Wax strips: how to use

Unlike wax in a jar, epilation strips are very convenient for self-removing unwanted hair at home. They are non-woven strips with wax applied on one side. Everyone who has done depilation with wax is familiar with the stickiness property of this material. It is necessary to possess a dexterity so that during the procedure everything within a meter radius does not stick around. Wax strips partially solve this problem, since the wax on them has already been applied, for a successful result to stick them accurately enough.

This method is good for epilating a flat surface of the lower leg, and for hard-to-reach underarms, and for the intimate area. The small size of the strips will remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body. Wax strips are also convenient because they can be used in the field, for example, on a business trip or vacation. The speed of application and the absence of additional manipulations makes them indispensable in some cases. Depilation with wax strips does not require growing a certain length of hair, wax captures any hairs.

How to use strips

Every woman who tried to wax her own hair from a cartridge, jar, or other vessel, made for herself the conclusion that it was impossible at home. Wax strips will be a real salvation for those who want to have smooth skin without visiting salons and spending money. The easiest way to remove their hair on their hands and feet. Straight and smooth surface will allow to properly stick and remove the strip. Epilation with wax strips in the bikini area is possible only along the line of linen. Deeper removal is better to do in the cabin. For the face it is the most convenient method of depilation.

In order to achieve maximum effect, wax strips must be properly used. Many complain that not all hairs are removed, it is painful to tear off, poorly glued, etc. In all these cases, epilation strips have nothing to do with it, the reason is improper use. It is important to remember the basic rules of hair removal:

  1. Never before depilation should not use scrubs, shower gels and other cosmetic preparations.
  2. Before the procedure, the skin to be depilated should be cleaned with water and a hard mitten - washcloth.
  3. After using the wax, do not go to the sauna, bath and pool to avoid unnecessary substances from entering the pores. After hair removal, holes remain on the skin that are not visible to the naked eye.
  4. It is necessary to treat the skin with a lotion after depilation for disinfection and better healing of microscopic wounds.
  5. Before removing hair from the face, it is imperative that you perform a skin sensitivity test.
  6. It is impossible to remove hair with the help of wax hair removal during pregnancy, with varicose veins and on damaged areas of the body.

The sequence of the procedure

Choosing wax strips for hair removal, suitable for your skin type, you must carefully prepare the surface for hair removal. After the hair removal zone is cleaned and dried, sprinkle it with a small amount of talcum powder. You can use baby powder without fragrances. This is necessary so that, tearing off a strip from the skin, the upper layer of the epithelium will not be damaged. In this case, an abrasion may remain.

Then heat the wax between the palms or with the help of warm air from a hair dryer. It is important that the wax was slightly warmer than the body temperature. Then it is better to stick to the hairs. If the stripes are not heated enough, then more than half of the hairline will not stick. As a result, the woman will spoil the strip and endure the pain without getting the desired result.

The heated strip is divided into 2 (usually they are connected with wax inwards) and glued along the growth of the hair over the entire length. Pressing, pat your palm, so that they stick better. Next, you need to press the skin just below the strip with one hand, and with the other hand, with a sharp movement, disrupt the wax against the direction of hair growth. If not all hairs are removed the first time, you need to powder the skin again, and repeat the procedure using the same strip. When the strips are torn off, it is not necessary to jerk them up; one should direct the movement along the surface of the treated area, as close as possible to the skin. The remaining sparse hairs can be removed with tweezers.

There is one little trick to make the depilation procedure less painful. Having taken a hot relaxing bath, a woman will not only cleanse, but also dissolve the skin, the pores on it will open. After that, hair removal will not hurt so much, hairs will be removed easier and faster. If you remove the wax strip with a quick and steady movement, then the pain will be less, and not removed hairs will remain less.

If wax remains on the skin, it should be removed, as it is sticky and visible on the skin. It is not washed off with water. It can be wiped off with oil wipes, which are usually sold with wax strips. If there are none, then you should take a paper handkerchief, put vegetable oil on it and remove the wax. A few days after the procedure, it is recommended to use a scrub and a moisturizer to prevent ingrown hair.

Hair removal on different parts of the body

Depilation of the leg and hands is the easiest part of getting rid of unwanted hair. The situation is more difficult with the area of ​​the armpits, bikini and back of the thigh. To make hair removal on these parts of the body alone is quite problematic. Manufacturers of hair removers take this fact into account and produce specialized wax strips for depilation on the arms, legs, face, above or below the eyebrows, on the chin or in the bikini area.

Hair removal over the upper lip is also possible with wax. To do this, apply a strip on the area above the upper lip and a quick motion to remove it. Then hold on the spot hair removal special cloth that disinfects and soothes the skin. If a burning sensation or other discomfort does not go away, then ice or a cold compress should be applied. You can freeze the decoction of chamomile and rub it with the skin above the upper lip. You can not do wax depilation in places where there is a mole, visible veins or scars.

The armpits are subjected to the procedure of hair removal, not only for the purpose of aesthetics, in order to put on top in the summer, but also for hygienic reasons. The skin here is delicate and thin, the epidermis in its structure is the same as in the bikini area, therefore the appropriate hair removal agent should be selected. Choosing depilation using wax strips, you can count on the effect lasting at least 3 weeks. It is important to ensure that there are no moles on these surfaces, since the violation of their structure can lead to the development of tumors.

Epilation of a bikini is carried out with wax strips of a special form, repeating body shape. The effect of it lasts for a month, and hairs that grow after the procedure are thinner and softer than the previous ones. The only condition that should be observed is that the length of the regrown hair should not be less than 4 mm, but not more than 2-3 cm. Long hairs should be shortened. The painful sensations of depilation with wax are compensated by the aesthetic appearance and lasting effect. This way of removing unwanted hair, like shugaring, is not suitable for the bikini zone.

Other hair removal methods

What can replace hair removal strips? To remove hair, you can buy a cartridge with wax and non-woven strips. After warming up the cartridge in a wax mill or just in a water bath, apply a strip of wax on the skin and apply a non-woven strip on top. Further all actions with wax strips are repeated. The biggest disadvantage of this method is very hot wax. You can apply wax with a spatula from a jar heated in a water bath. In this case, the wax temperature is also hot. To use such methods of hair removal, you must have the skill.

Independently at home you can make hair removal using sugar mass. This procedure is less painful, and the effect of it remains the same. Sugaring is becoming increasingly popular for this reason. It is possible to cook paste for hair removal in any kitchen from improvised means. It contains ingredients: sugar, lemon juice and water.

Laser hair removal is the least painful of all. The effect of it persists for a month, and in addition, for 8-10 sessions, you can get rid of hair on this area of ​​the skin forever. This process removes the hair follicles. For areas such as bikinis and underarms, this type of hair removal is considered ideal.

Advantages and disadvantages

Wax strips are a common hair removal method, as they have the following advantages:

  • low price,
  • practicality,
  • availability,
  • new hairs grow thinner, lighter,
  • possibility of self-use.

Depilatory strips, perhaps the most affordable way to remove unwanted hair.

Women prefer to do depilation by this method because of the convenience, because the wax has already been applied to the surface. It remains only to use them. Modern products even remove short hairs (starting from 2 millimeters), so you can not hide ugly stubble under clothing. Cosmetic stores offer a wide selection of strips for different skin types, even in the supermarket there is a stand with these products.

Of course, the method has drawbacks, otherwise other methods of removing hair would not have been developed. After their use, epidermis irritation or allergy sometimes occurs. In addition, along with shaving, they occupy the first places in the number of ingrown hairs. For people with sensitive skin, the epilation process can be very painful.

Varieties of wax strips

Share on two basic criteria:

  1. Type of skin. Available for sensitive, dry, oily and normal skin.
  2. Epilation area. You can purchase depilatory tapes for the face, bikini, underarms or legs.

There are paper and fabric tapes. The first option is budget, suitable only for one hair removal. The set includes napkins that remove the remnants of the substance. Fabric patterns are used repeatedly, but the wax is still bought separately for them.

When choosing strips, it is important to correctly determine the type of skin, otherwise there will be no desired effect or severe irritation will occur.

Preparation for depilation

The use of wax strips will allow you to prepare the body and get a smooth skin.

  1. A day before epilation, it is necessary to make peeling of the skin, it will provide high-quality wax adhesion and will be a prevention against ingrown hair.
  2. It is not recommended to use cream, lotions.
  3. If you want to remove the axillary hairs, you will have to abandon the deodorant.
  4. Sometimes the kit includes gels applied before the procedure. They contain ingredients with antiseptic properties, and they also prevent dry skin.
  5. Take a hot bath or shower before epilating, water will open the pores, soften the skin, reduce the risk of harmful bacteria getting on it.
  6. You should carefully study the instructions explaining the rules for using tapes. Only after that proceed to the procedure.

How to use wax strips

Usually self-hair removal takes no more than an hour. The strips themselves, intended for depilation, are a material with a uniform layer of cooled, frozen substance. To activate the adhesive properties of wax, it must be heated. This is done easily, without the use of extraneous agents. You need to take the tape between your palms, rubbing fifteen to twenty seconds.

Then remove the protective film, place the product on the desired area. Remember, you need to stick on the growth of hair.

At the end of a sharp movement to pull the tape against the growth of hair, not forgetting to hold the skin. The removal is carried out only in this direction, otherwise the integrity of the epidermis is broken, and irritation and ingrown hairs appear.

After depilation

Fulfillment of the rules will accelerate epidermis recovery. After the procedure, a special ointment or gel based on cortisone is applied to the treated area. They reduce redness, inflammation, and slow down the growth of follicles. To improve the result, it is recommended to use them for the next seven days, after water procedures.

After epilation, the sensitivity of the epidermis is greatly increased, so for two days you will have to forget about scrubs, perfume, avoid direct sun.


Removal of unwanted hair with tape designed for depilation, is characterized by a minimum number of contraindications, but still they are.

  • chills and fever,
  • insufficient length of the epilated hair,
  • fungus or other viral diseases of the skin, especially in acute form,
  • wounds, scratches, cracks in the zone of epilation.

Depilation is not recommended for pregnant women, since during this period the pain threshold is increased, allergic reactions that can harm the baby are not excluded.

Possible side effects

Any cosmetic procedure can have unpleasant consequences, and they are not always associated with a violation of the technology of the procedure, sometimes it is an individual skin reaction.

  1. Most often, women experience redness or itching. First of all, you need to check the presence of an allergic reaction, in general, to do it better before the start of hair removal. Special sprays, ice and tea bags are suitable for soothing the skin. Universal means are panthenol, aloe.
  2. Insufficient tension of the epidermis when removing the ribbon sometimes leads to the formation of bruises. This phenomenon is not uncommon for beginner cosmetologists or when conducting the procedure on their own.
  3. In the summer after epilation, dark spots are formed on the skin. The wax contains substances that increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, the treated areas tan faster. To avoid this trouble, it is enough to use a protective cream, as well as to abandon the tanning bed for at least 2 days.

Paper strips for depilation

On the shelves you can find disposable paper tape. They are cheaper, and a certain amount of wax is spread on the paper in advance with an even layer. It happens, the wax sticks loosely to the surface, so you have to put more effort to achieve a good result. Do not be afraid of tearing the paper, as it is coated with a special strong film.

Some companies offer non-woven tapes, for example, deep depil made from a special elastic material.

What if it hurts?

To reduce discomfort women use the following methods:

  • steam the skin before waxing,
  • use scrub,
  • carry out the procedure in the first 7 days after menstruation.

It is worth noting that the first paragraph was initially included in the preparatory stage, so we are talking about their repetition. In the absence of contraindications, it is permitted to drink anesthetic medicine or to smear a local anesthetic.

What if the strips do not pull out the hairs?

Equally bad hair removal with strips of wax is affected by too long or short hair. In the first case, they need to be carefully cut, and in the second - wait until they grow.

After continuous use of the razor hairs become tougher, difficult to remove. To achieve the result will have to repeat the procedure.

Improper preparation or violation of the hair removal process prevents complete hair removal, therefore, analyze your actions, follow the instructions.

Increased sweating makes it harder for the substance to work. Sprinkle the place with baby powder or talcum powder, eliminating excess moisture.

What is the best wax strips or wax?

In ease of use, strips definitely win, because the wax has already been applied to them in a thin layer, which means you do not have to heat bulk jars and try to evenly distribute the substance over the skin.

The ease of use of any strips makes it easy to remove unwanted vegetation on your own, and epilation with liquid composition requires experience and knowledge.

What is the best epilator or wax strips?

Wax strips are suitable for short, hard follicles that the epilator cannot cope with, after which the skin becomes smooth. It is believed that those who use the epilator, have more ingrown hair and irritation.

Waxing. . Wax strips for depilation of the face gently remove excess hair due to its constituents.

Wax strips for depilation of the face gently remove excess hair due to the components of caring components.

Convenient roller applicator, allows you to quickly apply hot wax to the skin, wax strips are also superimposed quickly on top and hair is removed.

Wax strips for depilation are sold in sets. Before use, it is enough to warm them up in the palms.

Wax is preheated beforehand (if a warm or hot method is used) or wax strips are prepared.

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