Epilator or shugaring?

Fashion trends and styles of the 21st century dictate their strict rules, one of which is the absence of excess vegetation on different parts of the girl’s body, which should be maintained from time to time. Ways of depilation each girl chooses in their own personal desire and individually, because this process completely depends on the properties of the skin and features of body hair. However, one of the most popular methods of depilation at this time can still be considered a shugaring and epilator.

In order to make the right choice - it is necessary to take into account the components of all options. The most popular question that arises almost before every woman is: “What is better to choose, depilation of excess hair or shugaring?”. At first glance, it seems that both of these methods give exactly the same result, but, going deeper, you can be sure that this is not the case.

What is a shugaring

Shugaring is also called sugar epilation differently, and it is a way to get rid of excess vegetation on the body, which is based on a key component - a special sugar-based paste. The process of hair removal by the method of shugaring is carried out promptly, to some extent, painlessly and, most importantly, highly effective. They say that this method was used in ancient Egypt, and because of its effectiveness and ease of use is relevant to this day.

Shugaring is applied on any problem areas of the body, without exception, even the most sensitive places. Sugar paste is similar in consistency to honey or caramel. Basically the procedure is carried out in special salons, but the popularity of the method among women gives them the opportunity to use the paste at home. The course of action in the procedure resembles waxing. The procedure is simple: a certain amount of paste is applied to a certain area of ​​the body, then the composition is sharply removed against hair growth. Since the procedure can bring pain, experts treat the area of ​​the body with an anesthetic. Shugaring also acts as a means of peeling, as the skin after the procedure becomes soft and silky.

Depilation with epilator

For a long time, women use an epilator to remove hair from their bodies - a special device that captures each hair and pulls it out from the root. Yes, it sounds painful and tough, but after such a procedure, new hairs do not grow quickly. New hairs may be thinner than they were before removal, which means that from now on they will be easier to remove.

The question of many girls is that if hairs are removed from the root, then why do they grow back again. So, the hair continues to grow over time, because the epilator destroys the hair shaft, and the bulb remains intact.

Many are afraid to use the epilator, but these are all stereotypes. Those who have tried this method at least once in practice continue to use it. The most important thing here is, of course, knowledge of the rules and instructions for using the epilator.

Positive characteristics of shugaring:

  • 1) Savings. Special sugar paste can not be purchased, because sugar paste can be prepared at home on your own. The correct recipes can be found on the Internet. Usually, only those ingredients that are always at hand are required.
  • 2) No side effects. Since the composition of the paste consists of only natural products, then no allergies should arise.
  • 3) Comprehensive. Paste is designed to be used absolutely on any parts of the body.
  • 4) Safety and harmlessness. Application and removal of paste does not violate the structure of the skin. The temperature of the special paste is permissible for humans.
  • 5) Changes in the structure of hairs. Constant use of sugar paste as a removal of unwanted vegetation from the body leads to the fact that the structure of the hair becomes softer, thinner, and begins to succumb to removal. This saves time and efficiency in the subsequent procedure.
  • 6) Inadmissibility of ingrown hairs. Some types of depilation can cause ingrown hair, as a result of intradermal inflammation. After shugaring such a situation is almost impossible if properly carried out the procedure. On the contrary, sugar paste can work as a scrub and body peeling.
  • 7) Favorable skin effect. Thanks to the procedure, dead skin particles are removed along with the hairs. The skin becomes soft and soft.
  • 8) Duration of action. For up to two weeks, smooth skin may remain.

Despite all the advantages, alas, the disadvantages of this method also exist:

  • 1) Requires a specific hair length. This results from the fact that too short hairs do not give in to catching by means of paste.
  • 2) The first procedure takes always a lot of time, since there is no experience.
  • 3) Possible muscle discomfort.
  • 4) Acute painful feelings in beginners.
  • 5) The cost of the resource on the ingredients for cooking pasta.

The advantages of using the epilator:

  • 1) Compact size. This suggests that the depilation procedure can be carried out by the epilator not only within the house, but also on trips, on vacation, etc.
  • 2) Efficiency. Since special efforts are not required - ten minutes for everything about everything is enough.
  • 3) Efficiency. The effect lasts from one to four weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the hair and body.
  • 4) Convenience. For the procedure does not need additional funds.

But the disadvantages also do not exclude:

  • 1) Soreness of the procedure. Some girls even after several applications can not get used to this method. But, in any case, you can use analgesics.
  • 2) The likelihood of ingrown hairs on the body.
  • 3) Epilator is not an option for sensitive body areas.

How to choose between these two methods?

In modern times, it is impossible to single out any particular ideal method of depilation, since all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Roughly speaking, both shugaring and epilator give the same effective result. And the choice of which option depends only on the individual characteristics of each girl.

Those who have little free time, of course, prefer the epilator, instead of preparing the paste, apply it, and delete it in accordance with the rules. And in order to eliminate discomfort, they use painkillers.

In conclusion, I want to write that girls should be careful with the choice of the method of depilation, because each is suitable for something different, depending on the structure of hair. A properly selected method is a pledge to femininity and beauty!

Benefits of sugar hair removal

  • Cheapness Water, sugar and citric acid are among the products that are in each kitchen. Yes, and they cost mere pennies,
  • Hypoallergenic. The composition of shugaring includes natural ingredients that are well tolerated by the human body.
  • Shugaring is suitable even for sensitive and prone skin irritations,
  • Lack of severe pain. Sugar caramel is applied to a small area of ​​the body, and therefore pain during epilation is reduced to a minimum,
  • You have the opportunity to cook pasta for shugaring in your home.
  • Barely warm and very soft sugar ball eliminates any possibility of skin injury.
  • After hair removal by shugaring, the hairs grow very thin and weak. There is no talk about the problem of ingrown hairs and inflammations,
  • Sugar hair removal is suitable for any type of skin and hair of any thickness and stiffness,
  • Hair removal with sugar solution is suitable for any part of the body - hands, face, legs and even a deep bikini,
  • Shugaring has a slight peeling effect (removes the horny layer of the epidermis) so that the skin becomes soft, soft, young and healthy,
  • The effect of sugar hair removal lasts as much as 20-25 days, during which you can enjoy an absolutely smooth skin.

Unfortunately, no cosmetic procedure is complete without flaws. Shugaring is no exception.

Disadvantages of shugaring:

  • The need to grow hairs to a certain length - 4-7 mm. But against very short hairs (1-2 mm), sugar paste is simply powerless,
  • Time consuming For cooking pasta, which, mind you, may not work out on the first try. Plus the time for the procedure itself, which depends entirely on your experience. If everything comes out the first time, you will spend two to three hours,
  • Shugaring categorically does not suit girls who suffer from allergies to lemon or honey - the main components of caramel.

Epilator or shugaring? The fight goes on!

The advantages of the epilator

Until recently, hair removal with an epilator was very common. Some women are so fond of these small cars that they did not want to exchange them for any other options. What is the reason for such devotion?

  • The epilator is compact in size, you can carry it with you on any business trip or trip,
  • The procedure is fast enough and does not require a complex preparatory process and additional material investments,
  • The epilator cuts the hair down to the hair follicle itself.
  • The result is stored for a month
  • Can be used at home
  • After the procedure it is not necessary to take a shower
  • The epilator is very simple in operation and care.

Here, perhaps, all the advantages of this method of removing unwanted vegetation.

Disadvantages of the epilator:

  • Severe pain during the procedure. You can get used to it only over time. Newbies are waiting for a real shock.
  • After the epilator, ingrown hairs are often left, which cause a lot of care,
  • Epilator can not remove facial and bikini hair,
  • High risk of injury to the skin. This can lead to the fact that several hairs will grow from one bulb at once,
  • As a result of this epilation, pustules, redness and flaking may appear on the skin.

As you can see, shugaring has a huge amount of advantages, which is not the case with typewriter-epilators. Think about it! Perhaps you should reconsider your views on modern cosmetology?

The strengths and weaknesses of shugaring as a way to combat excess vegetation on the body

Sugar depilation is a fairly well-known and popular procedure for hair removal. According to some sources, even in ancient Egypt, they knew how to make skin smooth and clean with the help of sugar paste. In its composition there are simple ingredients that can be found in the kitchen of each housewife: water, sugar, citric acid.

Smooth skin after shugaring

Like any cosmetic procedure, shugaring has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  1. Lack of pain. A slight discomfort is present at the first procedure, after which the skin becomes accustomed, and the pain is no longer felt.
  2. Preservation of a positive effect for a long time. Usually, after using a razor, the hair appears a day later. The use of sugar paste can guarantee smooth skin for from one to four weeks, depending on the individual characteristics.

Shugaring effect

In addition to the advantages of this cosmetic procedure, there are several disadvantages:

  • Hair needs to grow a certain length, so that the paste can remove them completely and qualitatively. The recommended length is between two and five millimeters,
  • the procedure takes more time than a machine shave,
  • eliminates the possibility of an allergy or individual intolerance to the components of the paste,
  • harder than shaving the machine in the first few treatments.

All the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure suggest that shugaring can be used by almost everyone, regardless of age, skin type or hair hardness.

Women with sensitive skin should simply be more careful and attentive to the procedure of shugaring, and also choose the right means to soothe the skin after the procedure. Usually with some irritation can face ladies with red or naturally blond hair.

Pros and cons of using the epilator to remove body hair

Modern models of epilators will quickly make the skin beautiful and smooth, the hair after using the device grows very soft and inconspicuous. But before choosing the epilator, it is necessary to consider in detail all its positive and negative sides.

Hair removal procedure is simple and straightforward.

Benefits include:

  1. Small size. The device is easy to take with you on trips, it does not take up much space in the house, which makes its storage and transportation very convenient.
  2. The procedure takes little time. It will take no more than ten minutes to remove hair from any part of the body, and the process does not require special preparation.
  3. The effect will remain for a long time. If you begin to use the epilator on an ongoing basis, the skin will remain smooth for a period of one to four weeks.
  4. Just use. Hair removal is quite easy and does not require additional knowledge or specific skills. The main thing is to properly hold the device and lead it against the growth of hair.

In addition to the positive aspects of the use of the epilator may cause some inconvenience. Among the shortcomings of the procedure can be identified:

  • unpleasant and painful sensations in the first few procedures, if you use an epilator without special cooling tips,
  • ingrown hairs

To minimize the negative effects, it is important to follow all the rules for using the epilator, as well as to provide timely and thorough skin care after the procedure.

What to choose: shugaring or epilator?

Each method of hair removal has its pros and cons. There is no consensus that the epilator or shugaring is better. But both methods equally effectively make the skin smooth on any part of the body.

The epilator is more suitable for those who are often on business trips and do not have free time. In modern models there are many different nozzles that will help reduce the soreness of the procedure in the first few times. After that, the skin will get used, and hair removal will cease to deliver discomfort.

It is better to use shugaring to those people who are not ready to spend an impressive amount on the purchase of modern equipment. In addition, this method is ideal for the fair sex, who have plenty of free time. All the ingredients can be found at home and after a few procedures to achieve the perfect smooth and smooth skin without ingrown hairs and irritation.

Use of sugar paste

You can combine these two methods of hair removal, but apply them to different zones. So, sugar paste is better to use on the armpits, bikini and legs from the inside of the thigh, as well as on the face and chest. The epilator will quickly remove all vegetation from the legs and arms.

Skin care after the hair removal process

The process of hair removal may be accompanied by irritation, redness or other visual defects. All of them must pass within 24 hours. To keep the skin smooth and clean, it can be treated with “Panthenol” immediately after the procedure, but only as a cream or spray. If the risk of irritation is great, then this tool can be used the first few days.

In addition, you can not visit the solarium or go under direct sunlight, not only after the procedure, but preferably a week before it. So that the hair does not grow, you need to do peeling and scrubbing a few days after epilation.

There are several practical recommendations on how to care for the skin after hair removal. Among them:

  1. Do not go to baths, saunas, do not actively sunbathe, try not to go out in the sun.
  2. Do not rub with a washcloth for 12 hours.
  3. Use special tools for hair ingrowth.
  4. Apply emollients and moisturizers and lotions.

If you follow these simple recommendations and carry out hair removal every three weeks, you can achieve the maximum effect from the procedure.

If you need to remove hair from your face, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rating of female facial epilators.

What to do if irritation started or acne appeared after body hair removal?

Usually the use of shugaring and epilator passes without negative consequences. But if a woman has too sensitive skin, then there is a big risk that irritation will appear after hair removal in the form of small red dots.

Hair removal from the skin somehow implies damage to its upper layer: microcracks and small abrasions appear. They can not be seen, but they are.

To minimize the risk of irritation, a few days before the procedure, you should begin to moisturize the skin as much as possible.

If the irritation nevertheless appeared, it is possible to use including folk remedies. These include:

  • potato juice. It will help to quickly heal the injured areas.
  • honey. It is a good natural antiseptic that quickly relieves irritation,
  • panthenol. It should be applied to the skin every few hours,
  • chamomile. Broth will remove irritation and moisturize damaged skin.

Cosmetologists advise to apply precautionary measures even before the onset of irritation, since it is much easier to predict it than to eliminate the consequences.

With a rating of the best female epilator you can find in our article.

Brief description of methods

When shugaring and when using the epilator, hairs are removed along with the root. Due to this, the effect of perfect smoothness of the skin is achieved, without stiff bristles, as when shaving, and the result is maintained for a long time: the body takes 2–4 weeks to restore the lost bulb.

The process of pulling out unnecessary "vegetation" occurs in different ways:

  • during shugaring, sugar paste is applied to the skin, which is then removed with a sharp movement along with the hair,
  • The epilator is also equipped with small tweezers or discs, which, when turned on, are set in motion and when the instrument is pulled along the skin, they pull out hairs.

The table below shows the details of each method.

Table: comparison of significant indicators

Comparison criterionShugaringUsing the epilator
The possibility of exercise at homeQualitatively, you can do the procedure yourself only if you have skills to work with the paste.The procedure is carried out at home, independently.
Exercise travel and travelIt is difficult.Easily feasible, since a small device can always be taken with you. There are battery powered devices on the market, which expands their functionality.
For which parts of the body is suitable
  • Face,
  • armpits
  • arms,
  • legs,
  • bikini area (including deep).
The degree of practicality of the epilator depends on the specific device. Manufacturers are devices that can be used anywhere on the body, including in the deep bikini area.
The required length of hairs removed3-5 mmAny: it is not necessary to wait for a significant regrowth of hairs.
Do I need trainingIt is recommended to scrub the areas of skin that will be exposed.
If the procedure is carried out at home, you need to prepare the paste and the necessary tools, a place for the implementation of the session.
Before using the epilator is desirable:
  1. steam skin, taking a hot shower or bath,
  2. to scrub the hairy areas,
  3. depending on the specific device, cool the epidermis with a special device (gloves, nozzles, pouch, etc.).
Duration of the procedureThe more procedures already done, the less time the session takes. The average time spent on the whole body when visiting the master is 1.5-2.5 hours.Depends on the specific device and pain sensitivity. The average duration of a whole body treatment session is 40–60 minutes. For beginners this can take more time.
Pain sensationsEspecially pronounced during the first procedures in the bikini area. Can be smoothed by:
  • using high-quality and properly selected pasta,
  • professionalism master.
Expressed, especially during the first procedures and in the processing of sensitive areas (armpits, bikini, hands). Smoothed by the technical equipment of the device:
  • floating head,
  • special nozzles,
  • cooling devices
  • possibility of use in water and / or with a special shaving gel,
  • drive speeds.
Risk of ingrown hairMinimal, as the hairs are removed in the direction of growth.Ingrown hairs appear more frequently, as the movement of the device is against growth. You can reduce the risk of trouble if:
  • use special massage tips,
  • treat the skin with anti-ingrowing cosmetics,
  • apply scrubs in body care.
Skin care after the procedure
  • during the day after the procedure, do not use deodorant, do not visit baths, saunas, solarium, do not sunbathe in the sun,
  • between procedures 1-2 times a week to process the epidermis with a scrub,
  • pamper your skin regularly with moisturizers and lotions, preferably containing soothing ingredients (chamomile, calendula, aloe, etc.).
SecurityHigh-quality pasta has a natural composition and is safe for the skin. Contraindication - individual intolerance.The procedure is safe when using a high-quality device of a well-recommended firm in compliance with the recommendations of the instructions.
approximate cost
  • When exercising at home, it is determined by the cost of the paste: 1500–2000 rubles per pack, which is enough for 8–10 epilations of one zone.
  • In the salon to get rid of hair from the area of ​​a deep bikini, legs and armpits cost about 2-3 thousand rubles.
Determined by the price of the device. A quality device costs 5–8 thousand rubles. The average lifetime of the epilator is 2-3 years.

I started doing shugaring half a year ago and while I am a fan of this procedure. I’m doing it in the salon, because working on a deep bikini zone on my own is an impossible task for me, plus the master does everything efficiently and quickly. The only significant disadvantage for me is the need to wait until the hair grows to the desired length. In winter, it is quite tolerable, as it will be in summer, until I know. Shugaring of a bikini area is rather painful, but tolerable, but after this area the epilation of the legs seems almost a massage. Therefore, I always ask the master to start with a bikini, then to relax.

What to choose

We can not say that it is better to use an epilator or a shugaring, as each girl has her own requirements for the procedure and the result. What fits perfectly for one may not suit another. Therefore, to make the right choice, you need to answer a few questions.

  • Where is it more convenient to carry out the procedure? In the absence of the necessary skills, shugaring is best done in the salon, in addition, the master has pastes of varying degrees of stiffness, which greatly facilitates the process of hair removal. For home care more suitable epilator.
  • If the ability to grow hairs of the desired length? For some girls, such a prospect is unthinkable, so the only option is the epilator.

With regular use of shugaring hairs grow more and more light, and therefore less visible. Therefore, my master says that if you start to do the procedure in the fall or winter, when there is an opportunity to hide “imperfection” under thick tights and sweaters, then by summer the growth of hairs will not be so critical. I now have "vegetation" has really become softer and lighter, but not yet to such an extent that you can walk, say, in shorts and a topic, without feeling discomfort.

  • How much free time is there? Shugaring takes longer, at least in the initial pores.
  • Is there a tendency to hair ingrowth? If such a problem exists, it is better to give preference to shugaring.
  • What are the material possibilities? The epilator will be much cheaper, since once you have paid for the device, you will no longer have to spend 2-3 years to spend money. Provided that the device quality.
  • How often do I travel on business trips / trips? If such absences are not uncommon, it is more practical to purchase an epilator than to carry a jar of pasta with you or in each new city to look for a good master.
  • How high is the sensitivity to pain? When shugaring, the hairs are pulled out in the direction of growth, therefore the procedure is usually perceived as less painful. On the other hand, modern epilators have technical “bonuses” that minimize unpleasant sensations.

Advantages of epilation

It should be noted that the epilator is firmly located in second place after the razor in popularity among young ladies who regularly remove unwanted vegetation from their bodies. What are its advantages?

  1. Compact parameters. The device is small, packed in a convenient box with all the necessary accessories. Easily fit in a suitcase or even a travel handbag. An enviable advantage for those business women who have to travel often and stay away from home for a long time.
  2. Procedure time All manipulations can take from 10 to 15 minutes - no more. Special training, such as skin steaming, scrubbing, and other procedures are not necessary.
  3. The duration of the result. Since the hairs are cut off at the very base, and some of them are “pulled out by the roots”, the smooth skin lasts long enough.
  4. The procedure for dummies. You do not need to have any skills at all in order to carry out even the first time the procedure of depilation using such a device.

In addition to all this, it should be noted that the devices come with a very original and beautiful design, with a lot of accessories. Special nozzles with cooling, for sensitive skin and a lot of other functions make the epilator a very profitable acquisition, providing beauty without much hassle.

Negative points

Despite the obvious advantages of the device, there is also a "fly in the ointment" that can shake the determination of the ladies in choosing the method of depilation.

  1. First of all, this is the price. Good specimens with modern nozzles, which make it possible to reduce pain, make high-quality hair removal and at the same time reliable, are not cheap. About how a salon procedure for laser hair removal from a good master.
  2. A regular epilator without cooling attachments can cause considerable pain during a session. To eliminate discomfort, you can use tools with anesthetic compositions, but it is not always possible to have them at hand.
  3. The problem of ingrown hair remains urgent, as with a regular shave. If there is a tendency to this kind of manifestations, it is better to look for another method.
  4. Removal of vegetation can be carried out only on the legs and arms. In other parts of the body with more sensitive skin, this method does not definitely work.

We have what we have. But after all the choice is!

Recently, shugaring has become a good alternative to salon methods of depilation and even epilation. By the way, it is also performed in high-class salons and is considered the most popular procedure lately.

In essence, this is the removal of unwanted vegetation with sugar paste. It can either be purchased in specialized stores, or it can be prepared by yourself from the most banal products that are always at hand with any hostess in the kitchen - sugar, water and citric acid or lemon juice.

Many women choose the first one when choosing “shugaring or laser hair removal”. Why? Let's understand in order.

Advantages of shugaring

It turns out that such a procedure came to us from ancient Egypt and since then little has changed. So there is something in it. And what exactly?

  1. Affordability. For the procedure of shugaring you can use the purchase of caramel paste, which has different price categories, but it is quite democratic. But you can become “yourself a beautician” and cook the paste yourself. This will require 10 large spoons of sugar, 2 such spoons of water and 1.5 small spoons of citric acid. If desired, you can substitute lemon juice, but then add one less spoonful of water. Do you have it at hand? Surely always, even the store does not have to run.
  2. Hypoallergenic. The composition of the caramel includes only natural ingredients, especially in the case of cooking at home. Allergic reactions are practically excluded, if only on citrus fruits. But even here there is a solution - do not use lemon juice in the composition, but synthetic citric acid.
  3. Universal method. With the help of shugarniga, it is possible to carry out the depilation of even the most sensitive skin in any places (bikini, deep bikini, armpits, upper lip, arms and legs - a priori). It is only necessary to choose the appropriate consistency of the paste and the method of the procedure (manual, spatula, bandage, application).
  4. Safely. Paste temperature slightly higher than body temperature, so that the burn is excluded. Violations of the integrity of the skin will not, because they do not use any sharp objects.
  5. Gradually increasing effect. Over time, the structure of the hair begins to change. The longer it is to do shugaring, the thinner and more inconspicuous the hairs will become. Depilation will be easier and faster each time, and the effect will be maintained longer.
  6. Fight ingrown hairs. This is probably the biggest problem of mechanical depilation. Hair can grow into the skin, grow in the opposite direction, or not be able to “pierce” at all, which causes irritation, the appearance of purulent pimples and reddening. Shugaring excludes this possibility in principle. The paste acts as a mild scrub, preventing the appearance of such a problem already during the hair removal procedure itself.
  7. Effect on the skin. On the scrub, we have already mentioned. But citric acid, and even better juice (for those who do not have allergies) has a beneficial effect on the skin, restores the upper layer of the epidermis, while removing dead cells, moisturizes and nourishes. Even greater effect can be achieved by adding to the sugar paste natural essential oils, honey and other components.
  8. The effect is quite long, and with each time the hairs will grow more and more slowly, as the structure changes and is not removed from the follicle.

Impressive. But here is the “fly in the ointment” too - where without it ?!

Disadvantages of the procedure

Immediately burning question: what hurts - shugaring or epilator? You can answer this way: for the first time it will be quite uncomfortable, but the sensations will fade as your skin gets used to this method of depilation. And now the list goes on.

  1. The length of hair. For a successful shugaring it is necessary to wait for hair regrowth up to 3-4 mm. Smaller pasta just does not capture and remove. This is not very convenient for areas of "increased attention", for example, on the upper lip.
  2. Skills. For a hair removal session for the first time, it will take quite a lot of time, since you need to “tamp your hand”. The preparatory stage includes not only a specific treatment of the depilation area, but also the preparation of sugar paste.
  3. Contraindications.Despite the naturalness of the components, shugarniga has some contraindications: diabetes mellitus, allergic reactions to citrus or other components of the paste, low pain threshold. However, in this case, any method of depilation (as in principle, and hair removal) will cause great pain.
  4. The economic factor takes place only if the lady uses a ready-made tool for shugaring. A good product is not cheap, and you need to replenish its stocks regularly.

In short, this is all that can be said about hair removal and shugaring as methods of home control with unwanted vegetation. Think for yourself, decide for yourself - what should you choose?

Video: shugaring comparison with epilator hair removal

The epilator is a comfortable thing only for the armpits, I have been epilating their armpits for 10 years now and I don’t feel pain at all, there’s a good plus that we don’t have to specifically shave the hair to a certain length, as for wax. The epilator takes even small hairs. BUT if you do the depilator legs, there are terrible red spots and hair growing under the skin. And if the bikini can still be tolerated (but irritation still appears), then a deep bikini is generally unreal, hellish pain by the epilator. And finally, my favorite shugaring =) - I am absolutely delighted with him. I do it myself, at home. I cook it myself. Never bought once. I spend almost no money. The only detail: hair should be 0.5–1 cm so that the epilation is successful. And the most pleasant thing for me personally is to make a deep bikini a pleasure. Of course it hurts, but compared to wax and epilator, it’s just a lafa.



If you choose between shugaring and an epilator, it is uniquely a shugaring, if only because it SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the likelihood of beginning the process of hair ingrowth. For me it was the main problem. In six months after the epilator, in half a mass of hair, in principle, I began to grow under the skin. I shaved for a year, getting rid of ingrowths with the help of acid-containing elks and creams. Then she switched to shugaring.

Baba Ryazan


Shugaring! My skin is very sensitive .. I used only a razor before, but the irritations were terrible, especially in the armpits and bikini area! I tried the epilator .. the pain is half the trouble .. the most important problem is time! Although the result is excellent, I still returned to my native razor, it really bothers me. And after some time I was advised shugaring. Found a great master in this business!



Yesterday I went to shugaring in the salon, you can say shugaring of the whole body)))) I do not know what wax epilation is, but I can say that apparently, shugaring is less painful, very tolerable. I myself am not sure what I could do for myself, and if someone does it, well, if a professional, then once every three weeks is very affordable and much better than a razor or epilator.



In pursuit of smooth skin, one cannot rely solely on the reviews of other girls and the recommendations of specialists, although this information will help to get a general idea of ​​the methods available, their strengths and weaknesses. The main thing on which to rely is individual characteristics and one’s own life situation. Only by honestly answering the question: “What do I need?”, One can find out what is better, using an epilator or shugaring.

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