it, and how come on, do not indulge in pulling everything. Three weeks without wool, of course, are very encouraging, but the fact that you need to grow is not ice.


And I make a deep bikini wax hot. I buy White line, it copes well and quickly, and it does not hurt so much :) The epilator is still not for me. I once made just a bikini, the skin reacted with inflammation and a crust like a sore .. sorry for the details. No more experimenting) Everyone has their own methods of dealing with vegetation) Each has its own)


so that everything is okay with wax, you need somewhere around 5–7 mm, then just part of it will break and it will not be smooth))) I don’t cringe at my own))) you lie without panties, first on the back, remove the entire top, then one leg a little aside, cleaned from one lip, we repeat on the other))) then you just lie down on the barrels, you help a little to hold yourself over the buttock)) and we repeat on the other side))) the cosmologists used to)) just do not scare them)))) go and do it)))) but then such beauty and no razors))) I was the first to make small strips and take off my wand , But the current delat decent pieces and tearing his hands. The second method is better for me)) the whole procedure is faster. but it depends on the wax. The first time is certainly sick, but tolerable. if then you don’t run and shave, then everything will go off with a bang, and eventually will stop growing altogether. I've been doing this for a year now, almost no bikini line)))


Video: How to make wax depilation deep bikini at home

Depilation procedure deep bikini using wax allows you to remove hair for a long time in the entire intimate area. If you perform the session at home, then it is important to follow the safety rules and strictly follow the technique of this type of depilation. As you acquire the skill, waxing will be easier, faster, and less painful.

Epilation of deep bikini with hot wax yourself at home

Today I will tell about uhpilating a deep bikini with hot wax.

My story of the struggle with the vegetation on the body began from the period of ripening and lasts to this day) In general, quite a long time)

Waxing, Today, the best option for hair removal for me.

Immediately explain the difference Depilation from Epilation:

1. Depilation - removal of the visible cutaneous part of the hair. Depilation removes hair only temporarily, not permanently.Depilation should not be confused with epilation, in which the subcutaneous part of the hair is removed along with the bulb, despite the fact that numerous types of epilation give, in general, also a temporary effect.

- Chemical depilation with cream

2. Epilation - artificial hair removal (from fr. epiler - “hair removal”) by destroying the hair follicles in one way or another.

It differs from depilation in that it allows you to get rid of hair in the bikini zone.

For a great result you need:

  • Find the master. This is the most important and difficult. Yes, girls. For the first procedure, I advise you to go to the salon and look at all the materials and equipment that knows a lot about this business, a person. Read city forums, customer reviews, ask friends and acquaintances, in general, follow the recommendations of knowledgeable people.
  • Grow hair. Yes. This is definitely second place. To grow hair for me personally is a big problem, because I have a permanent relationship with a man and I can not afford excessive hairiness. Has found a way out) I start to grow up 2 days before the beginning of the menstrual period and by the end you can be epilated) here, like an iron alibi before the husband).
  • Make a price / quality comparison. Of course, I advise you to go to 2-3 masters. For comparison. Although specialists work in the same field, they still prefer different methods. Spend different times. The result is also different. From this and prices vary. Look for "your" master.

The search for my master was crowned with success, so I’m happy to share my impressions))

Made in the cabin deep bikini and armpits. My legs are constantly treating with an epilator, because it is difficult to grow length.

By time hot waxing hair removal:

Deep bikini - 30 minutes,

Armpits - 7 minutes.

The cost of hair removal in the salon (Moscow region):

Deep bikini - 1000 rubles,

Armpits - 300 rubles.

As a result, in 40 minutes and for 1300 rubles we get 2 weeks of perfect smoothness))

After the procedure, the skin remains irritated and painful for a few more hours. This is normal, do not be alarmed. A good master should not leave bruises or hematomas on the body. Be sure to get yourself a gel after epilation, soothing. This tool will help the skin to recover faster and recover from stress.

After some time visiting the salon, my thoughts crept in - "Should I try it myself"?

I kindly asked the master to give me the opportunity to pull once a strip of frozen wax. Of course, at that time, I was already on the epilation once a tenth probably and by that time I spied on all the technique of the procedure, generally knew how to apply and where to pull) The master gave me a spatula and I applied wax with a decisive movement .. Frozen .. I stretch my skin .. I squint my eyes .. I gather full light air .. And .. I pull sharply against hair growth. Yes, girls. It hurts. It hurts more than the hands of the master. It hurts yourself to hurt yourself. I already shook hands with pain. And then I thought that I myself would not decide on this anymore.

But it was not there. The pain is instant and quickly forgotten. Literally right away. It cost me to go home)) I rummaged through Google and YouTube. All videos reviewed. I could issue a specialist certificate gg. Morally, I felt ready))

I can say, I was inspired and still got myself a full set))))

What is needed for the procedure? :

  1. Hair length of 4-7 mm (it is better to grow during critical days, so we will achieve the optimal length and minimum pain during the procedure),
  2. Scrub the bikini area 2 days before the procedure to remove dead skin cells and eliminate hair ingrowth (using a scrub or loofah of medium hardness),
  3. Voskoplav,
  4. Wax,
  5. Epilator
  6. Talc (powder) + cotton pads,
  7. Wooden stick
  8. Miramistin or chlorhexidine,
  9. Tweezers
  10. Oil to remove wax residue,
  11. Enough time
  12. Courage!

Wax using depilflax. Pink. Designed for tough short hair.

So, when we have prepared everything and gathered our strength, we can proceed to the procedure itself))

First, we wash off in the usual way, wipe the skin dry, wipe with an antiseptic and sprinkle with talcum powder (I have baby powder Johnson Baby).

Heat the wax to a state of medium-ductility (it should not be too thick or drip from the scapula). Girls, please be careful, too much liquid wax can leave a burn. Try the temperature on your wrist. Then, of course, with experience, you will know by consistency whether it can be used or better cooled a little.

Apply wax on hair growth. Again .. In the bikini area, especially deep, hair grows in different directions. For effective hair removal is important to take into account this fact and be sure to apply wax on the growth of hair. Removal of wax from the skin occurs, respectively, against the growth of hair. Before you remove the strip of wax, you should stretch the skin well, so you will ease the pain).

Frankly, it hurts a lot. Especially after the razor, when the hair is thick and hard. But believe me, the result is worth it to endorse))

The whole procedure takes me 40-50 minutes. Single hairs remain on the surface, which I immediately remove with the epilator.

The remains of wax are well cleaned with oil, any. I chose a baby from Johnson Baby with chamomile.

After the procedure, wipe the skin with an antiseptic without alcohol! I advise Miramistin or chlorhexidine.

Further, it is desirable to use a soothing gel after depilation. As a rule, the principle of operation of such means is the same; choose the optimal one for yourself).

And here .. Voila))) we have a perfectly smooth bikini that will delight us for 10-14 days with its smoothness) Then single hairs will begin to grow. They can be removed with tweezers or an epilator, extending the smoothness for another 5-7 days. And yes, by the way, do not forget to scrub the epilated area every 3 days to eliminate hair ingrowth.

Why do I torture myself at home, you ask? 😃 Yes, because it’s not as expensive as visiting the salon)) and besides, you don’t need to show your “beauty” to strangers).

The cost of all used funds:

  1. Voskoplav 1500,
  2. Wax 10 pieces of 50 grams - 600 rubles (for 1 procedure enough 2 pieces = 100 grams),
  3. Sticks of 20 pieces - 50 rubles,
  4. Miramistin - 200 rubles, chlorhexidine - 30 rubles,
  5. Powder - from 100 rubles,
  6. Oil - 150 rubles.

Photos of used wax attached ..

I myself do epilation for about 2 years. I never regretted what I decided to do on my own. The savings are colossal. And also pride, for the fact that I can do it myself, qualitatively, quickly, safely make myself even more beautiful)))

Watch the video: 7 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Bikini Wax (December 2019).