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Use shaving oil to soften and protect skin

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Shaving oil 100 ml
Price: 559 rub.

Company: Original ATOK

The drug is developed as an alternative to traditional foams and shaving gels. Suitable for any skin, including sensitive and prone to inflammation. The oil softens the hairs, simplifies and simplifies the shaving process. The essential oils contained in the preparation, eliminate the effects of irritation and inflammation skin. Promote healing of minor cuts and scratches that may occur during shaving. The drug does not contain detergents (foaming agents), chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes. It facilitates the process of br Pouring, thoroughly and at the same time gently cleanses the skin of the face, does not violate the natural protective layer, thereby, preserving the natural pH, does not dry the skin, therefore it prevents premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles, and has an antiseptic effect.
Weight: 100 ml
Caution: Do not use an electric shaver.
Ingredients: Essential oils: amyris, ylang-ylang, orange leaves, vegetable oils: soybean, almond, sprouted wheat grains, vitamins A and E, soy lecithin, chlorophyll.

Benefits of using

Due to its composition, shaving oil has a lot of significant advantages:

  • moisturizes the top layer of the skin,
  • relieves irritation
  • disinfects and has anti-inflammatory effects,
  • softens the skin, which facilitates the process of sliding the blades,
  • softens hairs
  • creates a protective film on the skin to preserve the upper layer of the dermis during shaving,
  • nourishes with vitamins and has a pleasant aroma.

How to choose oil

Choose such cosmetics you need, based on the individual characteristics of their skin and personal taste.

Nowadays, popular manufacturers have presented a fairly generous line of various oil products that can be suitable for all skin types and please even the most capricious consumer with their properties.

Individual characteristics

Each of the oils presented has its own individual characteristics, which have been pleasing their users for a long time, namely:

  1. Butter "The Art of Shaving" possesses an amazing moisturizing property, the skin is so pleasant and soft to the touch that many simply do not want to apply moisturizing lotions or creams after shaving. Also, this tool is capable of holding on the skin for a long time, and the customer can optionally choose a bottle with a suitable aroma or without it at all. Products can be purchased at Russian boutiques in Moscow or in the online store with delivery in Russia. Price about $ 30 per bottle 60ml.
  2. Product packaging "L’Occitane" has its advantage over other oils: it is very convenient, without a dispenser, but with a thin nose, which allows the consumer not to overfill and spend the product more economically. “L’Occitane” is perfect for people who like bright, pleasant smells, especially with the ginger extract product. It should be noted that this brand differs from the previous one in that it does not have such a moisturizing effect, therefore, a special cream is still needed after shaving. You can buy it on the official site L’Occitane ”or in retail stores. The price is about 2300 rubles per bottle 30ml.
  3. "The Body Shop" - This is an odorless product. In composition, it is very similar to “The Art of Shaving”, but, unlike it, does not clog the razor during the hair removal process. This remedy differs even in this moment: it is applied on moist skin and held for an additional 30 seconds, and only then other procedures are carried out. During these half-minutes, the hair has time to soften nicely, which is the main advantage of The Body Shop over other trademarks.

Expiration date, packaging and other criteria

Also, the choice of the desired product, in our case of oil, affects its persistence, so it is important to always check all expiration dates on the proposed packages, which are also distinguished by their originality and design.

As a rule, on the packaging of all manufacturers indicated that the shelf life before opening is 3 years, but the amount of time after opening the bottle is determined by the manufacturer itself, based on the ingredients added to its product.

As for the packages themselves, they are really different for each company, each creator always tries to create something more effective and more original. For example, the oil “The Art of Shaving” is contained in a pretty barrel-shaped bottle of pleasant olive color, in its simple form resembling well-known domestic colognes.

As already mentioned above, L’Occitane produces the most convenient package without a dispenser, with a thin, economical spout, but the product of The Body Shop does not please many customers with too small a bottle, which in most cases is not enough even for a month.

Oil use rules

So that the process of getting rid of unwanted hair really brings pleasure and shows amazing results, it is necessary not only to choose the right shaving oil for your skin, but also to figure out the question of how to use it correctly.

Skin preparation

To prepare the skin for directly cleansing hair procedures carefully rid the necessary parts of the body of dust and grease with water and regular soap or a special tool. Then - just blot with a clean towel, but do not wipe dry.

For applying the selected oil, a small amount is needed to drop on fingers and to rub between palms for heating, and then to rub in the zone chosen for shaving. After that, the usual means is applied - gel or foam.

Shaving process

After carrying out all the necessary preparatory manipulations, everyone chooses a shaving technique for himself, which he used to use constantly. It is of two types: according to hair growth and against it.

The shaving method for hair growth is less traumatic and usually occurs from the top down, but the second option provides for a deeper shave, because moving against the hair growth, you can remove more of them, but at the same time damage the selected area more strongly.

It is also important to remember about washing the machine during shaving manipulations.

How does the procedure for shaving with oil in the cabin, see the video

DIY shaving oil

Of course, now on the Russian market there are the most adapted and suitable for all skin types oil preparations that are able to satisfy any requests.

But what to do if for some reason a person cannot afford to use purchased hygienic products? The answer is simple: you need to try to make oil for shaving with your own hands and in a comfortable home environment.

Ingredients and accessories

To create your own oil product on a jar in 100 ml you will need the following ingredients and devices:

  • castor oil 2 parts
  • essential oil (to taste) 15 drops,
  • olive oil 1 part,
  • electronic balance.

Step-by-step instruction

Mix the prepared ingredients should be very careful, following the special, detailed instructions:

  1. The bottle for the future product must be washed and dried well.
  2. Pour two parts (66 g) of castor oil into the container.
  3. Add olive (33 g).
  4. In the resulting mixture drip the selected essential oil.
  5. Well clog the bottle and move in a circular motion.

The resulting product is great for people who choose natural, and the prepared mixture well perceives sensitive skin.


It is impossible to argue with the advantages of oils to help hair removal, but unfortunately, like with any cosmetic products, these products have contraindications - individual intolerance to any of the components in the form of manifestations of allergic reactions: itching, redness and rash.

Those who use shaving razors every day or sometimes need to turn their attention to the auxiliary ones in the process of oil removal to experience all the comforts and advantages of this popular method.


Shave best after taking a hot shower or bath. On steamed and moisturized skin, shaving will become softer and more comfortable. The steam will open the pores, soften hair and create favorable conditions for the next shaving step.

Give preference to products for shaving high quality which would ideally suit your skin. Do not save on the face!

Not sure what to choose? Assess the condition of your skin and the properties of products intended for shaving.

Men with very oily skin It is necessary to pay attention to the GEL - they, as a rule, have a low degree of fat content, tighten pores and cool the skin.

For sensitive skin best suited foam for shaving or cream. Oil is the best fit men with dry skin prone to irritation.


This is probably the most economical shave. Gels usually have a transparent structure that turns into a foam when in contact with water. Do you have coarse bristles and sensitive skin? So choose shaving gels. Despite the fact that gels are considered one of the cheapest products for shaving, they are not inferior to products of other textures.


Today it is most common product. It provides the most rapid application to the skin, moreover, it does not need to pre-foam. Shaving foam has a very soft texture, making the blade slides easily and without obstruction. Thanks to the foam, you can easily avoid cuts and remove the shortest hairs.


Oil softens hair, reduces friction during shaving, as a result - reduces irritation and cuts, smoothes and soothes the skin. Often oils for shaving allow to refuse use of products AFTER shaving, because they themselves already have an anti-inflammatory, regenerating, soothing and soothing effect.


Old school! Many barbermen still prefer to use soap while shaving.. The fact is that compared to creams and lotions, soap does not contain chemical components. At the stands of cosmetic stores and barber shops you can find a lot of manufacturers of soap for shaving, and if time permits, you can make it at home.

What is shaving oil and what is it made of?

Frequent shaving causes many skin problems, such as hair ingrowth, flaking or redness. This is due to the fact that the razor cuts off not only facial hair, but also the upper layer of the dermis, thinning and draining it. To reduce damage, use a special oil. It is of two kinds.

The composition that is applied before shaving, has the following effects:

  • softens the skin for easier slip of the blades,
  • moisturizes the upper layer of the dermis,
  • forms a protective film that preserves the skin,
  • softens the hairs themselves for easier removal.

The aftershave tool performs other tasks:

  • relieves irritation
  • nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • disinfects, has anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition to these basic tasks, the oil may or may not smell and nourish with vitamins. Often they buy oil before shaving and use it afterwards, however, you should not do this for sensitive skin - it is better to choose two suitable ingredients and use them as an addition to cream and skin.

This oil usually consists of a set of nutritious natural oils. This could include olive, castor, coconut, esters, and so on. The composition is usually selected depending on the condition of the skin, for example, for dry need castor and sandalwood oils, for sensitive to choose a disinfecting and moisturizing set, and so on.

Functions and purpose of oil before shaving:

  • provides a high degree of protection against razor burns, reducing pressure on the skin, which is especially important for men with hypersensitive skin prone to irritation, rashes and redness.
  • nourishes and lubricates your face, thereby creating the perfect base for easy sliding of the blade. This helps to avoid cuts, speeds up and facilitates the manipulation of the razor.
  • perfectly moisturizes, improves skin tone, prevents dry skin and unpleasant, "pulled" feeling after shaving
  • condition and significantly soften the stubble, which facilitates the work for the razor
  • reduces the risk of hair ingrowth. Do not ignore the use of oil before shaving, if you want to avoid this problem.
  • provides antibacterial effect and reduces the likelihood of infection in the event of a cut or scratch during shaving

Choosing the oil before shaving

  • Carefully read the composition and description of the manufacturer, that is, what components were used in cosmetic products and their properties. You can consult with your barber or contact us for advice. We will help you choose the oil before shaving according to your wishes.
  • individual preferences. It concerns fragrant oil composition before shaving, but this is a matter of taste.


First rub a few drops in your palms and apply on the bristles with slow, massage movements so that the oil is well absorbed.

Then, leave the tool to "work" for at least another 30 seconds. This will be enough for the oil to work. No need to flush.

That's all! You can apply your cream or shaving gel and start the process itself, which will certainly be comfortable.

Today, every modern person can afford to truly salon care, as in the best barbershopah, where for the first time and began to use oil before shaving.

If you want every shave to be a pleasant, painless ritual, you should choose a proven tool.

You can find a range of pre-shave oils from professional brands. here .

How to use

Having understood why you need oil for shaving, let's figure out how to use it:

  1. Thoroughly clean the face of dust and grease with a special cleanser or regular soap.
  2. Soak the skin with a towel, but not dry.
  3. Drip a few drops of oil on your fingers, rub between your palms so that it gets hot.
  4. Gently rub into places where shaving will take place.
  5. Apply foam or gel and shave.
  6. Rinse off residues; repeat if necessary.
  7. Apply the product after shaving on wet skin and wait for absorption and drying.

Some formulations need a little hold on the face before applying the foam, so they have time to soak. It usually takes about 30 seconds or a minute.

How to make a home option?

If you liked the idea to buy such oil for men, but it turned out to be expensive, then you can try to prepare such a composition yourself. For this you need a base and additional oils.

As a basis, three options are commonly used - coconut, castor and olive. You can mix all three, you can take only one or experiment with options, anyway, each has a great effect on the skin. Additionally, ethers are added there, depending on the effect to be achieved.

Here is an example of a 100 ml recipe:

  • 70 ml of olive oil,
  • 30 ml of castor, which will be an excellent moisturizer,
  • 3-5 drops of sandalwood, which will disinfect the skin,
  • 3-5 drops of orange, the aroma of which will invigorate in the morning.

All must be placed in a sealed, opaque jar and thoroughly shake in circular motions. Now, shaving oil can be used for its intended purpose. Often, such compositions are used by women to facilitate the removal of hair from sensitive areas. The male version is usually different only by smell.

Popular species

The best oil should be chosen depending on the characteristics of their skin. Here are three popular, high-quality versions of famous brands:

  1. The Art of Shaving - has a moisturizing and nourishing effect, perfect for owners of dry and sensitive skin. It has a dense texture and is well absorbed. The disadvantage is that the razors with a double or triple blade will be slightly hammered.
  2. L`Occitane - makes the skin smooth and soft, well nourishes and moisturizes. Such oils have a pleasant line of bright smells. Makes shaving very smooth and razor sliding smoothly.
  3. The Body Shop - odorless, designed for deep hydration. Great for sensitive skin. The disadvantage is a rather high price.

Shaving oil is not only a pleasant and aromatic supplement, but also an excellent protection against irritation of problem skin. It is worth trying every man who cares about his face and appearance.

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