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15 best aftershave products

Men do not often use cosmetics. Basically, facial care is only to use foam to shave, and various moisturizers. But not everyone knows that men's shaving cream has the best effect on the skin. With the help of his face acquires a healthy appearance, as well as this tool improves the nutrition of the skin.

Consider in this article how to use shaving cream, as well as the rules for choosing this product.

Shaving cream for men

Shaving creams for men can be of different types and differ in their composition.

Shaving is not the most pleasant procedure that male faces.

With the product in question, the hair removal procedure is facilitated and irritation can be prevented.

The basis of any shaving cream is soap. A variety of soap affects foaming, solubility.

Apply the product with a brush. Before applying requires beating in foam.

Types and composition

The composition of shaving creams may contain oils, minerals and vitamins. These remedies fit well. for men with dry and problem skin. Using them, you will forget about irritation and rash. The skin on the face relaxes due to nutrients and becomes elastic, smooth.

Delicate shaving creams contain substances to protect sensitive skin. In their composition you can find: green tea, aloe, citrus juice. Bisabolol may also be included - a chamomile flower extract that helps soothe the epidermis and prevents irritation.

Many products are gel based. - procedure is carried out without foam. They have a calming and moisturizing effect. As part of you can see aloe, vitamin E, Dead Sea minerals, ginseng extract.

Guys in transition are often having problems with their faces.. There are funds on sale in such a case - they have a rich texture so that the blade slides smoothly.

Acid-base balance is also maintained, and soft foam protects young problematic skin.

The composition must contain flavonoids, as well as an extract from wormwood.


Choose better products from reputable manufacturers.which are well proven. Such a tool will be of high quality and will be able to positively influence the epidermis. The price also depends on the manufacturer.

Choosing a tool, you must rely on your feelings. Using this product, you should not have unpleasant feelings and problems on the face.

  • For oily skin well suited with the effect of drying.
  • For problem skin This cream can not be used - it is better to use a product that has a moisturizing effect.
  • People with dry skin it is recommended to give preference to gentle remedies with chamomile, vitamin E.

The best shaving cream for men is the one that contains a mixture of alkaline soaps, fats, antiseptic substances. Well, when the composition has a variety natural extracts - they help to resist inflammation and are antioxidants, contribute to the rapid healing of minor injuries.

Thanks to natural preservatives, the shelf life increases to two years. In the presence of silicone, the razor blade slides better on the skin.

The composition should not be components that can cause allergies.

The smell of this product also affects the choice. The tool gives the face a pleasant aroma. For an evening rest, you can use products with a strong odor, and for going to work it is better to choose a light scent.

One of the selection criteria is the cost. Products of famous brands have a high price. If you shave every day, then it comes out very expensive. Therefore, preference should be given to models with the optimal combination of quality and price.

How to use the cream and what is needed for shaving?

For shaving you need to get brush, cream, machine and mixing bowl, to make foam at home.

Before the procedure, the shaving brush should be dipped in hot water for 1-2 minutes in order to soften the nap.

It is good to use a cup as a container. It should be voluminous, so that when mixing the foam does not scatter in all directions.

In this capacity, you need to squeeze out a little cream and stir it with a wet brushing in a circular motion.

When the bubbles become uniform, add some water. It needs to be added in small portions in order not to spoil anything.

Foam texture depends on the amount of water: if the foam flows along the walls and changes its shape under the influence of gravity, then there is too much water, and if there is little foam, and it is smeared on the walls of the tank, it means that there is not enough water.

Then using a shaving brush in a circular motion you need to apply the product to your face.. Thus, the hairs will rise, and they will be easier to shave. After applying a sufficient amount of foam, you can proceed to the procedure. Then you need to wash, and rinse the shaving brush and container from the foam.

How to beat the shaving foam from the cream, see in the video

Pros and cons of cream

The product in question is mainly used by aged people who are used to this method of shaving. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this does not decrease.


  • affordable price - the product is popular among people with low income,
  • shaving gel formsgood lather - shaving turns out quality, as the blade slides well,
  • there are means for any skin type,
  • this product more economicalthan other means
  • means copes well with cleansing hair from fat,
  • Many women claim that the male cream is well suited for shaving the legs, as in it contains emollient and moisturizing ingredients.


  • procedure takes more time, because the cream must first be knocked to the foam,
  • use shaving brush,
  • difficult to accurately calculate the dosage.

Cream, gel or foam?

Consider which is better: shaving cream, foam or gel. The most popular hair removal product is foam. It is cheaper than a gel and a bit more expensive than a creamy product. It is conveniently applied to the face area.

But cream for some reason exceeds foambecause it moisturizes the skin well. And he remains on the face longer, thereby softening the stubble. Foam, in turn, drains faster. But its advantage is that it is located in a convenient spray can with a dispenser - with a single click you can get a portion of the air foam.

Gels provide a very good glide.. But they have a higher price than other funds. The gel is applied a little harder than foam - it needs to be “washed out” on the skin, and it takes time.

How to choose the best?

Then we will talk about which shaving cream is better to choose. Judging by the characteristics of these products, you can choose the most suitable for you.

This tool takes one of the first places in the ranking of the most popular creams. It contains allantoin and vitamin E, which makes skin fresh and softas well as fast heals microcutters. Arko Shaving Cream has a very nice smellthat keeps on the skin for a long time.

The Cliven shaving cream is made in Italy. is he suitable for men who have sensitive and irritable skin. It forms a thick foam that helps soften the hair and facilitate the sliding of the razor.

Glycerin and provitamin B5 contained in the skin make the epidermis soft, nourish and moisturize it. Thanks to peanut butter restored lipid layer. And aloe has a very soft effect on the skin and does not cause irritation.

Freedom Shaving Cream thanks to its ingredients moisturizes face and disinfects minor cutsreceived during the procedure. It has an abundant, stable foam that provides a gentle and thorough shave. This shaving cream is Russian. Citrus aroma, with notes of green and woody. Suitable for both hypersensitive and normal skin.

Italian shaving cream “Proraso” from the red line is good Suitable for stiff bristles. Thanks to this tool, stiff hairs are softened, and the shaving procedure is painless and light. Green Line Proraso is suitable for all skin types.

Soft foam shaving cream "Nivea" does not cause irritation, redness of the skin. This product contains sea minerals and vitamin complexes that act best on the skin. Chamomile extract helps soften the bristles and make shaving clean and comfortable.

This tool gently cares for the skin during the procedure of shaving hair. Well matched natural ingredients moisturize and soften the skin, making it delicate, elastic and smooth.

Ambrosia shaving cream from Lush consists of flaxseeds and cocoa butter, which provides mild hair removal. Also included are honey, chamomile and marigold oil - they, in turn, will soothe and soften the skin. This tool is transparent, there is no soap in it, so it does not foam. Fits for men with super sensitive skin.

Also very well proven shaving cream "Breeze Freshness". The composition of this tool includes menthol, which is well refreshes the skin. It does not cause irritation. Consumers say good value for money.

When choosing a means you need to consider the volume of the product, the economy of the product, whether the packaging is convenient, whether there is a dispenser, aroma, safety and general skin feeling after the procedure. All this is very individual, so you should listen to your opinion.

4 Savonry After Shave Gel

The composition of the gel from Savonry, although it does not have a dozen components, but there is nothing superfluous in it, even to stabilize the viscosity of the product, the manufacturer used an ingredient of natural origin - Carob bean gum. On the Internet, they praise the texture of the gel, noting that it is simply distributed and instantly absorbed. Pleasant unobtrusive aroma of invigorating green tea and aloe quickly evaporate.

Gel after shaving gently, but qualitatively has a softening and moisturizing effect, giving men a slight chill from the first seconds. Retinol and tocopherol (vitamins A and E), also known as the best antioxidants that protect the skin from UV radiation, will quickly eliminate the dryness of the epidermis. Panthenol will fill tissues with moisture, and green tea extract, pine needles and aloe vera are responsible for toning and antiseptic properties. A convenient pump dispenser will allow you to collect the required amount of money.

3 Gillette Series Sensitive Skin

The popular manufacturer of shaving products Gillette is a sensitive skin gel with excellent soothing effect. Available in an unusual format - 75 ml packaging in the most compact size. The bottle is very convenient to hold in your hand and take with you on the road. Sensitive Skin creates a feeling of freshness immediately after shaving. The gel actively moisturizes the skin and soothes it.

The tool is great for daily use. Keeps healthy skin without irritation even with frequent shaving. It has a mint smell. Does not leave marks on the face. The main advantages are: comfortable feeling after application, the absence of redness, light texture, optimal cost. Deficiencies not found.

Why do you need shaving cream

Initially, this makeup was created for the male with overly stiff bristles - the main function was to soften it, which facilitated easy removal and comfortable shaving. However, modern cosmetics are more versatile and perform a much larger number of functions.

A good male shaving cream is a godsend for a man, as it has the following properties:

  • provides ease of removal of bristle,
  • reduces the risk of injury to a minimum
  • protects the skin from irritation, dryness and inflammation,
  • nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Creams are economical in consumption, affordable and can be selected for any skin type.

What to look for when choosing

The best shaving cream is the one that is properly selected by a man, based on his skin type.

Therefore, when buying you need to pay attention to:

  • characteristics of the product - it may have moisturizing, drying, wound healing and other properties,
  • Composition - ideally, it is a combination of soap, fats and antiseptic components,
  • additional components - it is important that the composition does not contain components that cause individual intolerance,
  • skin type - correct selection will relieve from many negative consequences, as well as the charges of cosmetics, which may be guilty without guilt,
  • the smell - it should please the owner, but traditionally for work and walks, choose products with a lighter aroma, for the evening out - more powerful,
  • manufacturer - funds from proven brands with a good reputation please the promised result and are free from many disadvantages of cheap ones.

The advantage of the cream is a good lather, which provides high-quality hair removal, but a wet shave takes more time than a dry one.

Shaving Cream - a rating of proven funds

We offer our readers TOP-10 shaving creams, which are popular among users. This review will help to navigate the world of modern cosmetics and determine what properties the product has, how much it suits a particular person.

Allantoin and Vitamin E

Shaving gelPropertiesMain componentsAdditional substancesSmell
MUEHLE 75 mlExcellent nourishes and moisturizes hair and skinCoriander and Anise ExtractsSandalwood oilSensual romantic
Truefitt & Hill 1805 (in a can), 190 gNutrition and hydration of hair and skinGlycerin, oils of bergamot, cardamom and tangerine woodLavender, Geranium, Sage, Sandalwood, Cedar and MuskNautical
The bluebeards revengeIt has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, suitable for all skin types.The natural component of DecelerineAloe extract, coconut oilCoconut
ARKO Cool 100 mlNourishing, cooling and wound healing effectGlycerin and vegetable stearinRefreshing
Omega Shaving Cream 150GSoftens the skinGlycerin and Coconut OilEucalyptus oilClassical
Proraso Wood & Spice 275 MlSoftens and moisturizes the skinGlycerin and vegetable stearin, cedar oil with the addition of Mediterranean cistusCedar tree, cumin and saffronWarm and spicy aroma from wood with spices
Cream in tube D. R. Harris 75 g LavenderSoothing and moisturizing effectHigh glycerol contentLavenderLavender scent
Tabac Original Shaving Cream 100 MlEffectively softens the stubbleGlycerin and StearinExtracts of exotic woods and flowersAroma with spicy, peppery notes
Lux cream Truefitt & Hill Authentic No. 10, 200 mlIntensively nourishes and softens the skinWillow bark extract, borage oilOrange and Olive ExtractsSweet
American Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream 150 Ml moisturizingProvides protection for sensitive skin.Aloe and Avocado OilEucalyptus, Almond Oil, Vitamin EAcute

Undoubtedly, it is difficult to understand which shaving cream is better for men according to the description, because everyone has their own skin and their own individual skills and requirements for shaving. The important selection criteria are the presence of the dispenser, packaging, economy of funds, the ratio of price and volume, feeling after using the cream.Also, much depends on what razor the owner uses, whether the rules of shaving and the manufacturer's recommendations are observed - only a combination of the one and the other guarantees a high-quality and smooth shave.

If a man has allergic reactions, it is necessary to carefully study the composition for the presence of allergens in it, and also not to start using the tool without testing it on a small area of ​​the skin of the hand. Famous brands offer men dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic products. To choose the best shaving cream for men is actually not difficult - you need to know your needs and choose among products of famous brands. You can buy such cosmetics if you place an order in our online store - contact us, always ready to help with a choice.

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