Aftershave Cream Freedom with Vitamin F

Freedom after shave sampler arrived with vitamins E and F for testing. I am pleased to share my impression of the product.
Aftershiva probe Svoboda Men Care

I will not give information about the manufacturer, as the Freedom factory does not need recommendations. It is worth noting only two things: I remember this cosmetics well by the 80s when I was a child. And the second point: the factory works from the middle of the XIX century. See the manufacturer’s website or Wikipedia for details.

I confined myself to a sampler, as I had so many aftersheivs that I would soon have to open a perfume shop. I regretted that I did not ask to buy the product in a normal package, as it surpasses many balms and creams. But first things first.

Composition of Aftershiva Svoboda

There are emollients or humidifiers as part of the probe.

Glycerin A well-known moisturizer. Coco-Caprylate Modern humidifier. It creates a feeling of smooth skin. Isopropyl palmitate A compound of palmitic acid and isopropyl alcohol. Moisturizer, antioxidant. Urea Moisturizer, antimicrobial and antifungal ingredient. Linoleic and linolenic acid This is vitamin F. Moisturizer. Allantoin Humidifier. Promotes wound healing.

It also contains vitamin E, chamomile flower extracts, peppermint, and other herbal ingredients. Parabens are used as preservatives. Some people for some reason are afraid of these compounds.
The composition of the cream

In general, the composition of any questions, comments or concerns does not cause.

How does the cream

It works fine. I squeezed out all 4 ml from the sampler at once. The cream is not very thick, but this volume is usually enough for two uses. Since it was impossible to shove an extra aftershire back into the probe, I had to get stuck with a margin.

At first, the cream "Freedom" seemed pretty fat. But 10 minutes after application, the product was completely absorbed. The greasy luster caused by the excess amount of the drug disappeared in 20 minutes.

Aftersheyv has a pleasant cooling effect. It is short. The smell is pleasant, masculine and fresh. The main note seemed to me an orange or some other citrus.

The product from "Freedom" perfectly soothes the skin and removes redness. Half an hour after the procedure, I forgot that I was shaving. But there was a slight aroma of orange.

By the way, my skin is combined. In the area of ​​shaving with a tendency to dryness. And sensitive: at the slightest liberties, with a razor or makeup, it reacts with inflammation.

Svoboda Men Care After Shave Cream Test Findings

There are three conclusions. First, when I spend my aftersheyva, I will definitely buy a whole tube of “Freedom”. Secondly, once again he was convinced that a quality product should not be expensive, be sold in foreign online stores or be produced in limited quantities. Mass market taxis. Thirdly, I liked cream from “Freedom” more than balm from Proraso.

Universal mast hev for all skin types is relevant in any weather! Saves from obvetrivaniya, save in the heat, relieve inflammation, and that's not all!

Our ubiquitous beautiful female sex is already a lot, which was borrowed from beloved men: someone on the bathroom shelves received permanent registration for male washing facilities and shampoos, someone had male balsams and gels in the yard, and someone began to give preference deodorants for men and perfume. And I am not an exception 8) I like men's skin care products 😉 And all because they work very efficiently, and often cost much less female counterparts.

Today I want to talk about one such "male" representative, whom I discovered since those ancient Soviet times, when it was produced in aluminum tubes, like most toothpastes:

Intended: for any skin type.

The main effect of the cream and use:

The cream has a beneficial effect on shaving irritated skin, disinfects minor cuts and promotes their healing, prevents inflammation.

It has a slight cooling effect, soothes and tones the skin, relieves tension after shaving. The cream is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy luster, it refreshes the skin well, maintaining its elasticity.

Packaging The cream is in a conventional soft plastic tube with a screw cap. Initially, the cream was sealed with foil:

Shelf life after opening: 12 months

The cream is made according to GOST.

Water, vegetable oil, glyceryl stearate, glycerin, emulsion wax (potassium phosphate cetyl, cephylisyl alcohol), cyclomethicone, isopropyl palmitate, linoleic acid, linolenic acid (vitamin F), allantoin, menthol, phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, propyl parabenshenylphenylphenylphenol, methyl benzene, propylphenyl acetylbenzoic acid.

On the official site KO "Freedom" in the description of the cream it is indicated that it contains vegetable oil / Olus Oil (in 2nd place on the list), natural glycerin /, Glycerin (4th place), vitamin F / Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid (complex of linoleic and linolenic acids occupy 9-10th places), active substance allantoin and menthol (11-12th according to the list). The composition is not so bad for me 😉 given that my skin, as an indicator, always reacts to harmful chemical additives with a strong allergic reaction. Availability cyclomethicone (Cyclomethicone) I was not particularly embarrassed:

Used in cosmetics as a solvent and lubricant, but it also affects the viscosity of the product. Dissolving in itself a wide range of components, it is not absorbed by the skin itself, but remains on the surface. It can also fill skin irregularities (wrinkles, fine lines) temporarily giving the face a smooth appearance.

Use in face and body skin care products:

  • excellent light skin conditioner
  • gives the skin a feeling of softness and silkiness,
  • used to reduce stickiness in skin creams and lotions (creams, serums, gels and lotions, tanning and shaving products),
  • promotes uniform distribution of active ingredients on the skin surface,
  • used in antiperspirants and deodorants

... as well as the presence of preservatives was not embarrassing - they are at the very end of the list, which means their content in the cream is minimal.

Consistency cream, unlike other svobodovskikh female creams, very light, more like a cream-emulsion, so that the skin is distributed without problems, lying down evenly.

Absorbability very fast - after distribution on the skin, the cream is absorbed without residue in just a few seconds.

Cooling effect created in the first few minutes when applied to the skin. It does not cause any pain, even on very irritated skin. On the contrary, it quickly calms her down and gives a feeling of comfort.

Aroma The manufacturer at its office is as follows:

Perfumery composition fantasy direction with citrus, fresh notes.

Well, it is too loudly said: p Aroma is an amateur, and just plain - in it, except for the characteristic smell of menthol, I do not feel anything anymore. Smell unisex - it is equally suitable for both men and our fair sex.

When his son was 10 years old, he had a strange reaction - the skin of the eyelids and under the eyes was very flaky. What just did not try, special ointments, children's cream - they all did not help much: first, the peeling became less, but then they appeared again. Until they turned to an allergist, who advised to try this cream, which had to be tested on a child. After a week of the peeling was gone.

Once I managed to use Veet cream "For depilation in the shower" - bought into its attractive packaging, when knocked down, looking for Velvet checked over the years. It was before a trip to the sea, and required an immediate solution. The result was not smooth legs, but burned skin with red pimples: O, the vegetation did not even think of being removed J) Saved my poor legs this simple one shaving gel - at the time of the trip, the irritation subsided to “no”, and the skin of the legs acquired a healthy appearance. I also had to remember the razor.

- in summer in the heat, and with sunburns

Three years ago I was a fan of sunbathing - about nothing, and without a second thought, I flew out of the city at the first opportunity to sunbathe. Stupid immoderation in this once affected by sunburns - the skin was burning so that there was a sensation, attach a wet finger to it, and it will spike like a red-hot frying pan. Neither could sit or lie down:

Mom urged me to use sour cream, and I remembered the cooling effect of this cream. Thickly smeared the burned places with it, and experienced such relief that bordered on bliss 0 :) The cream just saved my skin - no blisters with subsequent unpleasant consequences! Therefore, I do not exclude the possibility that the cream will also be effective with thermal burns.

For summer, it is just an ideal remedy - in the heat it cools the skin well, maintaining its dullness for a long time..

- in winter in frost and windy weather

In addition to various types of allergies, I also have such a problem as an allergy to frost and cold wind - in such weather conditions, being on the street, I feel how the blood literally begins to pulsate under the skin. And then, when I get into the heat, the internal sensations are even worse: the skin on the face first becomes numb, as if from anesthesia, and then it starts to burst from the inside, it feels like a face can burst like a balloon! Outwardly, as a rule, this results in edema with subsequent terrible redness. An unfriendly sight from the side, therefore, I had to come to work earlier than 40 minutes before the skin of the face would “go away” in warmth by the beginning of the working day. And again I was rescued by this cream! I applied it under make-up for an hour and a half before going out to the street, where during the first minutes there is still an unpleasant feeling of frost on the skin (what the same pulsation under the skin lets know), but then everything passes unnoticed and without further consequences. I currently use it regularly - the cream not only protects the skin from frost, but also saves from weathering, thanks to which, I forgot about the constant winter problem - peeling of the face.

Often applied as a day cream for makeup. Any powder, any tonal tool, be it even the most dense, lies on top exactly, just perfect! And also keeps well throughout the day. I heard that mineral cosmetics also go on the cream is good, but I don’t use it myself, so I don’t presume to say

- for minor injuries, inflammation and irritation of the skin

As an allergic person with this cream, I was just lucky - it helps a lot with allergic reactions, relieving irritation and negating the small rash on the skin. After cleansing the face of a beautician, when my sensitive skin reacts with persistent red, this inexpensive aftershave cream helps me again.

Cat scratches, irritation after shaving, or minor cuts - all this is subject to shaving cream.

In winter, when the skin needs special care, I often mix it in equal proportions with a nourishing cream. "Lux"(“Yantar”, “Evening” from Freedom, and any other fat cosmetic cream will also do), and put it on for the night - in the morning the skin looks simply amazing! Such a mixture of creams will be especially good for owners of oily skin, and will also be useful for those who do not like thick and oily creams, while wanting to get optimal hydration and nutrition, and at the same time remove the existing inflammation.

The main advantages of the cream:

- promotes rapid healing of wounds, including after cleansing the face.

- moisturizes the skin for a long time, making it supple and soft.

- relieves inflammation and irritation of the skin.

- well refreshes and soothes the skin.

- quickly and completely absorbed, leaving no greasy and film on the skin.

- an excellent tool for any base with makeup.

- does not clog pores.

- does not cause allergies and addiction.

... and all this for40 rubles!

Using the cream for many years with firm confidence I can say that, possessing regenerating properties, it also gives a wonderful rejuvenating effect - the skin looks smooth, supple and taut, and in no way gives out my real age,) Except for the face, neck and decollete area I use it for both legs and arms. An excellent universal remedy! Try it, who have not tried, and see for yourself.

Awesome tool for rejuvenation.

I am a woman and an aftershave cream would seem to me to nothing. However, it so happened that I use this simple and inexpensive tool from an early age. After a morning wash, my skin feels a bit tight. One day, my usual face cream was over, and I used my husband's cream. Then he was still produced in aluminum tubes. The very first, careful application gave a stunning effect.
First, a feeling of freshness immediately appeared, as if after a long morning walk. I literally felt blood flowing to my face gently, making my skin fresh, moist and elastic. This and in the mirror immediately became noticeable - a light blush appeared. The skin after sleep acquired an even shade.
True close eyes can not be applied - immediately tears of hail due to the large amount of menthol contained in the cream. But this, in general, is not fatal. Later, I began to use the cream and apply on the skin around the eyes only in very small quantities. It eliminates dark circles under the eyes.
Another plus - the skin is moistened for a long time. I applied the cream after shaving before doing makeup. Tunnels on it go very smoothly. And it protects the skin from drying out under the foundation during the day. Yes, and this makeup cream then perfectly removes. Later I tried many different expensive face creams designed to moisturize or to prevent aging. Found nothing better - honestly. Serums and masks are good, but they did not give such an instant result. And some just did not fit.
Of course, now there are a lot of quality creams for different skin types and for different ages. But even their prices sometimes bite so much that I simply did not succeed in trying out some tempting promotional offers.
And yet - it’s scary to admit it and I can’t say for sure - it seemed to me that this cream has an anti-aging effect. The fact is that with my colleagues at work and friends who are younger than me by 6 or even 8 years, I always looked like my age. And with my 14-year-old daughter we were sometimes mistaken for girlfriends. Of course, now the age is taking its toll - the experiences and problems did not go unnoticed by the exterior. In addition - what a sin to conceal - I smoke, like a locomotive, and I just can’t quit this idiotic habit. Still, the aftershave cream continues to work wonders. After a sleepless night at a computer, look in the mirror without makeup, agree - scary. I do not look until I use the cream.
After all, after applying the cream, the feeling of youth and freshness permeates virtually every cell of the skin. Face oval is also an important part of appearance. It seems to me or not - but he, too, seems to be pulling up. But I am very lazy in terms of looking after myself. If in my whole life I tried to make masks once or twice, it only gave me an unpleasant feeling that I was engaged in nonsense - I can not stand so much time wasted just to look fresher and younger! And the effect should be said not impressed. In the beauty parlor was not.But after-shave cream is the only thing that I apply with pleasure on my face, hands and neck in the morning, in the evening, after the bath and just like that - because it smells nice. So at forty-three, I rarely use cosmetics, not like in my youth! And not afraid to appear in public. Nothing - no one gets scared! And they are treated like a “girl”. Maybe that's why I never hide my age - rather, it is nice that you are considered younger than your passport says.
In addition, this cream has a healing effect. Cream removes any pimples, cold on the lips or windlessness very quickly. I did not observe any side effects. I do not know how to treat these wonders - try it, maybe you will like it!

now let's objectively evaluate this cream, photo composition

About this cream not once heard good. And from the site, and from my mother. And that it is suitable for problem skin, and that treats dry skin of hands. And what is in it a useful vitamin F, and allantoin (against irritations). And it helps from everything and everyone.

Now we evaluate objectively. Like shaving cream is very good. Does not dry, softens and soothes the skin, heals wounds. Refreshes, can tweak a little. For female sensitive skin is ideal.Like an after shave cream!And with the price of 30 rubles - quite ideal.

Now score as a face cream. The smell is not so hot. Strong and very resistant. It is absorbed at first glance quickly, in fact leaves a light film. Is it refreshing? I would not say that it refreshes the skin of the face. Does not dry the skin, deceptive effect of moisturizing the skin surface.
I agree that for normal skin is quite fit.
But look at the composition. It is not surprising. It is similar to the compositions of other creams (and parabens, and silicone ....). Only this cream is created after shave cream. And can not solve the problems with the skin (I checked). With the same success you can use other aftershave creams as day creams. And this one in this capacity is not the best. I'm not even sure that he likes the male population.

For the hands is fine. Small scratches may heal. Soften the skin. But then, when you wash your hands, you will notice that it is washed off.

Who has helped from acne - I'm glad for you. But this is most likely due to allantoin.
Do not judge strictly, this is my opinion.

Saved me.

After giving birth, neurodermatitis, which I have had since my childhood, has become terribly aggravated. The skin became dry, cracks appeared. It was necessary to look for a moisturizer. All my previous creams on irritated skin caused even more irritation.

After vitamin Shave cream with vitamin F, I was advised to try a friend who also suffers from atopic dermatitis. Without much hope, I decided to buy it, since it costs a penny, 45 rubles. Since then, I use only them.

It perfectly moisturizes dry skin, is well absorbed, is not greasy, but most importantly - it really REMOVES ITLE! Probably due to menthol, which pleasantly cools the skin. Before that, not a single cream had taken off my itch from all that I had tried, even from expensive brands created especially for atopic skin. I even did the cream myself, did not fit. And I do not use hormones (which, of course, also help from itching) and I do not advise you. Here I wrote why -

In general, now I buy it immediately for 10 pieces, so that there is always a supply)))

By the way, and my husband uses it for its intended purpose - after shaving.))

As for the composition, I can say that it is, of course, not perfect. It contains parabens (

In any case, I hope that my review of aftershave cream with vitamin F will be useful to you.

A useful purchase for home cosmetic arsenal - I always have this miracle cream! + Photos, composition and my methods of use

This cream is unique and I always have it!

Of course, I am not the first to write about this cream, but I still want to share my own ways of using this tool.





Here are my main uses. I also heard that this cream helps with hemorrhoids, with fungal skin lesions, and from acne. But in the fact that this cream rejuvenates, I do not really believe something, I think this is self-illusion.

Warning: the cream has a contraceptive effect)))

I couldn’t buy myself a (!) After-shave cream with vitamin F (!) For 16 rubles (.)! Decided solely thanks to the reviews on this site.

My problem: the skin is oily, but prone to flaking, sometimes acne occurs, although the transitional age has remained far behind. I use cream for normal / dry / sensitive skin - my face shines after a while, my forehead is greasy, as if I had soaked my pancakes, and not with a napkin. And after the cream for oily / combi skin the same effect, but also the scales appear. So I exist.
And if I recently picked up a night cream for myself, it still doesn’t add up to the day cream.

I must say that as a day cream, this one didn’t quite fit me: the forehead, as before, begins to shine quickly. But he remarkably pacified peeling on his forehead. Now for the night I have the following namaz: forehead, nose, chin after shave cream, cheeks, eyes, neck, neckline - “In the evening”. The cream pleasantly cools the skin, after cleansing, slightly tingling. The face that I see in the mirror in the morning, now suits me perfectly.

Negative. The spouse was very surprised at my purchase, at first he was even afraid that I was him, and then he began to make fun and offer me his Niveyev balm. After the first namaz, just for the night, came to her husband. He wanted to kiss, already almost touched his lips - and sighed! Like, I'm not gay))) And the more persistent I was in my claims for the return of marital debtthe merrier it became for her husband. So the light contraceptive properties of the cream are there! Well, or on the face. Therefore, you need to use it only after that did not work instead)))

For 30 rubles miracles happen!)

I would not like to tell anyone, and maybe they would even be skeptical about the reviews on our favorite site, that for 30 rubles you can buy just a great broad-spectrum cream!

The fact is that I love different Kremchiki very much and constantly buy up in incredible quantities, since they are now Nemer! What I just do not have, I'm just the main supporter of this industry of caring cosmetics. I love to pamper my skin and take care of it, I understand that this is on the verge of insanity, but ....

So, I bought “After shave cream with vitamin F” OJSC “Freedom”, Moscow purely in order to anoint the legs after epilation. When it was time to use it, I drew attention to the fact that, in addition to the declared vitamin F, in the annotations to the cream, it means that it relieves irritation, fights inflammation, refreshes, softens, moisturizes .... And I was convinced of this immediately.

Foot skin has become so gentle and smoothI, that I put this cream on my hands, - the result was simply amazing! The cream does not create a slippery greasy film, is applied very easily and pleasantly, absorbs well and the skin really changes, as if by magic - it just gets younger, even small folds and wrinkles are smoothed out! After that, I climbed to the computer to read about this miracle, and all my feelings were confirmed! A great many people leave excellent reviews about this tool, even masks based on it are made. As for the mask, I will think about it, but the fact that I will also buy this cream is for sure. Loved it.

Useful properties of creams with vitamin F

Today, following the traditions of past years, most men prefer to use after shave cream with vitamin F content, since this vitamin is intended to treat and restore the integrity of the skin.

Understand the feasibility of using such creams can be, if you read their useful properties, namely:

  • the cream is quickly and easily absorbed, penetrating deep into the skin of the face,
  • instantly eliminates skin irritation,
  • refreshes the skin and improves skin tone
  • pleasantly cools the skin, soothing after shaving,
  • after applying the cream the skin does not shine and does not become oily,
  • protects the epidermis from ultraviolet radiation,
  • accelerates the healing process of injuries and wounds,
  • protects and nourishes even the most sensitive and allergic skin.

For reference! The popularity of vitamin F cream was obtained during the USSR, since then the demand for such cosmetic products has remained steadfast.

Cream with this vitamin acts as an antioxidant, cleansing the skin from dirt, dust, grease, chemical components and toxins. Studies have confirmed that vitamin helps to keep skin young and elastic, protecting cells from age-related changes. Most women's creams with vitamin F are in great demand, as they help to cope with many problems and aging.

Composition and release form

In the domestic market of men's cosmetics a bright representative of aftershave cream with vitamin F is the product of the Freedom factory. The tool is an effective regenerating and toning cream with healing and anti-inflammatory action.

The following ingredients are used in the formulation of such a cosmetic:

  1. Vitamin F - natural vitamin with powerful moisturizing properties, suitable for all skin types. Vitamin protects the epidermis from drying and peeling, as well as from many factors of negative external influences. In medicine, vitamin F is considered an effective antioxidant, as well as antiallergic agent.
  2. Vegetable oils - used to obtain a soft texture of the cream and soften the epidermis.
  3. Glycerol - moisturizing component that retains moisture in the skin area and prevents its evaporation. It helps maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  4. Linoleic acid - Moisturizing ingredient that soothes the skin and reduces inflammation. Also this substance protects the epidermis from premature aging.
  5. Allantoin - A healing anti-inflammatory substance that cleanses the skin from dead particles and nourishes even the driest skin.
  6. Menthol - pleasantly cools the skin after shaving, tones and soothes, and most importantly, accelerates blood microcirculation. This in turn leads to a narrowing of the skin pores, the normalization of sebum production.

Thus, we can conclude that the composition of the aftershave cream with vitamin F is indispensable not only to protect the skin after shaving, but also for daily and deep care for it as a whole. Many women also prefer cosmetics with such a vitamin in order to protect the face from dryness, loss of elasticity and elasticity, from early aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

What effect do they have?

Due to the wide range of effects of aftershave cream with vitamin F are actively used by men and women for different purposes. This is explained by the increasing list of actions of the cream, namely:

  • basic facial skin care for all occasions besides shaving,
  • deep moisturizing and nourishing the skin, preventing flaking,
  • elimination of the inflammatory process,
  • first aid after skin burns by thermal effects and sunlight, as well as irritation,
  • rapid healing of abrasions, cuts and injuries of the skin,
  • protection of skin from wind and frost (frostbite) in the winter season,
  • care for oily skin, matting and lowering the degree of fatness of the epidermis,
  • use of cream as a base for makeup.

Apply the cream with vitamin F can be in a variety of situations, whether woman or man. It is not necessary to confine yourself to a single after-shave care, the cream can be used to restore the skin in case of rash, allergies, irritation, inflammation, excessive dryness or oily skin, etc.


Most cosmetics with vitamin F are intended not only to protect the skin after shaving, but also to solve many other problems.. Vitamin F creams can be cosmetic and medicamentous for the treatment of skin diseases. The medical indications for vitamin F cream are as follows:

  • weeping eczema,
  • neurodermatitis,
  • ulcers on the lower limbs,
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • dermal cracks,
  • furunculosis,
  • thermal and ultraviolet burns,
  • milk scab,
  • wounds after surgery.

Cosmetic creams can be used as daily skin care, for the prevention of age-related changes and aging, protection of the skin after shaving, from frost or sunlight and wind, as well as a base for makeup.

Cream with this composition protects the skin from scarring and the formation of scars, relieves inflammation, helps to get rid of acne and blackheads, gives the skin a matte even shade. Gives several effects at once - anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, epithelial, antioxidant, antiseptic, regenerating effect.

Mode of application

Each individual cream after shaving with the content of this vitamin involves individual instructions in the instructions, description and composition. In general, experts recommend using a cosmetic as follows:

  • face skin and bristles need to be washed with warm water and soap,
  • then perform the shaving procedures according to the usual scenario,
  • the remnants of shaving products and hairs need to be washed off under running water,
  • wet your skin with a towel and dry it,
  • a small amount of cream is applied on the palms,
  • massage movements cream rubbed into the skin of the face.

You can apply the cream not only after shaving the bristles, but also in case of any other problems and negative reactions, for example, during the weathering, irritation, rash, dryness or vice versa of increased fat content.


The only contraindication to the use of such a cream with vitamin F is an individual intolerance to the substances in the composition and an excess of this vitamin in the body. The rest of the cream can be applied to all people, regardless of age, gender, and skin problems. You should not use parallel cosmetics with vitamin E, especially when it comes to oily skin, as this can lead to an increase in its fat content.

Prices for after-shave creams with vitamin F can vary significantly depending on the composition, manufacturer and additional properties. If we consider the domestic product Freedom, the price for a 80-gram tube will be only 40 rubles. Imported cream will cost much higher, especially if their composition is supplemented with other vitamins and valuable additives.

After-shave creams with vitamin F are a great alternative to medications and expensive cosmetic products for skin care. The tool has several advantages - it is universal and suitable for all skin types, is a multifunctional cream for solving many problems, and most importantly, it carefully protects and soothes the epidermis after each shave.

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