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Top eyebrow shadows for blondes and brunettes

In the ranking on the portal eyebrow shadows are presented, among which you can choose the best option. Regular pencil is not able to carefully mask the flaws, to naturally fill the gaps between the hairs, so many women prefer eyebrow shadows. In addition, they are easier to apply, quickly correct defects, last longer. But in order for the shadows to bring you only pleasant emotions when applying makeup, you should choose high-quality products, otherwise the joy of buying will end in disappointment.

Recommendations for selection

It is necessary to carefully select the shadows, because it is beautiful eyebrows that give femininity and elegance to the look. When buying, pay attention to some criteria:

  • Color palette. Blondes will suit beige shades, light brown - the color of ripe wheat, owners of brown hair - chocolate or terracotta tones, and brunettes - dark shadows. The best option is not to lose color - take a palette with several shades and experiment, mixing tones.
  • Equipment. It is possible to find on sale, both the complete set consisting of tweezers, wax, powder, brushes, and ordinary shadows without accessories. If you have good tweezers and brushes, then buying a full set is optional. The wax included in the package of some palettes will help fix the hairs in the right directions and simplify the application of makeup - you should choose a shade with a wax filler.
  • Price. The purchase of luxury cosmetics, of course, will cost a lot of money, but in this case, the chances of avoiding counterfeit products of poor quality increase.
  • Manufacturer. Choose eyebrow shades of famous brands that have earned a good reputation in the global market.

1 Pupa Eyebrow Design Set

Set Eyebrow Design Set from the popular manufacturer Pupa occupies a leading position in the category of low-cost tools. The modeling wax outlines the correct form, and the powder fills the gaps between the hairs and smoothes the eyebrows.

Draw a contour with a pointed brush with a fixing wax, and then paint the resulting shape with colored powder using an applicator. Using the brush in the set, blend the resulting pattern.

  • package sizes - 8 * 5 * 1 cm,
  • the country of production is Italy,
  • weight - 1.1 g,
  • set - applicator, powder, tweezers, pigmenting wax, mirror,
  • the effect is natural.

  • low cost
  • nice texture
  • the presence of brushes,
  • compact packaging.

  • Pencil adjustment is required for women with occasional short eyebrows,
  • hold out badly during the day.

Average price: 680 rubles.

Prices for Pupa Eyebrow Design Set:

2 Artdeco Eye Brow Powder

Eyebrow shadows can be used to correct the tattoo, as well as slightly matting the eyelids. Judging by the reviews of customers, makeup with cosmetics Artdeco Eye Brow Powder looks natural and imperceptible to others.

The tool is created according to a special formula, thanks to which it can last throughout the day even on oily skin.

  • weight - 0.8 g,
  • texture - crumbly,
  • package sizes - 2 * 1 * 4.5 cm,
  • the country of production is Germany.

  • low price,
  • economical consumption
  • naturally look.

  • brush not included
  • additional base for durability required.

Estimated price: 280 rubles.

Prices for Artdeco Eye Brow Powder:

3 Divage Eyebrow Styling Kit

A set of compact shadows consists of two colors: a light and a dark shade. The kit also includes a bevel brush, on the other side is a brush for combing. Using an additional pencil, you can well emphasize the shape of the eyebrows, while not making makeup heavy, the shadows look natural.

By mixing two colors from a palette, you can get a third shade.

  • skin type - any,
  • weight - 6 g,
  • manufacturing country is China,
  • package sizes - 8 * 5.5 * 2 cm,
  • The composition of the set - double-sided brush, mirror, shades of 2 colors.

  • additional accessories
  • natural when applied,
  • low price.

Average price: 250 rubles.

Prices for Divage Eyebrow Styling Kit:

4 Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set

The set consists of two shades. Shadows are very convenient to apply, because due to low pigmentation it is impossible to overdo it with too bright color. The tool gives smoky and natural brows.

Stencils of various sizes and shapes are included in the kit, with their help you can achieve the perfect contour.

  • weight - 2 g,
  • manufacturing country is China,
  • package size - 9 * 4 * 1 cm,
  • the set consists of a bevel brush, shadows of two shades, 3 stencils.

  • go well,
  • long term use
  • low cost

  • wide hard brush
  • uncomfortable packaging.

Estimated price: 250 rubles.

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set prices:

5 Catrice Eyebrow Set

The kit includes shade 2 shades, tweezers, double-sided brush, mirror. For owners of wide eyebrows, a tassel from the set will be very useful, women with sparse hairs will have to purchase an accessory with stiff bristles.

To make eyebrows look more fluffy and thick, it is better to use a tonal base before applying eyebrow shadows, and then slightly powder the area above the eyes.

  • Manufacturer - Germany,
  • weight - 4 g,
  • skin type - any,
  • package size - 7 * 4 * 2 cm.

  • firmness of drawing,
  • economical consumption
  • low cost
  • Do not give yellowness.

Average price: 270 rubles.

Prices for Catrice Eyebrow Set:

1 Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Compact

The palette consists of 2 colors that are easy to mix to create the desired shade. The kit also has a double applicator used for a clear or fuzzy contour. After applying the tone of eyebrows look neat and natural.

Light shade can also be used as eye shadow, only in combination with a base for makeup.

  • set - double applicator with an oblong sponge and beveled brush, mirror, shadows of 2 colors,
  • weight - 4 g,
  • The country of production is Japan,
  • skin type - any.

  • clear eyebrow shape when applied,
  • resistance during the day,
  • the possibility of combining shades
  • easy feathering.

  • high cost, more than 1700 rubles.

Prices for Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Compact:

2 Clarins Kit Sourcils Palette Pro

Kit Sourcils Palette Pro consists of three shadows, different in intensity of color, and light tone. Also wax is included in the package for reliable fixing of hairs. The packaging is pleasing to the eye - a stylish design in gold color.

High-quality and convenient tweezers from the set like shoppers. It captures even tough hairs well.

  • weight - 5,2 g,
  • the country of production is Italy,
  • composition of the palette - 3-color shade, tweezers, double sponge applicator and beveled brush, combing brush, light
  • pigment, wax, instructions for use.

  • neutral smell
  • attractive appearance
  • eyebrows look well-groomed and natural when using shadows,
  • availability of necessary accessories.

  • overpriced, more than 2000 rubles.

Prices for Clarins Kit Sourcils Palette Pro:

3 Urban Decay Brow Box Honeypot

In a small box, in a rather compact way, the shadows of two shades and a wax for fixation are located, which is able to firmly hold each hair and does not create a feeling of stickiness.

The composition of the wax contains nutrients, coconut extract, aloe, beeswax.

  • a complete set - tweezers, 2 brushes, 2 mirrors (one usual, another magnifying), shadows, light pigment,
  • the country of production is the USA,
  • package sizes - 5.5 * 2.5 * 4.5 cm.

  • good quality,
  • great design
  • Do not crumble after application.

  • uncomfortable, too small brushes and tweezers,
  • high cost, the set will cost more than 2500 rubles.

Prices for Urban Decay Brow Box Honeypot:

4 Benefit Brow Zing

Completes the ranking of the best eyebrow shadows Benefit Brow Zing. Means well lays down, is not showered during the day and pigments eyebrows in the necessary intensity of color.

The set includes a retractable double-tipped brush.

  • sizes - 5 * 5 cm,
  • equipment - brush, wax, powder, tweezers, mirror,
  • the country of production is the USA.

  • economical consumption
  • stamina
  • eyebrow appearance after using the product
  • stylish design.

  • high cost, 2650 rubles.

Benefit Brow Zing prices:


Every woman wants to look attractive, young and modern. With the help of the rating on the Mark.puru portal, customers can find the best eyebrow shades from the luxury cosmetic line or in the budget version. The use of quality tools will allow the fair sex to bring make-up to perfection, because the beautiful shape of eyebrows with a properly defined contour always remains in fashion and gives sophistication to the image.

Types of shadows

Shadows can be purchased in various forms:

  1. In the form of a pencil or stick. They have a light structure. Apply them with a soft sponge. The composition of the pencil includes pressed powder pencil.
  2. Dry shadows - the most resistant, give a volumetric and relief look to eyebrows. Apply them with a brush or an applicator.
  3. Liquid - lie down evenly and fill the entire circuit. They give the eyebrows the right shade and fix their shape.
  4. Shadows with wax - suitable for rare eyebrows. They are well kept and fixed in the areas between the hairs.

I prefer the shadow pencil. It is very easy for them to use, it is possible to tint the edge even in the car or at work. And they keep pretty well.

How to choose shades for blondes

Blonde with black eyebrows is one of the most common beauty taboos. Choosing the color of the shadows, blond girls need to remember about such tips.

For example, a graphite pencil is combined with a trendy platinum blond. Ladies with a warm honey-colored hair should get a shade a tone darker, for example, light brown.

If they are darkened (ombre technique), then this shade should be taken into account. Your eyebrows should be lighter in tone, but the subtone (warm or cold) is sure to match.

In the summer, when the face is covered with a tan, blondes can paint their eyebrows in a chestnut shade. Going to the beach, do not forget to read about the rules of tanning based on skin type.

If your eyes are light shade, then eyebrows do not actively highlight. Your image will become heavy and rough. But the owners of dark eyes, bright eyebrows will make expressionless and inconspicuous. It is important to choose the right shape and eyebrows. How to make their correction at home is described in this article.

The best shade for blondes provide further.

  • ULTRA BROW PALETTE Fair to Medium

This decorative cosmetics from the British brand MAKEUP REVOLUTION on the website of Profkosmetiks can be purchased for 930 rubles. The kit includes everything you need to give the desired shape and color to your eyebrows: four matte shades, fixing wax, cream concealer, highlighter, pencil and applicators. You will be very pleased with your purchase. The price of the product is rather big, but you will have enough cosmetics for a long time.

These friable shadows are issued in the form of a convenient pencil. With the help of a thin soft applicator you can easily correct the shape of the eyebrows, give them a more saturated color. They include titanium dioxide, which provides UV protection and durability.

You can buy this pencil in Mayshop for 826 rubles.

So, the best shade for blondes we have identified. This list can fill and you. Leave comments after the article and share your opinion on the used cosmetics.

Good shades for brunettes

Burning black-haired beauties will not leave indifferent any man. But in order to maintain the image of a femme fatale, it is important to think through all the details. Properly selected color and shape of the eyebrows will make your look even more mysterious and alluring.

When choosing the shadows you need to take into account the factors that I indicated at the beginning of the article. The main tips for brunettes are:

  1. White-skinned girls should get a pencil of dark brown or dark gray shade.
  2. A dark and rich palette fits to dark-skinned girls.
  3. If the hair is molded in delicate blue, then the best choice is a shade with a hint of eggplant. The result will be amazing.
  4. Burning bright brunettes should pay attention to such a fashionable color as anthracite (wet asphalt).

So now you know which colors are better for you to choose. Improper eyebrow shadows will make you either vulgar or inconspicuous gray mouse.

So, it's time for us with you to determine the best cosmetics for dark-haired girls.

This complex tool from the well-known brand Pupa at OZON can be purchased for 599 rubles. The set includes modeling and fixing wax, color eyebrow powder, professional tweezers and a double applicator. Wax creates an ideal basis for a make-up, gives them the necessary form. Compact powder has a silky texture and interacts well with wax.

The tool is dermatologically tested, does not cause allergies and does not contain parabens. These shadows can be bought by girls who are prone to various rashes.

Low cost shadows of excellent quality for only 262 rubles can be purchased at Aliexpress. In the set there are four shades with which you can easily achieve the desired result. How to make expressive eyes using makeup is described in this article. Be sure to read it.

Girls, how are you my choice? What eyebrow cosmetics do you prefer? I really want to know your opinion.

Where can one buy

I have two small children. I think you understand how much “free time” I have. Go shopping is a real luxury. Therefore, for many years I have been buying everything on the Internet. Beginning from outerwear and finishing trifles for the house. No exception and cosmetics. Eyebrow shadows from proven and reliable brands at an affordable price you can purchase in the following online stores:

Do not rush to choose. Read reviews, consult a familiar makeup artist. Purchased products can be delivered directly to your home. Free shipping. For such mummies, as I, it is very convenient.

Alina, 25 years old

At one time I took a makeup artist course, so I can easily make myself professional makeup. By nature I have blond hair and dark eyebrows. Constantly looking for the perfect shade of eyebrows. To simulate them, I use the Divage Eyebrow Styling Kit.

It comes in two colors: brown and dark gray, a comfortable brush and a mirror. A small package takes up very little space in your purse. I bought a set for 200 rubles. For the price I received high-quality cosmetics. Shadows are perfectly pigmented, persistent, and eyebrows look natural. In general, I am very pleased with my choice and I am not going to change it.

Tatyana, 30 years old

I am a conservative in choosing cosmetics. For many years I have been buying decorative cosmetics from the PUPA brand. And never once did she let me down. So with eyebrow shadows from this company. They are not afraid of neither rain, nor pool, nor the ocean. They remain in the same place where they were originally. In the set there are tiny tweezers. It is very convenient to use. Pulls out even tiny hairs.

How to choose eyebrow shadows

Beauty industry offers many options for eyebrow shadows - from budget to luxury. But when choosing, you need to pay attention not only to how much the product costs, and which brand has released it. There are other criteria that are important to consider when purchasing. The main ones are:

We offer an overview of each criterion, which will help to buy a quality product.

The texture of the shadows allows you to achieve different effects: powdery, glossy, velvety, matte. The consistency of the shadows are of several types:

  1. Creamy The texture is very delicate, similar to a light cream, suitable for those whose skin suffers from dryness. After all, the shadows not only give the desired shade, but also nourish and moisturize dry skin of the eyebrows.
  2. Shadow pencil Gives a soft, velvety effect. The texture is somewhere between powder and pencil. These eyebrow pencils can be two-sided. On the one hand - the shadows, on the other - highlighter, styling brush, gel applicator.
  3. Powdery. The texture is more crumbly than the shadows in the form of a pencil. To apply them, you need a brush or applicator.
  4. Wax Shadows give the desired shade and fix the shape of the eyebrow, hold out for a long time, throughout the day. But there is one drawback - to apply them is quite difficult because of the thick consistency.
  5. Liquid. They look like cream, but their texture is more weightless. They are easy to apply, adjust during make-up. But they require additional fixation with varnish or wax. If they are not fixed, they can spread.

Dry shadows are often produced in the form of palettes with several shades, tassels, applicators. On sale you can also find eyebrow kits, which include:

  • several shades of different shades,
  • gel fixer,
  • set of brushes,
  • stencils.

Hue is one of the main criteria for choosing shadows. If you pick up too light tone, then eyebrows will remain expressionless. Too dark shades may look unnatural, coarse or vulgar.

You need to select the tone depending on your color type:

TerracottaGolden or reddish tinged strands.
Milk chocolate,
light brown
Brown eyes and wheat hair color.
Gray brown, graphiteLight shades of blond and blue or green eyes.
Mahogany, copper, terracottaHair with a red shimmer.
Chocolate, graphiteBrown-haired with copper-brown curls.
Chocolate, terracotta, brownBright red strands.
Gray graphiteCold, winter color type.
Chocolate, dark brownWarm, summer color type.
Anthracite, wet asphaltDark skin, black hair.

If there is no confidence in the choice of a particular shade, then you can use the classic makeup rules: blondes, blond and red take the shadows by 1-2 shades darker than the color of the curls, and girls with dark hair - to choose a tone to match.

As with any cosmetic product, there are beneficial and harmful ingredients in eyebrow shadows. Some care for the skin and hair of eyebrows, others - dry out, impair the appearance, lead to loss. When choosing a product, pay attention to the composition.

Useful ingredients in the composition:

  • Minerals and vitamins. Strengthen exhausted eyebrows.
  • Glycerol. Moisturizes the skin, creates a protective film on the hair.
  • Mica. Saturates the eyebrows shine.
  • Wax. Fixes the desired shape.
  • Pigment. Colors in a certain shade.
  • Talc. Gives a crisp texture.
  • Oils. Nourish, moisturize and soften the skin.

Harmful ingredients in the composition:

Vivienne Sabo Brow Arcade

Shadows are packed in an oval plastic case. Inside there are 2 eye shadow refills and a comfortable brush with a beveled edge. Vivienne Sabo Brow Arcade is available in three colors:

  • 01 - light beige-brown palette for blondes.
  • 02 - coffee shades for fair-haired and brown-haired women.
  • 03 - dark brown tones for dark hair.

Each palette includes two colors: light and dark. One tone is warmer, the other is cooler. All colors look natural, pigmentation - medium. The cardboard box contains instructions on how to properly apply the pigment so that it gives the most natural effect. Shadows are easy to apply, do not leave gaps, not shaded areas.

In both shades there is no red. They look calm and natural. They have a pleasant, silky texture and a matte finish. The product is moderately compact, so well typed on the brush. When applied do not dust, do not crumble.

Pros: do not crumble, applied without problems, hold on for a long time, the brush is comfortable, shades without red.

Cons: not to stay all day, the makeup in the evening you need to correct.

Eva Mosaic Ideal Eyebrow Designer

Eva Mosaic Ideal Eyebrow Designer is available as a double-sided stick. On the one hand, these are shadows, on the other hand, an eyeliner for drawing arrows on the eyes. If you unscrew the part that is responsible for coloring eyebrows, then you can see a comfortable brush. To cast shadows, the brush must be lowered into the screw cap, which contains the pigment.

The texture means cream, strongly pigmented. Color - rich, dark brown. A pleasant hue, chocolate, without a red or gray undertone. It is well shaded, allows to fill the graphic eyebrows drawn with a pencil qualitatively. It has high durability. After applying the creamy texture dries out and fixes the color and shape. Even on oily skin, makeup can last all day. It turns out waterproof, does not spread from the effects of heat, moisture, does not tarnish.

Pros: reasonable price, excellent durability, easy to shade, ease of use, natural result, additional brown eyeliner included.

Cons: presented only in chocolate color.

Lancôme Monsieur Big Brow

The Monsieur Big Brow product from the world famous French brand Lancôme belongs to luxury cosmetics. Made in the form of a pencil, externally and in consistency similar to lipstick. On the one hand, there is the pencil itself, on the other - a kabuki brush for feathering. The pencil is packed in a cardboard box, on which are examples of makeup. The tool is available in four different shades.

The pencil is soft, with a pleasant, wax consistency. The stylus is quite thick, made in the style of chubby stick, therefore it is ideal for creating wide, geometric shapes. But this does not prevent getting a beautiful, natural result on medium and thin eyebrows. In this case, the pigment can be applied dotted, then shaded with a brush. The color is quite saturated, but when shading, it gives an effect close to natural. Carefully paints the gaps between the hairs. Holds for a long time, is not erased, is removed with ordinary micellar water.

Pros: economical consumption due to rich pigmentation, creamy, pleasant texture, ease of use due to the bilateral format, well obscures the gaps between the hairs.

Cons: luxury product, so the price is expensive.

Isadora Perfect Brow Kit

The Isadora Perfect Brow Kit is a set that allows you to create perfect eyebrows in a few minutes. The kit includes:

  • shadows of two shades
  • mirror,
  • 3 tools for correction.

Tools allow you to adjust the shape, make hair styling and gently apply makeup. The kit is equipped with:

  1. plastic tweezers
  2. brush for combing and shaping,
  3. double-sided brush: on one side - applicator with foam rubber nozzle, on the other - brush with beveled edge.

The pigment falls well, does not crumble when applied, it looks natural, the color is quite pronounced. The consistency is soft, silky, but to get the pigment on the brush will have to try. The natural effect and expressiveness of the makeup when using this product are guaranteed.

Pros: compact packaging, a set of tools for high-quality makeup, good pigmentation, does not slip, does not crumble, easy to apply and perfectly shaded.

Cons: high price, in some shades there are red halftones.

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist

The L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Kit is a great option for creating attractive and natural eyebrows. The kit includes several items:

  • 2 compartments: in one - wax, in the other - shadows,
  • double-sided brush with brush,
  • mirror,
  • application instructions
  • tweezers.

All tools are tiny, making it difficult to use. But they cope perfectly well with their task. The brush helps to lay the hairs in the right direction, and the brush carefully shading the pigment. Tweezers helps easily, in a few minutes to correct the shape.

Shadows - velvet, matte, without red halftone, easily typed on the brush, do not crumble when applied, without problems transfer from the brush to the skin.

Wax - a little "red", does not fix hairs very much, but it may well be useful for drawing a contour and as a base before applying the pigment. Resistance - beautiful, can not be erased, shedding and does not disappear during the day.

Pros: good equipment, durable pigment, wax is included in the set, which helps to draw graphic contours, does not crumble when used and last all day.

Cons: wax can not cope with the fixation, for this you need a special gel.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette

The palette from the American brand Anastasia Beverly Hills is suitable for both home and professional use. The palette includes 11 colors:

  1. Blond
  2. Taup.
  3. Soft brown.
  4. Medium brown.
  5. Caramel.
  6. Golden brown.
  7. Chocolate.
  8. Dark brown.
  9. Ebony.
  10. Ash Brown.
  11. Granite.

Each color is presented in two colors: light and dark. The primer that is used as a makeup base is included in the palette. Such a variety of tones helps to make natural makeup for any color type. Pigments are removable, they can be easily removed from the palette and brought to the hair, eyes, to make it easier to determine the choice of the desired color.

The consistency is soft, tender, velvety. The pigment falls flat, does not leave bald spots. It is very pleasant and easy to work with him. That is why this palette is often chosen by professional makeup artists all over the world.

Pros: a huge selection of colors, good pigmentation, ease of use.

Cons: high cost, the set does not include brushes, applicators, mirror.


Professional product from YVES SAINT LAURENT suitable for home and salon use. The kit includes 3 shades with which you can make smooth color transitions. This effect “ombre” gives brows naturalness, eliminates the artificial graphic. In addition to pigments, there are 2 tools in the kit:

  • Tweezers. Easy to use because it is sharpened by hand and helps to remove even the smallest hairs.
  • Brush. The edge of the brush is beveled, which facilitates the application of pigment.

The kit is easy to use because it has a mirror. Such a set can be taken with you in a cosmetics bag and if necessary correct makeup. But this will have to be done only in extreme cases. After all, the resistance of the product from YVES SAINT LAURENT at a high level. Using the palette also does not cause problems. On the box, the manufacturer gives a brief instruction on how to achieve a beautiful make-up. Tones can be mixed, applied according to a special scheme for a beautiful, non-artificial result.

Pros: natural colors, convenient set with tools for correcting and applying pigment, stylish design.

Cons: no budget price, a little bit stiff brush.

Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

The compact Bobbi Brown set is packaged in a stylish plastic box in black with a company logo. Inside there are 2 mirrors at once:

1 - rotates 120⁰C and gives the usual reflection.

2 - located behind the first one, enlarges the image, gives the opportunity to carefully apply the pigment.

Shadows in a palette of two shades, are presented in cold and warm execution. They are more taupovye than red. The texture is silky, the pigmentation is pronounced, so the consumption of shadows is more than economical. There are two options for palettes:

The pigment is resistant, does not rub off, does not crumble and is not smeared when accidentally touched, it is washed off easily.

Tweezers and brush miniature size, which is not very convenient. But in "hiking" conditions, compact tools can help out. According to reviews, the brush is not very comfortable to use, because it is too small, thick and hard.

Pros: there is no red in the palette, noble shades, the pigment is bright, “hardy”, while it is easy to remove makeup.

Cons: hard brush, a small palette.

Maybelline Brow Satin

Maybelline Brow Satin double-sided pencil is a 2-in-1 product. On the one hand, it is a retractable stylus, on the other - a sponge applicator. With the help of the slate, you can draw the correct form, and the sponge is easy to shade the pigment.

The pencil lead is twisted like a lipstick. The texture is soft, creamy, but not greasy, does not spread and does not cause trouble when applied. The sponge applicator feathers the powder, which is located in the pencil cap. The consistency of it is dry and soft, gives a satin finish. With its help, you can do the shading, painting the space between the hairs. The tones of the pencil and powder are 100% identical, so they are in perfect harmony with each other.

There are 3 colors in the pencil palette:

Shades with a cool, ashy undertone, do not give a red tint. Hold for a day, and washed with ordinary micellar water.

Pros: durability, beauty of the pigment, the lack of red, double-sided format, the ability to draw graphic lines or make makeup more natural.

Cons: pencil pencil is very soft, breaks easily.

NYX Professional Makeup Cosmetics 3-in-1 Brow Pencil

The transformer pencil from NYX is an original invention for those who appreciate multi-functionality. 3 tools are “hidden” in one pencil at once:

To use a pencil, you need to remove the cap and push the stylus. To get to the powder, you need to scroll the pencil in the center, where it says "Open". And the color gel is on the other side of the stick. Unscrewing the cap, you can see the brush, which is easy to recruit gel pigment from the cap.

Pencil. Well pigmented, soft lead, wax. After drawing does not shine, and gives velvet finish and soft, natural color. But they will not succeed in drawing the hairs - the stylus is thick. But with a pencil it is easy to outline the contours of wide, thick, graphic eyebrows.

Shadows. Served through the sponge, which is unscrewed in the middle. Sponge with powder wide, thin eyebrows with it will be difficult to draw. Pigmentation - medium, natural.

Gel. Apply a comfortable brush, similar to the mascara applicator. The consistency is moderately thick, the color is intense, so you need to be careful with the gel.

Pros: 3 products at once in one package, there are many interesting shades, the ability to create different makeup of eyebrows.

Cons: wide sponge, brittle slate, some tones of "reddish".

CATRICE Velvet Brow Powder Artist

Pencil CATRICE Velvet Brow Powder Artist two-sided. In one part there is a sponge with shadows, in the other - a brush for combing and styling hairs. To collect the pigment on the sponge applicator, you need to dip it in the cap. This product does not give dense coloring, more likely - light, natural color, similar to a smoke. Brush moderately hard, helps to quickly bring the hair in order, to lay them high quality.

Pros: comfortable double-sided pencil, it is easy to paint and correct eyebrows with it, natural pigmentation, styling brush.

Cons: wide sponge, which is difficult to draw thin eyebrows. In the second and third application, the product rolls into lumps, but they can be removed with a brush.

Eyebrow Shadows: Benefits

As well as other cosmetics (pencils, mascara), the shadows are designed to give the desired shade, correction and emphasize the ideal shape of the eyebrows. But unlike other means, shadows have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Persistence. Eyebrow shadows may have a dry, powdery or gel texture, but in any case they do not contain nutritional or moisturizing additives that “blur” makeup. But in their composition included components that support the resistance of the dye pigment. Due to this, the makeup is not erased and not smeared.
  • Simplicity and speed of application. A special brush is attached to the shadows, with which any, even an inexperienced girl, will be able to create the perfect image. At the same time, unlike a pencil, there is no need to constantly sharpen the stylus and draw delicate strokes that imitate hairs. If necessary, the excess funds can be quickly removed with cotton buds. The use of shadows saves the time needed for daily makeup.
  • Naturalness. A rich selection of shades allows you to create a natural look, while eyebrows will look well-groomed, and their color - fully consistent with the shade of hair.Even if you radically change the image, you can always find the right shade by mixing different shades of shadows.
  • Elimination of defects. Using shadows, you can not only change the shape of the eyebrows, for example, make them longer or thicker, but also hide small flaws and visually correct too rare or thin eyebrows.

Shadows are an excellent alternative to other methods: tattooing or permanent coloring of eyebrows. Such salon procedures are expensive and can not always guarantee the desired result. In addition, if the make-up is unsuccessful, to correct the consequences is very problematic, whereas when using shadows, it is enough just to rinse off the product and then apply it again.

How to choose a suitable shade

Famous cosmetics brands produce a wide range of shades of a wide variety of tones. Of these, you can always choose the appropriate shade that perfectly matches your type. When selecting the color of eyebrow eyebrows you need to follow the basic rules:

  • Blonde girls should not get carried away with too dark shades. Their choice - brown shades of varying degrees of saturation. Makeup artists advise ashy blonde blonds to choose gray tones and avoid clear drawing of the eyebrow contour, as this visually ages the face.
  • White-skinned brunettes are perfect dark brown or dark - gray shades of eyebrows. Dark-haired girls with a dark complexion can choose black shadows that will help to give their eyebrows a bright and elegant shape.
  • Owners of chestnut or copper hair are perfect brownish shade with a reddish tinge. This combination will be the most successful in terms of compliance with the natural tone of the hair.

The general requirement for eyebrow shadows: they should be slightly darker than the natural shade of the hair. But, at the same time, stylists do not advise to choose too bright and catchy tones, otherwise the eyebrows will seem painted. Muffled, delicate shades look the most advantageous way and delicately emphasize the dignity of the face.

Today, cosmetics manufacturers produce eyebrow shades in special sets. This allows you to fully apply makeup and experiment with a touch, mixing a variety of colors and achieving the perfect result. The set includes a palette with several pigments of different colors, brushes or brushes and a small mirror. This set is very convenient, you can always put it in a cosmetic bag and fix makeup as needed. How to choose the best eyebrows and which manufacturer to give preference? Make a right choice will help a small review of popular cosmetics designed to care for eyebrows.

Eyebrow shadow rating

The stores of cosmetics stores are filled with a diverse assortment of shadows, and in this sea of ​​offers it is easy to get confused. To help determine the choice, we offer an overview of the most sought-after brands that are at the top of the rating and are in steady demand from customers.

  1. Eyebrow Shadow Loreal (Brow Artist). The set implements shadows in two colors - light and dark brown. Inside there is a small mirror, special tweezers for adjusting the shape of the eyebrows and wax for styling hairs. In addition, the set includes a brush and a brush, designed for applying color pigment and fixing the result. Compact shadows with a dense, dry texture are consumed very economically and provide a lasting and lasting effect, allowing you to achieve the desired shade. Brow Brow Shadows they are distinguished by an ideal structure, they fit well and perfectly mask the gaps between the hairs. The advantage of this brand is good durability and long-term results, the shadows do not crumble and do not smear. Additionally, the set is equipped with two brushes with beveled edges, which is very convenient when applying coloring pigment. The double-sided mirror with the effect of magnification facilitates the process of applying shadows and helps make makeup as neat as possible. The average price of shadows is about 600 rubles.
  2. Eyebrow shadows Essence. A popular budget option in which an affordable price is combined with excellent quality. In a compact and convenient case, there are two shades of shadows, three varieties of stencil and a small brush. The texture of the shadows is gentle and light, they fit well and make the eyebrows expressive and as natural as possible. The shade is velvety and not very bright, so the eyebrows look completely natural. Stencils included in the set make it easy to create the correct shape of eyebrows, even for girls who have little experience in applying makeup. The cost of the set - from 250 rubles.
  3. ShadowsColor tatoo (fromMaybelline). This is a cream variety of shadows, with which not only achieve the desired shade, but also create a clear outline of the eyebrows. Shadows are produced in a compact glass jar with a screw cap. Brushes or brushes for the application is not attached. The texture of the cream shadows is quite dense, it is characterized by a rich color and easily falls on the skin, providing a smooth coating and durability of the shade. The rich color palette of the product allows you to choose the right shade, ideally in harmony with the main hair color. Shadows differ quite budget price, which starts from 120 rubles.
  4. Eye Brow Brow Shader. MAC palettes include shades of a certain color (for example, dark brown) and a light tone (highlighter) with which color accents are achieved. The texture of the shadows is dense, but not dry, so they easily fall on the skin and do not crumble upon the completion of the makeup. Rich pigment allows you to create clear contours and correctly shape the shape of the eyebrows. Cosmetic means from MAC differs in high resistance, after drawing a shadow will not be smeared and will not float during the day. At the same time, they can be easily removed with a familiar makeup remover. Shadows are spent very economically and even with regular use of one palette is enough for a long time. The price of a set is from 400 to 800 rubles.
  5. Shadows "Perfection" (by Avon). A small box with a stylish, concise design includes shades of two colors and a brush. On the cover there is a comfortable mirror. Matte shadows with a light structure give rich shades, fit well and allow you to paint the gaps between hairs. With the help of shadows you can give your eyebrows a regular shape and a soft, natural shade. The brush for applying shadows is pretty tough, but it allows you to draw the contours of the eyebrows and apply clear lines. Cosmetic set for eyebrows from Avon will cost 480 - 550 rubles.
  6. Shadows Regard Fatal(from Letual). The compact set includes three shades of shadows at once and a wax for fixing the result of dyeing. In addition, a double-sided brush for applying pigment and a brush for combing eyebrows are enclosed in a box with shadows. The advantage of sets of Letual in the possibility of mixing the proposed colors. Experimenting, you can achieve almost any shade, and using wax to fix the achieved result for the whole day. The color palette is the most diverse, which allows you to make your eyebrows dark and bright, or, on the contrary, light and as natural as possible. The average cost of a set with shadows is from 580 to 700 rubles.
  7. Eyebrow Shadows from Oriflame. Oriflame company produces a wide range of inexpensive eyebrow care products. The set includes shades in three colors, including light and dark shades, comfortable brushes and modeling wax for styling unruly hairs. Shadows of this brand are of good quality and durability, do not crumble and do not smear during the day. Everything you need for quality makeup is included in the set, which is very convenient. Funds from Oriflame are very popular, as they are of very good quality. The price of cosmetics from Oriflame - from 650 to 800 rubles.
  8. Eyebrow Shadow Eyebrow Set (by Pupa). Available in a small, convenient case, containing shadows of two shades (dark and light). For convenience of drawing two types of brushes are enclosed in a set: round and with beveled edges. This makes it easy to apply thin and smooth lines delineating the contours of the eyebrows. Shadows are quite persistent, retain a good shade and allow you to achieve saturated colors, which makes the eyebrows bright and expressive. The cost of a set is from 850 to 1200 rubles.
  9. Eyebrow Shadows RiveGauche. These sets of shadows are more suitable for fair-haired girls and brown-haired women. The set includes shades of two shades, modeling wax, brushes and small tweezers for eyebrow correction. Shadows of Rive Gauche are distinguished by a pale range of shades, besides the disadvantage of this brand is the impossibility of mixing tones. Therefore, brunettes, this option is not suitable, because not too saturated colors will not achieve the desired effect. For blondes and brown-haired women, this is ideal, since it can be used to achieve a perfectly harmonious combination of eyebrows with natural hair color. A compact set can be purchased in specialized stores at prices ranging from 250 to 400 rubles.

What nuances to pay attention to?

You can buy eyebrow shadows in cosmetics stores or order them through online stores. When choosing a set for eyebrow design, pay attention to the equipment. Compact sets can include from 2 to 6 different shades. The set usually comes with a pigment brush for blending pigment, a brush for combing hairs and wax, allowing you to fix the result and place the hairs in one direction. In addition, many manufacturers put miniature tweezers for eyebrow shape correction kits and special stencils into the sets, thanks to which even inexperienced users can make perfect makeup.

When buying, pay attention to the stiffness of the brush, it should not be too soft. Brush preferably with beveled edges and short hairs. So it is more convenient to apply the pigment and make smooth, clear contours.

The colors of the shadows in the sets are usually as close as possible to the natural ones. Try to choose a combination so that when mixing shades you can achieve the perfect tone that matches the hair color. If the set includes shades of a very light or milky-pink hue, they are intended to allocate space under the eyebrow. This technique allows you to make the view more open and expressive.

Of particular note is the presence of wax, complete with shadows. This is a great advantage, because the wax allows you to fix the color and shape of the painted eyebrows and gives them a vibrant and well-groomed appearance. Therefore, when buying, give preference to those sets that include wax.

How to apply?

Before applying the shadows, you need to make a correction, remove excess hair and give the eyebrows the desired shape. After the ideal contours have been achieved, it is time to start coloring with shadows. The procedure is performed in several stages:

  1. First, using a special brush to comb the hairs in one direction.
  2. Then, having picked up the necessary shade, put it on all surface of an eyebrow, painting and skin sites between hairs. In this case, you can use a brush or a brush, depending on which accessory is more convenient for you.
  3. Next, re-comb the eyebrows, at the same time removing excess pigment.
  4. For greater expressiveness, you can emphasize the lower line of the eyebrows with shades of a light shade.
  5. At the final stage, fix the color and shape of the hairs with wax.

Having a little experimenting, you will soon spend quite a bit of time on makeup. For clarity, you can watch the training videos on the Internet. Such lessons will help to achieve a natural effect when coloring and teach how to perform makeup with different shades of shadows. As a result, the result will be no worse than visiting a fashionable makeup artist in a beauty salon.

Reviews of eyebrow shadows confirm that it is much more convenient to use them than usual pencils. And the effect of applying makeup is more natural and eyebrows look especially expressive and elegant.

Application Reviews

Review №1

I am a natural blonde and my eyebrows are very bright, they are almost not visible on the face. Without make-up, I look like a pale moth, my eyes are completely lost on my face and all my charm and charm disappears. Therefore, daily use mascara and eyebrow shadows. Previously, a special pencil was used to color the eyebrows, but the process of eyebrow design took a lot of time. We had to paint every hair, otherwise the eyebrows looked unnatural.

After I discovered a new product - eyebrow shadows, this problem was solved. It takes only a few minutes to apply the shadows, the choice of shades is very diverse, it allows you to choose the perfect tone and the eyebrows look like natural ones. Recently, I have been using the Loreal eyebrow kit, it is easy and convenient to use, this is the most ideal option for me.

After refusing to use eyebrow pencil, I bought a set of shadows from Essence. I was attracted by the budget price, but in the process of using it I was convinced that the quality of the cosmetic product was also high. The big plus is that the stencils come with the kit, the shape of medium size ideally suited me.

I just put it to my eyebrows and paint over shadows. The result looks great. And the shadows themselves are stable, they have never been smeared during the day. The shades of this brand suit me perfectly, the makeup does not look too bright or unnatural and the eyebrows give completeness to the whole image.

I recently acquired eye shadows from Letual, I want to share the impression of using this cosmetics. Sets differ in a variety of shades, in each of them three colors and a wax comes in addition. With it, you can fix the result, and eyebrows get vibrant color and look neat. This brand is a real find for girls with red hair, because you can choose the desired tone by mixing the shadows and adding reddish shades.

In other sets I did not meet such a variety of color palette. The texture of the shadows is the most successful, they lie smoothly, do not crumble and perfectly paint the hairs. Eyebrows look natural and perfectly set off the eyes, making the look more expressive. Separately, I want to say about the modeling wax, it is very soft and plastic, after applying the hairs are perfectly even and this result is maintained throughout the day.

Tips for choosing eyebrow shades that you should pay attention to

So that the purchased shadows do not disappoint you, you need to pay attention not only to their cost, which is not always adequate, but also to many other factors.

First, note that eyebrow shades come in various shapes. It can be:

  • Shadow pencil with thick slate, which includes wax,
  • Liquid shadows
  • Dry shadows.

Each of these types has both certain advantages and disadvantages. Shadow-pencil is easy to apply, it is convenient to take with you into a cosmetic bag, but their resistance is not high, and for oily skin, they generally do not fit.

Liquid shadows - the most resistant option, they can be used to simulate the shape of the eyebrows, but they require certain skills to work with them.

Dry - the most popular option, which may be a little inferior in stability and liquid shadows, but to use them is very simple and convenient.

Secondly, if you want to achieve naturalness in makeup, then only choose matte shadows. Pearlescent particles can be present only in the evening make-up, and even then not always.

Finally, do not forget about the matching color of hair and eyebrows - eyebrows should be a couple of shades darker and fit into your color type. But burning brunettes, on the contrary, can make eyebrows one or two tones lighter - so they soften facial features.

Let's now take a closer look at the best eyebrow shades available.

FFleur Trio Eyebrow

Eyebrow shadows are compact triple from the American manufacturer, which will surely please those who aspire to have perfect eyebrows.

The presence of three pleasant shade with a silky texture makes it possible to select and vary the intensity of staining depending on the situation. Shadows have good pigmentation, but they look very natural.

A compact case with a mirror on the inner lid fits easily into any cosmetic bag so you can touch up makeup if necessary.


  • A palette of three beautiful shades,
  • Do not roll and do not crumble,
  • Easy to apply
  • Multifunctional - can be used on the eyelids,
  • Convenient case
  • Bilateral applicator included.


  • Dusting
  • After a few hours, the color begins to lose its intensity,
  • Not very comfortable brush on the applicator.

Malva Cosmetics Excellence Palette Eyebrow Highlight

The presented shadows in a palette of three luxurious shades that can boast excellent pigmentation and good durability - they do not fail even in the heat, but are easily washed off by any makeup remover.

Shades that are included in the set, perfectly mixed with each other, which allows you to individually select the most appropriate tone.

Shadows are available in a matte case on which no fingerprints remain, on the inside of the lid there is a mirror.


  • Beautiful shades
  • Persistent
  • Excellent pigmentation,
  • Convenient brush, brush and mirror in the kit.


  • Dust when applied,
  • On the skin, the shade may not look the same as on a palette.

Parisa Cosmetics Brow Kit

Parisa Cosmetics Brow Kit - eye shadow + eyebrow gel, which will certainly help to create a delightful image, emphasizing the advantages, and hiding the flaws in appearance.

The compact case contains two shades of shadows with a delicate silky texture, a gel designed for fixing unruly hairs, a mirror and a brush.

The quality of the shadows ensures a stable and natural finish, and vitamin E in the composition gently cares for the eyebrows, improves their condition, promotes the growth of thicker hairs.


  • Compact,
  • Good durability
  • Gel included,
  • There is a brush and a mirror.


  • Require application skills.
  • Average pigmentation
  • There is no space for a brush in the case.

Top Eyebrow Shadow Rating

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best budget eye shadow eyebrows (price up to 300 rubles.)1 Vivienne Sabo Brow Arcade 220 ₽
2 Atrice Brow Palette Matt & Glow Tone 020 299 ₽
3 Essence My Must Haves Tone 20 130 ₽
4 Catrice Velvet Brow Power Artist 20 277 ₽
The best eyebrow shadows in the middle price segment (price up to 550 rubles)1 Nyx Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder 06 Blonde 550 ₽
2 Max Factor Brow Contouring 490 ₽
3 Eva Mosaic Ideal Eyebrow 660 ₽
4 L`oreal Paris Brow Artist 2 Medium To Dark 3.5g 720 ₽
Top eyebrow shade premium1 Clarins Kit Sourcils 2 800 ₽
2 MAC Great Brows 2 400 ₽
3 Bobbi Brown Brow Kit 3 740 ₽

The best budget eye shadow eyebrows (price up to 300 rubles.)

Among the budget you can pick up the shadows that will help create the perfect image. The opinion that a cheap product should not be considered has long become erroneous. Modern brands produce reasonably priced cosmetics, which many girls could see for themselves. Such means are presented below.

Atrice Brow Palette Matt & Glow Tone 020

In our rating, we also included an inexpensive product from Germany, which managed to catch the fancy of Russian fashionistas. The palette contains 1 wax and 2 shades of shadows: warm chocolate and golden brown. Creamy texture is not showered when applied. Saturated pigment gives a good color, well typed on the brush.

Due to the different effects of the shadows: classical and shimmer, you can create both a day makeup and an intense evening with a slight brilliant shine. The wax has a pleasant light chocolate shade, reliably fixes the color and shape of the eyebrows for the whole day. Many say that it can also be used as an independent tool.

The brush of soft and moderately elastic hairs has a beveled shape and small size. On the other hand, there is a brush to guide the eyebrow hairs in the right direction.


  • not found.

Atrice Brow Palette Matt & Glow Tone 020

In our rating, we also included an inexpensive product from Germany, which managed to catch the fancy of Russian fashionistas. The palette contains 1 wax and 2 shades of shadows: warm chocolate and golden brown. Creamy texture is not showered when applied. Saturated pigment gives a good color, well typed on the brush.

Due to the different effects of the shadows: classical and shimmer, you can create both a day makeup and an intense evening with a slight brilliant shine. The wax has a pleasant light chocolate shade, reliably fixes the color and shape of the eyebrows for the whole day. Many say that it can also be used as an independent tool.

The brush of soft and moderately elastic hairs has a beveled shape and small size. On the other hand, there is a brush to guide the eyebrow hairs in the right direction.



  • not found.

Essence My Must Haves Tone 20

Shadows have a powdery silky texture and perfectly showed themselves when making eyebrows. They are distinguished by good pigmenting properties, they are easily shaded, do not crumble and do not gather dust. With their help, you can create the perfect bend and volume, while spending a minimum of time and money.

MY MUST HAVES fills hairless places well, eyebrows become thicker and more expressive. The German manufacturer offers a wide color palette, which allows you to choose your perfect shade. If you wish, you can collect several relys in a special palette.

According to reviews, shadows can also be used for eye makeup. Note the duration of wearing without additional fixation with wax, economical consumption and easy removal by any means and even plain water. Compact case fits into the smallest handbag.

Catrice Velvet Brow Power Artist 20

The second product of the CATRICE brand, included in our rating, despite its budgetary value, has won recognition not only from ordinary users, but also from professional makeup artists. Shadow-pencil helps to make eyebrows more expressive, and the shape - more clear.

The brown shade will suit both blondes and fair-haired girls. The velvety texture with a soft sponge-applicator easily fills the inter-hair space, well shaded, gives volume and density.

The pencil does not require sharpening, as the coloring pigment is located in the cap. A convenient brush will allow even unruly hairs to give the desired direction. Positive feedback on the product speaks of its high quality and efficiency, it masks flaws well, many customers opt for it.

The best eyebrow shadows in the middle price segment (price up to 550 rubles)

Shadows of the middle price category are most in demand, since many customers do not completely trust the budget goods, but also spend money on premium-class cosmetics or do not want or do not have such an opportunity. Many tools are completed with a mirror and are presented in several shades, in some sets there are tweezers.

Nyx Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder 06 Blonde

In our rating, we have included the shadows of the popular brand, with the help of which it is quick and easy to create natural broad eyebrows even in the presence of obvious flaws. The set includes 2 shades, gel and 2 brushes. Powdery texture allows you to draw a clear line and give volume and density.

The beveled brush is convenient for applying pigment, and the brush will be able to cope with the most unruly and tough hairs. Finishing fixing with transparent wax will allow you to achieve lasting make-up for the whole day, even in conditions of high humidity and heat.

According to the reviews of the shade girls NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP tone 06 is the most ideal shade for blondes from the variety of beauty products presented. The users also noted the compact size of the set, so that it does not take up much space and is convenient to take with you on trips.

Max Factor Brow Contouring

Max Factor has long been one of the most popular and beloved brands among Russian women. The quality of products no longer causes doubts not only among ordinary customers, but also among professional makeup artists. The set of shadows is designed to create natural eyebrows at home and includes 3 shades, 1 highlighter and a comfortable brush for applying and blending coloring pigment.

Experimenting with color and choosing the perfect tone, finishing by highlighting the beautiful bend of the eyebrows, you can achieve results like after a visit to the salon. Matte texture fills the hair between the hairs, creating a deep rich color.

Many women note the pigment intensity, firmness throughout the day, and the possibility of using it as an eye shadow. A big plus is easy removal with any makeup remover.

L`oreal Paris Brow Artist 2 Medium To Dark 3.5g

A perfectly composed set offers us L`OREAL PARIS to create beautiful natural eyebrows. Includes tweezers for shaping, dark brown eye shadow, opaque wax and a double-sided brush. With it, you can achieve unsurpassed eyebrow design without resorting to makeup artists.

Shadows MEDIUM TO DARK is ideal for dark-haired girls to create clear eyebrows. Velvet shadows do not dust, intensively fill empty spaces, hiding flaws. The beveled brush blends well. Brush stacks and combs naughty hairs.

This product can be safely attributed to professional tools. With the correct application and use of wax as a fixer, you can save a beautiful makeup for the whole day. A set with a panoramic mirror will become an indispensable travel kit.

Top eyebrow shade premium

Eyebrow shades of premium class can already be attributed to professional, as many makeup artists use them in their work. Shadows differ in the increased firmness, a saturation of the painting pigment. After application, you can achieve the effect of tattoo or naturalness. In the rating we included the best of them, the most awarded with high marks and positive reviews.

MAC Great Brows

The MAC name stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics, which means "cosmetics for makeup artists." But despite this, it has long become popular among ordinary users. A set of shadows contains everything you need to create flawless eyebrow makeup at home. Shadows are safe and hypoallergenic, tested by ophthalmologists.

The palette includes 2 shades: a light and dark brunette, which will allow you to create the ideal intensely pigmented eyebrows for dark-haired girls. A shimmering peach-color highlighter helps to visually lift the line and emphasize the shape.

The beveled brush is well typing, transfers the coloring pigment. A brush located on the other side combing and styling unruly hairs. Also included in the set of shadows brush for highlighter. Shadows shade perfectly, filling empty spaces.

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit

Eyebrow modeling kit from the British brand, designed to make the natural beauty of women even brighter, emphasize the bend of the eyebrows and enhance their color.

The set contains wax, with which it is necessary to give the eyebrows the desired shape and fix the hairs in the right direction, and, in fact, the shadows themselves, designed to fill in the empty areas and more intense staining.

The products are remarkable for their durability and guarantee you perfect makeup for the whole day.


  • Gel and shadow in one set,
  • Good composition
  • Excellent durability
  • Stylish design
  • Compactness
  • Professional brushes included.


  • Requires certain application skills,
  • No mirror,
  • You need to carefully select the color, especially blondes.

Bell HypoAllergenic Eye Brow Set

Eyebrow kit designed to help you create the perfect look. The stylish case contains two beautiful matte shades of shadows for dyeing hairs and filling the voids between them, transparent wax for fixing, a miniature brush and a brush.

Shadows are characterized by good durability and natural finish, but many will be especially pleased that all the products in the kit have been dermatologically controlled and are completely hypoallergenic.


  • Do not cause allergies
  • Beautiful tones
  • Good stamina
  • There is modeling wax in the set,
  • There are a mirror and tassels.


  • The wax does not harden very well, especially in the heat,
  • The brush is soft.

NYX Professional Eyebrow Cake Powder Makeup

Eyebrow shadows with which your makeup will be flawless without much effort on your part.

Two luxurious shades not only give your eyebrows a deep beautiful color and a perfect bend, but also allow them to remain so until late in the evening, and the wax included in the kit will tame capricious hairs.

The set includes a brush and brush that will allow you to touch up makeup during the day.


  • Luxurious rich colors
  • Fixing gel included,
  • Easy application
  • Excellent durability
  • There is a brush and brush.


  • Gel doesn’t smooth out sticking hairs
  • No mirror.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow

Eyebrow set, which can be safely called universal. It has everything you need to make your eyebrows perfectly groomed: four shades of shadows with a delicate pleasant texture, highlighter, tint, corrector and modeling wax. A separate bonus - a mirror, a pencil, tweezers and high-quality applicators.

With this set, you can safely be sure that even on a long journey you will have everything you need at hand to make your eyebrows look luxurious.


  • Delicate texture of shadows
  • Beautiful shades with good pigmentation,
  • Universal equipment,
  • Ease of use
  • Natural finish,
  • Economical.


  • Highlighter can emphasize peeling,
  • Very sharp tweezers - you can injure the skin.

Ingrid Cosmetics Professional Eyebrow Set

Wax and eyebrow shades with high-quality composition and pleasant texture. Three shades of shades in harmony with each other make it possible to play with color transitions to create a natural effect. The included two-sided applicator makes it easy to fill the space and qualitatively shade the shadows.

Colorless wax will reliably fix naughty hairs, so that they do not cause you anxiety throughout the day.


  • Excellent durability
  • Gel included,
  • Beautiful shades that perfectly complement each other
  • Do not dust when applied,
  • Nice texture
  • There is a two-sided applicator.


  • Average pigmentation
  • No mirror and brush.

Clarins Kit Sourcils Pro Perfect

Eyebrow shadows, the task of which is to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyebrows and correct the flaws, make the makeup expressive and stylish.

Included are wax, bright shadows for the baud eyebrow, three beautiful shades of shadows directly for the eyebrows themselves, miniature tweezers, a brush, a sponge and a brush.

Shadows have a pleasant texture, are easy to apply and perfectly extinguished, the makeup retains its original appearance for several hours.


  • Universal equipment,
  • Nice texture
  • Good eyebrow color
  • Wax perfectly fixes hairs,
  • Several shades of shadows,
  • There is a mirror.


  • Shades need to be selected carefully - can give a reddish undertone,
  • Easy to overdo with wax.

Shiseido Make Up Eyebrow Styling Compact

Shiseido Make Up Eyebrow Styling Compact - eyebrow shades from a Japanese brand in a compact stylish case. Two shades with excellent pigmentation make it possible to achieve a completely natural effect, and a double-sided applicator brush makes it possible to correct makeup in any place if the need arises, although the excellent durability of the product ensures that you can’t worry about it until the evening.

Special ingredients in the composition care about the health of your skin and moisturize it. Shadows do not cause allergies, are suitable for problem and sensitive skin.


  • Good stamina
  • Caring composition,
  • Natural finish,
  • Do not dust
  • Good stew,
  • Economical,
  • Compact case with a mirror.


  • Too thick brush - inconvenient to sum up thin lines,
  • Only two colors included.

Estee Lauder Brow NowAll In One Brow Kit

Eyebrow styling kit from the famous American brand, which will help to give your eyebrows the perfect fashionable density and shape.

Two shades are perfectly combined with each other to create a natural transition that allows you to get a natural result. Shadows fill the voids well and stain the hairs.

The case is equipped with a double mirror, one of which is an enlarging one, which is hidden under an ordinary one. The kit includes miniature tweezers and a double-sided bevel applicator with a hard pile.


  • Gentle silky texture,
  • Saturated colors
  • High pigmentation
  • Perfectly stew,
  • There are two mirrors - normal and magnifying,
  • Tweezers and brush included.


  • A little dust when applied,
  • Tight tweezers

As you can see, eyebrow shades are a great way to forget about the problems with this component of your image forever. The cosmetic industry is striving to help in this matter, therefore there are products on sale for every taste and budget. Among the options presented, you will easily find one that will help to easily give your eyebrows a perfect look, and you will shine with impeccable beauty always and everywhere.

We hope that our review has helped you make a choice, and the purchase you make will surely please you.

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