Pain during laser hair removal: myth or harsh reality?

9:55 AM / 11/30/2018

The beauty industry each season gives us new products for self-improvement. Today we will talk about the popular procedure for removing excess hair - laser hair removal. Many have already heard about her, but the “horror stories” that exist in society sometimes prevent the girls from deciding on this convenient procedure.

On a note:
Laser hair removal - is recognized and the most effective way to get rid of ingrown hair.

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On a note:
The procedure of laser hair removal has its own contraindications. If you know that phototherapy is contraindicated to you, your skin may give a reaction to photo epilation, you will have to choose another way to remove hair.

It is not recommended to do the procedure of laser hair removal during pregnancy and lactation.

For clients under the age of 18, laser hair removal is performed only with the written permission of the parents.and if there are compelling reasons to perform the procedure.

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Laser hair removal: myths and reality

Myth 1.Laser hair removal is harmful to health

The depth of penetration of the laser beam during epilation is 1-4 mm, it reaches only to the hair follicles, then completely dissipates and never penetrates deeper than the skin! When exposed to a laser, only the hair bulb collapses. The laser beam slides over the skin without damaging it. The only thing that can occur after the procedure is redness, similar to that which occurs in a person who has been in the sun. This redness is partly an indicator of a properly performed procedure. After a few hours, this redness disappears without a trace.

Myth 2Laser hair removal causes scarring and hair ingrowth

Since laser hair removal is not accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the skin, then scarring can not occur. Hair ingrowth, which very often accompanies wax depilation, does not occur with laser hair removal. Moreover, laser hair removal is recommended as a method to eliminate such manifestations.

Myth 3.Before the procedure, it is necessary to grow hair

This opinion is wrong. The laser aims to eliminate the hair follicle. Therefore, he does not need to "see" the hair itself, protruding above the surface of the skin. Feel free to shave your hair before laser hair removal! But hair removal with tweezers or wax before a laser procedure is really prohibited. If waxing has been performed, it is necessary to wait at least 30 days before laser hair removal.

Myth 4.Laser hair removal - it hurts

If you have heard about pain during this procedure, do not worry - its pain is usually greatly exaggerated. An important factor is the pain threshold in women, it is lowest before menstruation, and higher - after them. In addition, you can ask a specialist to perform local anesthesia on the most sensitive areas. Not all masters offer pain relief, so discuss this issue in advance. Anesthetic cream begins to act no less than half an hour, and hence the procedure will take more time.

Myth 5.Blonde hair can be removed with laser hair removal.

The basis of the laser is the principle of selective photothermolysis - the laser beam is absorbed by a dark color, in the case of hair removal - the pigment melanin in the hair. Completely gray, fluffy or whitish hair is not removed - the laser "does not see them."

Myth 6After the procedure, hair grows tighter, their number increases.

On the contrary, the sprouted hairs become softer, their number is significantly reduced and by the third session a lasting long-lasting effect is observed. Sometimes, after 2 procedures, growth is really observed, the so-called “synchronization”. This is considered a manifestation of the stimulating effect of the laser and shows just the effectiveness of epilation. After such a “mass” germination, much more hair is removed than usual.

Myth 7.Result after laser hair removal 100%, all hair is removed in one procedure

In one procedure, only hair that is currently growing and which is in the active growth phase is removed. At the same time a lot of hair is at rest. Dormant follicles are removed in the following procedure, and this happens within 5-8 procedures. Then you need to do maintenance procedures about once every six months. Permanently remove hair, so as not to do supporting procedures, will not succeed, because there is no impact on the hormonal system, which is responsible for hair growth.

Myth 8.Hair removed by laser hair removal will never grow again

In fact, if you do not do maintenance procedures, the body will still try to fill the missing hair. After all, nature has programmed that in certain parts of the body hair should grow in an individual quantity for each person. Therefore, after the main course of procedures, the body will try to resume hair growth. It will be hair in a small amount - thinner and lighter. If you do not do maintenance procedures, then in 6-8 years the hairline will recover, although the hair will not be as tough as before the course of laser hair removal.

Myth 9.Laser hair removal should not be done to people with moles and papillomas.

This does not apply to contraindications. Epilation can be done, but the effect of the laser on the areas with neoplasms is not performed. Master bypasses these sites.

Nevertheless, laser hair removal has real contraindications:

  • cancer regardless of the affected area
  • skin infections
  • diabetes mellitus at the stage of decompensation
  • varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, if the hair removal is done on the legs
  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • the period of growth and formation of hormonal background - age up to 16-18 years

Myth 10.Laser contributes to the appearance of skin neoplasms.

Skin tumors are a contraindication for laser hair removal. Ultraviolet waves (320-400nm), which are not present in the laser beam, have an oncogenic effect. Thus, it is possible to provoke the appearance of tumors on the skin when visiting a tanning salon, rather than during laser procedures.

Myth 11.Laser hair removal can even be done at home.

Equipment for laser hair removal is quite serious, requiring the knowledge and experience of a specialist. The laser can bring both benefit and harm (burns) in unskilled and inept hands of the master. Do not pursue cheapness, better enroll in a proven clinic or center, because your health and beauty are at stake.

Myth 12.Laser hair removal is not for men

This is a universal procedure that is suitable for both men and women. On the contrary, the thicker and darker the hair, the better the results. In addition, laser hair removal quickly deals with such large areas of the body as the back, abdomen and chest.

Prepared by Mariana Chornovil

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