How to carry out competent preparation for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the most effective way to remove unwanted hair. In order for the procedure to be successful and not cause complications, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance. What does the preparation for laser hair removal?

Caution, there are contraindications!

The first thing to do before a session of laser therapy is to find out if you have any contraindications to this method of vegetation removal. After all, the action of laser radiation can affect and activate a number of processes occurring in the human body. That is why a preliminary consultation with your beautician is necessary.

In order for the success of the procedures to please both the cosmetologist and the patient, a personalized medical record is established for each new client. All information about his state of health is entered there. Special attention - diseases, the presence of which is a contraindication or restriction to the conduct of such procedures.

Be as sincere as possible and open in a conversation with a doctor. This is a necessary condition for hair removal to bring the desired results.

Absolute contraindications for hair removal using laser systems a bit:

  1. Oncological diseases.
  2. Hypertensive heart disease, especially in the acute stage.
  3. Ischemic disease
  4. Varicose veins in the area of ​​hair removal.
  5. Any skin infections in the acute stage.

Special attention of the doctor at the preliminary consultation should be paid to the presence of tattoos, scars or nevi in ​​your area of ​​epilation.

Their presence is not a contraindication to the procedure. However, this is a reason for the doctor to correct the parameters of the power of the laser emitter.

Do not constitute a contraindication to the procedure of pregnancy and lactation. However, since at this time the hormonal background of the woman is disturbed, it is worth being prepared for the fact that the effectiveness of the session will be lower.

For other hormonal disorders that may cause excessive hair growth, you should consult with an endocrinologist. After stabilization of the hormonal background, laser hair removal is better and has a longer effect.

Stages competent preparation for laser hair removal

For effective hair removal, it is necessary that pigmented hair is present in the hair follicle. When radiation hits the skin, melanin contained in the hair absorbs it. This is accompanied by the release of large amounts of thermal energy. This starts the process of destruction of the hair follicle. So, how to prepare for laser hair removal?

One and a half months before treatment

  • use other hair removal methods that affect the hair follicle,
  • sunbathe.

Epilation with wax, electro-epilation and plucking are contraindicated 6 weeks before the start of treatment. The reason - in the absence of a hair in the follicle there is no target for laser radiation.

Tanning adversely affects laser hair removal for another reason. As we have said, the point of application for laser radiation is hair melanin. In the presence of fresh tan, melanin in the epidermis competes with the melanin of the hair and can “take” to itself most of the laser energy flow. The result is burns of varying degrees.

Sometimes tanned patients with traces of sunburn are given a whitening cream. Nevertheless, it is much safer for sunburning patients to wait until the tan comes off before starting treatment.

Epilation day

The treated area must be clean, free from makeup. If necessary, an hour before the procedure, the beautician will advise you to apply a thick layer of anesthetic cream.

If you have ever had a herpetic eruption, then antiviral drugs may be started on the day of treatment. This is done for preventive purposes. Since skin damage is possible during hair removal, there is a risk of recurrence of the infection.

So, let's summarize and designate the main points of acceptable behavior before a laser hair removal session.

7 "no" before laser hair removal

The following procedures before laser therapy should not be performed because of the high risk of side effects, it is:

  1. Electrolysis
  2. Sun baths
  3. Epilation wax and shugaring.
  4. Plucking.
  5. Pool.
  6. Jacuzzi.
  7. Classes are active sports.

What is possible before laser hair removal

Before the procedure should:

  1. Use a depilatory cream.
  2. Hair removal with a razor is acceptable.
  3. Using sunscreen when forced to stay under the bright sun.

Laser hair removal is unparalleled in terms of effectiveness. This indisputable fact is accepted by cosmetologists all over the world. However, this complex cosmetic procedure is performed only by professionals on specialized equipment and requires a serious attitude. Be attentive to yourself and your health!

The need for proper preparation

Preparation of the skin of the area to be exposed to the light beam is mandatory. Before you go on hair removal, consult a competent specialist. It is best if it is the beautician who will undertake the removal of vegetation.

It must be understood that each hair removal procedure has contraindications. If the patient is not familiar with them, the risk of harm to health increases. A qualified master has the appropriate medical training and will be able to tell all the nuances of laser hair removal, to avoid subsequent problems.

A competent cosmetologist will help you choose the type of laser: if the skin is light, then the removal of hair with an alexandrite laser will be optimal. Freedom from vegetation diode laser is applicable to any skin type.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Preparation for laser hair removal can be divided into several main time stages:

  1. For a month and a half. At this stage, cosmetologists recommend not to sunbathe in the sun and not to use hair removal with an epilator that affects the follicle root. In this case, waxing, electrolysis and plucking of vegetation is contraindicated. If this is done, the hair follicle will die, therefore, the laser will not have a target for the sight, and the procedure will become meaningless.
  2. In 2 weeks. Do not take tetracycline antibiotics, go to a tanning bed, and use alcohol-based cosmetics. To properly prepare for laser hair removal, for 10-14 days refuse to visit the pool and limit physical exertion.
  3. For 1 day. At this stage it is necessary to shave the hair before laser hair removal on those areas of the skin that will be affected by light radiation. For these purposes, the most suitable depilation with a conventional razor or a special depilatory cream.

Some girls are interested in whether it is necessary to grow hair before epilation? The answer will be negative - on the contrary, they must be removed. Different areas of the body require some differences in preparation. For example, to prepare the area of ​​the armpits for laser hair removal, you need to shave your hair 1 day before the procedure. The same time period applies to the bikini zone.

Preparation for laser hair removal on the face contains all the listed recommendations, however, the vegetation of the upper lip zone must be removed with a razor 4-8 hours before the procedure begins. All other parts of the body - parts of the arms, legs and others - are recommended to shave 3 days before the start of epilation. It is noted that the minimum hair length should be 1 mm.

A list of what you can do before laser hair removal:

  • use depilatory cream,
  • apply a razor
  • apply anti-tanning cream on the skin in case of forced cases.

Do not forget that you need to adhere to the schedule of visits to the beautician for the implementation of repeated procedures. It is necessary to grow hair only if they were previously removed with wax or electrolysis.


Preparation for the procedure includes the mandatory absence of all available contraindications. In order to check their availability, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list:

  • tanning - it is recommended to start doing sessions already in the winter, when skin areas will be closed under clothes,
  • diseases of the skin in the acute or chronic stage,
  • a large number of moles in place of the laser-treated surface,
  • infectious colds,
  • oncology,
  • herpes,
  • varicose veins - this prohibition applies to areas of the legs and arms,
  • the body's tendency to form keloid scars - tissue growth during trauma,
  • the presence of burns
  • breastfeeding period or pregnancy
  • the presence of allergic reactions: rash, irritation,
  • defeat of the skin with abrasions and scratches.

Vegetation during puberty has its own characteristics, and if they are removed by the laser method, the subsequent growth of hair after a while will be characterized by dark color and rigidity.

It is worth remembering that the laser machine will not see gray and too light hair - in this case it is useless to perform the procedure.

Possible consequences

Experts agree that laser hair removal does not harm and does not cause pain. The depth of penetration of the beam is 1-4 mm, but if the patient has contraindications or the beautician is not sufficiently qualified, complications may arise. These include:

  • burns
  • skin pigmentation,
  • allergic reactions
  • folliculitis,
  • herpes rash,
  • vision problems.

The last complication appears in the absence of special protective glasses in front of the patient. The laser emits light, which has a detrimental effect on the eyesight, so the salon must wear eye glasses to the client.

Immediately after the procedure, slight swelling and redness may occur. They do not require special treatment and pass during the day. This skin response occurs due to exposure to laser energy: hairs heat up and absorb energy. To avoid this, ask the beautician to cool the skin before starting the procedure.

Skin care after epilation

Most patients are interested in the question of whether to shave after laser hair removal. Experts say that the best way to remove vegetation in the process of conducting sessions is a regular shave. With this effect, the follicle is not affected.

After the procedure, it is recommended to follow these tips:

  • do not wet the treated area during the day,
  • Do not expose the body to physical exertion during the first 3 days,
  • do not take long baths for two weeks,
  • Do not sunbathe without the use of protective cream
  • Do not use scrubs for about 2 weeks
  • after epilating on the face, light makeup is allowed the very next day,
  • Do not use drugs - in this regard it is worth consulting with a specialist.

The first week is recommended to apply to the skin Bepanten, which has a soothing effect. In addition, a moisturizer applied to the treated areas several times a day will be useful.

It is easy to prepare for the procedure, the main thing is to comply with all the specified requirements and listen to the recommendations of the attending cosmetologist. Then the effect of laser hair removal will bring only a positive result.

Laser hair removal - success depends on the preparation

In the ranking of various methods of hair removal, laser hair removal deserves the leading position. This is a modern, highly effective procedure that is constantly being improved - the result is improved and the risk of complications is reduced. But the success of laser hair removal largely depends on how competent was the preparation for the procedure.

Preparation should begin with a visit to the doctor. Go through a primary medical examination and consult with an endocrinologist - it is important to exclude the probability of those diseases in which this type of hair removal is contraindicated. This is important, because six months before the treatment with a laser, it is desirable to stop taking hormonal drugs - contraceptives as well.

Preparation plan for the procedure

A schedule for dealing with unwanted hair should be made in advance. The master, whom you trust, will advise in which sequence and in which zones it is better to do laser hair removal, write down the approximate number of sessions - it will be more accurate to be determined only by observing your individual reaction to the procedure.

Further, its effectiveness will depend on compliance with the phased recommendations on preparing for hair removal. This applies to both the first session and the subsequent ones.

One month before hair removal

Preparation for visiting the beauty salon, it is desirable to begin a month or a little earlier:

  • Plan your affairs so that the procedure fits well with them.
  • Consider the fact that laser hair removal is best done in the middle of the menstrual cycle - try to make sure that it does not coincide with the monthly ones.
  • Give up other types of hair removal (wax, shugaring, etc.) - only shaving is allowed.
  • Also refuse to lighten hair in these areas.
  • Make it a habit to regularly use bleaching creams at the sites of the intended treatment.

For two weeks

During this period, the following rules are especially important:

  • Any type of tanning is prohibited - both under the sun and in tanning salons; tanning creams are also banned.
  • If you are planning epilation on your face, start wearing a wide-brimmed hat or use strong sunscreen.
  • Stop taking antibiotics and other strong medicines, if possible. Otherwise, it is worth thinking about postponing the date of the procedure until recovery.
  • Make sure that rashes or even microtraumas do not appear in the epilated areas - for example, in no case can you squeeze acne at the site of the expected procedure.

Wide-brimmed hat - excellent UV protection before facial epilation

For three days

From this point on, a taboo is introduced on the use of any cosmetic preparations containing alcohol: lotions, tonics, etc.

Prepare suitable clothing for visiting the salon in advance. It should not fit snugly to the skin, which after the procedure will inevitably become inflamed. The best fit is lightweight loose clothing made of natural fabric. Clothing may be smeared with cosmetics that the master will apply for anesthesia.

In a few hours

Carefully shave off the hair in the zone of the upcoming treatment with a laser - all the energy of its impact should be directed to the destruction of the hair follicles, and not to spend money on the length of the hair. Shaving allows you to align the length of the hair immediately before epilation, and this is very important for its effectiveness.

By the way, high-quality and timely shaving will significantly reduce unpleasant pain when epilating on this area of ​​skin.

The laser energy should be directed directly to the follicle, so before the procedure it is necessary to carefully shave the hair in the epilated area

Deodorants, gels, creams and any other cosmetic products should not be applied to shaved skin - this will weaken the effect of the laser.
If the skin of the face is epilated, it should be removed from make-up.

Immediately before epilation

Notify the master of your sensitivity to pain. This is especially important when epilating in the bikini area. If the anesthetic gel is not enough, you can take a light painkiller, and this will completely solve the problem.

Usually, girls are well tolerated by a slight soreness when laser skin treatment is the inevitable costs of this procedure. If it doesn’t hurt you at all, it means that for some reason this method doesn’t work on you.

In between treatments

For each subsequent hair removal is necessary to prepare the same way as the previous one. It is obvious that after the first session all the hair will not disappear immediately. Get ready for the fact that as hair grows they will need to be shaved off. All other types of hair removal or depilation are not recommended.

But the dead hairs, the follicles of which burned the laser, can be removed and tweezers. Scrub the treated skin is not only possible, but necessary - when all the signs of inflammation disappear.

Reviews of the procedure

On the body and limbs, hair should be short (1-3 mm). Shaving and waxing prior to the procedure are contraindicated.



Before the procedure, it is necessary to carefully shave the skin area on which the laser hair removal will be performed. The laser reacts to the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles and with the help of an impulse destroys the follicle, preventing it from growing again.

Pol anka


The upper lip area does not need to be shaved before laser hair removal. The doctor will conduct an examination and depending on the choice of hair removal will be carried out training. If you need to pick up, the doctor will do it, but it is likely that they will do the procedure on regrown hair. The main condition - do not pull out the hairs 2 weeks before the procedure.



When writing to SPIK (SPb), I was stipulated in advance a necessary condition - to shave my hair 2 days before the procedure, so that the laser would “find” the hair correctly. However, at home in Candela, namely in the USA, when I came to the laser center in an appropriately “prepared” manner, I was quickly laid on the couch and shaved almost forcibly, explaining that there should be no hairs protruding over the skin. And that such requirements are caused by the use of old nozzles that were not replaced in time.



A special anesthetic cream should be applied to the bikini area, about 2 hours before the procedure.



The fourth generation laser is called the “Diode Laser” - it can be used within a week after an active tanning in the sun.



Proper adherence to all recommendations on preparing for laser hair removal is the key to a successful procedure. You will get a smooth and silky skin, devoid of annoying hairs. Do not stop halfway - do as many sessions as you need to completely get rid of your hair, and prepare correctly for each procedure.

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