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Now intimate hairstyles are not limited to the simple shaving of patterns. Craftsmen in the cabin create whole creations in the bikini area using razors, henna and rhinestones. Properly chosen haircut can visually reduce the belly, lengthen the torso or legs. There are plenty of secrets, how to visually adjust the shape of an intimate hairstyle. Do not think that an intimate haircut can not be done independently. Connoisseurs of this art give a lot of advice on how to bring ideas to life at home.

When did intimate haircuts become popular?

Ever since the days of ancient Egypt, women's intimate haircuts were in fashion. At that time, natural mixtures were used to remove vegetation, and henna was used for dyeing pubic hair. In India, women removed vegetation, in the bikini zone pursuing hygienic purposes. The popularity of intimate haircuts reached Europe in the middle of the 20th century. After the sexual revolution of the 60s, when swimsuits were reduced to a bikini, hairstyles in the intimate area became common.

At first it became fashionable to paint on the body, then the jewelry moved to the pubic area. Civilization has developed, and the culture of intimate hairstyles has become known throughout the world. Each nation has its own tricks and visions, haircuts adapted to the living conditions, modified, details added.

Creation rules

To create at home any kind of intimate haircut you need to follow some guidelines:

  • deep bikini hair removal is performed on steamed skin to reduce pain,
  • vegetation needs to be given one length,
  • the intended drawing should be applied using a stencil or pencil sketch,
  • hair removal is done in any way
  • use wax for self-hair removal of the intimate area is not desirable
  • If you need to correct the shape of the picture, then tweezers will help correct inaccuracies.

Upon completion of the haircut, the treatment site is smeared with body lotion to avoid irritation.

Design variations

Types of female intimate haircuts include not only hair cutting, it is artistic depilation, hair decoration and dyeing, art. henna tattoos and even piercings. Color drawings make the bikini design original and interesting. It is good to use for painting henna, the color lasts quite a long time. Also used aerostat, color paint, allowing you to create drawings of any shape. It can be applied by hand or using a stencil.

The choice of haircuts in the intimate area depends on the physique and figure of the woman. Vertical hairstyles, expanding to the top, look good with lush hips. Narrow-haired ladies fit horizontal patterns, tapering to the bottom. Vegetation density and footprint is also important.

Choosing the shape of an intimate hairstyle, you should remember about underwear. If the neckline on the panties is high, for example, then a wide rectangle is not a suitable option, since it will look sloppy with a thin strip of panties.

Simple haircut

All original hairstyles are based on 4 options:

  • Brazilian - the complete absence of hair,
  • curly (stars, hearts, etc.),
  • brazilian triangle
  • runway.

These types of haircuts are easy to do at home, as they do not require special skills and tools.

Hairstyle in the groin area is often decorated with sparkles, rhinestones, beads, or dyed with different colors.

Most popular forms

Many female intimate hairstyles are easy to do on their own. For example, "Month" - a hairstyle of an easy form and execution. “Butterfly” is also not difficult, the main thing is to observe the ratio of the size of the upper and lower wings. The main thing is not to forget about the antennae, so as not to get a bow. The “runway” can be of any width, the main rule is that the top edge should not extend beyond the gum of linen.

The image "Sonata" resembles yin-yang, but this drawing is not easy to do. At first an even circle is depicted, then an inverted drop and a circle stand out in it. A simpler option would be "Triangle", "Heart" or "Lotus". You can think of anything you want - "Lightning", the capital letter of a name or another.

Step-by-step instruction

To create an intimate haircut at home will need:

  • disposable razor,
  • trimmer with a thin nozzle,
  • epilator
  • shugaring paste, wax,
  • long handle mirror
  • large mirror
  • stencil with a pattern
  • pencil,
  • good quality tweezers
  • fine comb,
  • vegetable dye (henna),
  • antiseptic,
  • rhinestones, glue for skin,
  • sparkles, feathers,
  • aftershave lotion that slows hair growth.

Having collected all you need you can start creating hair:

  1. Hygienic procedure of the intimate zone with neutral detergents (odorless, fragrances, dyes). After processing, the surface of the delicate area is thoroughly dried.
  2. Excess hair is removed in the usual way.
  3. The hairs in the place of the creation of the pattern are cut off with scissors so that 0.5-1 cm of length remains.
  4. The selected pattern is applied with a felt-tip pen or a pencil. If the pattern is complex, then a template or stencil is used.
  5. The contour hairs are removed in a convenient way.
  6. The remaining lines of the image on the skin gently wash off with cotton buds.
  7. Short hairs that break the picture are removed with tweezers.
  8. The skin at the site of depilation is treated with an antiseptic.
  9. If this is included in the plans, then the drawing is supplemented with elements, it is stained or henna is applied.

When creating an intimate haircut at home, it is extremely important to follow the rules of personal hygiene, disinfect the tools, the treatment area.

The most elementary Brazilian intimate haircut is performed by a conventional razor. But if you have the skills, you can use other methods of depilation: caramel paste, wax or cream. The main thing is to understand that the process of creating an intimate haircut for his wife is not fast; drawing, décor and coloring takes two to three hours.

With the help of ready-made stencil and special razor you can make a beautiful shape quickly and easily:

For the stronger sex is not important, what is the name of an intimate haircut. Sometimes for them it is just hygienic care, but curly patterns and absolutely any symbols can decorate the pubis. A popular option for men is abstract haircut intimate places. Looks great imitation of graffiti, tattoos - a month, droplets, and so on.

How to prepare for the procedure in the cabin?

Before you make an intimate haircut, you need to reduce the sensitivity of the skin. You can not start the depilation immediately after the sauna or shower. The optimal hair length to create a pattern - from 5-7 mm, can be longer, but not shorter, since small hairs are difficult to remove completely.

Preparation for a haircut in an intimate place at home is similar. Butterfly hairstyle, roses looks very interesting. Especially if you decorate it with sparkles, rhinestones or a temporary tattoo.

There are some rules that are required for hair removal and haircuts for a bikini area:

  1. Hair should be cut dry and shave wet. You can use scissors before the bath, and shave after water procedures, when hot and warm water will make the hair structure softer. Soap or gel for intimate hygiene also eliminate the rigidity of vegetation. This will ease shaving and reduce the likelihood of irritation on the skin. Epilation, like haircut, is performed with dry hair.
  2. Skin cleaning is required before and after the procedure. Bacteria provoke inflammation, irritation and other pathogenic processes.
  3. Scissors, razors and other products should be sharp. Wax used once, epilator cleaned after each use.
  4. Sessions should not be too frequent, daily hair removal with a razor or wax is guaranteed to cause irritation. Many women refuse shugaring due to burns on the skin, which are formed due to applying the paste on the same place in several layers. If there is a burning sensation, then the session is better to stop or move to other parts of the groin area.
  5. After shaving, it is permissible to use only neutral products with a soothing and wound-healing effect.
  6. To prevent hair ingrowth, you should massage the bikini area with a soft washcloth and intimate gel.

Following these simple recommendations will help make the process of intimate haircut more pleasant and safe.

Care after the haircut

In the first few days after creating the hairstyle in the intimate area, be sure to apply a soothing cream on the skin. Then you can change the product to a moisturizing lotion or balm. Hot bath or shower, sauna is not desirable for the first time. You can relieve irritation with chamomile or other herbal decoction or wipe the area with aloe juice. After sex hairstyle is forbidden to use a washcloth. Ultraviolet light is strictly excluded. Tanning in a solarium or in the sun is better to postpone.

It is recommended to abandon the synthetic underwear, the air must flow and it is important that there is no inflammation, no beautiful appearance of the intimate hairstyle or pattern deteriorates, and no elasticity is lost. Good for saving haircuts for a long time to apply special tools that slow down hair growth. They are rubbed daily in the area of ​​hair removal. The constant use of such creams will gradually make hair thinner, they will not grow so quickly. After 6-8 weeks, the effect will be visible, and the result will be long lasting.

Do men like women's intimate hairstyles?

Undoubtedly, the male gender is not indifferent to how much hair is on the pubic part of the woman and in what form they are. If you believe polls, then 41% want vegetation was not at all. But it is worth noting that women's preferences in this matter do not affect the prospects for a romantic evening. In general, intimate hairstyles for girls cause different reactions - from admiration to comparison with representatives of the oldest professions. If a woman plans to surprise a loved one, then it is better to use it in the process or at least to know his opinion on this matter.

Is it better to shave or root hair?

If the hairstyle in the pubic zone is done for the first time, then you should not immediately shave off the vegetation, it is better to leave short hairs and gradually get used to the new sensations. It should remain about 0.5 cm in length or less. The most convenient tool for removing excess hair is a trimmer. But after using it, the vegetation quickly grows and a correction will have to be done every week. If the hairstyle is a one-time action, then it is quite suitable. In another case, wizards recommend root removal. The procedure is painful, but the haircut will remain in its original form for several weeks.

Which form is more practical and more beautiful looks?

The simplest and most common design option is depilation in the form of a landing strip. The picture is made by shaving all the hair in the intimate area, but a vertical strip remains. The length and width of its adjusted as desired. Women say that this is the most practical option, simple to create and looks great. The pubis does not look completely bald, and the hairs lie neatly and do not look out of the linen.

As much as women would not like sophisticated bikini design, but the classic forms remain the most favorite forms for men - vertical stripes, triangles or the complete absence of hair:


Every woman has the right to choose between homemade haircut and a professional master. For home conditions, there are step-by-step instructions that will help you achieve a quality result yourself. But much depends on the skills, only with time the intimate hairstyle made at home will look as perfect as the salon.

From masterweb

Some consider intimate haircuts an unacceptable method of transformation, others do not see anything wrong with such a thing. Girls consider it an instrument of attractiveness, men also do not lag behind their companions and try to meet the standards of the new fashion. Thousands of people decorate their intimate area for themselves and loved ones. Intimate hairstyle is diverse and has received a lot of adjustments and recommendations from connoisseurs of this kind of art, but some of the works are subject only to professionals. But few people will resist the desire to become the owner of the creation in the intimate area, and many are increasingly trying to translate their plans at home.

Types of hairstyles for women

The history of the design of the bikini zone goes back to the distant times of ancient Rome. Even then, women paid special attention to hair care throughout the body. And for the sake of greater hygiene, traditions have been invented in terms of caring for the intimate zone. This epic fashion walked through the countries of the West in the 60s, when there was a time of sexual revolution. Since then, the intimate hairstyle has been transformed, supplemented, modified and has a huge number of design options. It is almost impossible to list them within the framework of one list, therefore they began to single out the main categories of such areas:

  1. Brazilian is a completely exposed area of ​​the pubis, small and large labia.
  2. Geometry - so called hairstyle, which implies a haircut in the form of geometric shapes: square, triangle, rhombus, etc.
  3. Ornament is a complex or simple patterns, abstractions, or any fantasy embodied in the intimate area.
  4. Floral motifs - gained popularity in the 2000s, when it became possible to create compositions of floral compounds. These include imitation tulip, lily, rose or chamomile.
  5. Animal motifs were more often used in the 10s of the 21st century. These are all kinds of avatars of panthers, snakes, birds and cats.
  6. Natural motifs were guessed in haircuts in the form of Christmas trees, water droplets, leaves or snowflakes.
  7. Signs are a favorite theme for creativity not only among tattoo artists, but also hairdressers of the intimate zone. Mostly intimate haircut is done in the pubic area.
  8. Inscriptions - a separate category of hairstyles, which is performed in a beauty salon. You can express your feelings or designate the "property rights" of a man to this zone by cutting out his initials.

Hairstyles of intimate places of women are selected not only according to her wishes, but also in accordance with the adaptation of the picture, the size of the labia and the width of the pubis.

Hairstyles at home

Women at home can afford no less beautiful haircuts. The number of "easy" to implement includes the following names:

  1. "Track". This is an intimate hairstyle "strip" of medium size in width. In height, it reaches, on one side, the beginning of the clitoris, and on the other, the edges of hair growth on the upper part of the pubis.
  2. "Toothpick". This is almost the same as in the first paragraph, a haircut, only much thinner in width.
  3. The triangle is considered relatively easy to do at home. It looks like an inverted triangle - the angles of the isosceles are directed to the sides, and the third angle is down. Width varies with thigh width.
  4. Rhombic is a simple figure, but it looks very interesting in the pubic zone.
  5. "Tulip". The curly hairstyle is performed using a simple razor - the petals look up, and the “leg” goes deep into the clitoris.
  6. The symbol "Yin-Yang" is a favorite subject of many girls. Can be done with a trimmer.

These are the most popular haircuts in 2017, and it's very easy to make them yourself at home.Intimate haircut has many variations and includes many different emoticons, cartoon characters, but girls are unlikely to be able to realize it at home themselves. Therefore, sometimes it is better to choose simplicity and elegance, and even better - it is advantageous to emphasize the merits, since the design should be selected based on the considerations “suitable - not suitable”.

How to choose the best for yourself?

How to choose from the whole variety so that the picture would fit the type of figure, physique and build? There are a number of rules and nuances that help choose the best option:

  • Ladies with curvaceous forms are better to choose haircuts that visually lengthen the proportion of the body - these are vertical models of drawings.
  • Girls with narrow hips will go to the image with a large width.

The best solution for owners of narrow hips will be a drawing of a triangle, which narrows closer to the clitoris. And to ladies with a wide basin, on the contrary, the narrow path in the form of a toothpick will approach. Women of normal body build will go any hairstyle, in the choice they are not limited.

What do beauty salons offer?

Salon technique for creating bikini-design is very different from the home transformation. First, it is the ability to use professional tools and equipment. Masters have experience and can embody almost any idea. For example, if you have sensitive skin and an independent approach to the case is fraught with consequences in the form of irritations, then in the beauty salon you can do the following fashionable intimate hairstyles:

  • Neat haircut.
  • Haircut "rays of the sun."
  • Hairstyle with hair dye.
  • Haircut in the form of a drop.
  • Haircut "Brazilian."

Also, beauty salons offer decorative silhouettes, tattooing drawings and more. Here you can not only choose the optimal pattern, but also consult a cosmetologist about what is best to choose, how to care for the skin after depilation and what to use to slow down hair growth.

How to make it at home?

Not always, of course, with your own efforts you can achieve the perfect result or follow the list of procedures that are only possible for the salon haircut masters, but now there are detailed instructions. With their help, you can try your own strength. You will also need a basic list of tools:

  • Mirror.
  • Tweezers.
  • Hair remover - trimmer, machine, shugaring, cream or razor.
  • Cosmetic type pencil.
  • Antiseptic or solution for disinfection.
  • Hairbrush.

At the discretion you can buy paints, decorations, stencils, if it is provided for in the chosen pattern. First you should take a shower, and then dry the skin of the intimate area. Next, remove all the hairs that will be outside the pattern. You can mark it with a cosmetic pencil. Hairs need to cut to 5-7 mm in length, and then do the processing contours of the picture. If there is a stencil, attach it and circle the edges. Focusing on them, remove unwanted hairs with the chosen depilation agent.

Rinse the contour of the pencil under running water, after which the skin is treated with medical solution or with its disinfection agent. In the presence of some hairs remove them with tweezers. Re-treat the skin with a solution and repeat the procedure after each hair removal. With a certain idea, the hairs can be tinted. Much depends on what types of intimate hairstyles like and what is chosen personally.

Coloring: fashionable and stylish

Sometimes the design assumes the presence of staining - some areas must be of a different color than the natural one. At the same time, hair dye is strictly prohibited to use - the scalp and pubis are different, possible burns with a strong oxidizing agent when applying the composition.

For such bold goals apply waterproof pigment and hypoallergenic dyes, similar to paints for body art. Natural dyes are also used - henna, ocher, food pigment for confectionery. Such hairstyles of intimate areas are popular among club dancers, but the drawing may not last for a long time. Wash them with extreme care. Tight underwear can lubricate the paint applied on the day of dyeing.

Skin care after haircut

After any haircut should moisturize the skin, especially for the intimate zone. The basic rules suggest a ban on visiting the solarium and sunbathing. It is also advisable to treat the intimate area with a cream with herbal extracts to soothe damaged bulbs. During the first three days it is advisable not to take hot baths, not to go to the sauna. The bulbs are still inflamed, it takes time to heal the small wounds under the skin.

If irritation is detected, it is recommended to use a baby cream “Bepanten” or “Radevit”. Means will help to neutralize faster the side effects from the use of depilation tools. Also, cosmetologists recommend passing through the entire intima area with a swab dipped in aloe, chamomile, mint, sage or oak bark juice. If you follow all the rules after the procedure of depilation, hairstyles in intimate places will be a pleasure not only to those who have them.

Male haircuts

The male half also prefers to make interesting hairstyles in the area of ​​the intimate zone. There are several main areas that the guys themselves choose, and they can be done at home or in a beauty salon:

  1. Playboy is a form of a drawing that has silhouettes of a hare's head with ears.
  2. Signs of car brands - a separate category of patterns for drivers.
  3. Images of animals - bull, eagle and not only. The area of ​​the depicted eye is painted red, for naturalness.
  4. Signs and objects of architecture - due to the structure of the genital organs to achieve an interesting image can be, if you resort to visualization. It turns out the so-called 3D-image, which looks very attractive from the side.

To carry out such male intimate hairstyles can be both at home and in the salon. The procedure is almost the same as for women. Now there is a large selection of trimmers and clippers in the groin area, so men should not worry about the outcome of the procedure.

Technologies and stages of haircuts for men

In the salon, men are offered comfort and convenience. First, the client is located in a comfortable chair by selecting a stencil in advance from the list. You can offer your option for depilation. Next, the beautician examines the groin area for the presence of scars, cuts, and scratches. With the help of a medical tonic or gel, the surface of the skin is treated and talc is applied. After the contour of the future image is transferred with a water felt-tip pen, and depilation is carried out.

It is not recommended to wash the pubis area for 7-8 hours after the end of the haircut. If correction is needed, it is re-performed after 10 days. The length of the hairs is also regulated using a machine or a typewriter. Male intimate hairstyles should be treated with creams more often, because the skin is coarser and not so adapted in its structure to various interventions.

Recommendations for the care of men's hair

Men are also forbidden to visit saunas and take hot baths. Separately, there is a rule - a ban on being in direct sunlight. If intimate hairstyles for men are made before the beach season to get a beautiful tan, you should refrain from exposing the groin area. Burns can cause inflammation of the bulbs.

Wearing tight underwear also leads to discomfort. Rarely, but in some cases in men, the figure loses its shape, especially it is unpleasant if staining has been carried out.

What to do after an unsuccessful attempt?

If the drawing did not work out the first time, it is better to redo it or remove the remaining hairs completely. After they grow by 3-4 mm, you can designate the outline of the shape in advance, shaving off unwanted hairs. Thus, growing from them will form the future drawing. True, you need to constantly monitor the length and edges of the pattern. Beautiful intimate hairstyles are not obtained the first time, and often enough for skill requires experience gained after 5-7 attempts.

Do partners like it?

Many people hide their desires and requests of an intimate nature. However, there is a social survey, the results of which revealed that men love haircuts in intimate places with women. It is especially nice when a common symbol or a sign of their love is depicted there; pathos icons and silhouettes of animals look less attractive. Women are quite skeptical about male pubic patterns - there is no reason for admiration, since the male body should be decorated not with a haircut, but with something else. These are the opinions of both sexes.

Where to perform a haircut

Intimate hairstyle make out at home or salon, and for its adjustment using various means and methods.

  1. The most durable and most expensive method of correcting a bikini line is laser hair removal, performed exclusively by licensed specialists who promise a life-long result in several procedures.
  2. Popular Brazilian or wax, sugar hair removal, which provides for possible variations of the result of a haircut. Using wax or sugar paste, a bikini cut is done in the salon or at home. Of course, provided that you have sufficient composure, as well as a certain degree of ruthlessness to yourself.
  3. In addition to specialized equipment for hair removal, manufacturers offer widely available wax strips to remove unwanted hair, designed for different areas of application, easy to use.
  4. You can decorate a female hairstyle in an intimate area by yourself using a razor or a special trimmer, which resembles an electric razor with a miniature attachment on the principle of operation. With its help, unwanted hairs are removed easily and safely. You can buy a female trimmer at any hardware store that sells beauty gadgets.

Instructions for implementation

We offer you a few examples of how to make a beautiful and neat female haircut in an intimate place with your own hands for free with step-by-step instructions for their implementation.

To make a haircut you will need the following materials:

  • small comb with fine teeth,
  • stencil (you can do it yourself with adhesive tape or purchase it in a specialty store or beauty salon),
  • razor,
  • shaving foam,
  • nail scissors with a straight edge.

  1. Determine the direction of the triangle, using the stencil to set its boundaries.
  2. On a design-free zone, apply shaving foam, gently shave your hair, directing the shaver in one direction.
  3. Remove the stencil, if necessary trim the edges of the design, making them clear.
  4. Comb and scissors trim hair, giving it the desired length.

  • small comb,
  • stencil,
  • shaving razor and foam
  • straight nail scissors.

  1. Determine the direction, shape, size of the rectangle by placing the stencil properly.
  2. Apply foam and shave off excess hair.
  3. Remove the stencil and trim the edges if necessary.
  4. Give the hairstyle the desired length and set the direction.

To learn more about haircuts, such as a star hairstyle, runway, as well as about the technique of their performance, check out the results of photo contests among masters and video tutorials. For complete information, look for a mark uncensored or +18.

Cost in salons

If you prefer professional epilation, check out the salon addresses and prices:

TitleAddressPrice, rub
InstahairMoscow, Art. m. Taganskaya / Magistrskaya, st. Vorontsovskaya 21from 1900
OlaSt. Petersburg, Unbowed Ave. 10k1from 1800
LingonberryEkaterinburg, st. Pavel Shamanov, 38from 1600

Use the services of only proven, recommended masters with certificates that allow bikini hair removal. Check out the photo gallery and portfolio of intimate haircuts wizard. Trust the master only if everything suits you.

Fashion trends

Since the end of the 80s of the last century, underwear and swimsuits have become smaller and smaller, thereby limiting the intimate hairstyles every year, reducing them to a minimum. Today, popular hairstyles like a deep bikini, when the hair is completely removed.

The best help in the procedure is a wax or sugar hair removal, which allows you to remove hairs completely and also ensures perfect smoothness for 2-3 weeks.
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You can maintain the result of salon waxing hair removal yourself.

  1. Remove the hairs that appear with tweezers or an epilator. Do not shave off the emerging individual hairs, so as not to injure the delicate skin. In addition, the hair will begin to grow actively.
  2. To maintain a perfect result, make adjustments at least once a week.
  3. Periodically check the hairstyle for growing hairs or the appearance of pimples.
  4. Use a moisturizer, oils for external treatment, because after epilation, the delicate skin of the intimate area dries and irritates.
  5. If the hair removal is done with a razor or trimmer, adjust it once every 3-5 days - it all depends on the growth rate of the hair. Do not neglect the correction to look neat and tidy.

The current trend of recent years - the addition of hairstyles in an intimate place with accessories:

  • in the form of rhinestones,
  • stones,
  • different types of piercing,
  • drawings on various subjects: paints on the basis of sparkles or natural henna.

Decorative items are kept for 1-2 weeks - it all depends on the type of accessory, and how careful it is to handle it.

Warning pain

Choosing the option of hair removal, be guided by the degree of your pain threshold, so that the cosmetic procedure does not become a test:

  1. Use an anesthetic cream or tablets when visiting the salon, warn the master about the need to use anesthetics for the intimate area.
  2. The first 1-2 days after making a haircut, wear a simple-cut underwear made from natural fabrics. This will avoid irritation and rubbing of the bikini area.
  3. If you have identified the option of an intimate haircut, when part of the hair is not removed, carefully select the underwear so that it does not show the remaining elements.
  4. Timely make correction hairstyles, spa procedures. Moistening and nourishing the outer part of the bikini will slow down hair growth. For such purposes, suitable cooling patches or face masks.

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Choosing the type of haircut and hair removal, be guided by sensations. Comfort and convenience are paramount.

A bit of history

Few people know, but intimate haircuts are not a squeak of modern fashion, but a return to the ancient canons of beauty. In ancient Egypt, only a completely smooth body, devoid of any vegetation, was considered beautiful. But in ancient Greece and Rome it was believed that the hair on the body does not shave only the barbarians, and the duty of a noble patrician is to look after themselves.

And in the harems of the countries of the East to monitor the beauty of the bikini zone of wives and concubines was the responsibility of the eunuch. In the modern world, everyone has the right to decide whether to make an intimate haircut or not.

But if the girl decided to decorate the bikini area with an unusual hairstyle, in order not to achieve the opposite effect, you need to choose the right pattern, choose the right tools and follow the procedure, following all the rules.

What tools are needed

The following tools are used for removal:

  • Razor,
  • Depilatory cream,
  • Wax,
  • Electric epilator,
  • Trimmer.

You can do an intimate haircut with your own hands, but there are professionals who will do everything themselves, you only need to choose the way and type of hairstyle. Professionally remove hair for both women and men. Used wax, epilator, trimmer.

Now photoepilation is popular, but this procedure is expensive, but it will gradually relieve you of hair forever. In the salon they approach to intimate hairstyles professionally and, using modern techniques, not only remove hair, but also make out curly hairstyles.

Some customers are asked to perform a hairstyle with coloring elements. To do this, you must use paint from natural ingredients, otherwise skin irritation will occur. With henna, for example, perform various patterns in the bikini area.
After going to a specialist, it will become clear how to make an intimate haircut on your own.

Men's intimate hairstyles

  1. Regular haircut - shaved pubic area and the inner side of the hips,
  2. Bikini cut - remove hair that goes beyond the contours of underwear,
  3. The athlete - on the contour of the linen with a low fit,
  4. Figured images are created using trimmer.

It is advisable for a man to purchase a special trimmer, because with the help of him it is safest to do intimate hairstyles. Trimmer perfectly creates a pattern in the form of patterns.

Male intimate haircut to a man at home

Armed with a trimmer, a man can create the necessary drawings in the intimate area. Can also be removed using a typewriter or a razor. It is not advisable to use wax yourself, if you decide to experience flour, then visit a professional salon.
Intimate haircut to a man involves removal from the inside of the thigh, from the pubic area, from the penis and from the testicles. You can also remove hair from the perineum and anal area.

Types of haircuts

There are over a thousand variations of intimate hairstyles, or, as they are called, bikini designs. Yes, a lot can be done on such a small area of ​​skin. The number of haircuts is limited only by your imagination. And in order to help you with the choice, we have collected several examples of intimate hairstyles.
These haircuts can make themselves each:

For these, you will need experience or help from your best friend:

Intimate haircuts can be combined with dyeing pubic hair, applying permanent or temporary tattoos to the bikini area:
The main types of female intimate hairstyles:

  1. Month or crescent - one of the most popular intimate haircuts,
  2. Torch - a haircut is similar in shape to a torch, it can be varied with rhinestones,
  3. Sonata - resembles the element Yin-Yang, a complex intimate haircut, which is advised to perform in the salon,
  4. Hollywood - complete removal from the pubic area,
  5. Brazilian haircut - hair removal from all parts of the genitals,
  6. The runway is a strip pattern, the width of which can be from narrow to wide,
  7. Figured drawings - are made on the stencil, decorated with rhinestones and henna drawings.

A haircut in the intimate area can not only amaze men, but also visually change your figure for the worse or better. Therefore, girls with wide hips are encouraged to give preference to vertical patterns, stretched upwards. Otherwise, due to the horizontal pattern, the hips will be perceived even wider than they really are. Conversely, girls with a very narrow pelvis wide haircut will help visually round the lines of the figure. Description of hairstyles is in Wikipedia.

You will also need to create an intimate hairstyle woman:

  • Mirror
  • Razor or special tool
  • Pencil
  • Hairbrush
  • Scissors
  • Stencil
  • Antiseptic

Intimate haircut with a razor

  1. It is necessary to steam the skin, you can take a hot shower.
  2. Shave the hair on the inside of the thighs, on the genital lips, in the crotch area.
  3. If you prefer a complete lack of hair, shave in the pubic area.
  4. If you want to make a picture, then leave the hair.
  5. Apply with a stencil and a pencil drawing or mark the area of ​​the picture "on the eye."
  6. Use a razor to remove hair that is out of the picture.
  7. Comb the remaining in the direction of growth. Cut the hair of the pattern to 2-3 mm.
  8. Wash away leftovers and pencil. Using a mirror, find the hairs that are not shaved, and remove them. You can use tweezers.
  9. Treat your skin with an antiseptic, such as chlorhexidine, to prevent irritation or itching.

When shaving or using a special trimmer, the hair grows back in 1-2 days. To save the picture for a long time, use sugar or wax hair removal.

Sugar hair removal

Sugar hair removal or shugaring, a rather painful way to remove, but the effect of it lasts longer.

Sugar paste can be made independently:

  1. Mix in a saucepan 500 grams of sugar with 4 tablespoons of water and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  2. Over low heat with constant stirring, bring the mixture to dissolve the sugar.
  3. Close the lid and leave for 20 minutes.
  4. Then let the mixture cool.
  5. Prepare for the procedure.
  6. Steam skin by taking a hot shower or bath.
  7. Draw a pencil drawing.
  8. Apply the cooled mixture to the area where you need to remove the hair and then, after a slight drying, separate it.

The effect of epilation lasts about 2 weeks, unlike using a razor.


Waxing keeps skin smooth for 2-3 weeks, but it is a very painful procedure. Here is the sequence in which it is done:

  1. Prepare for the procedure by steaming the skin. Draw a pencil drawing with a stencil.
  2. Wax for hair removal can be purchased at the store.
  3. Apply wax to the removal sites. After 2 minutes, sharply remove the wax.
  4. Wash off the residue and wax, check if there are any unnecessary hairs left. Treat the skin with an antiseptic.

This procedure is not suitable for women who:

  • There are chronic and acute skin diseases,
  • Diabetes,
  • Hypertension,
  • Allergic reaction to wax.

Chemical depilation

It is performed with a depilatory cream. But with this method, the hair is removed for a short time.

Apply the cream over the border of the picture and wait (the time is indicated on the package). Then remove the cream with a special spatula. Wash away the rest of the cream and apply emollient oil on the skin.

When using cream for depilation, the effect will last from 5 to 10 days.

In order to look well-groomed, both men and women need to monitor their appearance. This also applies to intimate places where you can make beautiful and sexy pictures, with the help of which you can diversify sex life and feel more confident. Many couples practice the creation of intimate hairstyles to each other - this "adds fire" and brings partners together. Trust and surprise each other with new ideas!

Tidy intimate zone: a haircut in the bikini area

Who said that making an interesting haircut is only possible on the head? Both women and men shave their temples, but they can also safely apply the drawing in the intimate zone. Yes, men are also allowed. It looks aesthetic, beautiful and sexy.

Preparation for the procedure

Make a haircut in an intimate place is easy. But you should not do it for a few days before menstruation, so as not to experience severe pain. From the first time, the necessary drawing may not be possible, for this you need some kind of experience. But over time, you can adapt well. Walkthrough:

  1. Take a shower to soften the skin.
  2. Choose the place of application and outside remove all hair in any way.
  3. In the area of ​​the hair should be 3-4 mm.
  4. Apply the drawing to the selected area using a cosmetic pencil (you can make the drawing yourself or use ready-made stencils). It is best to start with simple shapes (hearts, geometric shapes, etc.).
  5. Remove all hair left behind the line pattern.
  6. Wash the pencil.
  7. If there are excess hairs, remove them with tweezers.
  8. Apply the cutting area with alcohol.

Perform a haircut can be a regular razor, but most conveniently with a trimmer.

Also prepare all the necessary materials:

  • scissors,
  • comb,
  • mirror,
  • trimmer / razor or hair removal products (gel, wax, paste, etc.),
  • stencil,
  • pencil,
  • alcohol.

Intimate haircut is more convenient to do with a trimmer, a nozzle with a narrow tip will fit

Next you need to decide: do you want to leave the picture in a natural color or paint. Henna or Basma is suitable for coloring, as these are natural dyes that do not contain chemical additives and aggressive substances. You can also add rhinestones.

The next step is the choice of a picture: decide how it will be in advance, and also decide whether you yourself will draw it or buy a stencil. The final preparatory stage is the reception of a hot shower. This will soften the skin and it will not hurt you so much. Rhinestones give the pattern shine and unusual look, but not every girl will dare to

Rules for men

To create a picture use:

The trimmer is considered to be the most convenient option: cutting with its use does not cause any pain, and the device is easy to handle. There will be no problems with the cream either: it is enough to apply the agent along the contour of the pattern, hold it for a certain time (carefully study the instructions!), And then remove it with a special spatula that comes with it. But waxing is a painful method, which not every man will dare.

Razor - fast assistant

Plus shaving is a quick removal process, after which, however, irritation occurs. Until it passes, will have to shave again. If you have already decided to shave, then give preference to machines with three to four blades and a gel strip, do not use disposable razors many times, make sure that the blades do not rust. Use a scrub before and a special lotion after the procedure to avoid ingrown hairs. But even this will not save you from rapid hair growth.

Hair is removed using a special paste (sugar + lemon juice / citric acid + water), which can be cooked by yourself. The procedure is not the most painless, there is a possibility of hair ingrowth. Therefore, you need to follow the rules:

  1. Take a bath and scrub the skin a few days before shugaring.
  2. You can use an anesthetic cream (for example, Emloi).
  3. After you can not take a hot bath, sunbathe, go to the solarium, bath and sauna.

Please note that sugar paste is applied against the growth of hair, and is removed by growth.

The choice of pastes for sugar hair removal is impressive, it remains to find your own version

Waxing is a waxing epilation. It can be hot and cold (stripes). The result after waxing lasts longer than a razor: from three weeks with cold wax and up to two months with hot. Minus - pain and a number of contraindications.

Preparing for waxing and care after a similar procedure for hair removal with sugar paste, but the process is different: wax is applied on the growth of hair, and is removed against.Waxing is best done first in the cabin, and only then try to experiment at home

Options for women

Ladies can choose any option they like:

  1. Classic Brazilian haircut. This trimming is in the form of a thin strip on the pubis. She is called so because of the Brazilian women who had to shave everything because of their short skirts.
  2. "Runway". There also remains a vertical strip, the width can be chosen at will, and the top edge should be below the elastic of the linen.
  3. Easy forms: month, heart, butterfly, lotus, drop, etc.
  4. Geometric shapes: square, triangle.
  5. "Sonata". It looks like a yin-yang: an even circle and an inverted drop.
  6. "Letter". Any capital letter, for example, a name.
  7. "Tulip". In the form of a flower. You can diversify the design with bright colors. This is a very popular haircut.
  8. "Fish". Consists of one convex triangle and two arcs. The eye can be made of strazika.
  9. "Spider". Something similar to the previous one: two arcs and a convex triangle, from which vertical lines go upward (as if the spider is sitting on a web).
  10. "Pussy". In the form of a cat face or in some position.
  11. "The Empress". The image of the crown. Fits any shape.
  12. "Yin and Yang."
  13. "Peacock Tail". Several rounded lines at the end.

Intimate haircuts can transform the figure, the main thing is to choose the right pattern

Men's combinations

The choice of male intimate haircuts is also wide:

  1. "Baby". Hair completely shave.
  2. "Athlete". Hair is removed only in the upper part of the pubis, so that they do not stick out from under the clothes.
  3. "Accent". Small square.
  4. The emblem of the car.

Men's haircut in the intimate area looks aesthetically pleasing, and many girls find it extremely sexy

You can put anything on the intimate area, if you have a rich imagination.

Classic: triangle, month, butterfly, runway, strip

This design of the bikini zone is easy to do by yourself. The main types do not require additional equipment, except for hair removal tools:

1. "Triangle" - the most natural, easily achievable form. Intimate haircut for women at home - the "triangle" is suitable for all types of figure, the thickness of the hair intimate zone. The geometric shape has an inverted triangle shape, with the top at the bottom. You can “depict” a triangle with different sides without using templates, stencils.

2. Intimate haircut for women - "strip", at home is available for all women in the beautiful half, without skill and training. The width of the vertical "strip" can be different, and depends on personal choice, body type - from 0.5 cm to 3 cm. Performing this type will require a marker, patience, and a selected hair removal tool. Intimate haircut at home "female strip" - the best option in the absence of experience in the implementation of such haircuts.

3. “Month” to fulfill the power without a template for young ladies with developed artistic skills. Growing or decreasing month - it depends on the mood. This option will add a little intrigue to the bed-plane relationship. Can be done with a trimmer, razor. You can add a design of rhinestones, painted in golden or yellow color.

4. A gentle, defenseless "butterfly" is made on the basis of a triangular shape. Wings can be painted in different colors. Thin antennae are able to cause genuine interest of the partner.

Do not require additional equipment main types

5. “Runway” is a thin vertical strip, with complete removal of hairs from other surfaces of the delicate zone. Width varies, based on the parameters of body composition, thickness of hair, individual preferences. This pattern gives rise to the rapid dispersal of passion.

Using stencil

Performing bikini design will not prevent the lack of skill, artistic skills. In such cases, stencils are used for intimate haircuts at home. Template fixtures facilitate the design of the delicate area. Manufacturers specializing in the release of beauty products, offer a huge selection of design drawings. Stencils are made on a flexible basis, which ensures its maximum adhesion to the skin. The adhesive provides the ability to dry-cut, wet, using wax or depilation cream.

Of the popular options include:

  • plant drawings
  • complex geometric shapes, compositions,
  • flower motifs
  • Oriental, runic symbols,
  • font to create labels, initials,
  • images of animals, insects,
  • smiles, various symbols,
  • options patterns.

To play the author's design ideas, the template can be done by hand.To do this, transfer the picture of the future design of the bikini-zone to the film with a self-adhesive base. Self-adhesive paper is impractical to use because of its rapid deacidification.

The template can be custom-made to reproduce the author's design ideas.

How to choose depending on the physique

The design of the intimate zone can not only bring a romantic mood to the bed plane. With it, you can correctly correct minor body defects. An intuitive sense of harmony facilitates the choice of a future composition. We will try to fill the lack of skills, abstract vision with the advice of experienced masters of cosmetologists specializing in the design of hidden corners.

Options for girls in the body

For young ladies who do not differ in their fragile structure, it is preferable to choose the drawings:

  • with thin vertical lines,
  • geometric shapes, with a narrow upper base, expressed narrowing downwards,
  • butterflies with closed wings
  • elegant patterned patterns consisting of thin lines
  • floral vertical patterns, in the form of a flower bowl on a thin stem,
  • vertical, intersecting waves can visually reduce the volume of the hips.

For skinny

Gentle representatives of fragile physique can be visually given to expressive bends with the help of horizontal patterns:

  • blooming flowers
  • horizontal clear lines, waves,
  • stylized mustache,
  • heart, ladybug,
  • butterfly with open wings,
  • horizontal floral pattern.

Options for skinny

Under the shape of the hips

Visually reduce the wide hips can be using

  • vertical geometric patterns
  • zippers, snakes.

These design solutions will help to add volume to the narrow hips:

  • horizontal labels,
  • horizontal leaves of plants, other plant elements:
  • snakes, caterpillars crawling from one hip to another
  • wide, full-bodied heart.

Image selection requires an assessment of the density, density, direction of hair growth in the bikini zone. In rare cases, it takes time to grow a suitable length of hair.

What you need to perform the procedure

Arsenal masters of intimate design are numerous. To perform an intimate haircut at home will need:

  • disposable razor,
  • trimmer with a thin nozzle,
  • electric epilator, wax for depilation, caramel paste,
  • mirror on a long holder,
  • a large mirror to evaluate the intermediate, final result,
  • pattern with selected pattern,
  • cosmetic pencil or felt-tip pen for eyebrows,
  • quality tweezers,
  • hairbrush with thick teeth
  • natural henna, vegetable dye,
  • liquid antiseptic,
  • hair growth retardant
  • rhinestones, glue for the skin, feathers, glitter.

Numerous arsenal of intimate design masters

When you first perform a design, it is better to give preference to a razor. When the hand is “stuffed”, you can use wax, caramel paste or depilatory cream.

How to avoid redness and irritation on the skin

In order to avoid the development of undesirable reactions of the skin in the form of hyperemia, irritation and rashes, you must follow the rules of subsequent care, hygiene:

  • shave hair in the direction of growth,
  • Do not perform the procedure a week before the start of the menstrual cycle
  • do not use alkaline hygiene products, for shaving,
  • use disposable shaving machines
  • the first 2 hours do not take water treatments
  • you need to cut the hair dry, shave - wet,
  • use sharp tools
  • carry out antibacterial treatment before and after the procedure,
  • Do not visit the steam rooms, baths,
  • The first day after the procedure is recommended to use sedatives,
  • Do not use alcohol-containing products directly after performing an intimate haircut.

Shave hair is necessary in the direction of growth

Means for slowing hair growth

Keep the intimate design for a long period of primeval, hair growth inhibitors will help. After removal, it is recommended to use special products that include salicylic acid, herbal extracts, natural oils softening the skin and allantoin. Regular use of these drugs can keep the result for a long time. To achieve the longest possible delay of the hair using the tools intended for each specific type of depilation.

The range of this production is extensive, we will stop on the most effective:

  • "Hair no more" from "Skin Doctors",
  • spray "Kenassy",
  • gel after depilation from Faberlik,
  • Polish cream "Eveline Q10 + R".

The pricing policy of these funds depends on the popularity of the brand under which the product is produced, of qualitative composition. Apple cider vinegar, powdered turmeric, crushed peel of young walnut mixed with lemon juice are among the home remedies of a pronounced ability to slow the growth of hair.

Photo and video

Intimate haircut at home, video:

An excellent visual aid will be detailed instructions on how to do an intimate haircut at home with a photo:

Based on the above recommendations of the procedure of intimate haircut at home, everyone can please or intrigue the partner by doing it yourself. Patience and endurance will be justified by the end result.

Professional skills: Chief physician of the medical center, practicing cosmetologist.

Brief biography and personal achievements: Teaching activity: teaching the subject “Social Medicine and Organization of Healthcare”, including for foreign (English-speaking) students, conducting consultations and pre-examination preparation.

Scientific and research activities: writing of scientific publications, accompanying documents, organization of the department’s interaction with relevant leading clinical and cosmetology centers for joint research work, participation in conferences, symposia, etc.

Some simple rules

The procedure can be painful, so you should follow some rules:

  1. If pain is difficult to tolerate, use an anesthetic. Suitable cream or pills.
  2. Wear natural linen for two days after the haircut to avoid irritation.
  3. Use moisturizing and nourishing creams 4 hours after any procedure.
  4. Do not forget to use scrubs 3 days after depilation and epilation.

Remember that certain methods of hair removal have contraindications. Check them out.


For any method of removing excess hair, be sure to follow these rules:

  1. Be sure to clean the skin before depilation or depilation. Contamination will not only worsen the result, but can cause irritation (at best).
  2. Disinfect the treated area, for example, Chlorhexidine before and after the procedure.
  3. If you use wax or sugar paste, apply professional talcum powder or baby powder on your skin so that the hairs are better captured by the product, which will help to avoid breaking off, bruising.
  4. If you use a razor, monitor its quality, otherwise mechanical damage can not be avoided.
  5. Be sure to read the instructions in the case of using depilatory cream.
  6. Do not chase the result in an intimate haircut and creating a picture, everything will come with experience.

Intimate haircut is a great way to surprise your partner. This will help you different types of stencils. You can make them yourself. But it is necessary to stock up not only with special accessories, but also with patience.

How to make a bikini design at home?

The culture of bikini design originates from ancient times, but still many people consider intimate haircuts to be superfluous and even vulgar. Meanwhile, girls from high society decorated and continue to decorate the bikini zone in this way. Why not take an example from them, and at least occasionally pamper yourself and your man in this way?

  • 1. Examples of intimate haircuts
  • 2. How to make an intimate haircut at home?
  • 2.1. Tools
  • 2.2. Instructions for implementation
  • 3. How do intimate haircuts in the salon
  • 4. What men say about bikini design
  • 5. The history of the intimate haircut

First, let's see what intimate hairstyles are, and then we will continue to learn how to make bikini design at home.

Examples of intimate haircuts

There are more than a thousand variants of bikini design, it all depends on your imagination, we will focus on the most popular haircuts that every girl can make.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult, but there are more advanced hairstyles, which can not always be done without proper training and special tools.

The choice of drawing is an important point, because with it you can both hide figure flaws and vice versa, emphasize them. Therefore, it is important to know and follow the basic rule of bikini design:

Vertical design is suitable for girls with wide hips, horizontal - for those who have narrow hips.

And now the main question - "Why make an intimate haircut." There are three options:

  1. Tidy up the bikini area for a few days.
  2. Tidy up the bikini area for 1-2 weeks.
  3. Impress a man.

And if in the first case, you can do with improvised tools that are in the arsenal of any woman: a razor, scissors and tweezers, then the second and third options require additional tools.

How to make an intimate haircut at home?

First you need to decide on the picture, because the "correct" image will give the opportunity to adjust the zone of the hips. Next you need to prepare the tool. To do this, professional masters use the epilator, trimmer and tweezers. However, there are those who prefer different creams. In fact, this is the same depilation, only a higher level, which means there will be all the same unpleasant feeling.

If you want the bikini design to be preserved as long as possible, then you can use hot wax or shugaring for this purpose. As a rule, the procedure takes no more than 2.5 hours. The time depends solely on the complexity of the pattern and the number of decorative elements. Glitter and rhinestones will not last longer than 2 days. This, too, must be considered if you are planning a romantic meeting. If you want to please your man, then first find out his preferences and wishes, but do not say directly what you are going to do, otherwise there will be no surprise.

Unfortunately, bikini-design has contraindications, they are more associated with the method of hair removal. For waxing and shugaring are the following contraindications:

  • chronic and acute skin diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • high blood pressure
  • skin deformation
  • intolerance to the procedure.

But this does not prevent you from using the trimmer for the intimate area, to create a haircut at least for a short time.


If the drawing is not the easiest, then a stencil will be required, we have prepared several options for you, all that remains is to download them, print them and cut out your favorite one.

In addition to the stencil, you will need:

  • mirror,
  • hairbrush,
  • cosmetic pencil,
  • nail scissors,
  • tweezers,
  • antiseptic, a good choice would be "Chloroticixedin" or "Miromin",

As we have said, depending on how long you want to keep an intimate hairstyle, you need to choose a method of hair removal:

Depilation methodHow long will the effect
Razor1-2 days
Trimmer1-2 days
Cream for intimate depilation7-14 days
Epilator + tweezers10-20 days
Wax14-21 days
Shugaring14-21 days

In any case, to maintain the hair, you will need a trimmer, which allows you to cut your hair to a certain length.

How do intimate haircuts in the salon

The biggest disadvantage of bikini design at home is that everything needs to be done independently, in an uncomfortable position. In the salon there are no problems with this, you will be placed in a special chair, and the only action you need is the choice of the pattern and method of hair removal.

In addition, the salon offers not only an intimate haircut, but also drawing a colorful pattern in the style of "body art" on the bikini area, with various decorations like rhinestones, beads or sparkles.

Hair coloring is also possible, and it is made with a special paint that can be used on sensitive skin areas and does not contain harmful substances, which negatively affect the mucous membrane.

For this reason, it is not recommended to use regular hair dye in the bikini area.

But not everything is so smooth. By choosing a salon for an intimate haircut should be approached very carefully, you must be convinced that you have come into the hands of a professional who uses proven cosmetics and knows his business. Before you go to the salon, read the reviews about this place, find out if it has been working for a long time, and when you’re already there, it’s worth a visit to the complaint book.

What is the price for a hairstyle in an intimate place? A “standard” bikini design will cost you $ 20 on average. When using wax or shugaring, the bikini design will retain its shape for up to 2 weeks.

If you want to make a colorful bikini design, then this service will delay another $ 20. The drawing will please with its appearance about 3-4 days.

What men say about bikini design

You may not believe, but even special surveys were conducted among men, and similar questions periodically addressed to the “stronger sex” periodically appear on the forums. And here is what the statistics says:

  1. Most men prefer the option “completely without hair,” that is, a deep bikini.
  2. Thin stripes and pictures in the style of minimalism are also welcome.
  3. Butterflies, dragonflies and other insects cause not pleasant associations for many men.
  4. Not understood by most men remain complex and bright hair and patterns in the style of "body art".
  5. Hairstyle in the form of a heart does not like men.

As we can see, the opinion of men about bikini design comes down to one thing - the less hair, the better. But in any case, ask your man what his preferences in this matter may be your chosen one is far from public opinion.

The history of the intimate haircut

Female sharpness always worked perfectly on seducing men. Just imagine that Cleopatra in the 1st century AD came up with some unusual, at that time, ways of hair removal, do you think she didn’t think of a design bikini?

In modern history, the start of fashion for intimate swifts is dated by the “sexual revolution,” that is, the 1960s. But it was not convenient to remove hair with a razor or scissors, they quickly grew, became more rigid. Everything has changed with the advent of wax depilation. It was a real breakthrough; wax for hair removal is actively used today, despite the appearance of alternatives, even such as hair removal (laser), which, due to its enormous cost, remains a way to remove hair for the higher strata of society.

The full evolution of fashion hairstyles in the bikini zone is reflected in the image below.

As we see, there is nowhere else to clean up, surely in the foreseeable future we should expect hair to return to fashion in the intimate zone, because we know that the development of our society is moving in a spiral, and what was once in fashion can come back, even in a slightly modified form.

Intimate haircuts: how to make an intimate haircut yourself

He knows by heart every inch of your body and, it would seem, to surprise him with absolutely nothing. Did you have the idea to perform plastic surgery and hit it with new volumes? It is not necessary to resort to such radical measures to excite the imagination and ardent desire in your lover.

Prepare a surprise for him on your body where he expects the least of it - make an intimate haircut. You not only get an aesthetic pleasure from the result of this cosmetic procedure, but also perfectly complement your image of a sexy seductress.

In order to make a fashionable hairstyle in an intimate place it is not necessary to use the services of a bikini master - design. After studying the technique of execution and selecting the appropriate stencil, you can make any intimate haircuts at home.

  • Intimate haircuts at home are performed using a fairly simple set of tools and available tools:
  • sharp scissors,
  • mirror,
  • hairbrush,
  • eyebrow pencil,
  • shaving razor (wax, tweezers or cosmetic plaster - depends on
  • the way you will remove hair),
  • stencil of the selected pattern for an intimate haircut.

Before you start choosing the design of the future intimate hairstyle read the basic rules for its implementation.

  • female intimate haircuts should not be done a week before the menstruation (at this time, the skin is increased sensitive),
  • take painkiller for 1.5 - 2 hours before epilation,
  • If you are in a state of stress - postpone the execution of an intimate haircut until a more favorable moment and a positive attitude,
  • use a pattern or stencil for a better and clearer cut.
  • It is worth remembering that when waxing, the adjustment of the pattern will need to be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks, and when the machine is depilating, every 2 to 3 days
  • epilation should not be carried out if the skin has irritation, scratches, the effects of solar or sunburn,
  • since any steaming increases the sensitivity of the skin, you should not perform an intimate haircut after a bath, sauna, shower, any thermal procedures,
  • the optimal hair length for removal in the bikini area is 5-7 mm (shorter than this length it is not desirable to remove hair),
  • after performing an intimate haircut, do not use intimate hygiene products, any detergent cosmetics, a washcloth.
  • You can not sunbathe in the solarium and the sun.

So, we stocked up the tools, got acquainted with the basic rules, studied the designs of intimate haircuts and made a choice. It remains to realize his plan.

Intimate Haircut Stages

Thoroughly clean and dry your skin and hair in the bikini area. In front of the mirror with a comb and scissors, give the hair in the intimate area the same length (5 - 7 mm).

Overlay the stencil and carefully and clearly trace its outlines with a pencil. Remove excess hair with a wax (machine or plaster). Adjust the outlines of the picture with tweezers. Treat your skin with an after shave product if you use a razor for epilation.

Feel free to start decorating. Women's intimate haircuts can be decorated with rhinestones, beads, sequins, colorful feathers - it all depends on your imagination. Attach each piece gently with tweezers to a drop of glue applied to the hairs.

In addition to decorating with decorative elements, intimate haircut can be colored. It is best to use for dyeing natural dyes that can not cause allergies or irritation.

The paint should have a thick creamy consistency. In order to avoid getting it on the mucous membrane, put a cotton swab into the perineum. For applying hair dye, use a wide brush. Apply the dye should be in the direction of hair growth. The skin in the intimate area is very sensitive, so you need to withstand the paint no more than 10 - 20 minutes.

In addition to traditional hair dye colors, they are very popular in bikinis - henna is used in design. It lasts a long time, is harmless to the skin and allows relatively often to make adjustments to the hairstyle. Henna allows you to get colors close to natural - from light brown to dark brown. It can also be used as a means for tattooing. With the help of henna, any of the female intimate haircuts can be supplemented with a temporary tattoo in the bikini area.

The advantages of intimate hair made at home

Performing intimate haircuts at home has a lot of advantages:

  • You do not experience discomfort in front of the master, who will cast spells over your intimate zone for quite some time,
  • You can translate any intimate fantasy into an intimate haircut, and only you and your partner will know about it,
  • You will not only save money, but also get an aesthetic pleasure from performing a beautiful pattern on your body. Feel more relaxed, desirable and sexy, self-confident.

Watch the video: Randy Brown - I'm Always In The (December 2019).