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How to choose a cream after depilation and how can it be replaced?

In the heat, when there is a minimum of clothes on us, one of the most pressing topics is how to bring out the extra “vegetation” on the legs and in other parts of the body.

Previously, for this delicate procedure, women used a razor to cut the hair shaft in the thickest spot, after which hard bristles grew. Today, the razor appeared several competitors who cope with hair removal is no worse. Let's try to evaluate their pros and cons.

Depilation wax (waxing)

The tool for this type of depilation is conditionally called wax. In fact, in addition to wax, it includes many other components - resin of coniferous plants or synthetic resins, paraffin. Depending on this, the wax is hard or soft and with different melting points.

Hard wax warmed up on a steam bath or in a microwave to a temperature of 50 ° С and applied to the body at 38–42 ° С in the course of hair growth with a special spatula. When the wax layer hardens, it is removed entirely with the hairs imprinted on it. However, it is rather difficult to work with this tool - a certain skill is needed, therefore, as a rule, it is used by professional cosmetologists.

Depilation procedure soft wax more simple, you can easily make it at home. Melted to 38–40 ° C on a steam bath or in a special cartridge, the wax must be applied in the direction of hair growth with a spatula or using a roller applicator inserted into the head of the cassette. Attach a strip of fabric or paper from above, press it firmly against the skin 5–10 times and pull against hair growth - and the vegetation will remain on the strip. After that, the sticky residue of the resin, which is not soluble in water, will need to be removed from the skin with a special oil-based agent. If you could not immediately remove all hair, you can repeat the procedure no sooner than after three days, when the skin is completely healed.

Wax strips for depilation simplify the procedure even more. They are warmed in the hands, applied to the skin and strongly pressed, then pulled with force, tearing off the skin along with the hairs.

pros: compared to traditional shaving, wax depilation gives a longer lasting effect on smooth skin, and new hair becomes less and less thin. The procedure is affordable, does not take much time, allows you to remove hair in large areas and on any parts of the body.

Minuses: wax depilation is poorly tolerated by people with a low pain threshold. In addition, like any thermal procedure, it is contraindicated in chronic venous insufficiency. So, if you have spider veins and snake dilated vessels on your legs, this procedure does not suit you.

Cream for hair removal

You can make your skin silky with a special depilation cream. It is simply rubbed into the skin and left for some time, and then - removed with a special plastic spatula-scraper, and the remnants are washed off. Chemicals that make up the cream dissolve keratin scales that make up the hair.

pros: depilatory cream removes hair easily and painlessly. It is especially convenient to use when traveling.

Minuses: The cream is not suitable for depilation of the bikini area, as it can irritate delicate skin. In addition, many women have an allergic reaction to the components of the cream, so that before applying it must first be tested on a small area of ​​skin. New vegetation grows at least a week and a half earlier than with other types of depilation, in which hairs are plucked from the root.

Electric separator

Outwardly, this device looks like an electric razor, only instead of blades in the head there are several rotating disks with hooks that pull out hairs.

pros: saving time and effort, because the device captures dozens of hairs at once.

Minuses: when you remove hair on your legs, the pain is still tolerable, but in the bikini and armpit zones, the hair removal procedure is so painful that it can bring to a painful shock. After applying an electric degenerator, irritation often occurs on the skin - small red dots, which usually disappear within 24 hours.

This method came to us from Egypt and Ancient Greece, and its name comes from the English word shugar (sugar). Indeed, only a small piece of thick sugar molasses is used for hair removal (you can buy it or make it yourself), which is applied to excess hair. When the molasses are torn from the skin, the hairs embedded in it are easily pulled out. Shugaring is very simple, affordable and economical: it does not require any tools, besides one lump of molasses can be used for a long time.

pros: compared to other methods of depilation, this procedure is not so painful. Shugaring is good for treating legs as well as for bikini and underarms. Sugar paste does not need to be warmed up for the procedure, so this method is safe for people with chronic venous insufficiency. Another undoubted advantage - molasses can not cause allergies to the skin: it is absolutely natural remedy - only sugar, water, lemon juice and plant extracts. This method allows you to get rid of even very short hair - only 2-3 mm long.

Minuses: there are practically none.

On a note

After depilation, it is necessary to treat the skin with an after shave product or hydrogen peroxide. By the way, it brightens the hair, so that those hairs that did not immediately go away will become less noticeable.

Usually, skin irritation disappears within a day after the procedure. At this time, it is worthwhile to protect the skin from soap, salt water, and sunlight. For owners of sensitive skin, it is recommended to apply an aftershave cream that helps relieve irritation, or an emollient cream with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as lanolin, vegetable oils, vitamin F, extracts of chamomile, aloe vera.

By the way, there is a special cream that slows down hair growth. It should be applied to the skin immediately after depilation. Getting into the hair follicles, it weakens them, as a result, the hair grows slower. As a result, if you had to remove them once every 2-3 weeks, the cream delays the need to repeat the procedure for a month. If, having put a cream, you felt a tingling, do not be frightened. This is a normal reaction.

The best creams after depilation

To ensure that hair does not grow so quickly after shaving or hair removal, cosmetologists advise you to use special products after the procedure of getting rid of hair. Consider the 8 best options.

This gel cream can slow down the growth of hair, prevent irritation, soften and saturate the epidermis with beneficial substances.

Only the most valuable components are included:

The composition contains arnica and aloe, which helps restore the integrity of the skin after epilation. After application, the skin calms down, redness and itching disappear. All pro-epilated zones remain smooth for a long time due to the fact that the cream inhibits hair growth. This product is made only from natural ingredients of plant origin. Other advantages of this product:

  • there is a certificate of quality
  • hypoallergenic cosmetics,
  • economical consumption
  • skin becomes fresh and elastic.

This cream after hair removal can be applied all over.


Another popular aftershave cream for women that can:

  • remove redness
  • have an antiseptic effect,
  • prevent ingrown hair, peeling and dry skin,
  • moisturize and soften the epidermis,
  • provide a regenerating effect
  • adjust skin hydrobalance
  • slow down the growth of hair.

If you regularly use the tool after hair removal, the activity of the hair follicles will decrease. Hair will eventually thin out, brighten and thin.

As part of the present shea butter, allantoin, etc. Suitable for any skin.

Suitable shaving cream in the intimate area, in the armpits and other areas. It soothes, softens, has antimicrobial and antibacterial effect. Using this tool, you will forget about irritations and inflammations.

In the composition there is an extract:

Quickly soothes the skin. It is inexpensive.

It can be used as a cream after depilation for the face, intimate areas, hands and feet, underarms. The main plus - is suitable for hypersensitive skin. Thanks to the sorbine enzyme, hair grows slower, thinner and brighten.

Also, the tool is able to moisturize, soothe and soften the skin. They are saturated with nutrients. The epidermis becomes elastic, resilient, perfectly flat and smooth.

The cream is enriched with all the important elements that are able to:

  • restore water balance - moisturize and nourish,
  • stop inflammation
  • prevent irritation
  • brush up
  • calm down
  • remove itching and other discomfort that occurs after depilation or epilation.

Components in the foreground are: bisabolol, aloe, allantoin.

It is advisable to use every day.

In any cosmetic store you can find inexpensive tool Lady Caramel. It removes dryness, irritation, itching, inflammation. The skin will be silky, smooth. All this is due to such components as iris oil, shea butter.

The number of procedures is reduced, as hair growth slows down.

If you have material wealth, try a professional tool Aravia. It contains papain, effectively and gently cleansing and caring for the skin. It affects the follicle and dulls the growth of hair.

Other advantages of the cream:

  • soothes
  • moisturizes
  • regenerates
  • prevents premature aging of the skin,
  • peels off.

All aftershave products for women have similar characteristics. Details will help determine. Search for them should be in the composition, properties. Pay attention to which skin the product is designed for and which zones.

How to choose the most suitable cream?

In order not to waste money on expensive goods, take into account several points that will help you make the right choice and save your family budget.

Read the composition of the cream. It is desirable that there were no perfumes, there were only natural ingredients. If menthol is present, it is a plus, as it is anesthetized. Chamomile, aloe - relieve inflammation, calm down. Alcohol-containing agents will give an antibacterial effect.

To soften the dermis, choose the option in which panthenol is present. He will contribute to the regeneration.

Folk remedies

It is not necessary to buy finished cosmetic products. You can make the tool yourself.

To make a sedative after depilation, take 100-150 g of cocoa butter, 10 ml of olive, calendula, tea tree and patchouli. Mixing all the components, you will get a disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and moisturizing agent. Apply the composition is recommended daily and always after depilation. The ideal storage place is dark glass with a tightly closed lid.

Another option - the composition of the two components: turmeric and water. The first is purchased in the form of an essential oil, you will need 20 ml. The water is heated to a 36-degree temperature, the amount is the same. The composition is greased depilated area. After a quarter of an hour, everything is removed under running water.

If there is no time for the preparation of multicomponent compositions, you can simply wipe the skin after the procedure:

  • chamomile decoction,
  • agave juice,
  • tincture of the series,
  • Tea Tree Oil + Olive (1 to 4).

It is possible to remove inflammation simply by applying ice to that place. But this option is not suitable in case of epilation of a large area (legs, arms).

Differences in the care of different parts of the body

Always pick the cream according to the zone that will be epilated. If the cream is designed only for the body, do not apply it to the face. The presence of alcohol or acid will cause irritation. The same applies to the bikini area and underarms, as there the epidermis is also very tender.

You can buy products after hair removal or depilation in cosmetic stores or salons. If there is no time for shopping, order products online.

There are products of different companies in different ways. The budget option will cost 100-150 rubles, professional cosmetics - 300-400 rubles.

To keep the skin smooth, delicate and beautiful even after frequent shaving, it is worth using products after depilation. They will prevent irritation, inflammation, stop hair growth and take care of the skin.

What is it and why is it needed?

Jokes about the cream for the big toe of the left foot have a basis, because the cosmetics bag of a modern woman sometimes resembles an atlas of anatomy, although all this variety can be replaced with several tubes. Is it really necessary to have a special cream after depilation or will any cream with a soothing and irritating effect be suitable?

If there is a goal to soothe the skin, then anyone will really do. For example, the universal gel Aloe Soothing Gel by Holika Holika, which contains 99% aloe vera gel.

The link describes in detail what a depilation is.

However, this effect of this cream after depilation does not end. A really effective cream after the hair removal procedure should:

  • inhibit the growth and division of hair follicle cells,
  • destroy keratin and thereby slow the growth of new hair.

That is, it is the same hair removal cream (here is more detailed about hair removal creams), only in slow motion. Its task is to maintain the skin in a smooth state as long as possible. Effective creams really reduce the number of active hair follicles by 10-15%, making the procedure for the subsequent removal of hair faster and easier.

On the video cream after depilation:

Active ingredients

What makes the cream slow down hair growth? Due to special substances - inhibitors that violate the natural course of regeneration processes. The attack can be carried out in various directions, the active substances can:

  • neutralize sulfur, which is necessary for hair regeneration,
  • to break down proteins, i.e. keratin.

Means for depilation at home are listed here.

As such active components can be:

  • Hypericum extract,
  • witch hazel extract
  • lemon extract
  • extract of arnica, pumpkin seeds, safflower,
  • protease contained in the extract of papaya or pineapple.

Auxiliary components neutralize the irritating effect of the hair removal procedure on the epithelium. It is clear that it is desirable to get rid of hair so that the skin remains healthy, smooth and beautiful.

The soothing and soothing ingredients are:

  • beeswax,
  • soy milk
  • lecithin,
  • grape seed oil,
  • jojoba oil,
  • allantoin,
  • azulene,
  • bisabolol
  • aloe vera.

Different brands

Some of the most well-known tools after depilation:

    Cream Moisturizing and Hair Growth Inhibitor Byly (Spain) - representative of the luxury segment. According to promises, with regular use, thinning hair. It will take 4 weeks for a visible effect. It should be used daily and without interruption. There are no reviews, apparently, our compatriots are not ready to give almost 2 thousand rubles. for cream after depilation.

Cream Moisturizing and Hair Growth Inhibitor Byly Concentrate Le Corps Post Epil Payot - No reviews, but the Peyote brand, despite its high cost, is popular. The tool eliminates the risk of ingrown hairs. What is remarkable - it is soft, suitable even for the bikini zone and does not cause allergies.

Concentrate Le Corps Post Epil Payot "Stop hair" Serge Arsua - cream-balm. There are no reviews either, it is relatively inexpensive (about 400 rubles), it has a simple composition. The active sedative component - bisabolol, softening - castor oil. However, it is encouraging that the laboratory of Serge Arsua is actively involved in the problems of hair, perhaps, they managed to create a worthwhile product.

Stop hair Serge Arsua - cream-balm Inhibitor HairNoMore from Skin Doctors as a spray. Reviews about the tool are quite contradictory: either delight or complete disappointment. In general, positive ones predominate, the remedy relieves acne, relieves redness, prolongs the smoothness of the skin for a week, for a month brings tired tired skin to an almost perfect appearance.

Inhibitor HairNoMore from Skin Doctors as a spray Hair on Strike Lycon Spa - no reviews. It is quite rare in stores. It is difficult to judge its effectiveness, but it draws attention to the fact that it contains relatively rare extracts: papaya and charavala. The manufacturer promises that with regular use, the hairs will become thinner, softer, lighter, with more hair-free areas.

Cream Hair on Strike Lycon Spa Aroma Epil Expert Decleor Cream - a reputable brand, but it is this tool that did not impress customers. There are reviews only from those who have experienced it in the sampler. Probably, such testing cannot be considered reliable, however, those who used the probe placed in the Wonderbox beauty box did not want to buy the full version, although they noted that the remedy immediately removes irritations, nourishes the skin, compacting it and giving it velvety, elasticity, softness. Nevertheless, the description of the cream attracts: it has a bright feature - it can be used on any parts of the body, including the face. You can even treat your eyebrows, and supposedly in these places your hair will grow more slowly. The composition is good: oils of cotton, shea, almonds, aloe vera gel and oil of cloves, which gives the agent its characteristic, but not all, pleasant aroma.

Aroma Epil Expert Decleor Cream Simone Mahler Soin Epil - After depilation, this cream belongs to expensive cosmetics, there are very few reviews, but they inspire optimism. The tool has a liquid texture lotion, and therefore very economically consumed, really fulfills the promise: the period of depilation increases, the hair becomes noticeably thinner and grows slower. Removes the "goose bumps", which appears in many women immediately after the hair removal procedure. Contains extracts of seaweed, that is, the tool is able to tone and nourish the skin, eliminating cellulite peel.

Simone Mahler Soin Epil Cream Cream-gel Deep Depil Floresan (Floresan) - there are few reviews, but it is clear that the product is very pleasant. Excellent soothing effect, besides it really slows down hair growth. Shaving, for example, is not required every day, but every 4 days.

Deep Depil Floresan Cream Gel Cream-gel "Balance" of the same brand, from Floresan. Contains chamomile and aloe vera oil. According to customers, with its main purpose - slowing hair growth, almost can not cope. The weak effect was noted only by those who used it after removing the hair with a root (depilatory creams, plucking). Those who used the razor, note: no effect on the hair. It helps well from irritation, removes redness, soothes, but not everyone noticed this effect either. For some consumers, the tool turned out to be absolutely useless from any point of view. And only a few say that the cream really makes the hair thinner and weaker, repeated epilation is required after a longer period of time.

Cream-gel Balance Hair Growth Inhibitor with Ayun Walnut has very few reviews, all by 3. The facility seemed to customers too expensive for its modest action.

Hair Growth Inhibitor with Ayun Walnut Faberlic Depilatory Gel It has few critical reviews, but probably because no one expected miracles from this product at an affordable price. In general, praise: perfectly refreshing, eliminates irritation, not only that which appears immediately after shaving, but also that which happens when the hair begins to grow. That is, Faberlic cream is able to prevent the problem of ingrown hair.

Faberlic Depilatory Gel Cream after shaving factory "Freedom" with vitamin F - The cream is designed for men, but the fashion for domestic, very cheap and versatile creams has not bypassed it. The cream can: soothe, heal, heal burns, remove allergic peeling and even act as a base for makeup. Contains allantoin, menthol, vitamin F5.

Cream after shaving factory Freedom Pharmaceutical cream Follivit designed to get rid of ingrown hairs or prevent their appearance. Intensively moisturizes and softens the skin, allowing you to get rid of unaesthetic red spots or irritations. The composition has active ingredients that act on the hair follicle and are capable of making it softer, pliable, weak: St. John's wort extract, salicylic acid, willow extract and arnica.

Pharmaceutical cream Follivit

Homemade cream

To date, there are many popular ways to remove unwanted hair. Of them:

    Turmeric. Turmeric is mixed with any suitable nourishing cream in a 1: 1 ratio or according to the sensations (the finished mixture can heat, but should not burn).


  • Walnut. Plots with unwanted hair are treated with green nut juice or an immature fruit is cut in half, the fruit several times a day, gradually the hairs become thinner and weaker until they disappear completely.
  • Nettle. 1 tbsp. l nettle seeds are poured with any base vegetable oil (half a cup), insist 2 months in a dark place, filter, put the nettle oil 2 times a day on the right areas, after 2 months of regular use the result will be noticeable - smooth skin without hair.
  • Any components with acids or alkalis: lemon juice, soda, household soap, hydrogen peroxide. For example, apply to the skin compresses for the night, soaked in a solution of 1 tsp. soda with a glass of warm water.
  • How to apply a depilatory cream can be found at the link.

    How to apply

    Cream after depilation must be tested before use. A little bit of money is applied on the elbow fold. We must wait an hour, if there is a tendency to allergies - a day. If itching, redness, swelling do not apply. In general, such creams are safe and well tolerated even by those with sensitive skin. Moreover, due to the high content of emollients, they, on the contrary, can soften and reduce irritation.

    The best cream for depilation of the bikini zone is described by reference.

    The cream is applied only to clean skin, preferably steamed, so that the active substances can get into the follicles. It is distributed in a thin layer, then massaged lightly, rubbed into the skin. Apply immediately after the procedure, hair removal, then use every two days.

    How to treat the skin after shugaring in the bikini area? Bikini zone creams are difficult to find, how can you slow down hair growth and remove irritation in this delicate area?

    In general, professionals use a range of different drugs.

    Treat the skin with solutions of drugs with a bactericidal action, such as Miramistin. They dry the skin, but reliably eliminate inflammation, and dryness can be compensated by one of the following means.


    1. If irritation occurs, then apply an antiseptic ointment, such as Rescuer.
    2. Universal exterminator of inflammations - Panthenol. Use creams based on it.
    3. Means to restore the acid-base balance of the skin, its plasticity, elasticity and elasticity. You can use special tools, they have a brand Arabia. However, it is possible to take for preparation and natural ingredients, such as decoctions of chamomile, sage, celandine and oak bark. Positive feedback is on the essential oil of tea tree. Ladies with sensitive skin add it to an industrial cream or base oil, achieving good results.

    Also find out how to relieve epilation epilation, here is more about this.

    So does it make sense to buy a cream specifically for use after depilation? Maybe. Judging by the reviews, many promises to manufacturers actually fulfill: such creams can make hair less noticeable. At the same time, the inscription “cream that slows down the growth of hair” does not give any guarantees that a particular woman will have an effect. As for soothing the skin and relieving irritation, there are no restrictions - you can pick up any other cream with appropriate active ingredients, including for children or men, and it will work.

    Cream after depilation: how to choose and what to replace

    Girls and women who do depilation often experience rashes, redness and even skin burns.

    Or with problems such as severe irritation after depilation cream, using wax or a razor.

    We will show you how to use the cream after epilation and how to avoid such troubles, as well as what you can replace it if it is not at hand.

    Causes of irritation

    Any preparation for depilation consists of alkaline components that corrode the hairs and hair follicles in the shallow layers of the skin. When using a razor, for example, nerve endings are irritated near the fat ducts to which the hair is attached.

    When influenced by them, excess fat is released, causing irritation. But besides this, there are still a number of reasons why your skin may suffer and get irritated by the cream and other means for depilation:

    • delicate and sensitive skin can react negatively even to the most gentle method of depilation,
    • wrong choice - for example, for the bikini zone or face, a foot treatment was used,
    • an expired product of poor quality, unknown, untested manufacturers,
    • non-compliance with instructions for use of the drug,
    • long use of one razor, which blunts over time. And disposable machines are really designed for one time,
    • unauthorized increase in the duration of the depilation cream. The drug, which needs to be kept according to the instructions for 3 minutes, is kept for 10 minutes for “confidence”, and then you can’t do without irritation or even a burn,
    • aggressive washing with washcloths, hard brushes or using scrubs after depilation will lead to unpleasant consequences.

    How to eliminate unpleasant consequences

    Can reduce the irritating effect of chemical components with the help of special soothing creams after epilation or depilation, and with the use of popular proven means of saving from irritation.


    Special creams after depilation are developed by scientists taking into account the necessary conditions for each procedure of depilation. The composition of these drugs may be the most diverse, but their main principle is the inclusion of nourishing and soothing oils, plant extracts, antiseptic components and panthenol.

    There are tools that directly affect the hair follicle, and, by damaging it, provoke less hair growth, as well as their lightening and thinning.

    It is preferable to choose products from the same series as for depilation, since here the components are best combined and work on the result.

    What can replace the cream

    Purchased cream after depilation can be replaced by homemade, having prepared it from inexpensive components purchased at a pharmacy:

    • 3 ml of liquid menthol, d-panthenol, betaine and chlorophilipta,
    • on 8 g of palm oil, oil of jojoba, sodium lactate and emulsion wax Powalax,
    • 55 g of hydrolate celandine, which will be the basis of all the cream.

    In a water bath, melt the jojoba oil, add palm and wax, stir well. In another container, mix all other components with a mixer, avoiding the formation of foam, wait for it to cool, and you can use it.

    Rules for choosing a cream after depilation

    How to replace the cream after depilation or epilation using an epilator - you already know, but it is important not to forget about the responsible approach to buying the right product. There are some points to remember before purchasing:

    • Pay attention not only to the beautiful packaging, but also read the date of manufacture and shelf life, as an expired product can harm,
    • buy goods only in verified retail outlets, and not on layouts on the market with a “sale” mark,
    • consider your skin type when choosing a remedy, there are drugs with an increased effect on the further growth of hair, and there is a more pronounced soothing effect.

    Are there any side effects?

    Side effects in the use of the drug after hair removal have been identified. Only low efficacy or unpleasant odor is possible. If the appearance of more hair after depilatory cream bothers you, then use a means of preventing rapid growth regularly, and you will forget about this problem.

    Popular creams after depilation

    • Gel after depilation Caramel good moisturizes the skin and has a pleasant aroma. Contains the whole complex of vegetable oils, such as shea butter, rice, narcissus root extract and seaweed. All this complex has a positive effect on the skin, making it softer, and the hair after depilation with cream does not grow quickly. Panthenol in the composition reduces redness and inflammation.
    • Eveline also introduced its own hair removal product called “Just epil”, which is enriched with vegetable oils such as argan and olive leaves. A lot of hyaluronic acid, silk proteins, vitamins A, E, D and panthenol. The whole complex has a positive effect on skin regeneration, hydration and reduction of redness.
    • Another remedy from the Polish manufacturer Eveline - balm after depilation "8 in 1". It is characterized by a specially created formula in the composition, which directly affects the hair follicle, slowing down its recovery. Saturated with antioxidants and almond oil, which also moisturizes and soothes the skin.
    • «Batiste" refers to the budget options for creams after depilation, but this does not mean - to bad. Included are silk proteins and vitamin E, as well as hop, sage and papaya extracts that slow down hair growth. The tool has a pleasant aroma and silky texture, perfectly softens the skin and moisturizes it.
    • Russian product "Cloran" can be called a highly effective cream after hair removal and depilation. It consists of two active plant components: phytosqualane, which makes the skin soft and moisturized, as well as sorbain, which affects the slowing down of the growth of new hairs, which grow thinner and lighter.

    All the tips and recommendations described in this article have already been tried and tested by time, so they should help you in solving such an unpleasant problem as irritation after depilation.

    Cream Depilator

    The advantages of the cream, I would consider: the absence of pain, you can buy in almost any store, quick results, no odor and the presence of a handy shovel. This is an excellent value for money.

    What are the advantages of the Depilator over other creams?

    There are indeed a lot of advantages, but some of them showed up especially brightly in me:

    Hair has become much thinner.

    Growth rate slowed sharply.

    The skin has become moisturized and silky.

    The cream does not have a sharp unpleasant smell.

    Quick effect (only 10 minutes).

    Hair growth slows down.

    New hairs become softer and more light.

    You can use the cream for any part of the body.

    Feedback from satisfied customers

    There are actually a lot of reviews on the Internet, only a small part of them

    I have long dreamed of such a cream for depilation, so that there was no irritation on the skin at all and at the same time everything was completely shaved and beautiful. After all, we are girls, and we always want to look very well-groomed and neat. And it was in this way, when I was in search of such a good product, I came across this cream, which was based on peach oil. And that is why he did not cause any irritation at all, but on the contrary moisturized and nourished the skin. And by the way, the hair began to grow much slower.

    I will not write about what smooth legs are and how hard it is to achieve this. The cream turned out to be very effective, even though I am a big skeptic. What makes me particularly happy is the absence of irritation, and not only on the legs, but also in intimate places where depilation is not very pleasant to carry out. This cream not only removes unwanted hairs and also nourishes the skin as it contains chamomile and calendula extracts. Depilation with Fito Depilation cream is a pleasure.

    How did I use the cream?

    As I said before, the depilation process takes a minimum of time, and this is how I do it:

    I open the tube and squeeze the required amount of cream into my hand. And with the help of circular movements to put it on the desired area. At what, absorption will occur almost immediately.

    It is unnecessary to wash it off; it is enough to remove hair and cream with a spatula after 7-10 minutes.

    I apply moisturizing or anti-inflammatory cream.

    But after applying the cream you need to protect the skin from direct exposure to sunlight during the first day. It is desirable and whistle to a minimum use of tanning and deodorant.

    How does depilation cream - the answers to long-standing questions

    It has long been the opinion that the skin of girls should be smooth and without hair, because manufacturers use this and create all new effective means. Among them are Wit, Velvet, Lowa Lowa. When buying hair removal products, each girl wonders how the depilation cream works and how much does it work. There are many brands that differ in the zones on which this or that option works.

    Since the depilator, wax, shugaring cause pain, and shaving causes irritation, it is best to use special creams that allow you to quickly and easily remove unwanted vegetation on different areas of the skin.

    How to choose a tool

    The important point is the correct selection of tools, as a poor-quality cream can lead not only to allergies, irritations, but also cause more painful consequences. The first thing that is required is to carefully read the composition, study all contraindications and check the expiration date.

    Women need to be very careful about the time for which the cream removes hair. The smaller it is, the more it contains chemical substances.


    Experts identify the following main contraindications of this tool:

    • Dermatitis and other skin diseases
    • Oncology,
    • A large number of moles, fibroids and other benign formations,
    • Pregnancy time,
    • Wounds and other lesions on the skin.

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