What to wear for the New Year 2017? Fashionable new year dresses

New Year's holidays - a long-awaited event for many. Girls begin to prepare for this magical celebration in advance. And the stern selection of gifts and home decoration, the beautiful half of humanity is still concerned with creating a fashionable image. On New Year's Eve you want to look great, which is why many go in search of the perfect dress.

Which one The dress will suit the new year 2017? The coming year according to the eastern horoscope belongs to the red fire rooster. And to match this symbol, you should choose a bold and bright outfit. Of course, the leaders will be red. But no less relevant is the shade of gold.

You can choose a dress for the new year 2017, relying on fashion trends. In this case, you should pay attention to the velvet evening dresses. They were presented in many autumn-winter collections of famous brands. Boudoir style also remains at the peak of popularity, so the dress-shirt is another fashionable option for the New Year's Eve 2017.

In this review you will be able to see more than sixty evening dresses for the new year 2017 from famous brands that will perfectly fit into the New Year's image.

Red dress for the new year 2017

The lady in red is always in the spotlight. For New Year's Eve, a red dress is an excellent choice. First, this flaming hue symbolizes the fire cock. Secondly, red is associated with solemnity and extravaganza, and this is exactly what we expect from the holiday. Gorgeous red Christmas dresses can be seen in the collections of Valentino, Lanvin, Roland Mouret and many others.

TOP 13 new products: dresses for the New Year 2017 (photos)

How to meet the new 2017? We begin preparations for the New Year's Eve in advance. No wonder that this celebration is considered the most mysterious when all the deepest desires are fulfilled. And on such a magical night every girl and woman wants to be as attractive, fashionable, elegant and seductive as possible. If you want to know what dresses will be popular for the New Year 2017 - we offer you detailed material on a given topic.

What should be the outfit in 2017 Fire Rooster

According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 (or the Year of the Fiery Rooster) will come only on January 28, and we celebrate it, as is being known, on December 31. On the eve of the celebration, we hope that the coming year will be excellent, we will all be lucky and lucky, there will always be enough money in our wallet, and fate will spoil us with generous gifts. But not everyone knows that in order for the year to be successful, it is important to dress in accordance with the animal that is the sacral patron of the year.

So the cockerel is a multicolored Firebird, which at dawn awakens the sun and begins to notify everyone about the beginning of a new day. This bird is very active, it is always in search of seeds, beckons chickens or crows loudly. It can be seen from afar, the cock is a central figure, a leader. These qualities are best embodied in your New Year's outfit.

Photo: dresses for the new year 2017

We consider in detail the dresses for the New Year 2017 photo of the novelty, so that on the eve of the outgoing year it is advantageous to stand out from the crowd, demonstrating to the Rooster its exquisite taste and intelligence, originality, sense of style and even to some extent artsy extravagance. The rooster likes to be in the limelight, so your dress should impress with its luxury and personality.

Due to its bright appearance, the Rooster has to follow the latest fashion trends, choosing only the most trendy outfits. In addition, he is reputed to be an avowed Don Juan and a seducer, and the fiery color of his feathers inspires him to perform new feats. Therefore, dresses for New Year 2017 should be bright and glow with a flame of fiery passion.

The rooster loves to straighten his bright plumage, he will like unusual accessories made in the shape of feathers. For example, bracelets-feathers, brooches in the shape of a feather or even a cock's tail can make such. Truly luxurious, you will look over your shoulders with a luxurious feather boa.

Do not forget that in the year of the fiery bird a bright make-up is welcomed - move your eyes so that they resemble a rooster's tail, or you can perform a spectacular manicure with drawings of feathers. Even more irresistible to your image will add caps and hairpins, decorated with feathers. In gratitude for such respect and honor, the Rooster will certainly send you happiness and help to fulfill even the most cherished desires.

General trends: dresses for the New Year 2017

Preparing for the New Year 2017, you can, without fear take an example from the bright plumage of the Fire Rooster. Turn on your fantasy to the fullest and make interesting changes to your image of having time to pall. The New Year's Night is exactly the time when every girl and woman can easily transform into a stylish and brilliant way, a bright seductress who attracts the views of others. This is the time when the most courageous experiments can be realized and it is a great time for unusual reincarnations.

Dresses for the New Year 2017 differ in their characteristic silhouettes and details, which we will consider further. Let us dwell on the features of the New Year's dress in 2017:

  • Bright color fabric - this is so typical of the Year of the Rooster. The latest fashion squeak this year is the outfits of neon flowers. But, despite this, you will be able, if you wish, to meet a holiday in a dress of pastel color, without upsetting the perky little bird.
  • Chiffon chiffon - is becoming increasingly popular. It should be combined with a smooth silk fabric to make the dress even more solemn and expressive.
  • 3D style - is an integral tribute to fashion, as well as the trend of 2017. Dresses for celebrating the New Year, made with 3D technology, decorated with convex patterns on the fabric, will make an indelible impression on others and help you to be remembered as a fashionable and stylish person.
  • Floor length - will make any dress more refined, will add to it evening refinement. Long dresses came into vogue a couple of years ago, and everything indicates that they will remain in trend for a long time.
  • Velvet fabric - acts as a novelty of the year, and will also be an ideal solution for the New Year's toilet. Dresses from velvet fabric will look solemn and expensive, and trimming with gold threads or beads will easily turn an ordinary dress into an exquisite one.
  • Photo: Oversize style

Oversized style - loose-fitting dresses that hide the outlines of your silhouette are in 1st place in the list of top outfits for New Year 2017.

  • Hollywood Style, which is manifested in fitted mermaid silhouette dresses, long to the floor, decorated with luxurious fur.
  • Patchwork style - also occupies a leading position. Designers are beginning to actively use patchwork in evening toilets, combine fabrics of different colors, patterns and texture, thereby creating very interesting models of unique cut.
  • Ethno style - begins to actively gain momentum. It is expressed not only in cuts, but also in fabrics that are made from ecological materials.
  • Retro style. For this festive event, dresses for the new year 2017 in the form of a case are perfect. They are the personification of femininity and elegance, a luxurious skirt in the style of 50 years will add special luxury along with it. It is also possible to dress in retro-60 style of short length, which will look perfect on young girls who have any type of figure. A disco-80 is presented in the form of pop art geometric shapes.
  • What color to celebrate New 2017

    The most important aspect of the dress to celebrate the New Year will be not only its style and cut, but also the color of the material from which it is made. The most popular red dress, as well as gold (plus all sorts of combinations of all shades of red and gold).

    Since the main color of the year is red, a bright bird will be delighted if the following color variations are present in your toilet:

    • all shades of red
    • gold notes
    • silver
    • Bordeaux
    • coral shades
    • Marsala.

    It would also be appropriate to clothe yourself in luxurious robes of bright yellow, orange, terracotta, brown, and beloved by blondes purple and also purple. Indeed, in the plumage of this bird one can find both green and blue colors, and in the people often the rooster is painted in black and white motifs.

    Photo: bright orange - the leader of 2017

    The leader will be a bright orange color (although it can be found in a muted version). This shade is different juiciness, cheerfulness, and if done in the effect of 3D - bears romance and elegance.

    Also among the current shades for the New Year's dress is pink (but only noble, not vulgar). Wearing a pink dress, complemented with purple, peach, milky notes, you will turn the fighting Rooster into a pampered and tender creature.

    And deep pastel and body colors, combined with light chiffon fabric of the New Year's dress of apricot, peach, pistachio, lemon or lavender color will look especially expensive and will be a wonderful decoration for a thoughtful and romantic person.

    Looking at the flames, you'll know exactly what color outfit to wear on New Year's Eve. Astrologers do not cease to say that red is a symbol of wealth, and yellow is a career growth. Give your preference to that shade in which you feel most comfortable, and Fire Rooster will surely reward you with interesting events and changes in life.

    Red dress

    This exquisite dress, made of silk fabric, will help create a very passionate and bright image, which the patron of 2017 will definitely like. The unusual cut of the skirt of the dress acts as a peculiar decoration of the dress, adding to it even greater extravagance. The same exquisite jewelry on the neck (this could be a necklace made of pearls or a stylish pendant on a chain) will suit this amazing dress. Also do not forget about high-heeled shoes and a small clutch.

    Photo 2. Dress noble beige straight style

    Exquisite and stylish dress, decorated with cute sleeves-frills. It will look perfect on gentle, romantic girls who give their preference to simplicity and elegance. In addition to the New Year's image, do not forget to pick up classic beige or peach-colored high-heeled shoes, a small woman's handbag, as well as original jewelry (a large necklace and bracelet would be best).

    Photo 3. Dress in the style of "year"

    Gorgeous elegant dress in the style of "year" rich emerald-turquoise color. The dress has an unusual neckline around the neckline, which will allow you to boldly demonstrate seductive feminine roundness to others. And the presence of exquisite lace trim will make the product perfectly suitable for an event such as a New Year's Eve.

    Photo 4. Shiny fabric plus bold cutout

    “Strength in simplicity” is the motto of our next outfit, in which you can go to the New Year's party. The crown feature of the dress is a spectacular shiny fabric, as well as a bold neckline that reaches to the middle of the thigh. Light, flowing fabric will wrap like a magical veil and will easily turn an ordinary girl into a real fairy, able to work wonders. Plus attire in his comfort - after all, throughout the New Year's Eve you will not feel constrained, but you can fully relax and enjoy the holiday.

    Photo 5. Femininity and mystery

    Very stylish model, black-fitting outfit, decorated with guipure trim. The dress will favorably emphasize femininity, mystery and good taste of its owner. Despite the fact that the black color is not in the top-shades, in which it is advised to celebrate the new 2017, outfits in this tone are popular. No wonder it says that the classics will never go out of style.

    Photo 6. Stylish short dress

    If you are going to celebrate New Year in the club, we advise you to take a closer look at the next model. A stylish short silver dress with lurex will be ideal for those who like to light on the dance floor. It will favorably emphasize your feminine forms, while leaving complete freedom of movement. But in order to make the dress even more impressive, you should take care of the right accessories - wear high-heeled shoes and long earrings and spectacular bracelets will harmoniously complete the look.

    Photo 7. Dress slim shape

    Pink guipure dress in the floor is suitable for the fair sex, not afraid to be in the limelight. It visually "pulls" the silhouette, emphasizes the slender forms of its owner and will make you the queen of the New Year's party. By the side it is worth picking up large earrings, striking the eye, which will be the harmonious conclusion of this image. Shoes fit on a small but steady heel - because you have to dance and shine throughout the New Year's Eve!

    Photo 8. Maroon lace with chiffon

    Stylish and bright version of the dress, presented a combination of burgundy lace with delicate chiffon "tails". In such a dress, each woman will look as feminine, sexy and romantic as possible at a party dedicated to the New Year's Eve. The silhouette of “fish” will favorably emphasize the figure, demonstrating to those around you all the advantages that Mother Nature has bestowed upon you. For such a stunning dress, you can put on a discreet jewelry on the neck, while not forgetting to stand on the cherished studs.

    Photo 9. Red and all its shades

    Red and all its shades are in fashion, so boldly we throw aside dresses of dull color and give our preference to the most bright and juicy shades. This rich burgundy dress, made of chiffon, will be your ideal solution to the problem of New Year's attire.

    It combines exquisite style, solemnity, romance and thanks to this will help any young lady look just great. An unusual version with a long front dress will show your sexy legs to others, while the outfit will not look vulgar or vulgar.

    Photo 10. Bright and sparkling dress

    What else to go to the New Year's party, if not in a stylish fitting dress, decorated with sequins and knee-length? Such a bright, sparkling outfit is best suited for a celebration at the club - during the dance the sequins will sparkle and sparkle, enveloping you with a unique aura of mystery and sexuality. No man can look away from such a charming lady!

    Photo 11. Green patterns

    Do you prefer minimalism in everything? Then you will definitely like the next version of the dress in a cold shade, decorated with various unusual patterns. Plus, you will feel comfortable in it, and the Fiery Cockerel will be delighted - after all, green feathers are also present in its tail. Do not forget to complement your image with spectacular large earrings, and also be sure to stand on heels.

    Photo 13. Bright doll dress

    In the next dress on New Year's Eve it is easy to feel like a real princess and fulfill any, even the wildest dreams and desires.A puppet dress flared to the bottom, with bright colors of large size, looks so fervently and juicy, but is suitable only for young girls. An aged woman by default will not look like this in the most harmonious way.

    Now you know which dresses for the new 2017 photo of the new items are most popular and that you can wear on the most mysterious and magical night of the year. Do not forget about stylish accessories and New Year's mood, because when we are on a positive wave, all desires and dreams start to be fulfilled much faster. Have a great New Year and a great look for all the next twelve months!

    Choosing the color of the dress for the New Year 2017

    According to the eastern calendar, the symbol of the next year will be the Fire Rooster. It is he who dictates what colors to wear for the New Year. It is easy to guess that the main color of the year will be red, symbolizing flames - choose dresses in scarlet, burgundy, coral and purple tones. The Fiery Rooster does not tolerate representatives of the cat family, therefore neither in a dress, nor even in accessories should there be a hint of a leopard or tiger print.

    No less successful choice would be dresses of brown, yellow, green and blue. And, of course, it is difficult to imagine the New Year without dresses of gold and silver color. If you want to bring a zest to your New Year's look, then you should pay attention to fabrics with the effect of wood bark that is fashionable this season.

    But how not to make a mistake when choosing a color for a New Year's dress? The same shade looks different on blondes and brunettes, and a dress of an unfortunate color can spoil the impression of the most sophisticated look. The secret of choice is that the fabric should be combined with a touch of hair and skin.

    First of all, you need to decide on your color type (cold or warm) and, on the basis of it, choose the color of the New Year's dress.

    Festive wardrobe should draw attention to your merits and hide possible flaws. Properly matched dress can highlight the eyes, give the skin a fresh look and even hide a few extra pounds.

    Key recommendations:

    • 1 blondes to face beige, golden brown, bright blue and red-brick tones,
    • 2 ginger fabrics with a metallic effect in cold colors (for example, bronze or silver), as well as green, crimson-red and orange tones,
    • 3 brunettes It is worth trying on dresses of saturated green, bright red, blue, yellow, brick or crimson color.

    Equally important is skin tone. If the skin is pale, then it is better to avoid bright rich outfits, dark skin does not suit dresses of muted colors. Dull skin will help freshen up the dress of dark fabric. These little tricks will always allow you to look good on holiday photos.

    We decide on a style of a New Year's dress

    A truly beautiful dress for the New Year not only corresponds to the latest fashion trends, but also favorably emphasizes the dignity of the figure of its owner. And, of course, to be comfortable - the New Year's Eve will be very long, and the dance has not been canceled. In general, all dresses differ in length and silhouette.

    1 Short dresses

    Halter top and skirt with a high waist

    White dress for the new year

    Mini dress photo

    2 Cocktail Dresses

    Cocktail dress 2016

    Cocktail beautiful dresses

    Fashionable cocktail dresses 2016

    Fashionable cocktail dresses for the new year

    The Fiery Rooster loves movement and dancing, so short and cocktail dresses will be an excellent choice for a New Year's party.

    3 Midi dresses
    Midi Lace Dresses

    Beautiful lace dress

    Beautiful midi dress

    4 Long evening dresses

    Lace evening dress to the floor

    In an evening dress it is not always convenient to dance, especially if it is complemented by a corset. However, models with a high slit from the hip will allow you to conquer the dance floor, demonstrate the slimness of the legs and collect many compliments from men.

    Fitted dress to the floor

    Another fashionable option for a dance party is transforming dresses. They have two skirts of different lengths. As soon as you want to dance, it is enough to unfasten the skirt to the floor and the long evening dress turns into a short one.

    Fitted dress to the floor

    Tight dresses with the silhouette of "mermaid" or "fish" - an elegant and stylish outfit for the New Year. But this option is suitable only for slender girls with a perfect figure.

    Top and skirt to the floor

    Fitted Evening Dresses

    This year's fashion trend - original stand-up collar and dresses with asymmetrical hems or cutouts.

    5 Fluffy dresses

    Fluffy dresses for the New Year 2017

    Fashionable fluffy dresses

    Dress with a fluffy skirt

    The dress is elegant magnificent

    For an evening dress, the quality of the fabric is especially important, so you cannot save on it. When choosing, you should give preference to the favorite colors of the Fiery Rooster - red and gold.

    Elegant dresses for full girls and women

    1 Long dresses for full girls and women

    Bright dresses for full girls

    Fashionable floor dresses for obese girls

    Evening dresses for overweight girls and women

    Photos of fashionable dresses for full girls

    2 High-waisted dresses for full girls and women

    Dress with a high waist for full for the New Year

    3 Cocktail dresses for obese girls and women

    Beautiful dresses for full girls

    Cocktail dress for the full new year

    4 Short dresses for full girls and women

    Fashionable short dresses for full girls

    5 Fitted dresses for obese girls and women

    Beautiful dresses for the new year 2017

    Choosing a fabric for the new year's outfit

    Dress for a modest party with friends can be made of textiles or knitwear - it is important that you feel comfortable and warm (if the New Year's holiday is outside the city). For formal events, you should choose outfits from high-quality fabric, which is able to give a sophisticated look to the simplest on the silhouette of the dress.

    As for the lush evening gowns, the New Year requires the use of expensive materials - choose models from velvet, silk or satin. So even a monophonic dress without decorative elements will look luxurious.

    If you prefer simple, tight-fitting models, try on some lace dresses. Complicated lace patterns on translucent fabric will favorably emphasize all the curves of the figure and will attract everyone’s attention.

    The most extravagant and bold dresses for the New Year 2017 are, of course, the so-called "naked" dresses made of transparent fabric. It was in such dresses this year that the wildest and stylish stars shone on the red carpet. Transparent outfit requires ideally selected underwear, discreet make-up, a certain courage and a special occasion. For a holiday in the company of colleagues or family members, such a frank dress is hardly suitable.

    Choose a dress depending on the type of figure

    With the help of a properly selected dress, you can emphasize the beauty of your figure and hide a few extra inches at the waist:

    1. models with a smell visually slim,
    2. A-line skirt in combination with a corset will suit any type of figure,
    3. floor-length models visually make the waist thinner and look great on tall girls,
    4. very fluffy skirts will not suit miniature girls because they visually conceal several centimeters of height,
    5. dress with high waistline will help to hide full legs,
    6. dresses with a corset emphasizing the waist (with a full skirt or a fish silhouette) will suit the owners of the hourglass figure,
    7. to hide a wide waist, you need to choose cocktail dresses knee-length or with a deep triangular neckline,
    8. full women can recommend knee-length dresses with closed shoulders or sleeves, dresses with a fitted top and wide skirt also look good,
    9. The fabric also matters: for slender girls it is better to choose dresses from light flowing materials, for girls with pronounced forms - thick fabrics.

    Popular asymmetry this year helps to focus on certain parts of the body. For example, an asymmetrical hem draws attention to the legs, and an unusual neckline - to the shoulders and neckline.

    Choose a dress on the sign of the zodiac

    If you just can not pick up a dress for the New Year, then try to turn to astrology. The choice of dress in accordance with the sign of the zodiac allows you to create an image that will perfectly fit your temperament:

    • 1 Aries - is to make a choice in favor of a bright red dress and gold jewelry,
    • 2 Taurus - tight-fitting dresses of discreet colors in combination with massive gold accessories will do,
    • 3 twins - choose strict and elegant models and silver jewelry,
    • 4 cancer - a faded dress, better pink, which can be supplemented with gold-colored accessories,
    • 5 lev - a dress made of rich blue or bright green fabric,
    • 6 Maiden - turquoise color will be the undisputed favorite,
    • 7 scales - preference should be given to dresses in blue and purple,
    • 8 scorpion - your temperament will emphasize an elegant dress of black color with a deep neckline and gold jewelry,
    • 9 Sagittarius - choose fashionable gold or silver dresses,
    • 10 Capricorn - your character will suit dresses of black or dark red color,
    • 11 Aquarius - a discreet gray dress, complemented by large gold jewelry, will be a good option
    • 12 fish - preference should be given to dresses in cool blue or blue shades.

    After purchasing or sewing a dress, it will only be necessary to decide on the choice of shoes, clutch bags and jewelry. Stylish hairstyle and bright makeup complete the image. We do not doubt that the New Year of the Fiery Rooster will give you an unforgettable experience.

    And how do you like black dresses for the new year 2020

    Some may wonder: why black New Year's dresses. It's simple. Black dresses for the new year, as well as for any celebration - this is an ideal option that remains out of fashion.

    Black dresses for the new year in a short version, black New Year's Maxi dresses, black elegant New Year dresses with an asymmetrical skirt, interesting straps and a corset - these and other variants of the black dress for the new year will always be relevant for this holiday, because in a black dress a woman always looks very elegant.

    Read and see how to dress properly.

    White Christmas dresses 2020 - tenderness and femininity are always in fashion

    Next we offer fashionistas to pay attention to white New Year's dresses. Beautiful dresses for the new year in white will look very tender and feminine.

    Short white New Year's dresses or New Year's dresses of white color to the floor you choose, they will no doubt make you fragile, sensual and unusual.

    This image will be appropriate for a family holiday party or a celebration with friends.

    Spectacular red dresses for the new year - the trend of this year's New Year celebrations

    The most fashionable red dresses for the new year 2020 will be the leaders among the outfits for this special occasion.

    It is the red color that is the actual color of the new year, which, in principle, like black and white, will not go out of fashion next year.

    Red Christmas dresses, the styles of which are presented in our post in large numbers - this is a challenge, these are emotions, this is passion and attraction. Such feelings will be able to cause red dresses for the new year to others, who will see you in a bright spectacular dress of red color.

    We focus on the fact that red New Year's dresses symbolize your leadership position in life, joy and self-confidence, spontaneity and originality, at least in the choice of a New Year's dress.

    Ideas of elegant styles, see the photo catalog "Wedding Dresses"

    Stylish New Year's dresses 2020: colors

    We named three primary colors in which the new year's dress will always look advantageous and very beautiful.

    Now back to the palette of shades that are worth paying attention to when choosing a dress for the new year 2020.

    Believe me, you can't go wrong if you choose dresses for the new year of bright scarlet, blue, stunning red, deep burgundy, bright orange colors.

    The actual will be New Year's dresses 2020 saturated green, cheerful yellow, as well as New Year's dresses in soothing and muted shades.

    At the peak of popularity will be festive dresses in pleasant brown, gray, purple colors.

    Well, and, of course, it is impossible not to mention the New Year's dresses in traditional silver and gold color, which will sparkle, distinguishing you from others.

    New Year's dresses with unusual prints that will always be a highlight among the usual New Year dresses will not go out of fashion.

    How to choose New Year's dresses 2020

    Before you choose New Year's dresses, you should decide which styles of New Year's dress will suit you, whether it would be appropriate to wear, for example, a beautiful New Year's dress on the floor, or you can do with New Year's outfit for home furnishings, whether the new ones will be comfortable for you year, or they will hamper your movements.

    It is also very important that the New Year's dresses that you have chosen match the dress code of the upcoming New Year's event.

    You understand that celebrating the new year with your family and participating in the New Year party of a large company is clearly not the same thing.

    These and other moments should definitely be considered before choosing New Year's dresses for the upcoming holiday.

    New Year's dresses 2020: styles and options for Christmas outfits

    Stylists recommend this year to prefer New Year evening dresses. These include beautiful dresses for the new year on the floor, New Year dresses with open backs, New Year dresses with a corset, unusual asymmetrical New Year dresses, bright and spectacular New Year dresses with a fluffy skirt, etc.

    Cocktail dresses for the new year, which, like evening dresses, always look interesting and elegant on any woman will be equally relevant.

    New Year's dresses - a case, delicate dresses with a light scattering of a skirt and straps, inimitable New Year's dresses with sequins, sequins and sparkling rhinestones - all these styles will be trendy at the New Year celebrations of this year.

    But the special New Year's dresses, which are also very popular on New Year's Eve, are new year's dresses for a masquerade or a ball. Yes, imagine, such outfits can look very interesting.

    If we talk about the materials from which manufacturers make for us the best New Year's dresses, then in fashion, as before, materials such as satin, silk, chiffon, stretch - cotton and other types of fabrics.

    Dresses for the new year look great if they are decorated with rhinestones, sparkles, beads, embroidery and even feathers.

    Take care and accessories. For example, a small handbag, original jewelry and an intricate New Year's hat will complement your stylish look for the New Year's Eve.

    Well, let's still digress from the trends and see what kind of New Year's dresses, and beautiful dresses for the new year in different styles offers us the fashion industry this year.

    TOP OF IDEAS, what to wear on New Year's Eve, for corporate, party, family holiday! New Year's dresses for the New Year 2020 - features

    If you are superstitious, watch horoscopes, calendars, forecasts, probably, when choosing a dress you should take into account which dresses for the New Year 2020 will suit the owner of the year according to the Eastern calendar.

    This time the symbol of the year will be a pig - a kind, harmless animal, calm by nature.

    As a result, the fashion for New Year's dresses 2020 will welcome a calm palette of shades, stretch to the black, beige, yellow shade, read the pastel colors of the color spectrum.

    But, like every holiday, New Year's dresses for the New Year 2020 can not do without red, burgundy, dark green, blue, black, emerald, purple and beige.

    Evening and cocktail dresses for the New Year 2020 will not leave parties and corporate parties in gold and silver modulations that are close to the winter season and a number of other trends.

    New Year's dresses 2020 in these and other colors look in our TOP OF IDEAS, where the most actual variants and novelties for today are demonstrated.

    And so, what to wear for the New Year 2020, and what new year's dresses to adopt?

    Chic New Year's dresses for the New Year 2020 in noble shades - the undisputed trends of festive images

    Let's consider the trendy at all times New Year's dresses for the New Year 2020 in black, various green, saturated with blue and passionate red.

    There were many of them in the new collections of evening dresses. Each new year's dress in black, blue, red, green is a masterpiece, especially if the image is thought out in advance, as the most elegant, feminine, and graceful.

    Evening dresses for the New Year 2020 red, green, blue, black shade will delight with such styles as the year, Empire, A-silhouette.

    The cocktail New Year's dresses for New Year 2020, offered in deep shades, will enchant the splendor of the French length in the case, sun, basque and trapezoid.

    Each style is unique and unrepeatable, if it is selected according to the proportions and stylistic preferences of a lovely lady, so the models named, no doubt, will manifest themselves in other colors too.

    New Year's images with dresses 2020 - TOP styles

    Most women are looking for, as a rule, New Year's dresses 2020, which would be appropriate to wear for these holidays, and not to overlook this outfit the remaining days of the year.

    That is why it should, as we have said, prefer not only elegant dresses for the New Year with a fluffy, voluminous, tulle skirts, but also concise and modest models.

    The designers decided to include the New Year's dresses for the New Year 2020 with the softest lace in any shade, playful dresses with chiffon skirts, stylish cropped top and mallet models.

    Traditional variations of straight cut will also be in the theme of the New Year's celebration.

    New year dresses 2020 with frills, charming novelties with ruffles, magnificent variations with a sleeve on one shoulder will help to diversify the calm solutions of the styles.

    If simplicity and elegance are not what you are looking for, the best idea for slender and elegant will be dresses for the New Year 2020 with bindings, mesh, lace on the back, parted shoulders, luxurious neckline and bustier in all its variations.

    Gorgeous new dresses for the New Year 2020: innovation images

    Fashion is cyclical. This phrase has been said and retold more than once. Therefore, the fact that New Year's dresses for the New Year 2020 will repeat some of the already well-known trends are not new.

    Designers decided to introduce stylish retro images with spectacular styles of dresses in this style into New Year's dresses.

    Always gorgeous and unique New Year's dresses 2020 with sequin decor - an old-new trend, always reviving in fashion after a certain period.

    The models of dresses, embroidered with gold and silver, stylish styles in shimmering and iridescent fabrics and, with appliqués, will undoubtedly become the best outfits for spectacular fashionistas on the first night of the year.

    And what about the fur, feathers, plumes in the dress. Yes Yes! Such dresses for New Year 2020 are luxurious models for luxurious women who allow themselves the most stylish ladies.

    By the way, in winter it is important to wear a dress made of fabrics such as satin, velvet, leather, suede. They can also be beaten in the New Year's images.

    We complement the New Year's images 2020 correctly

    Stylists and critics of fashion recommend 2020 New Year's Dresses to complement exquisite jewelery with pearls, elegant bijouterie, or precious jewelery, bracelets, pendants, necklaces when it comes to a luxurious evening look for the New Year.

    But do not hang yourself with accessories, if the dress is very luxurious. Everything should be in moderation.

    Christmas images - this is not only a dress. Pick up the bag envelope, clutch, small handbag on a chain.

    Choose a bolero, a fur coat, a cape coat, a model with a collapsible collar, so that you feel comfortable in addition to the room where the party takes place.

    Create harmonious Christmas images with Hollywood or retro curls, hairstyles arranged in a bun, tail, braid, etc.

    New Year's manicure and New Year's makeup should be thought out in advance, because they are no less important than the same hairstyle.

    When everything is thought out and selected, it remains only to celebrate the arrival of the new year, to hold the old one, making a wish for a happy future, confidently expecting only the best for yourself.

    Chic evening dresses for the New Year 2020 - long and short models

    On New Year's Eve, going to an official celebration, women can choose a beautiful evening dress. The length of the evening dress for the New Year 2020 can be maxi, fashionable now and New Year's dresses in midi length, as well as short cocktail New Year's dresses of the original cut.

    Choosing a new year's dress to the floor, pay attention to the fish silhouette dresses with a small train. In a similar New Year's dress you will look like a real queen. Long-sleeved A-line New Year dresses will be very popular.

    Elegant open back, bare shoulders, a high slit, iridescent flowing fabrics will emphasize femininity and elegance of the New Year's dress.

    If you are going to have fun and dance all night, it is better to choose short styles of dresses for the New 2019 year, presented by interesting and elegant options.

    Beautiful New Year dresses with a fluffy skirt look playful and romantic, and fitting short dresses for the New Year and case models, complemented by embroidery, lace, sequins, feathers will appeal to bold and extraordinary personalities.

    Fashionable knitted New Year's dresses 2020 - the actual elegant styles

    Among the large number of models and styles of dresses for the New Year 2020 there are very interesting and beautiful knitted dresses, suitable also for New Year's outfit.

    Warm and cozy cashmere and knitted New Year's dresses are perfect for a family celebration of the New Year at home. Mostly it will be short knitted dresses for the new year, decorated with lace, frills, lace knitting.

    The New Year's image in a beautiful knitted dress needs to be complemented with accessories, then the New Year's outfit will look more festive and elegant.

    The royal choice - velvet dresses for the New Year 2020

    New Year's trend 2020 on the right are clothes from velvet. Beautiful velvet New Year's dresses are both evening long styles, and original short models.

    Pleasant to the touch, lightweight and comfortable velvet dresses are perfect for creating a chic New Year's look. Classic black, noble blue, passionate burgundy and even bright yellow velvet are used in the tailoring of New Year's dresses 2020.

    Fashionable New Year velvet dresses do not need additional decoration, the maximum that a velvet dress for New Year can be decorated with is lace trim and embroidery.

    A worthy alternative to dresses for the New Year 2020 - beautiful costumes with a skirt

    The number of fashionable Christmas outfits 2020 includes not only dresses for the New Year. The original option that you can wear for the New Year will be an alternative holiday outfit with a skirt.

    We are talking about fashionable dresses in this season in the style of a top crop, consisting of a skirt and a cropped top. A suit of this type with a skirt in the evening version will easily replace the classic New Year's dress. The skirt itself can be of different lengths and cut: short, fluffy, to the floor, mermaid, pencil.

    If you are looking for an original and stylish version of the dress for the New Year, New Year dresses in the cropping top style is the most suitable choice.

    Watch the video: Dresses for Christmas Party and New Year. Fashion for Women over 40 2018 (December 2019).