Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal: the essence of the method, indications, contraindications and consequences of application

Women are not ready to get rid of unwanted hairs on the body, achieving the feeling of perfectly smooth and delicate skin. For the time being, they were little worried about this moment. But soon everyone recognized his aesthetics. Shaving razors, cream and wax replaced laser hair removal.

Today it is available to all. It is used not only by women, but also by men. It affects the pigment melanin, destroying the bulb and slowing down hair growth. This allows for a few sessions for a long time to forget about unwanted hairs on the face, hands, feet and other parts of the body.

We will understand all the details of laser hair removal: its harm and benefits, indications, contraindications, areas of influence, results, how many procedures are needed to achieve the optimal effect and whether there can be negative health effects from the sessions.

History of discovery method

The first devices for laser hair removal started talking in the 1990s, although for the first time this method was discovered in the 1970s during physics research. Scientist perfect accidentally put his hand under the laser light and noticed how the hairs disappeared in this area.

There was no damage on the arm, so the physicist quickly forgot about the incident, without attaching any significance to the incident. After some time, the scientist again noticed that the same area on the skin is different - he had absolutely no hair. He repeated the experiment again. So in cosmetology appeared laser for hair removal.

The essence of the method, average prices

During epilation, the laser energy falls on the hair roots, heating and destroying the hair follicle. After a while the hair weakens and falls out. But the laser does not apply to all follicles. Some of them are inactive or dormant, remain invisible. therefore you need to repeat the procedure after a while.

Laser hair removal is effective for removing hair in intimate places (in the area / zone of deep bikini, on the chest), on the neck, arms, legs, buttocks, in the armpits, on the face (antennae above the upper lip, on the chin, eyebrow correction), abdomen and back.

With the help of laser hair removal beauticians not only remove unwanted hair on the body. With the help of a special apparatus You can get rid of age spots, capillary extensions, spider veins.

How does this happen

The procedure is as follows. The beautician hands you goggles and puts on the glasses himself. Having prepared the skin for the procedure, he directs the laser beam with a special nozzle. So as not to overheat the skin, affects it with short breaks.

The ray acts on melanin, discolorating the pigment. It also absorbs the energy of a laser beam. She, in turn, reaches the bulb and destroys it. If a laser is applied to a large area of ​​skin, then the entire the procedure takes from several minutes to half an hour.

Women remove hair on their legs, adjust eyebrows. Already become familiar hair removal during the holidays. Beach season involves the use of swimsuits, then it's time to remove the hair in the bikini area. Not only women, but also men turn to cosmetologists. Remove hair on the back, shoulders, chest and buttocks.

Results, number of sessions

The results after the procedure are noticeable immediately. But over time, out of the follicles that have managed to “hide” from exposure, a new hair grows.

How many laser hair removal sessions are needed? Usually you need to repeat the procedure four or six times, sometimes you need to go through 8-10.

Photo after laser hair removal of different parts of the face and body (before and after the procedure):

Advantages and disadvantages

Does laser hair removal hurt? To permanently get rid of hair and forget about the procedures for their removal, you will have to suffer a little discomfort, slightly painful, sensations - they depend on individual sensitivity. Some patients do not feel anything at all, others notice a slight burning sensation. Some clinics treat the site with freon exposure, which eliminates unpleasant sensations.

The advantage of laser hair removal - hair removal on a large area of ​​skin in one session. In this case, the skin is not damaged. Scarring and infection are excluded. There is a miracle method and a minus. Since the laser effect is aimed at the pigment melanin, the laser is not suitable for those who have very blond hair.

If the physical parameters are chosen correctly, but there will be no complications and side effects.

But with overestimated laser power crusts and blisters may appear. To avoid such undesirable consequences, it is recommended to conduct a trial procedure, after which 124 hours should pass.

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Many women are ready to go through the procedure of hair removal in order to permanently get rid of body hair. The task of a cosmetologist is to preserve the characteristics inherent in healthy skin. Sometimes laser hair removal is not just a wish, but a necessity. Indications for the procedure:

  • excessive hair growth,
  • hair ingrowth
  • professional requirements (for athletes),
  • irritation after shaving or other hair removal procedures.

Excessive hair growth is the problem is not only aesthetics, but also health. If a woman has male-type hair growth, then she needs the help of modern equipment and professional cosmetology. Sometimes on the chin, on the lip, or on the breast, women grow pigmented long hairs.

Rehabilitation and care recommendations after

After laser hair removal treated areas need special care. The cosmetologist will recommend the cream to be applied. It is not recommended to remove burnt roots of hairs on your own within 7-10 days after exposure to the laser.

After laser hair removal can not be some time:

  • use cosmetics that contain alcohol,
  • wet the surface of the skin during the day, rub with a washcloth for two,
  • It is forbidden to massage for three days,
  • for two weeks will have to forget about tanning,
  • To avoid skin inflammation, refrain from visiting the bath or sauna for three weeks,
  • If you have done hair removal during the period of solar activity, in the summer, the use of sunscreen is recommended.

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In order not to harm your health and enjoy the result of the procedure, you must first familiarize yourself with the list of contraindications. Very young girls are in a hurry to be adults in everything. And with the advent of the first hairs on the legs, they run for help to a beautician.

Laser hair removal during pregnancy during breastfeeding is contraindicated. Areas of the body that have scratches, abrasions, burns, also can not be treated with a laser beam.

In addition to too young age, pregnancy and skin lesions, there are other contraindications:

  • Hypersensitivity of the skin.
  • Allergic reaction, which worsened at the time of going to the beauty salon.
  • Inflammations on the skin, malignant neoplasms.
  • Psoriasis and eczema.
  • Hair treatment in the area of ​​moles is carried out, but only after a preliminary examination.
  • Colds, viral infections.
  • Diabetes.
  • Hypertension.
  • Varicose veins
  • Also laser hair removal contraindicated in people with very light or gray hairs. With intense tanning laser exposure is undesirable in less than two weeks. Deciding on laser hair removal when you are unwell is not worth it. And, on the contrary, if you do not fit into any of these categories, then you can collect your spirit and go to the salon to induce beauty.

    Laser-treated skin requires special care.. As far as the procedure is painful, you will not know until you yourself appear in the patient's place with dark glasses. All individually.

    Finally, the service is not cheap when it comes to large areas of skin. But, if you calculate how much money you spend on other means, you will notice a benefit. Laser hair removal is a good way to feel beautiful and stay healthy.

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