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Somehow, in one program, the doctor said a rather unpleasant truth about us women. With age, nature begins to do everything to deprive us of beauty and health. Such is its mechanism and essence. Having fulfilled our mission (or not having completed it), motherhood - we must give way to younger ones.

This process begins at about 25 years old, but we begin to observe the first signs of its action only after 30. One of these signs, I discovered in myself - alopecia in the temples after the birth of the 3rd child. It also became noticeable decrease in the density of the hair, the pigtail became straight thin.

My already high forehead, became even higher by about 1 centimeter (here it was appropriate, to put a frightened smiley with a blue head). You can of course make a bang, cover and not to bathe. But, unfortunately, bangs, this is really not very my option due to the peculiarities of the structure of the face.

What to do? Stimulate the growth of dormant bulbs. Fortunately, we live in an amazing time when information is everywhere. You can not spend fabulous money, but just carefully examine the issue and find a solution. Of course, here it should be said about a large amount of informational garbage and outright lies, which must be able to filter.

So, having shoveled a lot of information in the internet, I decided to start the path to the restoration of density with the use of nicotinic acid by rubbing it into the hair roots to stimulate their growth. The reviews are contradictory, but I ventured to try, because the price is quite small.

Main characteristics

Nicotinic acid is also called niacin, vitamin P3 or the old name PP. Its value in our body is extremely high, this vitamin is involved in all metabolic, redox reactions. Without his participation, the formation of certain enzymes and lipids is impossible. Nicotinic acid is involved in the synthesis of protein structures. All this also applies to hair follicles.

Some American scientists attribute to this vitamin such abilities as detoxification of the body, improvement of water-fat metabolism, rejuvenation.

Nicotinic acid is widely used in cosmetology, in particular, because of its ability to improve metabolic processes in the surface layers of the skin. The drug enhances blood circulation in the treated area of ​​the skin, thus stimulating renewal and regeneration. The skin takes on a fresh look, fine wrinkles are smoothed.

According to experts, the use of nicotinic acid for hair helps to cope with mild baldness and stop hair loss, improve the condition of the scalp and the appearance of curls. Of course, this method works in complex therapy, with the use of auxiliary cosmetics and additional vitamins inside.

There are two forms of release of this vitamin in tablets for intake and in ampoules for intramuscular administration. I saw in the online store, also, the form of release in plastic ampoules with the inscription: “Nicotinic acid for hair”, but its price was 10 times more expensive than its counterpart.

I bought the most common nicotinic acid in glass ampoules. At the pharmacy, its cost (at the time of writing of the article in 2018) was 36 rubles. Very cheap tool, with so many useful properties.

Application - personal experience

According to the recommendation that I read on the Internet, nicotinic acid is applied to clean scalp, and rubbed with massaging movements. The scalp should be clean, as sebum will prevent the penetration of active ingredients.

Flush is not required, the liquid is quite easily absorbed, leaving no odor or greasy residue.

She did. But first, there was a serious epic, with an attempt to open this glass vial with healing contents. This is glass! And it was necessary to break it, literally with bare hands. After all, you can cut yourself!

Honestly, I never held such things in my hands, no one had to do the injections either. Accordingly, to open a vial of nicotinic acid for hair growth, did not know how to completely.

Fortunately, there is the Internet, in which by the request “how to open a glass ampoule” there were more than a thousand useful tips. I was helped by the video from YouTube, where the girl briefly and clearly showed how to do it without prejudice.

How to open a glass vial with nicotinic acid

First, you need to carefully look at the ampoule, in the place of narrowing near the tip, there must be a notch or a strip of paint. Which mark the place of a break. There is also a point not far from this mark - this is the place where you should press with your thumb to break.

Secondly, it is necessary to observe the precautionary measures excluding cuts. For this you need to take two cotton discs. We wrap the bottom part with one, the top one with the other.

We take the ampoule, wrap with cotton pads so that the glass under no circumstances gets on the skin. With two hands, make an effort to break in half. It is best to do this over the sink, so you do not have to collect then small fragments from the floor.

I did not do it the first time. But about the third time, I already felt how to push and was not afraid to cut myself.

For those who are afraid of fragments and will not be able to cope, it will be more convenient to use nicotinic acid plastic ampoules, which is specifically designed to enhance hair growth.

How to put

The first application was a complete mistake. I just poured the contents of the ampoule drop by drop into the partings. At some point, the contents spilled out more than was required and drops fell on the face. The fluid is very fluid, like water. I quickly washed the nicotinic acid with water, but the redness still remained. True, after two hours it passed completely, leaving no trace.

The second time I used a cotton swab. Just dipped in nicotinic acid and lubricated her partings. Very convenient, and at the same time there is enough money for the whole head. After doing a small massage with a special brush with soft bristles.

The first three times a slight burning sensation was felt on the scalp and there was visible redness, which disappeared within an hour. In subsequent applications, I did not feel anything at all. Just like some water.

The course of use lasted 30 days. A total of 10 ampoules per pack, I wash my head once every two, three days. Has applied after each shampooing.


For 1 month there were no pronounced results. But, a lot of new light hairs appeared in places where there were bald patches. In the area of ​​the forehead I have very fair, thin, almost transparent hair. After a course of nicotinic acid began to grow thicker and darker.

The acceleration of growth in length did not work. The growth for the month was 1 cm. Just as before the use of nicotinic acid for hair growth.
In any case, it is good that new hair has appeared. Perhaps more frequent and prolonged use is required.

I will definitely repeat this procedure in a couple of months. Easy, simple and completely inexpensive.


Nicotinic acid is quite an active agent, so it should be used with great care. This is especially true for persons suffering from any kind of allergies, as well as owners of sensitive skin.

On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews about the negative experience of using this vitamin. Some get severe burns and treat the skin for a very long time. Who then, instead of regrowth of new hair begins an intense loss.

Quite often, nicotinic acid causes headaches, due to its ability to increase blood flow. Persons suffering from hypertension, and frequent headaches can not use the tool.

It is best to consult with a specialist before use. I know how this phrase blinked the eye, but it is really important in this case.

If you do decide to apply, be sure to do a preliminary test for an allergic reaction. Apply a small amount to the inside of the elbow, and monitor the reaction during the day.

Long hair for 2 years? -EASY!

Hello everyone, come on me! Today I will once again tell you about a portion of nicotinic acid for hair! Today we will talk about the company SOLOpharm, in which 10 vials of 1 mg each.

Here is a photo in November 2017, and the following photo was taken the other day, in July 2019:

I'll tell you about my hair for a start:dry over the entire length, splitting, streaked, greasy on the roots, you have to wash every day.

What I use nicotinic acid for: for hair growth and for reducing hair loss.

How I use it: in the morning, pour a nicotine over a party washed wet head and rub it with fingertips and massage it. DO NOT WASH!

That's so pleasant at first glance packagingwith ampoules (10pcs), looks pretty and even too much, I would pay attention to this package:

Inside: 10 pieces / mg, there are ampoules in a plastic container, there is also inside instruction:

Here is the instruction: READY TO READ!

Ampoule:glass, easily and without cuts, opens itself looks presentable in a glass shell:

How many courses do you need? How? For how many days?Rub 1 ampoule on a clean, cleaned head without affecting the length of the hair for 30 days (i.e. 30 ampoules = 3 packs of nicotinic acid). If you wash your hair every other day, then you rub the ampoule as you wash your hair, you also need to use 30 ampoules, it turns out that the course will be 2 times longer than 30 days.

Feelings after application? Is there a burning / hot effect? I had neither a burning sensation nor a warm sensation after application, but there are girls who felt it in the first days of the course.

Smell:in fact, it is not there, but some feel an unobtrusive smell in the first days, I did not feel it even once, for me it is just a little water with a wow effect!

Where to buy nicotine and what is the price?I bought it in an ordinary pharmacy, the price is being priced from 10-15 rubles to 200, depending on the manufacturer and the company. I bought my own in the usual pharmacy "HEALTH" for 25 rubles.


Properties of nicotinic acid and why it is needed

As part of coenzymes, nicotinic acid is involved in cell division, synthesis and cleavage of aminocarboxylic and fatty acids, immune reactions and metabolism, for example, energy, carbohydrate, protein. Niacin reduces the level of total and "bad" (LDL) cholesterol, while increasing the concentration of "good" (HDL). Accelerates metabolism.

Other connection properties:

  • necessary for the synthesis in the brain of mediators (serotonin, etc.) and the functioning of the nervous system. By stimulating the formation of neurotransmitters, it improves memory and concentration,
  • plays an important role in the synthesis of fats, digestion and assimilation of carbohydrates,
  • promotes healing of the whole body, restoring DNA, skin integrity, the structure of muscle and nerve fibers.

In small quantities, the human liver itself is able to synthesize nicotinic acid from vitamin B6, amino acids, tryptophan. But in order to fully provide the body with this substance, you should additionally use certain types of food.

Connection deficiency occurs in the following cases:

  • alcohol abuse
  • taking certain medications, including thymoleptics (psychotropic drugs),
  • the presence of Hartnup's disease (congenital violation of the transport of amino acids, among them tryptophan),
  • the formation of carpinoids (neuroendocrine tumors),
  • unbalanced nutrition.

How does the lack of nicotinic acid

Niacin deficiency is rare. It mainly occurs when the intestinal absorption is impaired and there is insufficient protein intake. Indicate it:

  • inflammation of the digestive tract, lack of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting,
  • mental disorders such as impaired concentration and sleep, irritability, depression,
  • pink asturian disease (pellagra),
  • skin peeling, dermatitis,
  • limb pain, numbness.

Typical signs of pellagra: changes in the appearance of the skin in places that are most affected by sunlight, depression, dementia, diarrhea. In the absence of treatment, failure of numerous organs (multiple organ failure) with a fatal outcome is possible. The disease mainly occurs in people in developing countries due to unbalanced nutrition, especially when the diet consists mostly of corn.

Products containing vitamin B3

The highest content of niacin in poultry meat, beef, pork, veal, game, beef liver, fish (tuna. Sardines, mackerel, salmon), eggs, dairy products. A significant amount of nicotinic acid is present in products of plant origin:

  • mushrooms,
  • cashew nuts
  • whole grain products,
  • peanuts,
  • coffee,
  • bean fruits,
  • wheat bran,
  • different fruits and vegetables
  • dates,
  • beer yeast,
  • potatoes,
  • Asian beans.

Niacin, found in corn, is not absorbed by the body. Europeans satisfy the need for it, consuming mainly coffee, bread, meat. Vitamin B6 and other substances necessary for the body to produce an important compound are found in many foods, including garlic, soybeans, walnuts, and beans.

Instructions for use of nicotinic acid

The need for vitamin PP, which is expressed in niacin equivalent, depends on age, sex and the associated energy expenditure and the total vitamin content in the body. Athletes especially need it at high loads, pregnant and lactating women. The higher the power consumption, the more it is needed. One milligram equivalent corresponds to 1 mg of nicotinic acid and nicotinamide and 60 mg of tryptophan.

According to the methodological recommendations of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation of 2015, the daily requirement is:

  • infants up to the year: 4-5 mg,
  • children under three years: 8 mg,
  • children 4-7 years old: 11 mg,
  • schoolchildren of 8-14 years: 15-18 mg,
  • schoolchildren 15-18 years old: girls 18 mg, boys 20 mg,
  • adults: 20 mg,
  • pregnant women: 22 mg,
  • women in the period of GW: 23 mg.

Nicotinic acid overdose and contraindications

The maximum daily dose of nicotinic acid is 60 mg. In case of overdose, physical weakness, sudden reddening and warming of the skin of the face, hands and neck, as well as dizziness, decrease in blood pressure, and an increase in the concentration of uric acid are observed. In people with gout, the risk of an acute attack increases. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and damage to the liver tissue, which is accompanied by yellowing of the skin, indicate intoxication (poisoning).

Niacin is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to it, abnormal liver function and a steady increase in the activity of its enzymes., exacerbation of gastric ulcers, arterial bleeding. The scientific literature describes the interaction of the vitamin with antihypertensive drugs, statins, acetylsalicylic acid, clopidorgrel.

Vitamin B3 in ampoules

Different manufacturers produce vitamin B3 in ampoules. The method of use depends on what it is for. External use is recommended for hair loss, delamination, brittle hair. Liquid gently rubbed into a clean, dry scalp 1 time in 3 days. Under its influence, the vessels rapidly expand, as a result of which the blood circulation improves, more nutrients penetrate into the follicles. 14 procedures are enough to strengthen and improve hair growth.

The parenteral route of administration is selected for such health problems as:

  • niacin deficiency
  • metabolic syndrome
  • violation of microcirculation in Winwarter-Burger’s disease (endarteritis) and other ailments
  • pathology of the gastrointestinal tract with SMA syndrome
  • pellagra
  • obliterating lesions of vessels of the extremities
  • ischemic cerebrovascular accident
  • Hartnup disease.

Preparations are prescribed in ampoules in the form of injections: intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous. The dosage and method of administration of nicotinic acid is selected by the attending physician. Detailed information contains instructions for a specific vitamin remedy.

Nicotinic Acid Reviews

Many Internet users who have already used niacin for treatment speak positively about it. Lyubov Shipilova told about the beneficial effect of the solution on the hair. She noticed that the liquid does not make the curls heavier, absorbs quickly, has a neutral smell and does not cause any unpleasant sensations. After 14 procedures hair loss has decreased, their condition has improved.

Nicotinic acid is used by people abroad. On the Amazon website, Stephanie from Germany reports niacin: “He has a beneficial effect on my blood vessels and cholesterol levels. I use the drug for only 4 weeks, but the result is already noticeable. I am pleased and I think I can improve the cholesterol levels even more. ”

About the preparations for the improvement and growth of hair users write the site iHerb. Irecommend has a lot of good reviews about the solution for injection.

What is useful niacin

In the body, the substance niacin performs the following functions:

  • takes part in the metabolism of proteins, fats and amino acids,
  • regulates redox processes,
  • involved in the splitting of food and the "production" of energy
  • lowers blood cholesterol
  • positive effect on blood microcirculation,
  • reduces pain,
  • acts as a mild sedative.

As a cosmetic for the skin, nicotinic acid is used to provide an anti-inflammatory effect, as an antioxidant. It supports a healthy complexion, promotes cell regeneration and speeds up metabolic processes.

Nicotine for hair is used to accelerate their growth and restore structure.

  1. Due to the acceleration of blood circulation in the scalp, at the base of the hair follicles, hair loss is reduced and the growth of new ones is accelerated.
  2. After a course of nicotinic acid, hair stays clean longer and needs to be washed significantly less frequently.
  3. The renewal of the cells of the scalp and hair follicles improves the functioning of healthy bulbs and heals damaged ones.
  4. During the course you can see that the hair becomes shiny and gets a deeper color due to the production of pigments.

Nicotinic acid: what is it?

In fact, nicotinic acid is vitamin PP or nicotinamide (niacin). Despite the consonant name, it has nothing to do with nicotine contained in tobacco products. This drug is one of the forms of vitamins of group B. In medical practice, nicotinic acid solution is used for injections in the treatment of diseases associated with metabolic disorders and hypovitaminosis (lack of essential vitamins). The drug is prescribed for intravenous administration or used in a physiotherapeutic procedure such as electrophoresis.

Nicotinic acid is involved in most of the redox processes occurring in our body, without its participation it is impossible the synthesis of enzymes, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in living cells.

You can get a useful vitamin from meat, mushrooms, by-products (liver, kidney). Nicotinic acid is found in rye bread, buckwheat, beet, mango and pineapple. The lack of this substance in the body can lead to serious diseases (migraines, angina, and even stroke).

For the needs of the food industry and medicine, vitamin PP is synthesized by artificial means. The drug is produced in the form of a solution for injection and in the form of tablets. In cosmetology, nicotinic acid is an important component of many cosmetic products for skin and hair care. A particular benefit of vitamin brings problematic hair, contributing to its improvement and growth.

Contraindications and possible side effects

It should be understood that nicotinic acid is a drug that can bring not only benefit but also harm. If you have too sensitive skin, then this drug can cause irritation and inflammatory reactions. Niacin is a rather aggressive substance, and in some cases it can manifest itself as a strong allergen. Therefore, before using nicotinic acid-based products for the first time, perform a skin test, this simple measure will save you from unwanted complications.

Contraindications to the use of the drug is high blood pressure, individual intolerance, pathology of internal organs (ulcerative lesions, impaired liver and kidney function), the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

When applied topically, nicotinic acid in some cases can provoke side reactions in the form of reddening of the skin and burning sensation. In addition, due to the vasodilating effect, dizziness may occur, which is associated with a decrease in blood pressure.

Therefore, before using the drug, even as an external agent, you should consult with your doctor and identify possible contraindications.

Methods of use of the drug nicotinic acid for hair growth

Instructions for use of nicotinic acid for hair growth recommends rubbing the remedy into the roots after washing the head. This method of application activates blood circulation in the scalp, which will ensure the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and will be an incentive to strengthen and grow hair.

For procedures should be used nicotinic acid in ampoules. It can be purchased at any pharmacy, this tool is quite inexpensive. Niacin is recommended to be applied in a certain sequence. For the procedure it is better to use a pipette, with which you can control the amount of the applied drug. It should start with the temporal region, rubbing the tool with light massage movements and gradually moving from the side areas of the head to the crown. Residues of nicotinic acid should be distributed on the hair with a comb.

After applying the drug, you need to warm the head with a plastic film and a towel. This will create a greenhouse effect inside that will allow the active substances to penetrate deep into the skin. Rinse off nicotinic acid is not advised, it is quickly absorbed and does not weigh down strands. At the time of treatment should not use shampoos with silicone, which create on the surface of the hair an invisible protective film that prevents the penetration of the vitamin into the inside of the hair shaft.

The drug should be used immediately after opening the ampoule, as nicotinic acid disappears quickly and its beneficial properties are lost. For one procedure it is recommended to use no more than one ampoule of solution. The drug is rubbed into the scalp with your fingers to protect the hands, the procedure is best done with gloves. The use of a therapeutic agent should be regular, a persistent healing effect can be achieved after a 30-day course of treatment.

With increased fat content of the scalp regular use of the drug will reduce the production of sebum and improve the condition of the hair. After such treatment, the hair will not look greasy, will get a fresh and attractive appearance. Cosmetologists recommend combining nicotinic acid in the composition of hair masks with such beneficial components as honey, ginger, herbal extracts and decoctions, natural and essential oils (olive, flaxseed, lavender, ylang-ylang or rosemary).

If after or during the application of nicotinic acid there is a burning sensation on the head, redness or itching, the concentration of the solution should be reduced. You can dilute it with water in a 1: 1 ratio. If after this discomfort persists, it is better to abandon the use of this drug.

Popular recipes

We present to your attention the recipes with nicotinic acid, contributing to the improvement of hair growth.

Nicotinic Acid Spray. This homemade spray is very convenient to use, it will need an empty bottle with a sprayer, which is filled with the following composition: dilute 10 ampoules of nicotinic acid in 100 ml of distilled water and add 5 drops of lavender oil and rosemary. All ingredients need to be mixed, poured into a bottle with a spray and thoroughly shake. Spray a therapeutic agent on the hair should be at bedtime for a month, then take a break.

Another popular treatment is nicotinic acid masks for hair growth. Masks provide a more benign effect, so it is best to start using nicotinic acid with a course of hair masks.

Mask Recipes:
  • 2 teaspoons of nicotinic acid should be mixed with 2 teaspoons of aloe vera extract and the same amount of propolis tincture. Then apply on hair and, after 40 minutes, rinse.
  • 1 ampoule of nicotinic acid solution mixed with egg yolk, a capsule of vitamin E and 2 tablespoons of linseed oil. Apply to hair and rinse off in an hour.
  • Mix 1 ampoule of solution with 1 tablespoon of ginger juice. Apply to hair and rinse after 40 minutes.
  • 2 ampoules of acid mixed with tinctures of sage, nettle and chamomile (1 teaspoon each). Apply to hair and rinse after 1 hour.

You can independently develop for yourself the most optimal recipe for a mask with nicotinic acid, experimenting with different oils. For example, adding instead of flax, olive, mustard, or castor.

The main rule in the treatment of nicotinic acid is to comply with the mandatory break, a month long, after each course of treatment. Hair must be given rest, otherwise they will become accustomed to acid, and the desired effect will not be achieved.

The use of various forms of the drug

Niacin is sold in a pharmacy in various forms: in the form of ampoules and tablets. For hair care, it is more convenient to use the drug in ampoules, since in this case the vitamin remedy acts faster. Penetrating into the scalp, it has a direct impact on the source of the problem and allows you to improve the condition of the hair in a short time.

Taking nicotine pills will also positively affect the growth and quality of hair, make them strong and healthy. Nicotinic acid for hair growth tablets take courses, for 15 days. On the day of prescribing 2 tablets, which should drink plenty of milk or water. Niacin tablets should not be taken on an empty stomach, it is recommended to drink the drug after a meal. Remember that when using the drug should strictly adhere to the instructions and the recommended dosage, otherwise you can provoke unwanted side effects, up to puffiness of the face, the appearance of rashes and hair loss.

Local application

It has already been mentioned that hair treatment is carried out every day for a month - a course after which you will need to take a 30-day break. This applies to local use - when the composition is rubbed into the scalp.

  1. Before the procedure, make a skin test to eliminate the appearance of allergic reactions or manifestations of individual intolerance to the vitamin.
  2. Nicotinic acid as an independent means is applied to clean, slightly dried hair NOT ALL OVER THE LENGTH, but only at the roots.
  3. You can use 1-2 ampoules at a time, no more (but it is better to confine 1).
  4. Open them immediately before use and, if the skin on the head is dry, dilute with water (1 to 1) in a separate container.
  5. Apply the product to the hair roots, rubbing it with your fingertips (do not try to embrace the immense, you will have a month to apply the solution to all parts of the head). Next time try to cover those places that were not paid attention to last time.
  6. After applying a slight burning sensation and redness will appear - this is normal, you are expanding the vessels.
  7. Rinse off nothing - just dry the hair in a natural way.

In the composition of the shampoo

The most basic way to use any vitamins is to add to your favorite shampoo. BUT! It is important that its composition is as natural as possible, otherwise even add vitamins, at least do not add - no sense.

  1. Right before you go to wash your hair, mix shampoo and an ampoule of acid in a separate container.
  2. Lather the resulting mixture of hair and hold for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Rinse with warm water and dry without using a hair dryer.

With herbal decoction

The maximum benefit vitamin B3 brings in combination with infusions of chamomile, nettle, ginger, calendula and burdock. By the way, you can brew utility either by one component or all together.

It is enough to add 1 ampoule of acid per liter of liquid to the herbal decoction.

The use of scrub with acid once a week reduces oily hair and reduces the appearance of dandruff.

On a pre-washed scalp, apply to a mixture of a tablespoon of coarse salt, an ampoule of acid and a few drops of any essential oil. Massage and rinse with water.

As part of the masks

Recipe masks based on nicotinic acid apparently invisible. It is better to use such masks in courses of five pieces with an interval of 3 days. To the main component (1 ampoule of the acid itself) is added a few extra.

  1. ¼ cup flax oil, art. spoon of eleutherococcal tincture and Art. spoon of vitamin E. Mix and leave for an hour, warming your head. After the desired period, wash off the hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.
  2. Mix separately 3 tbsp. spoons of henna and ½ cup of boiling water, 1 tsp of yeast and 1 tbsp. spoon of water, and then combine and add 5 drops of verben oil product. Keep on hair for 40 minutes, then rinse.
  3. Mix the yolk, Art. a spoonful of honey and olive oil, a capsule or a teaspoon of vitamin E. Apply to hair the entire length and leave for 60 minutes.
  4. Art. spoon aloe juice and the same tincture of propolis mix and leave on the hair for 20 minutes.
  5. Add 2 tbsp. spoons of jojoba oil, 1 tbsp. spoon of honey, 2 tsp of vitamin E, yolk. Apply over the entire length of 40 minutes. Wash off with water containing apple cider vinegar - a few tablespoons will be enough.
  6. Steamed a slice of rye bread in 1/3 cup of chamomile infusion. Add 2 capsules of AEvita and apply on hair for an hour, warming your head.
  7. To a teaspoon of grated ginger add AEvita capsule and 2 tbsp. spoons of olive oil. Apply to the scalp for 15 minutes, then rinse.
  8. ¼ cup of flax oil, a tablespoon of Eleutherococcal tincture and vitamin E mix and leave on the hair for an hour. Warm up and rinse with sulphate-free shampoo.
  9. Mix an ampoule of acid and 2 tablespoons of burdock oil, heat using a water bath, and apply along the hair for 2 hours. Insulate to better absorb and then rinse. It is recommended to perform the procedure twice a week.
  10. Mix nicotinic acid with 2 tablespoons, heat in a water bath, add a vial of Dimexide and apply to washed hair.

Apply such masks in two ways.

  1. All components are mixed and applied together.
  2. First, nicotinic acid is applied, and after half an hour everything else.


You can grow hair not only with the help of external use of nicotinic acid, but you must first consult with a specialist.

As already noted, there are two forms of niacin release: we have described above how to use the ampoules, now we’ll tell you how pills can help grow long curls.

According to reviews of those who have tried this method, the tablets are no worse than ampoules, and less hassle, and the result is the same.

What professionals say

Professional cosmetologists are quite skeptical about the use of traditional medicine in cosmetology in its pure form, but to deny that professional tools include the same natural ingredients, including nicotinic acid, are not at risk.

There is no harsh criticism of niacin as a means of activating hair growth from them, but nevertheless preference is given to brand names and natural oils. Perhaps this happens, because few people even know about this method.

Doctors often prescribe niacin for various diseases as an additional means, but the daily dose of oral administration should be strictly limited and regulated. We did not find positive reviews of the internal use of nicotinic acid to accelerate hair growth, as well as negative ones.

Nicotinic acid belongs to the group of water-soluble vitamins B-B3, to be exact. Performing a variety of medicinal functions in the human body, niacin is also used as a cosmetic tool: for hair, face and scalp.

To accelerate the growth and improve the condition of the hair, you can use tablets and a liquid form of nicotinic acid - solutions in ampoules.

You can use the tool yourself without additives, adding to the shampoo, herbal extract or building a scrub.

You can supplement the effect of niacin with the help of other components - mixing in the mask, they have a beneficial effect on the hair.

Depending on the type of nicot use you have, conduct a test to identify possible allergic reactions and individual intolerance. Take care not only of your beauty, but also of health!

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