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Mini Bikini X6 complex for safe depilation

Many consumer goods are fake. Scammers have virtually no barriers to creating an exact copy of the packaging, but the authenticity of the product itself cannot be guaranteed in such cases. After all, the exact formulas of effective drugs that have undergone numerous tests and obtained all the necessary permits are carefully hidden by manufacturers - this is their main competitive advantage.

Mini Bikini - is no exception, because, in addition to official distributors, there are online stores offering non-original goods. Therefore, it is better to place an order and buy the product from the official manufacturer, which offers convenient delivery options, and also holds promotions to reduce the cost of goods.

It is noteworthy that the cost of this tandem for depilation (cream and oil) is significantly lower than the means of similar purpose. The price of Mini Bikini X6 depends on the exchange rate. For different countries, it is as follows:

  • in Russia - 1290 rubles,
  • in Ukraine - 387 hryvnia,
  • in Kazakhstan - 5603 tenge,
  • in Belarus - 305165 Belarusian rubles.

Description and purpose of the Mini Bikini complex

In the civilized world, for beauty and a neat appearance, it is customary to remove excess hair, especially in the summer period. The greatest difficulties are caused by this process in women. Unwanted vegetation is present on the legs, in the bikini area, in the armpits, sometimes above the upper lip. And if the skin on the legs is more dense, then on the face and in the bikini area the skin is very tender, therefore they require more gentle methods of hair removal and depilation.

Currently, there are many methods and tools for hair removal: shaving, plucking with an epilator, bio-epilation, chemical methods, etc. But they have a number of contraindications and disadvantages, some can cause burns if the procedure is incorrect. However, over the years, cosmetologists have not stopped on the way to creating an effective and safe method of depilation. Thus, a new safe and highly effective combination remedy was developed - Mini Bikini X6 depilatory cream.

The main advantages of the complex:

    No pain during the procedure.

The ability to apply to all skin of the body.

Ease of use allows you to apply the cream and butter, not only in the salons, but also at home.

Safety based on the use of natural ingredients. The presence of toxic and potent chemicals is completely excluded.

Getting rid of unwanted hair for a long time.

Lack of hair ingrowth factor due to the mechanism of action Mini Bikini.

Additional nutrition of the skin, which will allow the dermis to look healthy and beautiful.

  • Gradual softening and thinning hair.

  • The composition and characteristics of the components

    Among the important advantages of the described means stands out the naturalness of its composition. The developers of the active formula of cream and oil have eliminated the need to use hazardous chemical compounds, toxins, hormonal substances. Therefore, the impact is not only effective, but also absolutely safe.

    We describe the main operating components:

      Calcium Thioglycolate. The full name of the substance is the calcium salt of thioglycolic acid. This component is included in the Mini Bikini X6 for a reason. Among its properties, the main is the dissolution of keratin proteins present in the hair, due to its low level of acidity. This salt of calcium allows you to gently remove hairs and significantly slow down their subsequent growth. It is noteworthy that during the process of exposure there are no unpleasant odors.

    Jojoba oil. Natural source of skin-friendly substances. It consists of amino acids, collagen, vitamin E, eicogenic, oleic, docosahexaenoic acid. The consistency of this oil is slightly reminiscent of wax (which it is in accordance with the chemical classification). It has a high penetrating ability.

    Green nut juice extract. The benefits of green nuts have been described more than once. This is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, which also has a bactericidal effect. The extract contains ascorbic acid, iodine, vitamins E and R.

    Distilled water. Used as a base for creating Mini Bikini X6 cream.

  • Rambutan seed oil. Rambutan bones are not used in cooking. However, their components were very useful in cosmetology. Their composition includes tannin, which upon contact with the skin forms the thinnest film. This contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels. In addition, rambutan bone substances contain oleic, arachidonic acids, minerals and vitamins. Among the properties of this component is the slowdown in the development of the hair bulb.
  • Useful properties of Mini Bikini X6 Depilatory Cream

    Mini Bikini, in addition to its main purpose - hair removal and suppression of the rate of their further growth, performs a number of other functions due to its valuable composition.

    Useful properties of the cream include:

      Reduction of capillary permeability and fragility,

    Improving the elasticity of the skin,

    Creation of a protective layer and activation of the protective functions of the skin,

    Providing additional moisture and nutrition,

    Adjustment of sebum production

  • Pore ​​cleansing.

  • The mechanism of action Mini Bikini X6:

      The applied cream moisturizes the skin, opens the pores.

    Fruit acids, which are part of the depilation agent, destroy peptide bonds in the composition of the protein chain of the hair shaft.

    Due to the high content of iodine, metabolic processes in the hair follicles are significantly slowed down.

  • At the end, the skin is saturated with moisture and beneficial substances. Due to this effect, the feeling of tightness, dryness and redness of the skin disappears.

  • Contraindications and side effects of Mini Bikini

    Considering the fact that both products, cream and oil, are made exclusively from natural ingredients, it can be concluded that Mini Bikini does not have any contraindications, except for individual intolerance, which can be manifested by rash, irritation, shortness of breath, cough and rhinitis.

    Instructions for use of Mini Bikini X6 cream for hair removal

    Cream and oil are applied alternately. The first is used cream, the second - the oil.

    The instruction Mini Bikini X6 contains the following recommendations for use:

      A small amount of cream should be distributed evenly in those areas where you need to remove hairs. After the end of the exposure time, it must be removed using a special paddle included in the kit.

    Rambutan oil is applied with massage movements to areas previously treated with cream.

  • Oil must be used every day for 14 days. The cream is applied only when hair removal is required.

  • The exposure time of the cream is from 3 to 12 minutes. The greatest effect is provided for the bikini area - 12 minutes. For careful removal of hair from the surface of the legs will take 10 minutes. Axillary hollows need to be processed 7 minutes. On the face, the hairs are quite tender, so they can be removed in 3-4 minutes.

    Features of depilation cream

    Mini Bikini depilation tool has many positive nuances:

    Through the use of natural ingredients, the tool removes hair without serious consequences and prevents the rapid growth of new bulbs.

    • chemical components have been tested, the product has quality certificates. Therefore, its use is safe for women and men,
    • efficiency. The tool removes unwanted vegetation of different thickness, thickness, color, localization. Therefore suitable for combating hair even in problem areas,
    • duration of the result. Chemicals destroy the hair shaft. Components enter the pores, affect the follicles. The processes of cell division slow down. Therefore, vegetation begins to recover no earlier than a couple of weeks after using the cream. The razor cannot boast such efficiency. If you additionally use special growth blockers, then you can forget about hairs in delicate areas for a long time,
    The tool removes unwanted vegetation of different thickness, thickness, color, localization
    • naturalness Minibikini consists of safe components that have been dermatologically tested. Therefore, the risk of negative consequences from depilation at home is minimal,
    • optimum ratio "price-quality". The product is available for everyone. It is inexpensive and can be ordered through the website. This allows customers to avoid trade markups and markups,
    • quick action A couple of minutes is enough, and your skin is smooth, without unwanted vegetation. It is much faster than carrying out sugar or wax depilation,
    • non-hormonal agent. Therefore, the application is safe,
    • painlessness Manipulation does not cause discomfort. If many women are afraid of sugar or wax depilation due to pain, then they can safely begin to use the cream. The composition is applied simply and does not cause irritation, ingrowth of hair and other troubles. Therefore it is worth trying the method at home.

    Unique composition

    Mini Bikini X6 - a complex for depilation, is popular with buyers and has earned positive reviews. What is the secret? Manufacturers have assembled effective components in a convenient formula and stylish packaging:

    • rambutan seed botanical extract. Oils and vitamins moisturize the dermis, prevent redness, peeling, rash. Therefore, after a home beauty session there will be no unpleasant consequences,
    • modified iodine. Affects metabolic processes in the hair follicle. Thanks to him, the growth of unwanted vegetation with regular use of the complex slows down by 15%,
    • fruit acids affect the cortical sphere of the stem. The hair proteins break down, it is easily removed,
    • essential oils and components nourish, moisturize, protect the skin from the effects of negative factors,
    • There are no hormones or hormone-like substances in the cream. This means that the application does not affect health, does not increase the thickness, does not enhance the pigmentation of the rod.
    Correctly using the complex-epilator you can achieve the best result.

    How does the complex work? It consists of cream and oil after depilation. The components of the cream penetrate deep into the pores of the skin. They soften the outer ball of the hair shaft, slow down the processes of cell division in the follicle.

    With regular use, growth slows. Effect as from wax or sugar depilation, but without discomfort, skin injuries. Due to this, the method is suitable for those who suffer pain very poorly. The special oil after the cosmetic session restores the water balance, promotes the regeneration of the dermis, and gives the surface smoothness. Therefore, it is necessary to use the complex immediately, and not separately. Then the result of the fight against unwanted vegetation will be maximum.

    How to use

    Mini Bikini Depilation Cream contains instructions that describe all the manipulations:

    An alternative to the laser technique is found: you should not pay for expensive procedures or endure pain when you can make your skin clean and smooth at home

  • After the depilation session, apply a special oil from this company. It levels the water balance of the dermis after the procedure, slows down the process of cell division in the follicles. You can use growth blockers and oils from other companies, but then the chance of allergies or irritation increases several times. Therefore, give preference to products of one company. So the probability of complications after the fight with unwanted vegetation is lower.
  • When to stop using depilatory cream

    No matter how safe, hypoallergenic and high-quality the Mini Bikini X6 tool was, there are cases when it is forbidden to use it:

    • violation of the integrity of the skin. Under the prohibition of scratches, abrasions, cuts. Aggressive active components of the agent fall into them, which delay the regeneration of the dermis, lead to scarring, the occurrence of complications,

    • pregnancy and lactation. During these periods, the sensitivity of the skin increases several times. Therefore, even if you previously used depilatory creams, there is no guarantee how proven products will behave during this period.
    • increased sensitivity of the skin. If you are allergic to the components of the product, then choose an alternative method of dealing with unwanted vegetation at home,
    • skin after sun, chemical or thermal burns. Before you begin to remove hair cream, wait for the completion of regeneration. Otherwise, the chance of hyperpigmentation or scarification increases several times,
    • Do not use the product before going to the beach, to the solarium, to the bath or the sauna. High temperature combined with moisture, ultraviolet provoke hyperpigmentation on the treated areas.

    In all other cases, the product will give a positive result. This is confirmed by the Mini Bikini X6 reviews from grateful buyers.

    Real reviews about the Mini Bikini complex

    The complex is distributed in our country with the help of Internet resources, here, on social networks, in various forums, many girls leave reviews about the Mini Bikini X6 cream, put up “before” and “after” photos. Consider some of them.

    Valentine, 28 years old

    Means Mini Bikini I really liked, because perfectly and painlessly removes unnecessary hairs on the body. To use simply, the effect is stunning and long lasting. What could be better? Reasonably low cost. Therefore, I recommend to anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money on such simple procedures as removing unwanted hair.

    Maybe there are also girls who do not remove hair on their legs, but I am not one of them. I used to shave them off, but irritation often occurred, even a moisturizer after the procedure did not save the situation. I decided to try out the depilation cream, on the Internet I came across a Mini Bikini. Ordered and was very pleased! Think for yourself: whether to shave at least a couple of times a week, or treat once with a gentle cream and enjoy a couple of weeks of application of fragrant oil.

    Svetlana, 28 years old

    Previously, I didn’t have a lot of problems with hairs on my legs, on my face, but then my body had hormonal disruption, they began to grow faster, to some extent even a little rough. And, if everything is clear with the vegetation on the legs - because of shaving, then on the face, where I did not touch her, the antennae became more pronounced. There is already a razor, I never decide to use. Complex means Mini Bikini X6 I was advised by a friend. I ordered it without thinking. Naturally, I waited with impatience, applied on the day of receipt. Hair retired at 100%! This effect can not boast of other depilation cream, which still leaves the hair ... and sometimes burns. The oil is rather gentle, it is well absorbed, so there is no need to remove it after exposure, in order not to soil clothes and bed linen. After the first use, the effect lasted for almost two months. Re-processed cream and re-used maselko. This time the hair appeared thinner again and after almost 4 months.

    Each organism has its own characteristics, this also applies to hair growth. Someone they grow faster, others slower.But with Mini Bikini it becomes possible to slow down their growth significantly, then it will be necessary to remove unwanted vegetation on the body much less often.

    How does this work?

    Cream X6 penetrates deep into the pores, and the active ingredients in its composition contribute to the delicate softening of the follicle, which is subsequently pushed to the surface of the epidermis, and the hair is easily removed, without causing harm to the skin. The remaining hair follicles, exposed to fruit acids, subsequently produce thinner and lighter hairs, they grow slower and slower after each epilation.

    At the same time, unlike hormonal agents that slow down hair growth, the effect of the cream is naturally caused and does not harm health.

    The method of application is very simple: apply “Mini Bikini X6” on the treated area, wait for the time, then remove with a scapula.

    Cream exposure time:

    1. Feet: 7-10 minutes.
    2. Hands and underarm area: 5-7 minutes.
    3. Bikini Area: 10-12 minutes.
    4. Face: 1-3 minutes.

    After applying a special oil for optimal effect. The price of the set is only 990 rubles for two funds. You can buy it right now and enjoy the unsurpassed smoothness of the legs.

    The expected result is up to six weeks of smoothness after the first use and complete disposal of unwanted vegetation with constant use of the complex of cream and oil.

    What do you get by purchasing the Mini Bikini X6? Consider the main advantages:

    1. Security: the complex has passed all stages of verification and is as harmless as possible. Approved by the American Association of Cosmetologists and Research Institute RosDermoControl. Has the Cosmo Beauty Awards - 2016 as a breakthrough in the field of cosmetology.
    2. Full disposal of hair: the cream has a cumulative effect, thanks to which, with continuous use, it allows you to forget about epilation forever!
    3. Naturalness: the product is made only from natural ingredients.
    4. Excellent feedback that confirms its effectiveness.
    5. Low price for a complex of products, which includes depilatory cream and oil, which slows down hair growth.
    6. Rapid depilation: just a few minutes is enough to get a great result for up to six weeks!
    7. Availability and convenience of purchase: the cream can be purchased online without leaving home.

    This is really a quality product, approved by cosmetologists and thousands of women. It will help everyone to feel like a goddess without a beauty salon and unpleasant feelings, as well as without prejudice to the wallet and family budget.

    Description and purpose of depilatory cream

    The depilation complex consists of two main products:

    1. Cream. After application, the constituent agents penetrate the pores, soften the hair root and push it out. Removal is carried out together with the follicle, without causing irritation or injury to the skin.
    2. Oil to slow hair growth. Thanks to Rambutan seed oil, hair growth slows down significantly, it becomes thinner and lighter. The components of the oil can destroy the protein chains that are involved in hair follicle metabolic processes.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The main advantages of using this complex:

    • painless procedure,
    • cream and oil can be used on any site, even on sensitive skin of the face,
    • A depilatory set is used at home, which significantly saves time on a trip to the epilation master,
    • the tool is based on natural ingredients
    • You can get rid of unwanted hair for 5-6 weeks,
    • hair after using Mini Bikini X6 does not grow into the skin,
    • oil components additionally nourish and moisturize the epidermis,
    • hair becomes softer, thinner and lighter.

    Disadvantages during the existence of not identified, but some buyers in the reviews indicate a high price. The comparison is carried out with conventional depilatory creams, which have various toxic elements in their composition, therefore, the comment regarding the cost is not justified.

    How to distinguish a fake

    A few simple signs of this cream:

    • You can order only from the official supplier,
    • its value does not exceed 990 rubles,
    • sold with oil,
    • The original is delivered in original packaging.

    advantages of mini bikini X6

    The first complex to remove hair with cumulative effect

    The leader in sales among cosmetic innovations 2015-2016

    The only completely organic product that slows down hair growth for a long time.

    Approved at the Research Institute of the Academy of Russian Sciences

    Safely. No hormones and skin burns

      Eliminates burns and cares for the skin. The complex was tested 2959 women during the year.

      American Association of Cosmetologists and Scientific Research Institute RosDermoControl

      Breakthrough of the year in cosmetology! CosmeBeautyAwards - 2016


      Spread the cream evenly on the desired area. Use the spatula to remove the cream.

      Massage the oil into the depilation zones. Enjoy smooth skin and aroma.

      How long does it take to safely depilate?

      Expert opinion on the Mini Bikini X6

      “No serious organization will launch a product that has not proven its safety and effectiveness. Therefore, we waited patiently for the results of the study. A test group of 2959 women during the year sent us reviews, photos and videos about the cream and butter Mini Bikini X6. 97% confirmed that the complex is completely safe and does not cause burns or irritation even on the face. 95% of women noticed that hair growth slowed to 6 weeks. Now they do depilation 6 times less. I consider our mission accomplished. ”

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