Hair care

The tricks and subtleties of dog grooming

Curly, curly hair in Ancient Greece was considered the standard of beauty, so all owners of natural curls were considered “messengers of the Gods”. The time has passed, but the curls are still held in high esteem: many women daily ruin the health of their hair with a perm in order to enjoy curly strands at least a little. However, those who are endowed with this miracle from nature do not share the delight of other people, because they know from experience how difficult it is to cope with curly hair and give them that gorgeous shape that would impress others.

The basics of care for natural curls

Beauty is not a surprise, so happy owners of curls almost every day face various problems: caring for curly hair is much more difficult than regular straight locks. This is due genetically, scientists have not yet fully investigated the structure of curls, but they are sure of one thing for sure: because of the bends and elongated shape of the cells, it is more prone to external factors. This means that even one minor error in hair care that weave will damage the structure of the strands.

So, wavy hair is often thinner, brittle and brittle, and therefore often more dry or overdried. The roots can be fatty - the combined type is most often found among owners of curls.

Because of these features, wavy hair requires special care, the subtleties of which most modern women do not know.


If you ask a woman how she is caring for her curls, then most likely she will answer that she regularly washes her hair, using good means. In the case of curls care should be more thorough and thoughtful. First, you need to determine your degree of curliness: wavy, spiral or curly. They, in turn, are divided into three types. These types indicate marks on some shampoos for curly hair, such as A1 or B3.

Secondly, the shampoo in the store should not be taken first or “good” on the recommendation of girlfriends, but choose according to the type of hair and the degree of their curliness, respectively. It is best to use shampoos from the line for curly hair, because they usually include components that are extremely necessary for the curls. For dry strands, these are coconut, jojoba or licorice oil, extracts of cornflower, witch hazel or white lotus. Fragile broken locks need papain, horseradish or sage.

Third, discard the shampoo that promises a grandiose volume. Although the name is tempting, but usually these shampoos either increase the porosity of the damaged hair, or simply create an additional layer on each hair rather than make the hairstyle heavier. However, shampoo, although it plays a significant role in the care, but is not the only necessary remedy. Minimal care for curly hair should include:

  • quality shampoo
  • balm conditioner,
  • antistatic agent
  • means to protect the hair from high temperature exposure (as needed),
  • indelible hair conditioner.

In fact, washing curls is very often not recommended. Anyway, even the best shampoo, with frequent use will bring more harm than good. But since many wavy hairs simply do not fit, if they are not wetted, trichologists recommend using special indelible conditioners, rather than washing your hair every time you need styling. Although you should not forget about the usual balms-conditioners: they glue the hair scales, nourish them and restore the hair cuticle.

Combing, styling, coloring

It is advisable not to comb wet curly hair, because there is a high risk of injury. At the same time, it is not recommended to speed up the process of drying with a hair dryer or to style the hair with any other device operating at a high temperature. It is better to forget about the hair dryer at all and use a towel instead, but do not rub the hair and tangle it, but gently and carefully wet it.

The comb should be flat and have wide teeth. It is better to choose models from well-polished plastic, because any cracks and gaps will leave a mark on the hair. Moreover, the comb should be washed regularly to remove sebum and other debris from the hair. Comb curls starting from the tips, rising higher.

As for staining, then, of course, it is better to refuse it. However, most often this is an unrealistic task, so try to use natural products for coloring, such as henna. Otherwise, the hair will simply suffer from the effects of ammonia and other chemicals contained in the coloring agents.

Restoration of damaged curly hair

When curly hair is already damaged, nothing better than home masks will not help them. At the same time, you need to know the measure: more than 2-3 times a week, the hair does not need treatment. Pay attention to the following recipes:

  1. mix 9: 1 vegetable oil with sea buckthorn oil (hold for 1 hour),
  2. in 100 g of liquid honey add 3 tablespoons of olive oil (40-50 minutes),
  3. in banana pulp add 3 tbsp. l sour cream and a spoonful of olive oil (20 minutes),
  4. in avocado puree add 50 almonds and olives oil each,
  5. in 2 tbsp. l cocoa butter and jojoba add a teaspoon of brandy.

Rinse these masks preferably in warm water using a shampoo. Oil masks need to be washed off with a special zeal, because essential and base oils usually linger on the hair. In case no home care for frizzy hair helps, then you should go to a beauty salon: now a lot of techniques have been invented that restore curls.

In the autumn and winter, wavy hair should be protected from the cold, and in the summer - from the scorching sun. You should never forget that curls are more prone to brittleness and fragility than ordinary, healthy strands.

What determines the condition of the coat

All dogs are definitely different. Someone nature rewarded with long flowing curls, and someone got a short hard hedgehog hair adjacent to the body. Regardless of the length and structure of wool, its condition depends on a lot of various factors:

  • Heredity. What will be the dog's hair becomes known before it is born. In addition to unconditionally pedigree traits, such as, for example, the length and structure of wool, the quality of the hairline, its strength and the likelihood of some skin diseases caused by genetically (for example, alopecia) are also laid at the genetic level.
  • Nutrition. Familiar to us all from childhood saying that we are what we eat, as well as possible suited to dogs. It depends on the power gloss and thickness of wool, as well as, oddly enough, its color. In order for the coat to be healthy, the dog must receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals with food, as well as eat high-quality and fresh products.
  • Health. Any problems of an animal’s body are primarily reflected in its coat. A healthy pet has a thick, glossy coat, free from dandruff and unpleasant smell. If you feed your dog well and conscientiously care for your coat, and its condition does not improve at all, it's time to visit the veterinarian, and, perhaps, get tested. There are quite a few cases when it was precisely in the appearance of the coat that the owners noticed that something was wrong with the pet and that they went to a doctor in time. It is noteworthy that both the appetite and the general condition of the animal did not change during this period.
  • Care. Even the best heredity and excellent health can be easily spoiled with the wrong grooming. The main principle in dog grooming is regularity. Combing or caring procedures from time to time, according to the principle “when I remember,” do more harm than good. And, of course, no one has canceled at least the initial awareness of the owner about what is useful for his pet. Improper care can also harm the animal.

The use of high-quality cosmetics.

The skin of animals, unlike humans, is practically devoid of sweat and sebaceous glands, as a result of which our acid balances (PH) do not coincide. This is the main reason why you should not wash your pet, even the most high-quality and expensive human shampoos. Of course, after a couple of such procedures, the wool of your shaggy friend will not go anywhere, and may even retain the original shine and fluffiness. However, the process of regression of the hair follicles has already been launched, and after a couple of months of such bathing, you will see how the animal's hairline is changing for the worse. Dog cosmetics are not only ideal for dog's skin and coat, but also contain special components that regenerate wool.

Another plus shampoo for dogs - their high concentration. Due to its density and saturation, such a cosmetic can be used both in undiluted form, for washing especially contaminated areas, and in diluted to the desired consistency. This allows particularly economical use of shampoo, without losing the quality of washing.

We should not forget about the high environmental friendliness of specialized products. Most dog cosmetics do not contain soap and special fragrances, so that such shampoos and conditioners do not cause allergies and do not lead to tearing in the animal.

To keep the dog's hair natural, the lanolin is often added to the products - a special wax obtained from sheep's wool. It not only smoothes hair scales, but also protects the wool from negative external factors.

Even if your pet does not participate in exhibitions, it is recommended to purchase professional and semi-professional products to wash it. In addition to high concentration and careful control of the ingredients, these shampoos are divided according to the type or color of wool. It is best if you use two types of shampoo at once for the hygienic procedure - one cleansing and the other improving the structure of the coat or the brightness of the color.

Frequent washing

Since the days of severe service dog breeding, a myth has taken root in the minds of inexperienced owners that a dog should be washed rarely and preferably with something thermonuclear, for example, dust soap or tar soap. We will not detract from the merits of these time-tested products, however, we note that such cosmetics are far in the past, along with tin bathing troughs and powdered chalk for brushing your teeth.

The dog’s skin and coat, like the human hair, becomes contaminated over time. It contains particles of sebum, dirt and particles of aggressive substances scattered in the air of modern cities. Agree, to carry on yourself such a load for six months, until the nearest dustwash, is heavy. Wool from this deteriorates, skin and hair follicles are oxygen deficient, and the appearance of your beloved pet spoils. To save a friend from unnecessary suffering and to preserve the health and beauty of wool, you should wash your dog quite often. The exhibition - once in 7-10 days, and a pet less often - 1-2 times a month.

Here are the main signs of dirty wool requiring immediate washing:

  • Unpleasant smell. Pure wool has a light pleasant aroma of baked milk. If the coat of your pet exudes a heavy sour smell or other unpleasant amber - it's time to arrange a bath day for him.
  • Paths from tears on the face and greasy beard in wire-haired dogs. Even if your dog does not participate in exhibitions, try to save her from the traces of tears on her face. These dark stripes make the pet's appearance untidy, and poorly washed after eating the hair on the face contributes to the development of pathogenic bacteria on dog hair.
  • Changing the structure of wool. Pure hair is silky to the touch, easy to comb and literally crumbles in the hands, fitting naturally. If the scalp is dirty, it looks stuck together and scruffy, greasy to the touch and more coarse in structure.

Clean skin is not only less susceptible to the attack of pathogens, but also synthesizes vitamin D, providing energy penetration deep into the skin. Another function of the skin, about which scientists have learned recently - the provision of immune protection of the body. It turns out that thanks to washing your pet will not only look gorgeous, but also be less likely to get sick. Agree, rather tempting prospect.

How to bathe a dog

However, in order for all these factors to appear fully, bathing should be done correctly:

  • Try not to comb dirty hair - this leads to weakening and disruption of the hair structure.
  • Before washing, cover the bath with a rug to prevent slipping of the paws.
  • Never wash your dog with too hot water. The ideal temperature when taking a bath should be 38-40 ° C.
  • Before applying the shampoo, thoroughly moisten the pet's body with water, leaving no dry areas.
  • Dilute the detergent to the desired consistency and distribute evenly over the body.
  • Gently massage the shampoo into the body with soft circular motions to achieve the appearance of foam.
  • Praise and stroke the dog, seeking positive emotions while swimming.
  • Apply to the skin after bathing conditioner or stabilizer coat. Such tools will allow you to additionally nourish with the vitamins the hair follicles of the animal and ease combing, making the hair smooth and gliding.
  • Wiping the dog after the bath, let it shake itself to get rid of excess water, and then gently pat the wool with a microfiber towel or other well-absorbing material.
  • In no case do not rub the animal against hair growth, and indeed try not to make vigorous movements.
  • Gently blow-dry your pet's wet coat, paying first attention to areas with shorter hair.
  • Shorthair dogs can be left to dry naturally. In this case, make sure that the room in which they are located, was without drafts.

Be especially careful when washing small puppies. First, their fur and skin are too tender and may suffer from too intense massing. And secondly, the crumbs' immunity is still too weak, and they can easily catch a cold from the general hypothermia of the body.


After washing, the time comes for the final stroke - combing, without which the grooming will not be complete. This procedure performs not only an aesthetic function, giving the dog a well-groomed appearance, and contributes to the growth of hair and improve the overall tone of the body. The teeth of the comb carefully massage the upper layer of the epidermis, improving the flow of blood to the hair follicles.

Teach your pet to comb from early childhood, trying to make the procedure regular and give the process at least 10-15 minutes daily:

  • To get started, get a quality grooming tool. Shorthair dogs will be sufficiently normal comb and rubber gloves used to massage the skin. Arsenal long-legged four-legged friend is much more diverse. This includes a massage brush, a comb with long teeth and a puhoderka. Do not forget about heavy artillery too: a collar cutter and a furminator will help your pet to rid itself of dead hair and areas of matted hair.
  • When combing long hair, start at the ends, picking up small tufts of hair and gently moving to the roots.
  • Never miss tangles or tangles. Put a little anti-brick or special oil on a ball of such wool and try to unravel the mat with your hands or with the help of a comb with rotating teeth. If nothing works, use a cutter cutter.
  • In short-haired breeds, hair behind the ears or under the neck, as well as lush towels on the hind legs, require special attention. Wool in these places, as a rule, is longer than anywhere and easily tangled or loose.
  • After combing, wipe the pet with a soft suede cloth. This will remove the remnants of hair from the body and give the wool shine.
  • Hare-haired dogs, besides combing, need constant trimming, as their hair lacks the ability to fall out on its own, freeing up space for new hair growth.

Grooming is no wonder called the real art. In addition to the above stages, it also includes the care of dry hair, and preparing the dog for the show, and taking care of the teeth and claws of the pet. The dog, whose owner pays attention to grooming, always looks well-groomed and healthy, and, most importantly, this is in fact, because the owner's love is manifested in the daily care of the pet.

Phases of the Moon - a rectilinear effect on hair cutting in March 2017

The human body has a peculiarity - to be charged with various types of energy from the night star. The key point is the position of the moon at the moment in the sky - a growing or decreasing trend. Women begin to accumulate the necessary energy from the 2nd lunar phase. During this period, there is a special surge of strength, there is harmony and balance.

The 4th phase is the final stage of the cycle, during this period the body is energetically exhausted. Therefore, any changes in appearance will entail unpleasant consequences. Lunar haircut calendar for March 2017 will allow you to choose the right day, allowing you to accelerate the growth of strands, increase their volume, increase the thickness.

Forecast for the first half of March:

  • March 1 - negative impact not so much on the curls themselves, as on the organism as a whole. Haircut on this day threatens to weaken the immune system, bringing fear and loss into your life,
  • 2nd of March - slower hair growth, the risk of dandruff. However, at the same time there is a possibility of attracting money and good luck to the house,
  • March, 3rd - curls will grow strong and voluminous. One of the most conducive to changing the appearance of the day. However, you should be wary of painting the strands, otherwise you risk a depression and a breakdown,
  • March 4 - the hairstyle will allow to get rid of the problem of split locks, the dynamics of hair growth increases,
  • the 5th of March - A great day for going to the hairdresser, it will attract colorful and extraordinary events in your life,
  • March, 6 - curls will grow rapidly, however, the nervous system will return to normal,
  • March 7 - the hairstyle today will be reflected favorably on the condition of the hair and will allow you to double your luck,
  • March 8 - the perfect day for dramatic change. Upgrading your appearance will make your mind more penetrating and conscious,
  • 9th of March - The moon in Leo makes this day favorable for an easy hairstyle correction. More active measures can attract undesirable events in your life,
  • 10th of March - Recommended day for a trip to the hairdresser. You will become much more attractive, attracting positive events like a magnet,
  • 11th of March - positive effect on the growth of curls and their strengthening. Haircut today will attract material well-being,
  • March 12 - not the best day to change the image, you may experience panic attacks and problems with pressure,
  • March 13 - this day will not affect the condition of the hair, perhaps a slight lightness,
  • March 14th - the condition of the hair will not change, however you risk attracting unpleasant situations into your life,
  • March 15th - deterioration of the hair condition, possible abundant loss and depletion of the strands.

Lunar calendar from March 16 to March 31, 2017

March 16 - 17 are neutral days for going to the beauty salon. You will not improve or worsen their condition. However, a haircut will have a negative impact on overall health, there may be problems with the intestines. March 18 is a date that is categorically inappropriate for image changes. On this day, you will attract poverty in the home and a state of psychological discomfort.

March 19on the contrary, a great day for action with hair. You will become more attractive to others. March 20 is a neutral day for the condition of the hair. However, a very favorable date for enrichment in financial terms.

March 21 - 22 are excellent dates for cutting, which will make curls thicker, accelerate their growth and eliminate the problem of split ends. March 23 from the trip to the stylist is strongly recommended to refrain. March 24 is perfect for bold and completely new images. Short length, new color, perm - any experiment on this day will be successful!

March 25 - a neutral date for the condition of the hair, but a haircut on this day will allow to fill life with pleasant events. Hike to the hairdresser 26 March allow you to attract positive people and profitable dating in your life. However, dandruff may occur.

March 27 you should postpone the trip to the salon, otherwise the curls will lose strength and shine. Ignoring advice, you also risk losing the right path in life. About the same forecast and on March 28. The condition of the hair will deteriorate significantly.

March 29 there is an imbalance of energy, therefore, manipulations with curls on this day should be postponed. A haircut can encourage you to waste money. It is worth refraining from correcting the hairstyle and 30th of March. The curls will become stronger, they will gain more volume, however, you will open the door to your fears and losses. March 31 - the final and perhaps the most favorable day for the haircut. Any manipulations and experiments are approved.

Photo: haircut calendar for March 2017

Favorable days for perm and dyeing

The most favorable to creating a perm are the following dates: March 14, 16 and 25. The moon is not only in a growing position, but also under the auspices of Taurus and Virgo. During this period, the curls become stronger, their structure is strengthened, the volume increases. Therefore, even the impact of chemical components does not affect their condition in a disastrous way.

The first half of the month does not favor dramatic changes in the color of the curls. It is suitable for light corrections and minor changes. Neglecting this advice, you risk creating an ugly image, which will be quite difficult to fix. March 10 from painting the strands should be abandoned altogether.

Starting from March 12, any bold experiments with color will be welcomed by the Moon. On March 28, there will be a full moon, during which it is worthwhile to postpone a visit to the stylist.

Care products

When choosing a shampoo, owners of natural “waves” should prefer softer, moisturizing, sparing compositions, if possible, on a natural basis. It is not necessary to “torture” such hair with shampoo, which aggressively acts on the top layer of the hair: to give volume, for deep cleaning.

Use balms or conditioners, from time to time make nourishing masks, hair oil, spray to facilitate styling and thermal protection will not hurt (if you use a hairdryer with a special nozzle for curly hair, irons).

Council Before applying the shampoo, apply a balsam, mask or oil in length. Dilute shampoo with water, preferably soft. Apply to the root zone, gently massage the skin. Once again, moisten with water and foam, then rinse with warm water. By doing this, you protect your hair in length from the negative effects of alkali, which is part of shampoos.

Daily styling

  • The most popular styling for hair, wavy or curly by nature, is the so-called wet effect, when foam, mousse or a special styling cream is applied to the wet strands, and finally the curls are fixed with wax, gel or varnish.

  • In fact, it is “on fingers”: rub a drop of wax or gel in your hands, and, choosing a strand, give it a clear shape along the length and, especially, at the ends - that is, you just adjust a little, emphasize and fix the natural shape of the curl. For “iron” fixation, you can apply varnish to top it off (the glossy composition will look interesting and impressive).
  • If you do not wash your hair every day, then in the morning you can slightly refresh your hair. To do this, moisturize dry hair with a light spray (water + a few drops of oil, such as coconut or argan) and re-shape the curls.

  • If you decide to "straighten up", consider the weather conditions: at high humidity, the curls will "crawl at will" and you will simply waste your time. In order for the styling to last for a long time, it is better to use professional forceps, which fix the styling means, and beforehand - straightening shampoo, a balm. Wear curls with pleasure!
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