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After shave products

Aftershave lotion relieves irritation, makes skin soft, moist and protects the surface from inflammation. The tool is used to remove hair with a razor, electric or conventional type. In the first case, the lotion is applied before hair removal, in the second - after. This is due to the fact that applying a liquid creates a certain layer of protection, it helps to increase the stiffness of the hairs, thanks to which it is easier to remove them, and the skin is not injured.

Features of the tool

An experienced cosmetologist will instantly distinguish quality products from a cheap counterpart, it differs in consistency, components, and even smell. If you experience skin problems, for example, you are worried about increased dryness or sensitivity, you should visit a specialist to suggest which remedy is better to choose, and he will explain why you need lotion and other men's hygiene products. It is best to give preference to cosmetics from one brand, since such products are in perfect harmony with each other. It is important that all elements of the series of products have the same smell - this immediately distinguishes high-quality products.

There are several types of products that are used after shaving. They differ in composition, and to be more precise, in the substance that forms the basis. For example, a tonic is made up of water, alcohol, and witch hazel. The basis of the lotion is water, so the substance is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Shaving lotion is not recommended for people with increased dry skin. Another contraindication is the presence of damage, traces of inflammation and even a slight redness.

Aftershave lotion allows you to get a healthy, beautiful and well-groomed skin. So that it guarantees good hydration, eliminates shine and guarantees reliable protection against infections, it is necessary to choose the right product. There are several choices and recommendations that can be used to facilitate this process.

How to choose a lotion?

Female shaving products are not suitable for moisturizing men's skin after shaving. This is because the skin of men produces a lot of fat. The tool with a small amount of active ingredients only aggravates the situation, provoking the development of acne and acne. Men's aftershave lotions allow you to cope with shine.

Do not buy cosmetics for the face, which includes alcohol, it will adversely affect the condition of sensitive skin. This substance can cause increased dryness of the skin, which will cause the body to produce more fat, but it will not come to the surface, but will accumulate under the skin, which will cause acne and inflamed acne.

It is better to use products that include aloe extract and vitamin E. These components have a positive effect on the cells of the body, saturate them with beneficial compounds, which makes the skin beautiful and healthy.

When buying cosmetics, it is necessary to study the composition, because each substance performs its role:

  • lemon oil - has an antiseptic effect,
  • sandalwood oil - relaxes, soothes, eliminates aging. This ingredient is great for oily skin, as it relieves inflammation and itching,
  • vitamin A - promotes rapid healing of cuts and wounds,
  • vitamin C - increases the protective ability of cells,
  • Vitamin E - soothes the body.

Choosing a lotion is an important process on which the further effectiveness of the product depends. Therefore, this stage should be approached as responsibly and carefully as possible.

Terms of use

Most men know how to use aftershave, but they still make some mistakes. After the skin has been exposed to a razor, the skin should be removed from hair and foam residues. If you notice the presence of wounds and micropores, you should cauterize the problem areas with a substance that contains alcohol. Apply the liquid to a moist surface of the body. A few grams of fluid should be dripped on the palm and rubbed over the entire face, the layer should be even, try not to approach the eye area.

There is a more economical method: a little money is applied on the fleece, and then distributed over the skin of the face. There are men who use a cream designed for the face. Apply it immediately after using the lotion can not, let it take some time for the penetration of active ingredients.

You now have useful knowledge of how to apply aftershave so as to ensure the greatest effectiveness.

It is important to understand why you need men's aftershave. This tool helps to bring the skin in order after mechanical exposure. When choosing, one should take into account the composition and purpose of the cosmetic, and one should not forget about the features of their skin, because some substances are not suitable for everyone.

What are the aftershave products for men?

In fact, in our time there are a great many of them: from balms, creams, foams and emulsions down to masks. All of them differ in time and method of application, and each is different in its own way: it helps with certain problems and suits specific skin types - dry, oily, sensitive, normal, combined. But the best aftershave remedy is, of course, the one that suits you.

What are they needed for?

To answer this question, you need to imagine what happens to the skin during shaving. Regardless of what kind of razor is used (although using well-sharpened blades you can minimize the amount of damage), the upper layer of the epidermis is cut off along with the hairs, “exposing” the skin areas that are not yet coarsened for contact with the environment. This results in two main problems: irritation and dryness. And just to eliminate them there are a variety of aftershave.

What should help after shave lotion?

As a rule, lotion is a remedy for irritation. After shaving, the entire face is covered with small wounds, causing not only unpleasant itchy sensations, but also redness on the skin. Alcohol is added to disinfecting them in lotions, but it has a strong drying effect on the skin; therefore, some men (especially with dry and sensitive skin types) prefer alcohol-containing products with a lower antiseptic concentration (less than 30%). Here is an example of Nivea aftershave:

The main purpose of the lotion is antibacterial protection. In addition to alcohol, it contains silver ions, chamomile and provitamins - they have disinfecting, soothing and nourishing effects. These are the main components of after shave care products. Lotion "Nivea. Silver Protection" is suitable for all skin types, because the alcohol content in it is not more than 30%.

Who needs after shave balm?

And this cosmetic product is already used for other purposes - hydration and nutrition. As mentioned earlier, shaving, coupled with alcohol-containing lotion, very dry skin. In men, it is thicker and fatter than in women, so the former are less likely to need moisturizers. But besides the sensation of tightening, due to excessive degreasing, it is possible to get slipping patches of skin and even eczema. To prevent them, you must use a cream-balm. It restores water balance, moisturizes dry skin and nourishes it with substances necessary for recovery. As an example, consider another product "Nivea":

The main active ingredients in this product are vitamin E and aloe vera. The cream is suitable for normal skin, which again emphasizes: moisturizing requires not only the dry type. It is worth paying special attention to the lack of moisture in the body in the winter: at this time of the year it is better to use just the cream so as not to wind down the delicate skin after shaving.

What should be included?

It depends on the purpose for which you use the tool. If moistening is necessary, then the leading components should be substances such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera. It should avoid products containing salicylic acid and alcohol, which are very dry skin.

If you are looking for a remedy for irritation after shaving, then you should pay attention to salicylic acid: it will prevent infections, redness and future scars.

Once again: the composition of lotions in most cases includes alcohol. For normal skin, this may not be critical, but dry owners need to carefully monitor the composition. If you want to find out if there is alcohol in the product you are using, then this is easy to do: after applying the alcohol-containing lotion, it should slightly burn the skin.

A real treasure in care products is Aloe Vera. The plant is suitable for achieving all the above objectives. It has a strong moisturizing effect, contains vitamins E and C, helps speed up cell regeneration, prevents infection. The presence of such a component in the composition is a definite plus.

What is important for men when choosing?

When choosing cosmetics for skin care in the first place, men pay attention to several specific factors.

Very often, before you figure out what means is used for what, what components should be included in its composition and when to use it, men simply buy the first available tube and evaluate its effect - it became even worse? Got better?

But it would be wrong to say “the first available tube”, because design is the first thing that customers see and think about. Men like comfortable packaging, pleasant colors (dark blue and dark green gamut), stylish design without frills. Oddly enough, for many, when choosing an after-shave product, the first criterion is appearance.

And the second criterion is smell. But this point is obvious - if the aftershave that you put on your face every day has an unpleasant odor, it will be impossible to use it.

In defense of the choice of men, we can say that they pay attention to the type of skin for which the product is intended. Although there is nothing wrong with the orientation on their own feelings of use. However, if you paid more attention to the active ingredients, you would be able to find the perfect remedy for you.

Is it possible to use female means?

Indeed, are all these creams, gels, foams and lotions needed if similar products are made for women? Does it make sense to buy after-shave products for men?

Yes, we are. Firstly, it is banal because of the smell - all women's cosmetics usually have a too sweet fragrance for men. Secondly, the moisturizer for women's skin may be too oily for men, thicker and protected from nature.

Nevertheless, nothing terrible will happen if you will even on an ongoing basis use such cosmetics for skin care. For example, it is much easier to find really gentle female aftershave products than for men, also with a whole range of fragrances and additional components.

Never forget that any skin needs care, especially after such a traumatic procedure as shaving. Properly selected aftershave products will help you maintain a tidy appearance and healthy skin every day.

Main functions

Even the most modern razors leave many micro-cuttings on the skin, invisible to the eye. It injures the epidermis, can cause irritation and redness.

A good aftershave lotion for men provides complete skin care, performing a number of functions.

  • Soothes the epidermis, mitigating the effects of mechanical damage, relieves redness,
  • Prevents inflammation and irritations
  • Disinfects microranges, heals, promotes the speedy recovery of the skin,
  • Freshens gives the face tone,
  • Moisturizes maintains an optimal water balance on the skin throughout the day,
  • It protects the face from the external environment,
  • Gives the skin pleasant aroma (if necessary).

Lotions for women are slightly different from the male counterparts. They must also have disinfectant and healing properties. However, to flavor the skin, such agents are not intended. But many women's lotions are composed of special components that slow down the growth of new hairs.

Such tools are in many professional skin care lines after epilation of any kind (wax, shugaring, etc.). Any of these lotions are suitable for skin treatment after hair removal with a razor.

Advantages and disadvantages

The light texture of the lotion allows it to be easily distributed over the skin and quickly absorbed. Means do not leave greasy marks and sticky feeling, do not stain clothes. The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the products help the skin to repair damaged cells faster.

Healing oils, herbal extracts and other nutritional and moisturizing additives turn lotion into a complete care product. This is especially important for men with dry and sensitive skin, neglecting the use of creams.

The visual effect is also important. Lotions instantly neutralize redness, providing a well-groomed appearance.

Many men use after-shave care and as a way to give the skin a pleasant aroma. Perfume is appropriate in a business setting, and on a romantic date. Someone uses the lotion as an independent flavoring element, and someone enhances its action with toilet water.

In this case, it is recommended to purchase all the care products of the same brand with the same aroma. In this case, the lotion will help reveal all the facets of perfume, creating an elegant and attractive image.

But many men acquire products with an alcohol content. They mistakenly believe that only this component is able to effectively disinfect the skin. However, alcohol-containing products can give the opposite effect.

Owners of dry and sensitive skin with their use may feel a strong burning sensation, which is not the norm. Also, an additional irritating factor may not only not reduce redness, but enhance it. In addition, this component can cause even greater dryness and tightness of the skin, causing severe discomfort.

People who are prone to allergies should pay attention to other components of the funds. Even useful and caring supplements with individual intolerance can be harmful to health. Therefore, before buying it is important to examine the composition of the lotion.

And of course, it is worthwhile to decide in advance whether you need pronounced aromatic properties of the product. If you prefer odorless products or use toilet water, the manufacturer of which does not produce shaving products, get a neutral version without fragrances.

How to choose?

When choosing a lotion first of all it is necessary to consider the type of the epidermis.

If you are familiar with frequent inflammation and shine, you need anti-inflammatory lotion. Antiseptic additives optimize the process of sebum production, give the face dullness and well-groomed appearance.

Such a tool will disinfect microdamages associated with shaving, as well as treat inflammation and prevent the emergence of new ones. In this case, acceptable lotions with a low alcohol content.

Holders of the dry type of epidermis can choose a product with nourishing oils and moisturizing ingredients.Such a tool will combine in itself and the prevention of inflammation, and protection, and quality care. In this case, alcohol-containing remedies are contraindicated.

Sensitive skin requires special care. She also does not accept alcohol and other aggressive components. The product must be hypoallergenic, contain caring ingredients.

For example, vitamin F has a calming effect. Vitamin A contributes to the healing of microranok. Aloe vera and panthenol are components with healing and regenerating properties.

Often, products designed to care for sensitive skin contain the corresponding label on the label.

Male aftershave is advisable to choose the same firm that foam or gel. In this case, they will harmoniously complement the impact of each other. Recall also that all products of the same line usually have an identical flavor.

As for women's lotion, it should have all the properties of a delicate restorative. Optionally, you can choose a product with components that slow down the growth of hairs.

Also, when choosing a lotion is better to give preference to one of the well-known brands that have earned the trust of customers and positive reviews.

How to use?

Like any cosmetic product, aftershave lotion has some features of application.

  1. Clear skin from other means. Carefully wash off the foam or gel that you used in the hair removal process.
  2. Treat accidental cuts with alcohol. If the lotion contains this component in its composition, then this item can be skipped.
  3. Blot your face with a towel, but do not wipe dry. Lotion is best applied to a slightly moist skin.
  4. Pour a portion of the product into the palm of your hand. and evenly spread over the face with your hands. You can also use a cotton pad for this.
  5. If you use day cream besides lotion, wait a few minutes and then apply the cream.

The technique of using a care product after shaving for women is almost identical. The product is applied after thorough cleansing. The only difference is that in this case the epidermis may be dry.

In addition, many post-epilation drugs are available in bottles with a spray. This allows you to distribute the lotion over the treated surface by pressing the valve.

Rating of popular brands

Brand products have an opaque, slightly creamy texture and unobtrusive light aroma. Complex «Active Comfort» soothes and moisturizes the skin. Lotions neutralize redness, prevent the occurrence of irritation. A series for sensitive skin does not contain alcohol and other aggressive components.

The products of this company are distinguished by bright invigorating aromas. Brand lotions also contain soothing and healing ingredients that soften and moisturize the skin. The composition of lotions includes alcohol.

Elegant bottles known to everyone in red packaging give freshness, hydration and care. In the collections of the brand there are several products intended for the final stage of shaving. All contain alcohol.

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